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How would you do it?

Jun 07, 2009
sk8erangel i actually liked that!

It was just like me reading about cryptids :)

Jun 07, 2009
May 27, 2009
I was thinking of the wand spells. You know when you have a sword as a wand and you go out into the middle of the battlefield and just do a high kick? I was thinking of changing the wand spells so that every move for the swords are different instead of just the high jump. It would be cool if you could do a flip or a cartwheel or something instead of just spinning in a circle and kicking.

Jun 07, 2009
Feb 14, 2009
Hello All, deaththekid01 aka Wolf Deathbreaker here giving my life, fire, and ice spell ideas for lv60 if they do decide to raise the level cap ok here they are.

Lvl60Fire:Flame Samoorai- A Samoorai with red armor and body made of flames with a flame sword appears from flame eruption on the ground and swings the sword at a single enemy in a downward motion doing 1000 damage and also leaves a wildfire spell on the field.

Lvl60Lifeegasus- A winged horse comes down from clouds and attacks all enemys with wind gust doing 700 life damage and gets rid of all traps and negative charms on allies. :P

Lvl60ice:Ice Dragon- water overflows the field kind of like skeletal pirate then freezes then an dragon light blue made of ice bursts from the ice and does 1000 damage to a single enemy and puts tower shield on all allies.

and thats it. 8)

Wolf Deathbreaker Grandmaster Necromancer

Feb 13, 2009
Alright, let's see.

I don't think the Dark Fairy should do the same animation attack thing as the sprite/pixie. It's associating Death and Life together, though one hurts and one heals. As someone said before, the pixie can pick you up and heal you, the Death Fairy should knock you down. :]

Also, when the ghoul attacks, it hits your opponent and then the whole scene turns around and it heals. I would like it if you could make it so the whole thing doesn't turn, maybe he only turns or maybe he climbs over his gravestone, something like that, I just think it looks messy when the whole scene turns.

And, the scarecrow, if you could make it so only the scarecrow turns from enemy to enemy and not the whole scene I think it would look a lot more tidy and nice. =D

I also find the Gobbler's 'farting' attack sorta disgusting. I know they are supposed to be, but maybe they could just do something less disturbing such as burp?

Also, I think Storm Lord seems to almost always hit more than Fire Dragon, maybe a slight boost to some of the weaker level 48 spells?

Thanks for reading, and considering my suggestions. :)

Jul 10, 2009
this spell is probably never gonna happen or quest never gonna happen but just wanna throw this out :) :D :-)

i agree with people that say helping hands is boring maybe an attack spell for all the schools that is like cost maximum amount of pips you can get and then it does like 10000 damage and you have to beat malistare, he drops a list with items, out of curiosity you take it to headmaster and he says "talk to either myth teacher who is brother of malistare or bartlebey" then they say: myth teacher : "w-where did you find this? my brother made this right before he became evil it was the best spell i had ever seen he kept it secret from me, go now collect the things to make the spell" you collect items (defeat whatever bosses you want probably hard ones like major bosses (oni, krokopatra and a few others) and you get spell causes 3000 myth and 1000 all other classes called "_____" (gamers vote) and here what bartlebey would say "no where did you find this? is it possible?" you ask him what "this was the first spell of magic- the one that my sister gave me malistare stole it from me, he thinks 'is it possible? yes i must ask' he says to you do you think you could get the ingrediants for me? this card contains the history of magic- we must create it to know where the elements came from"

it should show on your side a dragon king, the storm lord, hydra, wraith, the myth lord maybe like some awesome guy with army of minatuars that rush enemy, some life lord that is like bartlebey in armor, and it should be myth spell hope you consider this!

-patrick ghost gem

Jun 07, 2009
First, I read one page not all of them so I have no idea what has or has not been suggested through the bulk of the posts. For those who are, I apologize if any of this is redundant.

While playing GH I was inspired with an idea for a spell using a bear to attack a target in a howling charge. The idea manifested as similar to that of a troll attack or cyclops in the myth school with similar damage.

