02 November 2015


Time to Give Thanks

It’s that time of year again to give thanks for all that gives us joy in the Spiral and beyond. We also look to honor those who have served their country with a brand new Veteran’s Day commemorative item. Look for details about how to get this new item on the Ravenwood News page on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

Harvest Hannah will also make her annual return to the Wizard City Shopping District later this month. She will have costumes and wands for sale to celebrate the Harvest Festival in game.

The first week in November is the last chance to get the Atlantean Bundle in the Online Store. Get your Two Player Whale Mount, Betta Fish Pet, Atlantean Armor and Harpoon before it is retired.


Coming Soon


Are you ready to visit Polaris?

The latest addition to the Spiral is now available on the Test Realm. This update, coming soon to Wizard101, sends Wizards to the frozen lands of Polaris. There you will search for powerful magic to cure Bartleby, who has fallen ill. Along the way you’ll meet lots of colorful characters, including the Pingouins, suffering under the tyrannical rule of Empress Antuskette. Continue your magical studies as you reach new heights at Level 110! Learn from the scholars of the Arcanum who are ready to teach Wizards a powerful new Shadow-Enhanced spell at level 108. For those Wizards who love to fish, this update also includes Fishing Tournaments to show off your skills and Catch of the Day to earn extra gold by selling fish. Get ready to venture forth to Polaris when this update comes to the live game this Fall!


Available at GameStop


New Jewel Crafter's Bundle

A brand new bundle is now available at GameStop! This Jewel-themed bundle features the Bountiful Mine housing item that you can use to get a daily reward in your home. Ride the dye-able Crystal Unicorn mount in the color scheme of your choice. Choose up to Level 110 gear with the Shard Warrior’s Armor and Hammer. The Crystal Butterfly pet will shine by your side in battle. And choose one month of membership or 5,000 crowns. Learn more.


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

Have you signed up to take part in Extra Life on November 7, 2015? It’s not too late to join the KI Gamers team, raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and earn awesome prizes. Visit our team page to learn more and sign up today!

If you missed the October episode of KI Live, catch up on our YouTube channel. We celebrated Pirate101’s 3rd birthday, looked at the new Jewel Crafter’s Bundle and ventured into Polaris.

Check out some of the hilarious new Doodlefish, available to catch in houses, with this guide from Stars of the Spiral.

Johnny from Wizards of the Spiral covers the highlights from the opening of the Test Realm in October.

Learn more about how to participate in Legends of the Spiral PVP tournaments at their website.

Congratulations to the winners of Valerian’s Halloween contest!

For all the latest news from the Spiral, listen to Spiral Radio episode number 46.

Frostcaller gets nostalgic for the last seven years of study at Ravenwood, as Wizards head to learn new spells at the Arcanum.

Check out Mercenaries for Hire for the latest guides for boss fights in Polaris.

Duelist101 gives an overview of all the changes currently on the Test Realm.

Ditto Wizard takes on the Halloween quests in Wizard101 for his latest video.

Harmony Everheart gives a tour of her haunted Halloween house at the newly redesigned Adventures of the Spiral.

Massively OP shows off the new Jewel Crafter’s Bundle and explores some Halloween quests on this episode of OPTV.

Christina Icedreamer wrote a review of the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle for MMORPG.com.

Did you miss out on the sloth parade that was held in celebration of National Sloth Day? Check out the sloth-y fun with this video from Blaze Lifehammer.

Get a first look at the scholars of the Arcanum in this video from Zenmaster Blue.

Lenora Wyrmsong submitted this wonderful fan art creation of her fire Wizard with her sister’s ice Wizard, Angel Winterstaff.



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