Summer 2020
Test Realm

July 2020 Game Update


Update Highlights

Summertime is heating up in the Spiral with fun new content to explore!

Do you enjoy creating new Wizards but wish there were more character customization options, or would like to see a bit of touchup done to your existing Wizards? How about experiencing the fun of teaming up to take on challenging new creatures, or perhaps going one-on-one in PVP?

We have new content for all these areas and more in the upcoming Summer Update now on Test Realm!

Highlights Include:

Have a look at the update notes and then log in to Test Realm to check it out!

When on Test Realm, first use the in-game bug reporting tool if you notice an issue. You can also post in the Test Realm section of the forums. Please also post in the forums any balance and general considerations you wish us to see.


July 2020



New Character Look

The first and perhaps most exciting thing you’ll notice is that the Wizards you know and love look even better now! We’ve added eye blinks and increased the resolution for more detail. Faces should stay the same overall but appear sharper in detail and more animated.

Let us know what you think... first impressions are everything!

Magic Mirror Updates

Just like how you can customize the visuals of your Wizard in the Magic Mirror, these enhancements now carry over to the general character creation process. We made it easier than ever to get a Wizard to look just the way you want. We've even improved the browsing speed when selecting a new character name. You'll instantly be seen as a Wizard up to the challenge of exploring the Spiral with a bit of flare and style!

Speaking of Magic Mirror, you’ll note that the prices have been changed from Crowns to Gold. Feel free to change up your look as often as you’d like!

In addition to the basic character creation steps you have come to expect, there are also some advanced customization options at your command. Presets allow you to scroll through various looks and be able to go back to one you liked if you remember which Preset it was.

And of course, if you are not a picky-choosy type of Wizard, feel free to press that ‘Random’ button and see what interesting combination comes up!


Did you miss the last event or offer? Been away for a while and not sure what’s happening in the Spiral or what there is to do? Our team is big on ensuring you know what’s happening around the Spiral. So many exciting things are happening every day that you don’t want to miss! Every day when you first log in, you’ll now see The Daily Spiral happenings!

Included are your current mainline quest, the current daily assignment and daily PVP quest, game news that links to the Ravenwood Academy section of the official website, event updates, Crowns status, and some item recommendations that may aid you on your journey across the Spiral.

Have a peek above and then take a closer look by jumping onto Test Realm!


(Coming soon to Test Realm)

Want all the fun of Beastmoon Hunt team play but without the competitive stress of going up against other Wizards? We’re introducing the new Beastmoon Monster Mayhem event! This event will be run at specific times during Test Realm, so keep watch on social media for the first announcements to go out.

To help you get started in this new event, we’ve added a brief in-game tutorial that walks you through the event and describes how Beastmoon Monster Mayhem differs from classic Beastmoon Hunt matches. Once you’ve gotten the hang of how everything works, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge of defeating some of the nastiest of creatures in the event!

You’ll notice that Beastmoon Monster Mayhem looks and feels much like the classic PvP version. How you enter a match – group up with 5 other Wizards (or just join the queue and you’ll get matched up with others waiting to play). You’ll find your choice of a selection of the familiar Beastforms available to play. Gameplay mechanics and progression are also similar, including the conditions we’ve established to keep matches fair and fun for your team.

Beastmoon and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem will share Beastforms and be selectively available by us per event just like the PVP event. New Beastforms will only be debuted in the Beastmoon Hunt and may later be unlocked in the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem. If you have unlocked or tiered up a Beastform, it will be unlocked and/or tiered up in the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem as well.

Upon entering a match (the event is opening with the existing Celestia Beastmoon map), creatures are spawned across the map to fight. Defeat all those monsters to spawn a powerful boss in the middle of the map which of course has even more creatures to defend itself. During the boss fight, Artemis has placed some additional monsters outside the Spiral which unlock buffs for the players in the boss battle when defeated! If you succeed in defeating the first boss in the time allotted, you’ll move onto the second wave. If you can quickly make your way through three waves of monsters and bosses, you’ll win the whole event.

Be wary – this is very challenging and only the most skilled, coordinated, and luckiest Wizards will make their way through the whole event. Who will be the first to earn the coveted Master of Mayhem badge someday for defeating 100 rank 3 Monster Mayhem bosses? Only time will tell!

Also new in this event are unique repeatable objectives to challenge your Beastmoon skills, challenging you to defeat Beastmoon bosses, access to temporary crafting recipes only available when the event is active, and the means to complete your Beastmoon Plate set with crafting recipes available for the hat and shoes exclusive to this event.

Assemble your team, start talking strategy, and keep watch for when it runs!


Updates to Beastmoon Hunt and the new Beastmoon Monster Mayhem wouldn’t be complete without a fresh round of Beastforms. Three new Beastforms are being added to these events. Select carefully as they are a rowdy bunch with quite a diversity in tactical capabilities. Check out their skill profiles below and see which one interests you the most!

Death Cyclops – Debuffin’ Dots is a tank designed to counter both Storm and Life Beastforms. He reduces the enemy team's ability to deal and prevent damage and can steal blades and heal-over-time effects for his own use.

