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How would you do it?

May 22, 2009
Hmm good question, I would make it into a base or a basement, make a secret passage way to a private duel arena, following a secret passage to a summoning and training room, following three different doors to my three different houses. It would be the ultimate base/dorm/houses/cool-dome! XD!!! :-) :D

Feb 18, 2009
Ok whenever I use the troll I always think that when it hits the ground with its club and stuff that its kind of weak. I mean a little shake and thats all!!!!!!!!!!! I dont even think that I would even get knocked off my feet!!!! please make that move look more powerfull or just take it off!!!!!!!!

Feb 18, 2009
Two things

1- How can a leprachaun throwing gold really hurt you?? It seams that the monsters would like gold being thrown at them not really scary sort of thing.

2- The Banshee and Ice Wevern scream at their opponents. Um how is that supposed to hurt? It might make you stumble a little but its not like its going to do any REAL damage

Mar 07, 2010
hrk33 wrote:
fire spire- fire spell, a little girl appears crying then she says don't leave me here. then she melts and fire comes up and burns you every turn and every time you get burnt you here you should'nt of left me.

This is my favorite. Well, one reason may be because I have a pyro student.
But also because it adds a creepy effect to it. The "You shouldn't of left me" every turn would scare me, but it depends on how high the voice would sound like. :D

Nov 12, 2008
To me, the blood bat & humungofrog don't fit the theme of the school of myth, although they are very cute.

I'd like to see the bat replaced with a goblin, gnome, or Grendel.

The frog I think a Medusa would be a good choice for replacement, perhaps with a small damage reduction and a chance of interrupt with her attacks instead.

Also, I think the stun spells are terrible. I know they are mainly interrupts, but against the monsters, all it ends up doing is making them have an extra pip for the next casting round. My suggestion to fix them would be so that when stunned no pips are gained, or for the stun to have a decreasing chance to last multiple turns.

Lastly, taunt needs to be sped up, either showing an animation on the entire group at once, or just have the animation sped up. It's a long boring sequence.

Dec 11, 2008
rudi8102030 wrote:

I'm quite unhappy with the 'fire dragon' spell.
Instead of flying down there should be a sudden, giant flame and then when the flame stops, it should 'be there'


'Ice Wyvren'; Is that weird into nessisary? how about instead of that weird flash of light it just randomly drops out of nowhere?

I like the fire dragon spell. It actually does what a dragon would do!

And the Ice Wyvern has an awesome intro. Same thing with the Ice Snake before they changed it. I like the way the Ice spells build up for their animations. It kinda suits the slow, creeping movement and growth of ice itself.

Aug 28, 2009
eakilian wrote:
Spell animation. How would you change any of the spell animations in the game? Or is there one you would like to add? Describe in detail. Let your imagination take over!

to me i think the gobbler needs some help :/ . by the way the TREASURE gobbler card. i think the gobbler should have a little more scenery. this is what i thought of:

first there is just a plain frozen lake.

then a gobbler jumps from the inside of the lake ( like a cyclops maybe )

the gobbler would have bread in it's hand. the gobbler chomps on it LOUDLY.

last, the gobbler burps on the enemy and does 310 damage.

to me it isnt a really good idea but i still wanted to share it

Apr 23, 2009
I think there should be new schools a school of demonology would be awesome the minion could be a demon and the attacks would be diffirent demons that are .

Jan 01, 2010
you know i would love to see these spells do different animations.

weak: pulls out a big snowball and chucks it wit a huge throw.
moderate: current attack
strong: snowman army comes up and all throw snowballs at the oppenents.

weak: current annimation
moderate: wyvern slashes oppenent and then howls
strong: wyvern bites opponent and shoots a freezing beam out

weak: storm shark hits oppenent with his huge tail that
moderate: shark fires lighting from mouth( prefored color purple )
strong: the shark jumps out of the water and creates a huge wave that crashes into the opponent

these are the spells i use most and would love to see them changed

oh and btw my wiz name is WOLF SWIFTBLADE lvl 27 ice wiz i might lvl soon i run around pretty much everywhere i can go with my friends

Mar 04, 2010
um just saying could anyone tell me why humonfrog is on a globe?
I even have that spell and i don't know why. :(

Apr 28, 2010
I have noticed that the animation for the Storm Shark spell is buggy, at least when cast on me by monsters. Sometimes all I see is the blue pool of water, never see the shark, and my health doesn't change until the next turn comes.

As far as new animations go...

- I dislike the Egyptian head thing on the Locust Swarm spell. I think it would be better to have something like the locusts swirling up out of the sand like a whirlwind, then swarming around the the target.

- The Snow Snake spell has three or four different animations that it does, but Evil Snowman only has one. The Evil Snowman could sometimes throw a snowball from itself, like the Evil Snowman mobs do.

