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How would you do it?

Jul 05, 2014
I think it'd be cool for a life spell if they have a whole swarm of fairies who stand in different spots and attacks everyone like the first fairy stands across the first person, the second to the second, etc. But in my head the spell won't be super powerful maybe like 300 to each? Another idea I have maybe for a storm spell that they have a loch ness monster spell where it swims then it rises up to the water shows itself and then somehow attacks the wizard or enemy ( sorry haven't thought of that yet ) and it could be one of the powerful ones like maybe 600 damage but with blades and traps of course it could be much more.

Mar 14, 2010
Oh my gosh i've been looking for this thread so I can post my idea, and I think it's pretty good. So I made 2 new Sun spells, the first one is called Toughen Shield. From what you could guess, it adds 10% resistance to one positive ward, or a shield. The next one is called sabotage, which adds 10% to a weakness or any of those spells. Example: I am in a battle and my opponent has 10 pips and i'm pretty sure he is going to use a Storm Owl on me, so I want it to do the least amount of damage it can. In my hand, I have a tower shield, toughen shield, weakness, and sabotage. I enchant my tower shield and weakness and put on the -60% tower shield first. It's the opponents turn, and he uses a storm spell but fizzles, so I pass and wait for him to hit me with the weak Storm Owl. After that turn I give him a -35% weakness so his next attack won't be so scary.

Kingsisle, if you're going to make new sun spells, please take these into consideration.

Jan 26, 2013
I think all of the "better" spells should have an awesome background like the spell Ninja Pigs. Thats the whole reason why I buy tons of ninja pig treasure cards

Jan 16, 2012
ok I have been playing wizard101 for a long time now even when they had the Selena Gomez quest and I've been thinking a couple things now that the kraken animation needs another attack now I know it looks cool but there is a plane that fly's around the kraken can we maybe have an attack that has him throwing the planes into you?? I also think that the Stormzilla animation needs bigger buildings just my suggestion

Oct 05, 2013
Just one suggestion, a bit more detail on the Snow Angel rank 8 ice spell. It is definitely my favourite ice spell but i was i bit disappointed by the look of it. More feathers on the wings of the pegasus if anything please!

Jul 14, 2010
hrk33 on Aug 10, 2008 wrote:
jumbo bubble-this would be a balance spell a bubble appears and then it pops and little bubbles appear and it explodes on all the targets.

voodoo doll- a death spell of course a little wooden doll appears floating in the air and then its eyes appear as black little flames and shoots shadow balls at you.

fire spire- fire spell, a little girl appears crying then she says don't leave me here. then she melts and fire comes up and burns you every turn and every time you get burnt you here you should'nt of left me.

icy kiss- a freezing eye appears and it glares at you and then you freeze for 2 turns and then when your unmelted you take damage for the rest of the the battle in frost damage.

tornado-the storm professer comes out and spins around turning into a tornado hurting all enimies

ying of yang-a life spell, a green spirit appears and breathes green smog over all enimies and then a shadow spirit appears behind the life spirit using the health zap to heal everybody else.

mount olympus- a cloud floats down over the field with a mountain on it and it attacks every enemy with every type of magic!!!!
Umm about the fire girl, a little disturbing lol but hey it might be cool. I personally think of the next rank 11 death spell.
Wish the name sancuary was not taken beacuse i imagine a church with a coffin coming through the roof and then opening up to some sort of a shrike figure which would not only attack, but heal you with intense power, thanks for the chance to express our ieas hope you take mine into consideration.

Feb 03, 2014
robzillatx on Jul 6, 2008 wrote:
I'm in a silly mood today, so here are some silly spell suggestions (please excuse me if any of these already exist in the game ... I haven't made it past level 7 yet and haven't look at them all):

Squirrel Storm:
spell turns the target into a giant acorn and a swarm squirrels rushes in and either carries the target away or nibbles on the target.

Crab Wave (similar to above):
A large wave splashes over the target and leaves several crabs pinching the target.

Makes the target's pet (if any) attack it's owner (at the ankles, of course).

Vine Divine:
Vines come out of the ground and lash (or zap, if you don't want any display of physical attacks) the target.

Banana from Above:
Flying monkeys bombard the target with bananas (or squeeze the bananas to shoot the fruit at the target)

Mucous Malice:
A giant worm pops out of the ground and slimes the target.

