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How would you do it?

Mar 19, 2009
I have some suggestions for a couple of spells as well. I don't want to make it too long, so I'll suggest two.


I don't like how it comes out in its bat form, it might look cooler if you changed it so it walked up to the opponent - in its full body form - and still sucked the energy out of the opponent( I guess that's what it's doing). :?


I don't like how whenever it is used, it doesn't hurt the opponent like the Fire Elf spell.

Thank you for your time.

Feb 10, 2009
Here are some good ones.

CYCLOPS:I think in cyclops they focus to much on it's strength but i mean the one eye part is what makes it famous so why not make it's eye shoot a laser or something like that.

MANTICORE (NOT IN GAME BUT IT SHOULD BE FOR MYTH): A manticore appears in the center and jumps at the opponent or the manticore roars and waves of sound damage the opponent.

FIRE ELF: The elf should load an arrow into it's bow then, it should pull back the string and when it shoots lots of arrows come out flaming.

SCARE CROW: In the start there should be a lot of crows then it scares then all towards the enemies and then they come back with the power they stole give it to the scare crow and it gives you the power.

MINOR BLESSING (FOR LIFE ONLY): Just like in regenarate the hand comes out of not a cloud but thin air and shoots a beam of light at you to heal.


STORM LORD: Since this attacks is made after Zeus the Greek god of the sky and he has his "Master Bolt" he should throw that at all of then instead.

Feb 10, 2009
Sorry i already posted but here are more ideas:

Storm Lord:(another one i know) Mount Olympus appears on a cloud then lightning surrounds it and four lightning bolts hit the foes.

Goblin( new card idea but gobblers and trolls sort of got the attack ideas for these covered): (Weak) Jumps on you and bites and scratches (Strong) A bigger one appears and smashes you with it's fist.

Night of The Living Dead: (new death idea): An army of undeads appear and run over all of opponents.

Spectral Explosion(new balance idea): All of the types do from 50-100 damage in this. Explosions of black(death),Blue(ice),Red or Orange(Fire), Purple or Yellow(storm),Brown or Yellow(myth) and green(life) happen where opponent stands.

Heavenly Helpers(new life idea that heals): Heals all friends/minions 100-500. Angels appear and zap you with beams of light that heal.

Fog Storm(new storm idea): minuses accuracy of opponent by 10-30 percent and boosts storm attacks by 5 percent. Fog appears around field and lingers while you see the accuracy minus over opponents heads and storm plus over friends/minions heads.Lasts for all of battle unless SUNNY DAY is used.

Celestial Blast(death or balance idea): The Moon, Sun and Stars appear and all of them shoot a beam at opponent. Severe damage around 600-900.

Everlasting Life(new life idea): A angel gives a 1000 absorb to target.

Sunny Day(new fire idea): clears my fog storm affect, raises fire attacks by 25 through whole battle and minuses ice 35 percent for whole battle.Lasts for all battle unless FOG STORM used.

Yeti: (Weak) roars and sound waves hurt target. (moderate) stomps and the quake hurts target (strong) throws large ice balls at target. 310-420 damage.

Death Unicorn(school self-explanitory): takes 200 from all opponents and gives back 100 per each.Uses White Black and Gray rainbows to take damage from opponents and white beam from horn to give health.

Blast(all schools get at level 25 but attack has no school and does average damage to all types unless balance blade is used): 100 per pip. You appear in center of circle and shoot a ball of white magic at opponent.

Hades(death attack): He is the Greek God of the underworld and he shoots balls of black magic at all opponents to take 500 damage and gives 250 to all friends.

???(Actual name of attack and it has no school doing average damage to all schools no way to raise power for all schools at secret teacher): 30 accuracy,hit all, 250 per pip, heals 100 per pip to friends.
There is a flash blinding anybody in the areas screen for about 3 seconds and does it's affects.

Attack(for all schools at secret teacher): 0 pip, 100 damage, 95 accuracy, small flash around target.

Heal(for all schools at secret teacher): 0 pip, 95 accuracy, 100 heal, small flash around target.

The End. Please put comments on my attacks.