Fire Ninja Pig – An unabashed damage-dealer! Slash n’ Burn removes positive wards (shields and stun blocks) and can create and detonate damage-over-time effects. He also has spells that require a Minion to use, so expect to see him teaming up with Myth players.

Myth Draconian – Pips n’ Pops is a pip generator, who also happens to dish out decent damage. Pips tends to focus on traps, clearing them for more pips or even create them when his target has a shield. He is not alone in his thirst for ensuring enough pips are available, as his minion is as well. While his minion is useful for generating pips, it is also rather weak, so be careful in relying upon it too much.


Improving PVP Chat

Even though PVP is a competitive area of the game by its nature, we still want and expect players to be able to enjoy a match without worrying about being harassed. This is why we are looking at numerous ways of improving communications between and across players during PVP matches. This also includes adding new ways to mitigate and filter toxic behavior and comments.

Players are now categorized as combatants, spectators, or outsiders with respect to PVP chat privileges. Combatants include any players who are currently engaged (on the sigil) in a PVP match. Spectators are players who are inside a PVP zone but not engaged in combat. Outsiders are players who are not located in the zone but attempt to chat with players inside of it.

Combatants may only chat with other combatants on their own team. Neither spectators nor outsiders can communicate with combatants while they are engaged in a match.

Spectators must meet certain requirements in order to use chat. Currently, those requirements are Level 15 and rank Sergeant or above. Once you meet those requirements, chat is enabled. Chat privileges can be temporarily or permanently suspended by Customer Support, as always.

These restrictions have been added in order to address public harassment. As always, if you feel you are being targeted or harassed, please use our in-game reporting tools to alert Customer Support.

PVP Roundtable with Blake PVP

We had the opportunity to speak to a veteran PVP community member, Blake PVP, about some of these upcoming changes. There was loads of questions answered by our team from the community during a recent community Q&A livestream with Blake:

Expect more of these community hosted Q&A livestreams with our team on other topics soon!


UPDATE: Read here a message by Professor Falmea on how we're using Test Realm to balance this content.

Shadow PIP Changes

We have rebuilt the Shadow Pip System. The Shadow Pip % stat has been replaced with a Shadow Pip Rating. At the start of each turn, players (with access to Shadow Pips) will fill their shadow meter. The higher your Shadow Pip Rating, the faster the meter will fill. When the meter fills completely, you will generate a shadow pip, the meter will empty, and the meter will begin filling again on the next round.

The Shadow Pip Rating is comparative, and players with a higher rating will generate shadow pips faster than opponents with less Shadow Pip Rating.

TEST REALM NOTICE – KNOWN ISSUE: This system is still in balancing and UI tweaking. Players may notice that they will receive Shadow pips at a faster rate than is intended. In particular, players may sometimes gain a Shadow Pip on consecutive turns. This is NOT intended and will be addressed before this system goes live.

Shadow Enhanced Spell Rebalance

With these changes to how Shadow Pips are accumulated, we have re-evaluated Shadow Enhanced Spells and have rebalanced them to be in line with expected power per pip cost with all the other spells in the game. We realize that these changes are reductions in power, and we don’t do this lightly, but they are needed to keep the game in balance for years to come.

Here are the stats for those changes:
    Fire From Above: 720 - 840 Fire damage & adds 1 +25% Fire Trap

    Raging Bull: 700 - 820 Fire damage & -30% accuracy debuff to all enemies

    Abominable Weaver: 590 – 710 Ice damage & -50% Shield

    Glowbug Squall: 730 Storm damage & remove 1 blade from all enemies

    Rusalka's Wrath: 1165 Storm damage & +/-30% Blade/Weakness to Self

    Mystic Colossus: Remove 1 Ward & 450 damage to all enemies

    Hungry Caterpillar: 590 – 710 Life damage & 800 absorb Shield Death:
    Call of Khrulhu: 595 Death Drain to all enemies

    Winged Sorrow: 940 – 1120 Death damage to target & -30% weakness to all enemies

    Gaze of Fate: 250 Balance damage + 250 random school damage & +25% Balance damage Global


  • Added teleporter tutorials to Cyclops and Firecat Alley
  • Dr. Zigmund from ‘For Science’ quest will no longer respawn after combat
  • Pet talents Ward Wrecker and Incredibly Infallible in turn-based PvP now fire at the normal rate
  • Some Triton Underwater quests no longer show after using a level 50 elixir
  • Items can be freely rotated using the Rotate option in housing’s Advanced Move options
  • ‘Medium’ Bunny Planter labeled as ‘Small’ to match the seed requirement
  • All Deckathalon hamsters are now tradeable
  • Life Fairy now takes proper damage from Death spells
  • Players can now teleport to the pet park for the Pet Promenade event
Graphics & UI
  • Added mouseover tooltips for some of the item comparison sections
  • Some student NPCs updated with proper facial visuals
  • Additional minor graphic and audio tweaks

Please first use the in-game bug reporting tool if you notice an issue. You can also post reports in the Test Realm section of the forums. Please also post in the forums any balance and content considerations you wish us to see.

Download Test Realm and start playing today! (Note: Test Realm is only activated on weekdays and is available only to Members)