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How would you do it?

Feb 20, 2011
robzillatx on Jul 6, 2008 wrote:
I'm in a silly mood today, so here are some silly spell suggestions (please excuse me if any of these already exist in the game ... I haven't made it past level 7 yet and haven't look at them all):

Squirrel Storm:
spell turns the target into a giant acorn and a swarm squirrels rushes in and either carries the target away or nibbles on the target.

Crab Wave (similar to above):
A large wave splashes over the target and leaves several crabs pinching the target.

Makes the target's pet (if any) attack it's owner (at the ankles, of course).

Vine Divine:
Vines come out of the ground and lash (or zap, if you don't want any display of physical attacks) the target.

Banana from Above:
Flying monkeys bombard the target with bananas (or squeeze the bananas to shoot the fruit at the target)

Mucous Malice:
A giant worm pops out of the ground and slimes the target.

Bigfoot Afoot:
Bigfoot runs by the target and steps on the target's toes.

Yeti Yell:
This one's obvious, right?

By the way, my seven-year-old daughter would like to know when Hamster101.com is coming.

I know that this is an older post, but that would be a great alteration to spells for April Fools Day.

Jul 24, 2015
I'd suggest a limit of 15 seconds per spell animation. Any spell with multiple targets should only show its attack animation once, with block, pierce, and resist shown simultaneously for all targets.

That said, I'd love to see:

A Life attack that involves a Snowhopper capering up and snuggling toward the target while wiggling its tail.

A Balance attack with an animation of the target being weighed in a scale against a feather, sinking down, and being hit.

A Myth pet summon that creates a duplicate of the caster (and that randomly switches the position of the caster and pet each round). The spell starts with the caster walking in the middle as if using a melee attack, but they instead summon a mirror, beckon their image out, then both return to position.

A Fire attack where the wizard themself breathes fire on all enemies.

An Ice polymorph which encases the wizard in ice, turning them into a colossus. The form itself could cheat cast a 30% universal shield each round on the wizard.

A Death polymorph which turns the wizard into a wraith; each round, they cheat cast Infect on a random opponent.

A Storm hit that draws all enemies into the middle of the dueling ring into a cyclone, then randomly redistributes them.

Oct 21, 2013
Kind of late but here goes.

Deer Knight: I love the spell. It's amazing. But since we see the Deer coming out of a forest maybe there could be some grass covering the duel circle. When the Deer walks out there would be flowers. When the forest decays the flowers and grass wilt.

Forest Lord: Maybe make the Lord a little smaller. The trees would come up from the ground, then the Forest Lord jumps out of the trees, and maybe make the animation of him hurting the enemies a bit shorter.

Maybe for most spells without a flooring (Meaning you can only see the duel circle and nothing else) Maybe give them one, it saddens me to see spells which such potential in design go to waste.

Mar 20, 2011
i would love to be able to set in my wizard house or dorm room.

Aug 03, 2016
Please no on the Yeti Yell, April Fool's Day or not.

For anyone with sensitive ears or with sensory processing issues, that would be a nightmare.

Some of the flashing lights and color contrasts (very light against very dark, especially in flashes) and sound bytes in the game (wolf howls; forest monster whooshing at trees; banshee shriek) are very difficult already.

Mar 10, 2015
Change Phoenix from a candy cane with red fire, to something that looks like a Phoenix. I suggest a giant fire bird comes out from the sky flies around the enemy goes in front of him, switches to be above enemy then send a jet of fire in 3D into the camera.

Ra: maker a like lulu and hit everyone at once ( I think the son god can shoot more then one beam of light st once)

Rain of fire: it's just to slow to be used in combat reduce it by 90% to be as short as meteor

Kraken: the kraken bolt seems to much like Zeus cast in mythology it would be better if kraken jumped at enemy grabbed his head then shocked him like an eel.

Vampire: vampire does not look sedestic enough for a super evil spell, the vampire should fly to enemy night him on arm, then head, then neck, letting the blood flow on grownd, then switching and breathing the blood back and necromancer.

Wraith: wraith looks to much like silvea drake and she is good, maybe make the wraith eyes glow blood red, give it an sythe, and make it brutally slash enemies after bowing down to necromancwr and healing him.

Von's monster: Von monster of Frankenstein not once in Marrie Shelley throw energy at enemy, instead he should walk to enemy like a boss and slit his threat like it did in the book.

Frost giant: frost giant would look better if he screamed rather then hitting enemy: (yorhamir main frost titan would scream at enemies to turn them to ice)

Mammoth: I think it would be funnier if the mammoth ran over the enemy in a stampede rather then tusk him.

Fire dragon: it is good as it is but it would be burn if its strong damage bracket would bite the enemy instead of blowing fire st them.

Jun 14, 2010
I find myself craving more Aquila themed spells... Why? Because Aquila is epic... Hmm... I have an idea, a possibly good or possibly horrible idea....

I would really want to see something like the signs of the Greek Zodiac made into spells. For those of you who don't know they are: Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus (there's also the lesser known Ophiuchus, a sign that is considered to be unlucky).

I could talk about possible colors, animations, and general damaging effects for them all day. What I find to be a challenge is assigning each individual sign a school, and distinguishing them from spells already in game that could seem similar. Then you have to fathom up a fourteenth spell (a random combination of various signs' powers? perhaps) if you wanted to assign two spells to each school, or you could just make them star school spells (since the signs are all constellations).

As for obtaining them I would say they would make great craft-able spells (since there are so many signs) and that the recipe merchant Khalkos Coppersmith in the Aquila area could sell them, or they could be dropped the Loremaster in Dragonspyre, they could also be put together in a crowns pack and be a possible drop from that pack.

Then again... this idea could just be overly complex... and I think there's an admin who just cringed (or not) thinking about how much work would go into something like that.