Bigfoot Afoot:
Bigfoot runs by the target and steps on the target's toes.

Yeti Yell:
This one's obvious, right?

By the way, my seven-year-old daughter would like to know when Hamster101.com is coming.

Ankle-Biter is a good idea. I think it should be called rabies. zooms in on the target's pet if they have one that gives them a card currently, ( for example, if it gives a card at ancient, but it's teen, this doesn't work) as if they were using an attack with the pet, and you see a little blast of darkness come form the person who cast the spell fly over to the person's pet. The person's pet's eyes then glow red, and it bites it's trainer's leg. Then it shakes it's head, and the red eyes go away. Deals 235-325 damage.

Feb 16, 2013
Squirrel on Jun 9, 2008 wrote:

This is probably too time intensive, but worth mentioning.

I would love to see variations to the way the spell recipient reacts based on different amounts of damage.

For instance:
Light damage to a creature or player may make him shrug and flick an imaginary fly off his shoulder.

Small damage: A slight "windmilling arms" as if he was a little off balance.

Medium damage: Doubles over as if receiving a gut-punch.

Heavy: staggers backwards a few steps.

Very heavy: Knocked on his rear end, climbs back to his feet.

This idea is really good!

Small Damage= Normal Animation

Bigger Damage=Puts fists together and smashes target!


Weak=Shoots a tiny, thin fire missle from its beak


Dec 28, 2008
TheBigBadWolf on Jun 19, 2008 wrote:
Humongofrog and "Unicorn Heal Spell"

I have a minor issue with the animation both of these spells. When the frog or the unicorn turn toward a different player or opponent, the ground cover under them obviously turns as well. This is a slight break in the immersion of the game. Just my opinion, but I think you should change the ground design of both spells such that it's impossible to tell a difference when the animation turns to face a new opponent/player.
Yeah i agree, and they should change Humongofrog animation too. Every time you cast the spell there is always that half planet earth that comes from the ground and then humongofrog appears. I think it would be better if the animation is a little frog that all of a sudden increases immensely in size and then proceeds with attack all enemies with either its tongue or vomit.

Sep 29, 2013
eakilian on Jun 7, 2008 wrote:
Spell animation. How would you change any of the spell animations in the game? Or is there one you would like to add? Describe in detail. Let your imagination take over!
One answer only. I'm not really the imaginative type. Don't make the storm spells fizzle so much. It drives me insane.


Jul 17, 2014
I think this spell is a powerful spell so I think this banshee needs to look like it.

swoops around opponent

normal appearence

banshee looks like it normally does but banshee spins around once and when she turns back around she has a black ball in her hands. Banshee throws it at opponent.

-Sabrina Winterblade level 23

Dec 25, 2011
i think that bird pets like the hawk should fly in a circle then swoop down like it is catching it's prey when casting a spell

Apr 10, 2014
QuinnHexthief on Jun 8, 2008 wrote:
Hey thanks, I wanted this to appear...

Perhaps with Fire Elf, instead of ALWAYS jumping around and shooting an arrow, maybe he could jump around, and dive at our opponent, and burst into flames? Just a thought...

also, with Storm Shark, an animation of the shark jumping out of the water, charging up some sort of Electrical Ball in his mouth, and then shoot it at our opponent?

Yeah, those would all be really cool... ^_^


Apr 10, 2014
TheBigBadWolf on Jun 19, 2008 wrote:
Ghoul Spell

I've got another minor issue for you guys on a pair of great cards. The Ghoul spell (the one with the undead in the cemetery with the shovel) has the sound effect of a crow cawing during the animation, yet there's no crow in the visual. Please add a crow sitting on a gravestone just to match the awesome sound file. :)

Similarly, the Banshee spell involves her clearing her throat and turning her head to the side, but it's unclear that that's what she's doing because it sounds like she's quacking like a duck. :P Perhaps making her intro a little longer and/or adding a throat spray bottle to loosen her vocal chords would make it clearer that the duck noises at the beginning are her clearing her throat.

