03 August 2015


No Place Like Home

Welcome to the August 2015 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter! This summer has been Ultra fun and we hope you are enjoying all of the new updates to Wizard101 including Ultra Pets, Ultra Seeds, Ultra Dungeons and more! The summer is also the time to celebrate the talents of housing decorators throughout the Spiral, with Paige Moonshade’s Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City contest. Congratulations to all of the talented Wizards who won that contest and dazzled everyone with their creations. House decorating is one of the most creative ways to play in Wizard101. With such a wide variety of houses and items, players can make creations that are truly unique! One great way to check out your fellow Wizard’s creations is to visit Myrella Windspar at Castle Tours. Check out some of the top castles, rate them and even get inspired to decorate your own.

And for those of you that love to decorate and build your own castle, there is much to look forward to, coming soon to Wizard101!


Compete in the Grand Tourney


Grand Tourney Gauntlet Bundle

A brand new bundle is available at select Walmart locations! This Avalon-themed gauntlet allows you to compete in the Grand Tourney to win Lady Blackthorn’s favor. Look like a knight in the Valiant Jouster’s Armor and Lance while riding your matching Jousting Destrier, the first dyeable mount in Wizard101! Like a trusty squire, the Squirerel pet will be by your side in battle. And choose one month of membership or 5,000 Crowns! Learn more.

Some fan sites including Valerian, Stars of the Spiral, Frostcaller, Duelist101, Wizards of the Spiral, Swordroll, Blaze Lifehammer and Zenmaster Blue took a look at the gauntlet and shared their thoughts.


Get to Know Alhazred


Ravenwood Roll Call

Get to know the Professor of Balance Magic, Alhazred in this episode of Ravenwood Roll Call.


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

If you missed the latest episode of KI Live, head over to our YouTube page to watch the recorded version. This time on the show we looked at some of the Pirate101 Test Realm updates, played the Grand Tourney Arena and showed off a level of Rise and Destroy.

Need tips for fishing in Celestia? Adventures of the Spiral have a great guide.

Pet Derby enthusiast, Vanessa Mythdust, wrote a blog busting the top 10 myths about Pet Derby.

Christina Icedreamer covers the news of the latest Ultra Summer update in Wizard101 for MMORPG.com.

The Ultra Summer update went live in July and Duelist101, Frostcaller, Adventures of the Spiral, and Wizards of the Spiral helped recap all the important information in the update.

Chrissy the Blesser reviews the shiny new Solar Sabercat mount, available in the Crown Shop.

The Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City contest held by Paige Moonshade showcased some of the most creative dorm decorations in the Spiral. The Grand Prize went to Angel IceCaster for his Mad Scientist themed dorm shown above. Check out all the winners at her blog!

Frostcaller and Stars of the Spiral posted blogs about the new Hybrid Dragonfly pet that was discovered in Wizard101 last month. If you don’t have one yet, hop over to the hatchery to try your chances at this new hybrid pet.

Ditto Wizard continues his adventures in Azteca in his latest video blogs.

Spiral Radio discuss the latest in Wizard101 and Pirate101 in episode 40.

Stars of the Spiral created a guide to the new Plow All and Plant All gardening spells.

Fishing a’fish’ionado Kelsey Fireheart shares her top 5 Fishing spells to learn.

Be prepared to face off against Exalted Rattlebones, Exalted Meowiarty, Exalted Zeus and Exalted Krokopatra with these guides from Mercenaries for Hire.

Interested in crafting one of the new school-themed mounts? Duelist101 has a great guide.

Congratulations to Legends of the Spiral who celebrated their 4th birthday in July! Pixelkin lists Wizard101 as one of seven great MMOs for families.

Bereghost Games and the Family Game Night Crew continue their adventures in Wizard101 exploring the Dark Cave.

Zenmaster Blue shares his list for the Top 10 Water Features in Wizard101.

Blaze Lifehammer shows off the new Solar Sabercat mount and the other new Crown Shop items added in July.

Sophia Lifecaster reviews the Grand Tourney Gauntlet bundle for OnRPG.com.

Amber Firesword submitted this lovely fan art portrait last month. Well done Amber!



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