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How would you do it?

Sep 15, 2015
SwanQueen1628 on Sep 29, 2015 wrote:
Just a suggestion: When a spell that affects all enemies is cast, instead of replaying the sequence over and over again, which gets annoying, the spell could affect all players at once.
There are a couple spells that do that I think like the new balance one that's in test realm right now(unless them changed it since the first week) but I agree because there's some spells with really long animations that are kinda annoying.

-Sierra Pearl

Sep 08, 2013
Leviathan should have a second animation that involves him roaring electric beams or shock waves towards a player instead of just a tail flap

Apr 06, 2013
I think spells like Acurate, and Strong, etc, should be animated. And sience you can already cast a spell after you use those spells, then you can chose two cards. Thank you for your time.

~Cori Skullblood, Wizard

May 13, 2011
I would like to see the phoenix (5 pips, about 520-560 damage) swoop around the opponent, then dive at them, creating a ball of fire that grow larger and larger and then dissapears ( I know I spelled it wrong.)

Nov 24, 2010
1. Call of Khrulhu should attack the opponent for a significantly shorter amount of time. 2 seconds of the animation should be short enough so that we don't have so much time to make tea, walk the dog, and take a nap before it's over.

2. In addition, there should be a "Fast Combat" for Wizard101, as Pirate101 already has it. Sometimes we sit through 4 minutes of spell animations before we move onto the next round and do it all over again.

That would make Call Of Khrulhu one second! I'm all for that idea.

Feb 15, 2014
A few things I would enjoy seeing would be:
1. The death spell, "Monster Mash," used by some bosses in Darkmoor, become an available spell for students to learn.
2. "Call of Khrulhu" be shortened a little, perhaps make it give all the health back at one time or attack all enemies at once?
3. Allow "Snowball Strike" (Item card given by Snowball pet) to either be a treasure card or a learnable spell.

Feb 06, 2010
I'd love to see more transmuted spells but weakness switching.
Example: a Troll (Myth spell) transmuted into a Storm spell.*
You could make it a pet or learn able sun/school spell and I won't complane.

*I've posted something like this in the "New worlds" topic by Sherlock Bones.

Jun 27, 2011
I have a few ideas for some spells. My main idea is to have a new group of spells, one for each school, that are 3 pips and one shadow pip all of which would be aoe.
My personal favorite idea is the headless horsemen for death, it would pretty much be an upgrade from scarecrow. 600 damage but give back 1/3 of the damage to health.
Life could have a forest army, pretty much a grizzleheim scene and then a bunch of boars, imps, grendels etc. pop out and swarm the opponents for 650 damage.
Storm would be like the arcane pet(s) the two robots would pop up and one would use the other as a battering ram into the opponents dealing 100 damage and an 750 overtime for two rounds.
Myth would have a clockwork that has a squirrel running on a wheel in his chest to power him, it would jump out onto the enemies and deal 500 damage and clear all hanging effects.
Fire would have a skeletal pirate from unicorn way that lights a cannon and shoots it at the opponents, dealing 600 damage and putting a +35 fuel on the enemy if there is only one or a +40 trap on all enemies if there are more than one.
Ice would have a glacier with a caveman frozen inside that breaks out and attacks the enemies for 500 damage and puts three tower shields on yourself if you are alone or a single tower shield on you and your allies.
Balance would have a spell where the balance teacher is holding a hourglass that runs out of sand and he then he breaks it on the ground where a krok forms from the dust and attacks each enemy for 600 damage and adds a +35 blade to all allies.
Some spells I would change are that the actual morganthe jewel spells can be trained by being dropped from any morganthe boss, young morganthe, khrysalis morganthe, or even the morganthe memory quests in radiance reborn. They also should be able to be crafted after completing the chrysalis crafting quest.

Apr 24, 2014
death: a spell of a gang of ghouls that simultaniously steal health from all enemies(950 base damage & 1-2shadow pips to cast) , then adds a feint to each enemy

storm: a giant jelly fish that zaps the enemy (enemies) with its tendrils

life: they need a new healing spell, a plain of grass that has a great gust of wind and heals players

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
It would be AMAZING if only sometimes on Ice's Mammoth spell the Snowman appeared. I think sometimes that it looks dumb to have the snowman get trampled by the Mammoths. Just a suggestion.

Oct 07, 2009
I would like to see a new category of animations for something I will call "The Spectacular Fizz" where the fail is so bad there might even be some backlash such as small damage to the caster or team, a -20 blade added to caster/team or a plus 20 trap added to caster/team.