Later, it dawned on me that it would be possible to offer variations of existing spells on different worlds that matched those themes.

(i.e. While the Bear was conceptualized as a replacement to Myth spells, it could be offered as a Life spell variation available only on GH.)

Storm School offers a school only spell that can remove one blade from an enemy. Keeping with the Water Based tradition, modifying the existing Storm Shark spell to use a dolphin or narwhal puppet, instead of the shark, which could perform various random tricks before stealing a random shield or blade from the enemy.

The same sort of animation variation could be applied to the other variation of the spell, remove one negative blade or trap from self, only using the lightning strike animation instead.

Aug 15, 2009
for Rank 6 mobs and above !

Shorten the cutscene sequence of all by at least a second :) when your high level and it takes longer to eat through mobs you get to the point in end game you don't want to see the same dog bust out of his house and do all his silly stuff to finally put a dot on you While your waiting your turn to wipe him in the next round LOL shorten them all so the battle can flow quicker and smoother.

Apr 28, 2009
i would like there to be a nymph card you know sort of like the dryad but she has long gold hair and a dress sort of like the seraph and she has a staff with a green gem on top and it glows really bright and your character gets healed 950 points :D

i also have another idea how about a siren card and she pops out of the ocean and shoots an arrow at the enemy and hurts them for 697 points :D
but anyway these were just ideas but please make one of them please please please please!!!!

Dec 17, 2008
I think the fire dragon spell should have different attacks. You know how he swoops down and breaths fire on the enemys but it should have more like him breathing fire into the air and it landing one by one on the enemys when the attack is stronger from blades and traps.

Also the storm shark should have a second attack like he should pull the enemy under the water then spit them back up

My last one is that the locast swarm should have the locast pick up the character, attack, then throw them down with bite marks on them

those are my ideas

Apr 26, 2009

The name's Aetherian, or Patrick Jadethorn, if you're in game. I have to say that I've been really impressed with this game since my roommate showed it to me. We both got interested in it since we're going to school for game art and design. Very well done with the success of Grizzleheim btw.

I do have a few suggestions about some of the animations AND also some of the ways that the spells work. Mostly since my primary is Life School student and my secondary is Death School (i like gaining health and keeping others from doing so).

My biggest suggestion is for:
I gotta be honest I'm 23 and seeing this animation for the first time I was kinda weirded out by it. Instead of being some creepy leather-faced zombie-midgit, why not make him a looming TALL vampire? I'm thinking he could still have the coffin rise, open up the same way and all that. However, instead of spending the time to animate a bat flapping it's wings you could simply have him hoover over (still tall and looming) to the opponent, throw his cape up and cover the opponent. Then you could make him turn into a bunch of tiny bats (these could be re-skinned, smaller, lightning bats too) and they could send the life energy back to the user the same way the lightning bats would attack. This way, you can have a nice detailed, unique, animation while using your other models and simply changing the skins and perhaps adding a few more models (it'd be a little too obvious if he turned into exactly 3) I'm thinking 5 would be cool to see.

Okay, I'll be honest again here, when I found out that this was the last attack spell we'll be getting in Life School, I didn't want to believe it. So badly that I did some extensive internet searching to prove myself wrong... but couldn't since it really is true. Now, since he's the last attack spell why not have him be totally worth it for the Life school students?
Here's my idea, He has a cool animation up until the tree explodes, then implodes.... while that's neat it's kinda unnecessary to have it implode after exploding. Another thought is to instead have him shoot a poisoned arrow at the opponent. This arrow would cause the same affect but no tree explosion; instead it would deal say 350+ dmg and for the next 3 turns saps about 300+/- health from the person afflicted. That way it's kind of a mix between how fire has it's "life bond" spell, does damage still, and helps the user regain health. I think that would make him way more tolerable as my last attack spell from Life School.
Personally i wouldn't mind if he only did this for Life School students and did what he's always done for those who choose Life as a secondary. I think it's totally fair since I'll never get the really cool Death School spell "Sacrifice". I just have to say that it'd be really nice if the tree did something like MORE damage over time from the initial attack.