- The Ice Wyvern animation takes a long time and never changes. It could probably be shortened somehow, and/or given the option to bite or claw instead of just screaming all the time.

- The animation on the Seraph spell is disappointing. I think the Seraph should be bigger (like the one in Unicorn Way) and should attack with the sword instead of just holding it up.

Nov 30, 2009
i dont have a dorm i'm a lvl 49 8) and i'm somewhat rich 48000$ but having a dorm room was fun 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Apr 11, 2010
One spell animation I would LOVE to change is that nauseating Gobbler gas attack in Colossus boulevard. That is just horrific in so many ways...

Mar 14, 2010
Not so much an animation but an image. The treant looks like, well, a tree, while the Dryad (I think thats what the spell is), looks a little too sexually provocative for a children's game. As I have joked with my friends, she looks like she had im"plants".

The Satyr, of course, doesn't sport a huge package, if you wanted to be that accurate.

May 28, 2009
Storm lord

could use 690 to 800 atleast!!

could you Damage over time :D aka storm lord needs a shave O L O

Dec 06, 2008
I think that the hydra should instead of shooting beams, they should each do special moves.

The fire's head should be covered in flames and then slam its head down, the ice should freeze, then hammer it, and then the storm should charge up with thunder and then attack. But it should keep the old moves also.

Jul 02, 2009

Ok here are some idea's.

I think the Pheonix should be summoned as, say, a cloud. The cloud begins to flame up, grows wings, and the Pheonix emerges and attacks the opponent.

The Fire Elephant shoud begin as a grove of trees. A savage Helephant trumpet sounds and he bursts though the trees leaving a trail behind him, and attacks the enemy.

This beast should start the same. The cute little doggy in the doghouse. Then it bursts out, mabye its neck on a steel collor attached to the ground,trys to struggle free, and tackles, drools lava on, or breathes fire on the enemy.

This "Mini Pheonix" as me and my freind call him, should be in a cage or something, try to break free, claws open the door, and attacks.

You may notice these are all Fire spells. I am a Pyromancer and do not know alot about other spells.
Dylan sighning off.
-Dylan Blueblood, level 30- Pyromancer

Jun 14, 2009
How about when the Pixie/Fairy makes the dust behind her, the enemy of the attacker(if any)stumbles back.

Jul 02, 2009
:) Here's another good idea.
I have an idea for a new myth spell. Its power is somewhere inbetween an Troll and a Minotaur (I know big gap)

The card
Its called the Gremlin. You could learn it at about level 35-40.
The spell would do 350-400 damage and have a 75% chance of hiting. It would require 5 pips.

The Animation
A bunch of trees grow on the center of the "feild". The trees start shaking and the players hear the sound of laughter. A creature, about as big as a Sunbird, leaps from tree to tree. The creature looks like a blue Grendal (from Grizzlehiem) with the Heckhound fire coming from its eyes, but this fire is blue. The Gremlin then jumps onto a final, bigger tree and knocks it over onto the player.

Its just in ida, but tell me how you like it.

Jan 23, 2010
I got a good idea for some cards I think... Tell me if i'm wrong.. :]
How about it makes the oppenent fall into the quake and as it gets out of it all of the charms and stuff fall off into the tremor and almost looks like it's eating it?
Any Anamation Spell
Have the background of the spell change..
Death: Dead trees in the background and have the undead come up out of the ground where a grave sits?
Life: A Satyar sings in the background with trees all around and the fairy comes out from a ledge on the tree?
Myth: Have it have a god like background for example as the minotaur but with a cloud above and a thunderbolt hitting the monster and makes it summon up to you?
Fire: Have a lava pit and the monster comes up covered in lava and smoke?
Storm: Have a wave hit a beach and a thunderbolt coming down and turning it alive?
Ice : Have snow blow very hard on an ice sculpture and then it breaks out?
And they will all come near you..
Those are SOME of my ideas I hope you like them.. :3

Jun 16, 2009
i dont think that the phenix should pause for a second while it waits for any blades or traps to activate even if there are none

Sep 10, 2009
I was thinking a spell called Rally, for Balance. It would cost two pips and give evryone in the battle a Spirit Blade and an Elemental Blade. Just a thought. :)

Dec 17, 2008
Thunder Snake Spell

It would be cool after the intro of Thunder Snake, the snkae raps it self around the opponent. Or even changes it colors to make the strong magic (life vs. death: fire vs. ice: etc.) against the opponent.That would be cool!!!

Amber Sparkleflame
Level 44 Fire :P
Working in Dragonspyre

Dec 09, 2008
I think that Stormzilla should shoot out lightning at the opponent instead of a gust of breath. Although, I'd keep the swirling spherical tornado design just with lightning instead of its breath.

Mar 14, 2010
There is something off about Ravenwood's animation but I can't put my finger on it.

Maybe part of it is because when he casts 'absorb' all you see is leaves.