The caster should make an awkward movement or stumble, thus setting up for the SF.

some ideas for SF animations as follows:

Stormlord fizz: shows stormlord snoring on a couch with one hand in a bag of chips and the tv on.

Genie: shows the genie in a steamy shower stall with shower cap and scrub brush singing off key.

Ninja Pigs: fall on their face when doing the leap forward.

Frost Giant: Has a bad head cold and sneezes fiercely, doing ice damage to caster team.

Rebirth: accidentally heals the other team 10 percent or heals everyone 10 percent.

Firecat: Comes out tangled in a ball of yarn.

Frog: Goes to up chuck on everyone but belches loudly instead doing minor damage to all.

Anyway, thats the gist. I think it would be very entertaining.

Apr 05, 2015
i would like to see spells change depending if they are enchanted or not, for example, lets say you have fire dragon, when the spell is not enchanted, we get the original animation, however, when we enchanted with lets say a strong card, then we see the spell change a bit, like there are yellow swirls and markings, indicating that it is an enchanted spell, the markings glow brighter the stronger the enchant is, like faint glow when using strong, but a stronger one when using epic. if the spell on the other hand is enchanted for accuracy it could glow green.

It would also be really cool the idea that when you are in a shadow form, the shadow magic is being mixed into your spells, so the same analogy with the fire dragon when it is used while in a shadow form, we can see the eyes in the dragon turn dark or red.

When it comes to spell animations for shields, i much like the idea of having bubbles as shields, like the way they where demonstrated in the Dragons Fortress fight trailer, for example a fire shield is a reddish bubble around the wizard that is consumed when ever a fire spell triggers it.

Also for sharpen blades, i would like to see something similar like it happens with the dragon, some sort of marking to indicate that blade is enchanted.

Jan 21, 2012
I have a brilliant idea for a spell.
Its a Myth spell.
It would cost 3 pips
I call it Raining Frogs, And the name is exactly what it is. A cloud appears and a bunch of tiny Humongfrogs (However you spell it) appear and swarm the enemy for 300 damage.
I think this would be so cool to have as a Treasure Card, or even a real card!

Sep 28, 2015
This is my idea of a life shadow enchant spell.

A giant centipede crawls out of the ground and "stands" on his back legs. He faces the wizard that the caster used the spell on looking down. At this point criticals, blades, traps, shields, and critical block go off. Kinda with the same effect of forest lord absorbing power from the trees, the centipede absorbs power dealing 1,200-1,600 damage to the wizard and and creates a heal dot of 500-1,000 on the caster and 100 absorb shield on all friends. Then the centipede crawls back into the ground where it can from.

Jun 14, 2010
With the addition of so many new awesome spells, I would really love to see some of the more basic spells from when the game first came out reanimated or at the very least "remastered" with some better graphics like we see in the some of the newer spells (maybe make them a little faster) it would make creating a new wizard a little more exciting (for those who want to go back and play through the first story arc again), I would especially love to see the level 48 and 58 (maybe the level 68) school spells reanimated to look better as to compete with these newer spells like Athena, Hephaestus, and Queen Calypso.

Jun 04, 2009
I don't have many spell animation ideas. But I really miss how the spells no longer change their animation based on the amount of damage they are going to deal. Part of the game is the kind of dread you feel when a spell is cast on you. For example, the intro to a spell like Storm Owl might strike terror into someones heart simply because they know what's coming. Being able to tell how much damage it is going to do because of the animation brings us either relief or suffering. This game stirs up so many emotions while playing it and I feel like that is what I love so much about it.

Jun 14, 2010
I thought of status effecting spell for the life school that could protect the caster or ally from the effects of a spell like Earthquake, which may or may not seem/be over powered, you tell me on the other hand I feel like anyone seeing this post might be saying "ooh...", the only reason I believe something like that should be a life spell is because with the creation of mastery amulets it seems very few people choose to play full theurgists. This is not say that it is not a good school or that no one uses life magic, just that it would seem fewer people play as that class.

Aug 03, 2016
Someone said something about different animations when a spell doesn't work.

I'd like that for Fizzle as they said.

The Halloween guitar shaped athames? When those fizzle why not a sound like chords being strummed downward or something? (Hard to describe it. A sliding downward pitch.) Not a speaker feedback sound, though. Imagine that with our own speakers or headphones on high volume. No. Lol

And the animation with that could look embarrassed or disappointed.

Aug 09, 2012
Honestly I feel like the main one that should be fixed is Ra. Just like how you sped up Khrulhu, Ra now needs to be sped up, in my opinion at least.

