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How would you do it?

Dec 18, 2009
I have a few problems with just a couple of spells

The Basislisk doesn't seem as cool as some of the other myth spells. Maybe he should walk around the opponent(if possible) before shrieking on them.

I agree with others about the dark faire vs the Fairy. There animations are way to similar. I agree with the people at the beginning, go ahead and put the Fairy on the toadstool.

If you ever see someone cast the wooly mammoth spell, when they stun the opponent, sometimes the stun doesn't go on the baddie(size problems). Make it so the mammoth sprays the stun all up and down so no matter what, the opponent gets blasted

Thank you

From, Diana Swiftfountain lvl 84,

Jun 02, 2013
Well if there is one thing for sure, Fire's Link needs better animation. A green dot flying around is boring. How about there is a flame thing and plant thing and they twist around each other, then when they get to a certain height, they jump out and the plant goes at the caster, giving them the health, and the flame goes at. The enemy, giving the damage.

Also, like others say, Cyclops should be shortened, Humungofrog should have more variation ( and less disgust), fire elf animation, and troll.

Happy Spellcasting!

Jun 02, 2013
I just remembered we could also post spell ideas, so...

Molten Warrior
Class: Fire
Damage: 1000-1500
Pips: 11
Animation(s): There is a pool of magma and molten rock, then it suddenly starts forming a warrior of the stuff. Weak Attack: He pulls up a molten axe from the ground and hits you with it. High Attack: The warrior shoots a stream of magma and molten rock at you, then does it again. After both attacks, he sink down into the ground, turning back to a molten rock and magma pool.

May 04, 2013
FOr school: The entire circle fills with red flames. Then a devil rises slowly out. he takes his long forky thing and stabs or throws it at the opponent. damages all players
For school: Dark cloud from above shoots down lightning. damages all players. at the same time
For school: Headless horsemen (about 7. one king in middle. 3 on each side) shoots with death rays all players
For school: Big blue cloud forms in sky and slowly sinking down is a long blond haired girl in a icy blue dress with white snow flakes on it. She has beautiful eyes. she looks at opponent shyly and then bares her teeth. Her hair turns white. everything turns white. her eyes turn black though. her hands turn to claws and she shoots out snowflakes. damages all opponents

For school: Grubb rises out of the ground which has turned black. Grubb cast a myth spell that fizzles then yells. the ground rumbles and he attacks everyone in furry. damages all players.

For school: Unicorn rises like the healing spell. then acts like it's about to heal you rhen flips and casts deadly green rays on opponents. damages all players.

For school: A ugly, gross, mixture of all the symbols rises dramatically, from the ground. spins and looks like hurricane. damages all players.

Stephanie Fireflame chosen as favorite wizard out of all. lvl 24 Adept Pyromancer

Mar 13, 2012
Fire Dragon: A steaming Volcano in the middle of the area. The dragon pops out, destorying the volcano. (Then the same animation with the lava floor thing)

Jan 16, 2013
Weak- Not very much singing
Average- the current spell
Strong- Alot of singing; very good singing maybe some other mermaids peeking out of the water to see

Dec 12, 2012
robzillatx on Jul 6, 2008 wrote:
I'm in a silly mood today, so here are some silly spell suggestions (please excuse me if any of these already exist in the game ... I haven't made it past level 7 yet and haven't look at them all):

Squirrel Storm:
spell turns the target into a giant acorn and a swarm squirrels rushes in and either carries the target away or nibbles on the target.

Crab Wave (similar to above):
A large wave splashes over the target and leaves several crabs pinching the target.

Makes the target's pet (if any) attack it's owner (at the ankles, of course).

Vine Divine:
Vines come out of the ground and lash (or zap, if you don't want any display of physical attacks) the target.

Banana from Above:
Flying monkeys bombard the target with bananas (or squeeze the bananas to shoot the fruit at the target)

Mucous Malice:
A giant worm pops out of the ground and slimes the target.

Bigfoot Afoot:
Bigfoot runs by the target and steps on the target's toes.

Yeti Yell:
This one's obvious, right?

By the way, my seven-year-old daughter would like to know when Hamster101.com is coming.

I think Vine Divine should be called Vine Attack or Killer Vines, and it goes like this.

An explorer is walking in the forest, when suddenly, the camera zooms in on his foot. A vine comes from the ground and wraps his ankle. The camera zooms out to see him scream and try to pull his foot out. Then more vines come and pull him into the ground. Then vines attack the opponent by wrapping and squeezing the opponent, doing, I say, 800 to 1,000 damage and stun for one round.

This would make a nice AOE attack. The animation for the other opponents, if any, would be the vines wrapping the other opponents and doing same damage, unless there is resist and shields, etc. KI should put this in. It would be from the life teacher at lvl, I say, 60 and it could be a quest in any new world there is, or a world with a lot of trees, etc.

Monica 30
Genivieve DragonWisper 12

"The Dragon Wisperers"

Mar 01, 2013
Dec 03, 2010
to thebigbadwolf about the humongofrog and unicorn spells: all attack all spells except meteor strike do this. i agree that it ruins the battle vibe and i think those spells should have more attack animations like the attack one spells have

Mar 01, 2009
So I have a death spell idea

It's Called Zombie Infection, It's a DOT and beguiles them for 3 rounds

Apr 11, 2012
I'd like the Judgement not to say "hello".

Instead, it would be better for Judgement to say "goodbye", because it is a damage spell.Also, I'd like Judgement to use her scythe and scales when dealing damage.

Oct 14, 2008
I wanna see a new entrance to how the minions come into being. With every minion spell its always the same thing, a little red ring in the middle then *POOF* there they are.