Jul 13, 2009
Mar 29, 2009
Vine attack


Attacks everyone



Looks-4 vines that grab everyone and slams them against the ground

Jul 11, 2009
Proffesors in Battle
Level 50 Spell
The Wizard Summons their School Symbol, and an object (Fire for Fire, Blizzard for Ice, LightningBolt for Storm, Vines or Trees for Life, Monsters for Myth, Bat Swarm for Death, That Balance-thingy for Balance) clashes on the Duel Circle, and that school Proffesor either Attacks, heals, steals, shields, power-ups, etc. or becomes a Minion.

Sorry, if this topic is meant for Battles only but:

Mounts for Every School
Fire- HeckHound, Meteors, Fire Dragon
Ice- Blizzard, Frost Beetle, Snow Serpent,
Storm- Stormzilla, Wave,
Life- Centaur,
Myth- Orthrus, BloodBat
Death- Vampire Bat, Herd of Skeletons,
Balance- Scarab, Hydra, Sandstorm, Locust Swarm, Power Nova,

Oct 30, 2008
Well instead of the DoT things just coming, there should be like a fire pixie that puts her/his hand out and fire comes out to the enemies, THEN the DoT comes out, then the pixie does the same thing at the player execpt instead of fire it should be a green ray with a bit of white

Jul 11, 2009
Ok, here's an idea from me.

You know how there's like a symbol in front of you when you're in battle? (For example the pinkish-red sword, or the eye, or something) When someone's attacking you and their on the middle of the floor (or their card is anyway), under them, it should show the symbol in front of the person that their attacking. Just and idea though.


Apr 11, 2009
For Helephant, the Helephant can actually HIT the wizard and then throw a fireball 1/2 the size of a powernova at the opponent.

Mar 15, 2009
Borme wrote:
I wouldn't mind a darker animation for the Banshee, perhaps haunted house type Area, And then, She appearers and attacks the target..

I'd be cool if the Sunbird animation had a little more background..

yeah it would show the bird in a cage then it melts it then comes flying out and sprays you with lava that oozes afterward

Jun 06, 2009
Life Animations:

Just have some alternatives.

The latest update replaced some of the life animations, but got rid of the originals.

* It's OK for the Seraph to sing some time and say "EIO Uh" or whatever she used to do.

* It's OK for the Imp to play different music, or belch a tune every now and then.

* The Leprechaun could play a vile note on a harp that causes the target to fall back in pain (possibly holding his ears)

* The tree could bury the player in leaves from time to time, instead of always casting stones

* Lastly, the Centaur's arrow should fly faster some of the time, in fact maybe most of the time for a higher-level life wizard. The matrix effect is cool the first dozen times or so.


Now for my favorite animation that you probably ought to fix: The Ice Shark that spends so much time swimming around and menacing you, that it never actually breaks the surface to do any damage. [ Not fair to the bosses, even though it really helped me for one boss to lose 3 pips during one fight. ]

Jun 08, 2009
Well, on "What do you call a level 60th wizard", someone suggested that they grow half a head. I like it :), but I think, instead of growing all at once, we could growa half or one centimeter with each level(An inch would mean growing 50 inches(that means over four feet!) by the time you are grandmaster(They will probably raise the limit)) Or, you could type in your real height every now and then. It would make a major diversity! Like it, Professor Greyrose? Is it even POSSIBLE?!? I hope so!

Jan 30, 2009
orthrus: being the dog brother of ceberus, the mythical guard dog of the underworld, ceberus would come up first, signaling his brother, then orthrus came out, with hades, the mythical god of the underworld, on his back, then the rest will be like the card does now
rebirth: bartleby comes out with dryad, then they combine roots too make the ultimate healing spell
frost giant: a mountain comes up, and there are hikers on there thatlook up, pointing at something coming out of the clouds and franticly run away, then frost giant comes up, first smashing the moutain, then looking at the opponents, then shouts and all of the other ice spells come, attacking the opponents and followed by a blast by the giant's gigantic hammer
power nova: judgement comes and summons a huge ball of pure balance energy, then dropping her scale into the ball, making it glow, she waves bye to the opponents, dissapears laughing, then the ball hits, the opponents
that's all my ideas, hope you liked them :D

Nov 25, 2009
Two that need to change :

fire school - cauldron currently has no animation, maybe a big pot of molton lava boiling over and sloshing all opponents, as it is a "hit everybody" type spell

life school - not sure of the name of spell as its one i dont have, but it heals all teammates and each gets an absorb sheild. Current animation is so big i cant realy tell whats going on , my whole screen looks like the top of a tree for several seconds and then back to normal