Mar 25, 2011
Garret AshFlame on Oct 20, 2016 wrote:
Honestly I feel like the main one that should be fixed is Ra. Just like how you sped up Khrulhu, Ra now needs to be sped up, in my opinion at least.

+ Forest Lord!

Jan 18, 2010
eakilian on Jun 7, 2008 wrote:
Spell animation. How would you change any of the spell animations in the game? Or is there one you would like to add? Describe in detail. Let your imagination take over!
Shorten the longer ones like Forest Lord and Ra.

Jan 18, 2010
MarissatheFT on Jul 24, 2015 wrote:
Before I get into my post, I just wanted to say that I LOVED the new Meteor Strike animation. It needed upgrading and you guys did a wonderful job with it.

Now, the spells I'd like to see changed are:
  • Sandstorm

I think that the angle of the spell on the battlefield doesn't show enough of what's happening. And the tornado should be less transparent with more sand gathering in it.

  • Tempest

I know you guys just updated this spell in the July 2015 update but there are more things that this spell needs. The rain that it used to have was a great feature and I think that it should be put into it again, along with more lightning strikes and more (stronger) waves crashing into each other.

Along with these spell changes, I'd also like to see a new minion summoning animation.

When minions are summoned, they should have magical particles relating to their class. Here are a few ideas:
  • Life

Leaves swirl in the center of the battlefield, forming the minion.
  • Myth

Yellow sparkles and triangle-eye-thingies swirl in the center of the battlefield, forming the minion.
  • Death

Bats and black vines (like the ones in the Haunted Cave) swirl in the center of the battlefield, forming the minion.
  • Balance

A tornado with sand swirls in the center of the battlefield, forming the minion.
  • Fire

Flames swirl in the center of the battlefield, forming the minion.
  • Ice

Snowflakes and icy winds swirl in the center of the battlefield, forming the minion.
  • Storm

Water swirls in the center of the battlefield, with lightning strikes here and there that form the minion.
These Minion Ideas are really nice.
Look into this KI.

Aug 15, 2015
eakilian on Jun 7, 2008 wrote:
Spell animation. How would you change any of the spell animations in the game? Or is there one you would like to add? Describe in detail. Let your imagination take over!
I think Judgement, Spectral (and spirital) blast, scarab, meteor strike, and fire elf need to be reajusted.

Judgement: Apperars in Krokatopia Library sees the balance thingy picks itup and bangs it with her wand.
Spectral Blast: Some background (more details etc)
Scarab: Start not visible under sand jump out and shoot sand in targets face
Meteor Strike: Start looking at galaxy then see flaming meteors land on the oppenents
Fire Elf: Start in tree soot once jump down and shoot twice and laugh

It would be cool for these ideas to be added to the game!

Aug 03, 2016
When a henchman is hit and when they are missed it's the same animation I think.

Maybe give them a few animations.
Maybe a happy or taunting animation if they are missed.

Feb 20, 2011
I like the idea where the animation is slightly different depending on the damage. I have noticed that in novice spells they look different sometimes (Ice Beetle sometimes looks shiny instead of light blue, lightning bats swarm instead of shooting a lazer, etc.) and would like that small addition added to the more advanced spells. I am, however, not sure how you would do the high or low damage range for high levels. (Krampus ranges from 305 to 345, but high levels would probably be able to pull a 1,000 damage hit with it. It would probably take forever to set a range of damage for everyone, but it also wouldn't be enjoyable for high levels who want this but constantly have one animation for always having high damage.


I like the Krampus animation, but I would make it fall down a chimney as a piece of coal for high or maximum damage. The coal would fall down the chimney, bounce out and skid onto the floor. Then it would do the usual: convert into Krampus, activate the stats, charms, and wards, then hit the target.

Scorching Scimitars:

For high damage, the swords that go up and down until called upon instead do some type of swords dance while the djinni dances rather than just floating there.


Instead of having the book blast you, she calls upon her pox and they blast you while floating in a circle around her.

Deer Knight:

Instead of swinging his war ax at you, he throws it at you and it comes back to him like a boomerang. (I'm not positive that I like this one)

Fire Dragon:

For high damage it lands and uses its wings to blow volcanic ash and debris at you.


The leviathan would instead dive under after observing you and swim around to create a whirlpool. The whirlpool would go into the air as a typhoon/hurricane/cyclone and hit the target. (i'm not so sure about this one either, it kinda seems like a copy of sirens)

These are just ideas, but I really like the animation change depending on the damage.