Mar 17, 2011
All the global spells

global there should be water around it storm clouds in the air lighting hitting random place and rain with a purple glow around it but the water would only be inside the global ring and wouldn't be on top of the battle fled and it have little waves like a real storm

global there should be snow around it little snow men cheering you on and snow from the sky and a small ice wall going around it but the snow and snow men would not be on the battle fled

a fire ring like you got it now but there would be lave around the battle field with fire fire elf standing on rocks and fire rock shooting out of the lave and back into it.

ok keep the ghost wall but make it bigger and more ghost like add mist around the ring with graves and ghost coming out of the graves and like a zombie's cheering you on

all it need is grass and some more leaves with little mushroom guy cheering you on other then that it perfect.

ok it cool but you need to make it more like myth like eye balls pop out of the earth and mud monster cheering the myth on and more eye easier to see when you battling.

OK balance it needs like all around it a sea of magic is flowing like a river but in a world pool way and there like the footing gods of balance cheering the balance on with like starts like stars or something

if they look like this i would never stop casting them for just fun and i would sometimes just go into battle to see what it looked like because there so cool
level 100

Mar 31, 2014
An old man with white beard and white staff, and a small white eagle on his shoulder - he waves the staff and the eagle becomes a bright white gigantic eagle. Then it opens and shakes its wings surrounding a player with its huge wings & releasing white energy that heals over time and gives +25% to next health spell.

It should look and feel whitish and lovely

and opposing spell...

A red scary devil (with fork thing in hand) that possesses the enemy - he slowly moves towards the enemy and enters inside him/her like a ghost would - a red/black colored toxic energy starts to emit off the player's whole body and surrounds him while finally the devil emerges violently from the body - this decreases health over time and adds -25% to next health spell.

I tried

Jul 14, 2014
Could we have more shield cards that are the opposite of our school. Such as I'm storm and I'd like shield cards for death, myth, and life to put in my deck.
More ways to improve strength early on would have been nice.

Feb 13, 2014
i would probally want the hydra spell to be like it where its underwater and it pops up and blasts the charcter but i would like it if it would attack multiple people three tims

Jul 26, 2014
I haven't read all of the suggestions so this one might be already chosen or something.
A huge guy who has clocks on his body and a clock as a head comes out of a clock. (SO MUCH CLOCKS) Then, He has a staff, and on the end of it he knocks the character. Or, as another animation, there are already ticks so then a HUGE, GIANTT tick comes out and hits the enemy.
Please consider this suggestion.

Peace Out, Lv.99 Storm Wizzie

Dec 02, 2014
How about changing Gaze of Fate entirely? First of all the setting is fine no need to change it, but the monster itself needs a serious makeover. It looks way too goofy. Compared to the others (not including the Glowbugs) it is a big white spot in a canvas of black. Make it look more threatening. Make it larger, scarier looking eyes and get rid of the grin. It needs to look way more menacing. But no hate on Kingsisle, just on the spell animation.

May 22, 2014
hello kingsisle i'm Andrew dreamhunter and I was thinking that the storm shark spell should instead of diving into the opponent,it should shoot electric out of his mouth onto the targetgooo storm.and also I was thinking storm lord spell should have the storm lord fully come out and strick the opponent with his staff.that would really make the spell and the game a lot better,especially for storm wizards.am I right storm wizards.

Apr 28, 2011
I'm a level 44 . The Scald spell (495 DOT 3 rounds to all enemies) should have a better animation. Wait, strike that. It should just have an animation period. All it does is put a DOT thing around the target. Maybe it should make like a giant fireball that blasts the target.

Jan 21, 2012
How about a thing with heck hound. Maybe a regular dog could crawl into the dog house and a few minutes later like always the dog house explodes and the heck hound appears. I guess its just a better way to have to heck hound come in rather then it coming out of nowhere.

Jul 26, 2009
WizardryMastery on Dec 7, 2014 wrote:
How about changing Gaze of Fate entirely? First of all the setting is fine no need to change it, but the monster itself needs a serious makeover. It looks way too goofy. Compared to the others (not including the Glowbugs) it is a big white spot in a canvas of black. Make it look more threatening. Make it larger, scarier looking eyes and get rid of the grin. It needs to look way more menacing. But no hate on Kingsisle, just on the spell animation.
XD I saw this coming lol

Mar 31, 2014

I just wish that you remove the "wand animation" the wizard does before casting a non damage spell. So if you're going to cast a blade, a shield, or a wand attack you don't have to see the entire "wand animation" before they're cast.

Hope you know what I mean by "wand animation", it's the gesture the wizard does with his wand (different depending on school of spell) before the spell is casted.

I ask for this because I get tired seeing this, especially just to put something as simple as a blade.