Oct 07, 2009
how is it that you can get the costumes percentage amount on you character for all the schools defensive and accuracy. I try to figure out a way but i only can come up with my own school. so if anyone can help with this problem i'd appreciated. thank you

Apr 26, 2009
plague animation can be better. i dont like how it just appaers. and i think that all the death spells need to be in a grave setting when cast.

infection could be better 2

May 24, 2009
i think the death spell scare crow should be slower or something. when it's happening i am dizzy and have NO clue where the heck it's attacking or healing. and i have no clue wether it is healing or attacking

May 24, 2009
Jimmy924 wrote:
Fire elf:

STRONG: two elves in Pathfinder clothes

AVERAGE: One elf in Pathfinder clothes/alicine clothes

WEAK: One elf in Hunter clothes


STRONG: Draws another sword and throws them both at the foe

AVERAGE: Current animation.

WEAK: Draws the sword and lightly taps the enemy on the head.


STRONG: Normal animation.

AVERAGE: Current animation, but it releases some electricity at the foe.

WEAK: Dosent summon the lightning.

Like my ideas?
i do but fire elf only has one attack not average, weak and strong. o and it's seraph not sephara

Sep 07, 2009
I think you should make the Water Elementals actually attack.
They just use shields and taunt the enemy. will you ? :D :D

Sep 07, 2009
Borme wrote:
I wouldn't mind a darker animation for the Banshee, perhaps haunted house type Area, And then, She appearers and attacks the target..

I'd be cool if the Sunbird animation had a little more background..

I agree with borme. :D

Dec 11, 2008
I have a few more ideas for spells, although these draw upon the primal aspects of the schools:

Deep Leviathan (Storm): Makes a calm, serene island in the middle of an ocean... The island is then wracked by a vicious storm. The island rises up, to reveal it being on the back of a giant, mechanical turtle! The island's little palm tree is struck by lightning, and the turtle strengthens it tenfold, and spews electricity at all targets. The mechanical beast sinks back down to the depths, but creates a Darkwind for the player as a gift.

Glacial Behemoth (Ice): A snowy plain with a single pine tree appears. Then, the plain is hit with a fierce blizzard, and a giant glacier rises up. The glacier then shatters into a gigantic polar bear made of ice! The bear's claws elongate into sharp icicles, and he attacks all targets with them. The bear is then blurred out by the blizzard, but creates a Balefrost as a last minute present.

Brimstone Goliath (Fire): A quiet oak forest (a la Fire Elf) appears. The forest then catches fire, as the leaves on the ground turn to magma. A meteor falls down into the magma pit, and a giant stone elk with fiery eyes rises out of it. A small fireball lights up in the middle of the elk's antlers, but then grows larger until the elk finally fires it at all the targets! Then the elk retreats back into it's magma crater, summoning a Wyldfire as a final gift.

Obsidian Avatar (Balance): A sandy desert appears, and a giant black obelisk rises from the sands. Then, a sandstorm starts, and the obelisk glows with yellow runes. Then, it explodes, and the shards form together to create a huge obsidian jackal. The jackal shoots a blast of spiraling sand and force at all targets. The jackal is then swallowed up by the whirling sands, but casts a Power Play into effect afterwards.

Unholy Ravager (Death): The desolate land of a graveyard appears, with a lone, withered tree. The sky then turns to an inky blackness, and the ground opens up into a gaping hole with green mist. A giant skeletal centipede slithers out from the depths, and coils itself around the tree. The centipede opens it's bony maw, and venomous fangs grow out of it's skull. It sprays the toxic miasma at all targets, and then retreats back into it's pit. However, the depressing gloom lingers long after the beast's appearance, making a Doom and Gloom spell.

Ancestral Magnate (Myth): A Grecian valley appears, and a statue of an armored hero stands proudly in the center. A golden light showers the valley. Light glows in the statue's eyes, and the statue cracks open slowly, with light showing underneath. Then it crumbles, and a golden, armored lion with a magnificent mane leaps forth. The lion roars, and a great blade drops down upon the targets. The lion then dissolves into light, yet the armor stays behind. Such a heroic act promotes a Time of Legend.