I like his voice when he attacks. It reminds me of the Leprechaun, I've never laughed so hard until I heard him attack. Thank you for that. I have to say that I believe it'd be more enjoyable to perhaps see him rise up out of the bow of a sunken ship. Then fire a cannon ball at the opponent. I know that when we start the game there are all sorts of skeletal pirates all over Unicorn way but this will add some draw for those who though "oh he just fights the same as those early ones we stomped on Unicorn Way". Who knows, I kinda thought it was cool to see him rise up out of the water but then he just swung his sword... damage is nice but there's no flair :/ Heck, I think that you could still leave the island and just add the cannon kinda half-buried in the sand. Then he could swing his sword downward and spark the fuse to ignite the cannon.

These are just my suggestions for animations and perhaps a spell modification.

I also think it'd be cool to put more hidden NPC trainers with more exclusive spells throughout the game and even in earlier parts that we'd have to come back to find. That way I can still learn Sacrifice or Poison or Empower in some dark alley in Dragon Spire.... or Grizzleheim because I've found at least 4 places, within Savarstaad Pass, that I can get to but lead to an invisible wall. I'm not suggesting the spells only be Death School, I'm just saying what I would like to get after going further in the game and doing a little exploring. I have to say that if I could get more training points I'd also like to "find" some of the exclusive Myth spells :-D

Jun 04, 2009
Hmm.....how about an imp that hits the enemy with the wand thing!

Malorn rubymask magus life. Arena veteran :D.

p.s, Hi kenneth moonslinger! ;)

Aug 28, 2009
this has always annoyed me. on the ice elf spell the tree that pops up is blue. I think it would look MUCH better is it was a brown tree with snow on it, like kelvin and the trees on collosus blvd. you know because how many blue trees do you see? just saying because the fire elf has a normal tree. his isnt a bright neon red tree!

Jun 12, 2009
I would make the following for nature's wrath:weak,tree grows(like original) and picks up a pebble.When the pebble hits the enemy,it explodes.Normal,the same as original.Strong,grows out of ground,picks up a rock in both of it's hands,and flings them at enemy instead of struggling to pick them up.These are just ideas so please respond! :) 8)

Jun 04, 2009
i think blizzard looks WAY to much like meterstirke
maybe a little bilzzard gose on all the enimes at the same time!
its what i think i'm ice shoot me :?
Emma MoonHunter
Lvl 31 Ice Goodess 8)

Jul 12, 2009
I do not like windstorm at all. it needs to be more than the buffs just appering. I thini you should have a storm cloud with lightning zappuing the buff onto each person. Or fog with rolling wind engulfing the person. Then, as it comes back, the buff appears like its been placed by the fog

May 22, 2009
Evil Snowman
The evil snowman stabs the opponent with a knife so it should be he comes up and grab 2 snowballs and throws them at the opponent.
There should be a small ball of light form then it bursts and there is the sprite. It should then grab a dandelion (the kind with seeds) and blow it on you. Then you (or the person you use sprite on) spreads out your/their arms then you get the health.
Not what the minion does but one minion should be a field guard (and call it farm warrior and its robe is dark dark dark purple and its head is a little darker orange).
So thats it.Bye! :D Allison Silvershard

Dec 17, 2008
BlackIce wrote:
QuinnHexthief wrote:
Hey thanks, I wanted this to appear...

Perhaps with Fire Elf, instead of ALWAYS jumping around and shooting an arrow, maybe he could jump around, and dive at our opponent, and burst into flames? Just a thought...

The current Fire Elf animation seems to have a little something missing. I think maybe as he jumps out and dives through the leaves each time he fires an arrow, 3 in total, then disappears back into the forest.

