01 August 2016


A Glorious Summer for fun with friends!

August is when you really start to feel the heat of summer, and we’re hoping our upcoming cool changes to Wizard101 are going to keep you happy for a long time to come. There’s so many great changes happening soon, and we’re almost ready to release our current Test Realm into the Live game. Are you ready for Tournaments for Gold for members? Another change we haven’t talked much about is that after the Test Realm goes live, there will now be even more tournament opportunities listed throughout the day so you can have more options for playing in the types of matches you enjoy the most.

July saw several unique promotions and events like Fish-a-Palooza; the introduction of the Panther Pet; our Red, White, and Blue sale; release of our Test Realm; the new Member Daily Rewards bonus; and (a community favorite) Christmas in July! Read on for more features and information about the events of last month. We hope you’re having a glorious summer in Wizard101!

Image from Edward Lifegem’s Santa Run 2016 Event


Turn Your Attention to Arcanum


A Quest-ionnaire for the New Scholars

Dear students and graduates of Ravenwood. In case you had forgotten, every other month we will be sending the new Arcanum Scholars a simple questionnaire for them to answer. So much is still to be discovered about these curious curiosity centers of The Spiral. The first scholar we interviewed was Zander . . . next up, Baba Yaga!

Name: Baba Yaga

Likes: Scary-looking Sculptures
Drafty houses in remote locations
Snowmen with red scarves

Dislikes: Bread Crumbs
Toe Boogers
Playing Hide-and-Seek

Favorite Spell: Medusa (always nice to see an old friend!)

Favorite Food: Trollblood-basted children legs… I mean CHICKEN legs!

You expect me to tell my life story for some shameless piece of promotion for the Arcanum? Ha! You don’t ask an old woman her age, and you certainly don’t ask an old witch for her secrets! I’ll share this much: I was born a rambling girl, trying to make some magic and see all the Spiral’s worlds. My mother was a laundress down in Avalon. She wound up on the wrong end of a wand. And I was born on the back of a broomstick mount, flying down Abbey Road… or was that just a song? I can’t recall. You know how the memory comes and goes when you get older. Run along now, dearie...

Favorite quote?
“Beauty is in the Eye of the Cyclops”

My friends describe me as . . . ?
A wise and kindly old woman… if they know what’s good for them.

How I feel about Magic?
Most people think of Magic as a wondrous and delightful power, but that’s because most people are immature and foolish. Magic always comes with a price. Even a simple parlor trick requires some sacrifice, whether it be an old top-hat… or the last vestige of the performer’s self-respect. Hehe.


Cuckoo for Clocks


Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle

The big announcement was made in July that the new Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle was now generally available in many participating Walmarts and Targets throughout the United States. It’s a great bundle with a treasure trove of items straight from Valencia!

If you haven’t heard of Valencia, it’s a world in Pirate101. If you’re unfamiliar with it, then please check out this informational page on Pirate101.com to learn more. It was quite interesting for Wizard101 players to see items from a Pirate101 world make an appearance in Wizard101 as a bundle of items – that’s never happened before! Several of our players and friends took time to make excellent reviews:

Even Professor Falmea and Dworgyn got in on the action as they gave away free Clockwork Gauntlet bundles to ten lucky players who had questions answered on KI Live! If you watch this episode you’ll eventually see the final fight in the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet.


Links from the Community at Large


News and Clues From Around the Spiral

July was a busy month in Wizard101 between a new palooza event, the Test Realm, and a new member benefit. Our fans and fansites were talking about those things AND MORE as we continued working through summer 2016. Here’s a few of the many great posts, videos, and fun that we enjoyed this past month.

Kelsey from the Stars of the Spiral Blog tells why she thinks the Members Daily Rewards Bonus is pretty great!

Duelist101 was on fire with information and activity since the release of the Test Realm! Here’s a list of all the great articles they posted:

What new symbol will you give to your best friends?

Do you get confused by MMORPG lingo? This thread may help or you may want to add a few acronyms yourself!

Do you wear clothes just to look intimidating? What do you wear during PvP?

Here’s a quick tip for low level wizards with a Fire Ant pest. Just use Summon Pixie!

What do you think? Does the name “Ravenwood” come from the combination of Grandmother Raven and Bartleby?

Wizard101 Basics for Beginners blog was quite happy to find the White Winter Owl for sale for gold.

We were glad to hear you enjoyed this latest update!

Did you see Gameforge showed off a new Balance fish?

It was fun watching everyone discover the hybrids from the new Panther Pet.

Skelemystyk gets a great 1st generation Panther cub and calls it his best 1st Gen Pet Ever!

Who is your favorite Arcanum scholar?

How did you meet and make friends in Wizard101?

Did you know about this pagoda house furniture item that drops from Red Huckleberries? Cool find!

Now we finally know . . . what is in Zenmaster Blue’s giftbox?

How many things can you think of that you love about the Spiral? Here are 50 of Vanessa MythDust’s favorite things.

These winning entries from Petnome’s “create and astral mount” contest are simply stunning!

Hmmm . . . very interesting . . . what could Alissar be?

In case you missed ‘em, here are all the details on the Summer Update to Wizard101 on MMORPG.com.

The results are in from Paige MoonShade’s Best Little Dorm House contest that was talked about in last month’s newsletter. Congrats to all the winners!



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