Jul 26, 2009
I know what you mean. I have a few spell animation problems, too.

I REALLY agree. The Banshee only looks around and quacks! What I think she should do is look around for the opponent, find him, make a little flirt and spray some of that stuff in her mouth and just SCREAM at the target. That would be quick AND funny!

Storm Shark
I know that EVERYONE loves the Storm Shark. But what about animation? A shark leaping in and out of the water and then pouncing on the enemy? What I think he should do is leap out of the wand, go into the water and jump WAY up and then spit a HUGE electricity ball at the target that hits with a BOOM. Then it goes back in with a big SPLASH that does a big wave for 100 more damage. Then it goes back into the wand.

This guy just pops up and throws gold. So what? BO-ring! What I think he should do is dance around a little and use the rainbow as a slingshot to fling his gold AND pot at the target! Now, THAT would be funny!

Magma Man and Evil Snowman
We all know that they are complete opposites, one of magma and one of snow, but really? All they do is laugh mechanically and throw some of them at the target! What they should do is the Evil Snowman should do the same thing, but then go disappear from top down. Magma Man should just come flying down from the sky and be a blob that shapes itself into a magma man and jumps and lands on the target, then dissolves.

We all know the giant, Godzilla-like purple-and-yellow monster that we call Kraken, but he only copies Zeus, the Greek god of the sky by throwing thunderbolts. What he should do is pop out of a waterfall and start spinning and getting more and more surrounded with electricity, then send a electric tornado at the target.

All this little fire man does is go whoosh whoosh bang. I think he should swoop down out of the sky and breath a huge cloud of smoke with fire going through the middle! Then he would clear the smoke, stop the fire, and turn into a cloud of ash. Also, i think it should do 300- 500 damage.

Death Art
I complain to the whole of the art of Death! There are to little spells! Below this are some of my own spells that I think should be created for the benefit of all death students!

Death Cloud
In this spell, I think a cloud of darkness totally surrounds the area where the battle is. Then, the Ghoul, Vampire, Dark Sprite, and Banshee come out and start fusing together with the cloud and then the cloud turns into a rock that drops onto the target.

Balance Art
For the sake of Merlin, this art has even less than Death! Only four spells? No wonder they are always needing healing! I say that they should get as many as at LEAST ten spells! I really recommend more spells for ALL attributes!

Nov 12, 2008
Personally link should be changed so that a lock appears in the middle and then 2 chains become attached to it. One chain attached to you, and the other to your opponent. Secondly, Wraith should look like that new ghoul style, Grubfoot? And banshee should look like Bastilla.

Oct 23, 2009
I would like the storm hound A. to do initial damge B. to pounce on the enemy 8)

Aug 20, 2008
Hey Kings Isle type folks,

I really have no objection to most of the spells. There is only one actually I try to avoid using, given the model, the Unicorn card. Prior to the release of mounts, the model didn't bother me as much. Probably because there was nothing to compare it to and being an art student, I can understand how long models, rigging, textures and animating can actually take. Its done, so why fix it.

However, with the release of the mounts, particularly the horses, it makes it painfully obvious. The Unicorn has no anatomy! As far as horse anatomy is concerned, this little guy has NONE! His legs are broken. As whoever modeled and rigged the horse mounts could tell you, a horse's legs do NOT bend like that.

How would I fix it? You could remodel the entire unicorn, or just edit the white mare. The white mare looks pretty much like the unicorn anyway, only pudgier and with proper anatomy. I imagine you would need to remove the saddle in the model, which would be a fairly simple process of removing points and smoothing out the back. The tail would need to change, but you could probably copy the tail and horn off of the original unicorn model.

If you have a competent texture artist, which it seems you do, cleaning up the already existing textures should be a breeze. All in all with your team working on it you are looking at maybe 5 hours worth of work. Not even a full day really.

Just my two cents, but I doubt you want something created two years back compared with some of the great stuff your doing now. Its one of the first spells we get to see in the game for life wizards and sticks with you the WHOLE way. These simple fixes could really help the visual impact of your game.

Sorry if this got technical :P
Ellis - Olivia Bear - Sunbird Realm - Level 47 - Storm/Fire
Tyler Swift - Sunbird Realm - Level 12 - Life/Death