TheBigBadWolf wrote:


Intro - I get why he's shown landing on part of the globe, but the green splat mark under him after he drops in just looks odd, off, and vaguely disturbing. Give him a lily pad or have him stay seated on the globe. The green smear mark is...icky.

Weak - Tongue smack.

Strong - Current animation (fish bits vomit). By the bye, this animation is also vaguely disturbing. It's funny to see the fish bits (is that part of the storm shark?), but the green boiling goo he vomits makes me vaguely uncomfortable.

... the Magma Man does the same attack animation as the Evil Snowman (who by the way is awesome; give those artists a raise!).

Yea as an second attack style the Humongofrog should have some kind of tongue attack. Slaps the enemy with his tongue or wraps his tongue around them, pops them in his mouth and then spits them back out, covered in slime.

I have to agree the snowman attack is freaky and awesome. Especially the one where he digs a piece of this body out with his knife and throws it at you.

Cardinal wrote:
I don't think that the Dark Faerie (Rank 1 Death card) should have an attack animation that's identical to the Pixie/Faerie (The Life card that heals 400 health). Maybe instead of lifting the target up like the Pixie, the dark faerie could knock it down.

Ditto that.

The Ghoul spell. He draws life from your opponent and then gives half of it back to you as health. Personally instead of turning the animation, which breaks the feel of the battle some what for me, why not have him just turn his head back towards you and reach out his arm on that side with his hand open fingers splayed kinda of like a claw and energy flowing from the hand into you. then he falls back into the grave.

Just a couple of ideas.

p.s. The death school basic attack needs the animation improved. A lot of times you can't even tell if it is doing anything.

About the ghoul spell your kinda leaning toward the wraith spell. Cause the wraith puts his hand out and grabs the life out of you

Feb 14, 2009
I deaththekid also have some card ideas to blow your mind with ok.

lv60 Balance spell: swords of valor- a spell where summon swords appear on the field all light blue in a circular formation spin into the air and a sword comes down on each enemy player doing 900 damage and then gives elemental shield to all allies

lv60 Myth spell: Behemoth- a large bull like creature with tusks stomps the ground does 800 gets rid of all enemy shields.

lv60 Storm spell:lightning storm a an attack that summons a lightning storm doing 1000 damge to a random number of 1-4 enemy players.

lv60 Death spell: black flame strike a flaming skull appears and then splits into 1-4 flames attacking all enimies doing 950 damage and poisoning all players

and i'll give the rest later in the day.

Apr 28, 2009

ok no offense but the seraph when it attacks looks now that great how about she appers in and is holding the sword and it leans on her shoulder and she swings it and when it hits them it does the life wand surge or whatever


you need to give it a backround like theres a volcano and the phoenix comes out and blasts the target

but anyway THANK U FOR MAKING WIZARD 101!!!!!!!!! :) :-) :D

Mar 15, 2009
Really i was just thinking about new schools in general (that you can read in Stormofobia or whatever)!!!Like there could be a day school spell that melts the ground behind the opponents feet and makes the opponent fall down down down down and they hit a bear and bounce back up up up up up.It could be called the Bouncer cause that's really scary!!!! 8) :D :D :D

Aug 28, 2009
Make some of the longer animations shorter, please. I love them, but I find myself casting Seraph instead of Centaur all the time because Seraph is so short and businesslike, and with Centaur, it is lonnnngggg. (and confusing. why does the arrow turn into a tree, then explode? isn't the centaur amazing enough without his arrow exploding?)

Thank you!

Aug 18, 2009
I have seen all the spell animations so many times that they are starting to get a little tedious. So, I would like an option to turn off the spell animations so that when i am alone or with a group that all have the option enabled, the fights don't take so long.

Especially when i am alone fights take longer and i find myself just waiting till i can select my next spell.

Of course in a group if anyone has the animations enabled everyone would see them.

Dec 23, 2008
whats the big deal about animation . the only animation there should be is how you earn health and mana , not spells they all perfect (spells):x peace im out!