Talos should have like a throne or a temple that he can come down from as he is in Greek Mythology so maybe have his throne be inside of a great Parthenon then have him walk to his place in battle.

Cyclops should be given a small town animation where it opens on a village (Grizzleheim Themed) then he excitedly tramples over it to get to his spot in battle.

May 10, 2011
Unicorn: The unicorn spell now is fine but it needs updates. It should appear in a person's flower garden and it has a flower by its ear and it bows its head and heals all of the wizards.

Mar 10, 2010
I would like to see something new with the orthrus because right now its just a 2 headed dog barking. Maybe the first one can stay the same and the second could bight the opponent?

Amber Rainbowstone - level 60
Seirra Hex -level 33

Mar 10, 2010
I would like to see something new with the orthrus because right now its just a 2 headed dog barking. Maybe the first one can stay the same and the second could bight the opponent?

Amber Rainbowstone - level 60
Seirra Hex -level 33

Jun 04, 2011
I don't have any serious movement animation updates, but I would like for the spell Ice Wyvern to be hurried up. It takes forever to finish attacking the opponent, and I think that making the focus on the Wyvern a little shorter would greatly increase interest in actually watching this spell .

Emmaline Iceshard
Lvl. 55 Grandmaster Thaumaturge

Jun 17, 2012
on thunder snake i wish that it would be asleep and coiled up then awake and shock the enemy

ice wyvern could have 50% chance of using its claws that amps the damage up to 400 and if it doesn't use its claws it can return to its regular scream on your enemy

Dec 03, 2012
How would I do it?
Lots and lots of people want unicorn's ground to be fixed, along with other spells, and I agree.
I love sirens, but maybe this could happen.
You are pulled onto stage. A island background appears. Out of the nearby water comes a innocent looking mermaid. Suddenly, the mermaid is pulled under water. 3 sirens appear. They sing at you. Wait. To long.
Power nova- a laboratory appears. A person is looking in a telescope. Then camera angles show what the person sees in the telescope. A power nova. Then, the nova comes hurdling toward earth. The person flees. Then the nova lands on top of you.
Some spells need actual animations, or you need more, like helping hands. A green mander bursts out of a cage and takes your hand. Then he backs away and waves goodbye.
Fire elf, needs more. A tree appears. You see a fire Elf's hat but no face. Then you hear a snicker. Then out pops a fire elf. He peeks behind the tree. 2 more come. They all shoot arrows at you. Each time you get hurt, you hear the elf laugh.
Evil snowman- note- this was destiny's idea, not mine.
A hole in the snow appears. A baseball cap flies out of the hole. On it it has some logo. Then two sticks grasp on to the hole and out pops the snowman. The rest is the same.
Since I am almost out of room, spell ideas on the next post.

Dec 03, 2012
Spell ideas- I am not going to do damage because I am horrible at figuring them out.

Damage over time
A baby leopard cub runs over to you. It s snuggles up to you. A bigger, female leopard runs up to her baby. She roars at you.

Ice age
To all, remove all shields.
A wooly mammoth pack walks by, ignoring you. Then the earth splits in half, you being caught right in the middle.

To all
A park scene where two girls are sitting, chatting. The sky turns dark. The girls flee. The hurricane wipes you out.

Hobo(still working on the title)
One, heal back
A man in torn clothes with a bag comes over to you and drops on his knees. He then gets angry at you and throws the bag at you. He then looks at the caster, and gives his bag to them.

Jersey devil
To all
A jersey devil comes. Then blood bats surround him and pick him up. Then they hover him over to you. He then attacks.
Can't think of and.

Jun 20, 2013
Feb 16, 2010
different school based spells react on different schools. like when a evil snowman attacks fire student he bursts into flames and melts.

-jack skullbreeze master of fire

Nov 28, 2009

Instead of just randomly apearing I would love two see him fly in and take a few lost souls into his handsthen turn around to see your opponentand take their health and proceed with the normal animation except that instead of disapearing it flies out.

New ideas

Grim Reaper

The ultimate Death spell!!!!!

It starts with thousands of wraiths flying in the sky then (ideas for the way the Grim Reaper looks apreciated)
a faster and bigger one swoops down and your opponent then it traps all of the wraiths in the sky into a glass ball on its staff then points its stall into the sky and black lightning attacks your opponent then it points its staff directly at your opponent and a wraiths hand comes out and takes some health then gives it to you, then for its last attack it screams at your opponent, just like a banshee, and the scream does damage for five rounds.

p.s I only did death spells because I am a necromancer but if you like my ideas tell me and tell me what school you guys want me to do to fix animation and for the ultimate spells.
Thanks and stay awesome

Aug 15, 2012
1.Backfire: a trap that does damage and is removed after target casts a overtime spell.

2.Siren: looks a bit silly to me would prefer storm like harpies that fly down on the rocks above the water and attack the targets with their song.

Eradicate: remove all negative charms.

3.Winter moon: looks like any of those dinosaurs i see all over Azteca would prefer if a cold wind started up and a Ankylosaur made entirely of ice is formed it covers the target in a block of ice and strikes with its tail.

4.Alteration: remove 2 shields from your target and a 300 absorb is placed on you fails if not enough shields are present.

5.Wither: a trap that only activates when a drain spell is cast on it, cuts 20% of a shield that triggers the drain spell.

6.Purge Ward: remove all negative wards.

7.4 pips: deal 400 damage and remove global spell fails if no global spell is present.

Jan 19, 2011
Maybe add different spell casting animations. Every time, the spell casting animation is the same. It is just waving your wand in the air. Maybe change it so the wand will trace the symbol of the school?

Oct 04, 2009
I wouldn't make ra reset his giant staff thing every time to blast someone he would just shift it around and hit them all it takes to long.