01 December 2016


Mirage, Magic and Merry Yuletide!

After a three week-long run on the Test Realm, Mirage has joined its place among the many worlds of the Spiral! There was a lot of excitement and work that went into creating the world of Mirage, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy it. If you get stuck, want to chat, or just comment on your favorite thing about Mirage then be sure to drop by our new message board area.

Along with the high-level world of Mirage came a fun new Castle Magic feature that even lower level wizards can enjoy in their player housing. Make sure you locate Babbage Basset in Marleybone and begin your quest of having the most magical house in the game. Come read more about Castle Magic in the Update Notes.

November was a great month with thankful rewards. We love our Veterans, and we love to celebrate Thanksgiving with you in Wizard101. December will be another great month in Wizard101 where we will celebrate our 12 Days of the Spiral (or was it 13? We always get confused.) with gifts, promotions, surprises, and more. Thank you for spending your holiday season with us in Wizard101!


Turn Your Attention to Arcanum


A Quest-ionnaire for the New Scholars

Hello students and graduates of Ravenwood! Every other month we’ll be giving a “quest” to our new scholars in the Arcanum. What’s the quest? To fill out a QUESTionnaire for us! We’ve heard from Zander, Baba Yaga, and Ione, but now it’s time to hear from a scholar you talked with when you entered Mirage . . . Qismah . . . a very mysterious cat indeed!

Name: Qismah Shasa

Likes: The smell of a fresh poison steeping in the pot, a blade sharp enough to split a whisker, and the satisfaction of knowing a contract was fulfilled without the target ever seeing my face. Oh, and fresh-polished golden cutlery.

Dislikes: Senseless violence, the cry of a newborn, dull blades, and sloppy work in general.

Favorite Spell: Qismah’s Curse

Favorite Food: Grilled Filet of Babble Fish, Extra Rare, with a pinch of Turmeric for seasoning.

Bio: I was born the third daughter of the Duchess of Parajj, the highest ranking noble in House Bumbai… before it became a vassal to House Sayameez, of course. Being third-born, it was unlikely I would ever inherit the title, and thus I was committed at an early age to the order of the Silent Sabers. There, I learned the arts of poison and subterfuge, eventually becoming a Master Assassin. But I had seen enough by then to realize that to truly master Death, one must learn Necromancy as well. Though my nights were spent fulfilling contracts for the Silent Sabers, my days were dedicated to learning the laws of Magic. Once I had learned all of the Necromantic rituals that were available in the ancient tomes of Mirage, I began to experiment on my own.

I had only just scratched the surface into what was possible, however, when I learned of a tragic accident that had befallen my mother and my two sisters. I had now inherited our family’s title. I dutifully returned to Parajj and assumed the mantle of leadership. I expanded our holdings and our influence ten-fold, earning the title of Emira, but deep-down, I longed to return to my studies in the arts of Death. When I was soon thereafter approached about joining the Arcanum, I decided that it must be fate. I appointed a Regent to manage my family’s estate, and I joined right away. I have never regretted that decision, and I do not anticipate doing so in the future.

Favorite quote?
“Death needs Time for what it kills to grow in, but Time needs Death to mark its passing.”

My friends describe me as . . . ?
Friends? I suppose you could call them that, though I would call them “colleagues”. And I should hope they would think of me as being very… cultured and professional. That’s certainly what I strive for.

How I feel about Magic?
Magic is not to be toyed with, nor should it be wielded by those who are unwilling to pay attention to detail. Sloppy use of magic will always lead to catastrophe.


Mirage Raider's Bundle


Introducing the Mirage Raider’s Bundle

Surprise! Those who reached our third tier of donations in our Extra Life promotion were treated to this new bundle a bit earlier than most, but it’s now available for purchase at US GameStop locations. It’s a really cool follow up to the new Shinobi bundle and features a very unique mount, pet, and gear. The house is great too! Hopefully you’ve caught the new fish and earned a little fishing experience in the process.

You can learn more about the bundle on our official pre-paid card page. If you’d like even more thoughts and options, here are a few extra links to check out:


What's up in the Community?


Turkey Day and Test Realm

Most of our fans were knee deep in discovering all that Mirage had to offer in the Test Realm. It’s always an awesome time and a lot of fun to watch the excitement unfold. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, joy, and fun times with us. Below are a few posts from last month that caught our eye.

Mirage Coverage

Toxen Reignz from Wizard101 Central found an interesting scrap of paper and is trying to decode it. Hmmm! A conundrum!

WillowDreamer gave a performance appraisal on all the new level 120 henchmen. What’s your assessment?

Mirage features a lot of bosses with pets. Here’s a guide to them from Duelist101.

Duelist101 breaks down what players can expect in Mirage.

Does the term “Faction Vendors” leave you with a puzzled look on your face? Be sure to check out this guide on Duelist101!

Paige MoonShade reviews new apartments and faction vendors in Wizard101.

Paige MoonShade reviews castle magic.

Vanessa MythDust gives her thoughts on Mirage on MMORPG.com.

Don’t miss Swordroll’s review of the Level 118 spells.

Did you catch this Morse code puzzle in Mirage?

It was fun to see your reactions to our final Mirage teaser.

Duelist101 reviews the legendary weapons.

Blaze LifeHammer completed his Iron Sultan Quest on the Test Realm and declares it, “Really Awesome!” Zenmaster Blue earned his Qismah’s Curse spell on the Test Realm with the comment, “I literally just got chills.”

MegaMikey was busy during the Test Realm capturing footage of all the new Mirage spells:

Other Highlights

It was great to see you enjoyed our Thanksgiving Day Code and we hope you all had a great day. Which world do you think will come after Mirage?

Looking for a “newer” way to placing housing objects in unexpected locations in your player housing? Try this method from Elemental Breeze.

Here’s a fun idea! Why not use all your old pre-paid cards as Christmas tree ornaments?

Here’s an overlooked thread that could use some attention: What do you think are the best and the worst pet talent combinations?

Check out this great Morganthe fan art painting from the Wizardo yo Tumblr blog.

Don’t miss this fun pull the lever animation sketch featuring Malistaire on the abba-yaga Tumblr blog.

Zanzidia from Tumblr is beginning a Wizard101 Lore series.

Like the Leviathan spell? You might like this Leviathan doodle on the lmao-calamity Tumblr blog.

Mercenaries for Hire discuss when it’s ok to be a thief in Wizard101!

Edward LifeGem held a Turkey Run to celebrate Thanksgiving.



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