July 2nd, 2018


A Monumental Month in Wizard101

July will be a monumental month in Wizard101! We’re in the midst of an exciting Test Realm with new updates, and there are other great things to come, like sales and benefits galore! Later in the month, we’ll even be cooling things down with Christmas in July! Hold on tight! Great months like these tend to fly away from you.

June was also a really fun month. Let’s take a second to look back on some of the highlights:

  • We had a Jewel Pack Sale, a level 50 elixir sale, and a fun throwback Thursday sale amongst other great offers like a huge 50% off on online bundles.
  • We officially launched the Battle Mage Keep and the Accursed Gauntlet bundles.
  • Pet-a-Palooza happened and the new Pink Cactus Hopper Pet bounded into the Crown Shop.
  • We said hello to a new Moonblade Pantera mount.
  • For member benefits we ran a long extended benefit for Daily Assignments, had a great weekend of Double Pet XP, and finished up the month with double Reagents/no Crafting cool-down timers.
  • The Test Realm launched and we unveiled the magic of Photomancy on KI Live.

Keep reading for more information about your favorite game, and thanks for playing Wizard101!


Zone of the Month


Zone of the Month: Zanadu Sewers

We’ve been looking back to the past for our Zone of the Month, but now it’s time to look to the present! The Zanadu Sewers have all kinds of interesting baddies just waiting for you. Don’t let the Sani-Leader win in his assimilation efforts! Strike back this month and get a discount through July 15th, 2018. Read on for more information about this very unique zone in Wizard101.

Name: Zanadu Sewers

Location: Empyrea – First, take the Streamportal to Zanadu. From here, you can enter one of three ways: through the front of the fountain in the Market Square, through a sewer grate in front of the Palace, or through a sewer grate found behind the Aethyrium.

Description: The Zanadu Sewers are the cleanest sewers you’ve ever seen! The floors have a certain shine to them thanks to the tireless efforts ofthe Sani-bots who call the area home. Everywhere here has a channel of running water and a reflection of the water on the ceilings. Deeper in the Sewers you’ll find Shadow Creatures and Eels about, so be careful! Probably the coolest location in the Sewers is the Bat Cave -- Be sure to take note of all wonderful toys and trinkets that Bat has in there!

Cost: This premium area comes bundled with all of Zanadu. It usually comes at the cost of 1995 Crowns, but because this is our zone of the month, we’ve discounted this area to 1500 Crowns through July 15th, 2018!

Zeke Item: Zeke is on the hunt for Hootie’s Blowfish, and you can find one of them in the Zanadu Sewers. From the large entrance area, head to the back and peek through a hole in the wall. The Blowfish is hiding there, and it only wants to be with you (see pictures for a hint).

Chests: None. The bosses here can reward you with really great loot though!

Secrets: The biggest secret here is knowing how to move around the zone since you won’t have access to a map. Thank goodness for the Quest Helper Arrow! Did you know that the Bat’s Cave is a tribute to the original Batcave from the Batman comics? You can read more here: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Batcave

Reagents: None. The Sani-bots keep the Sewers way too clean for that. You’re better off going up top to Zanadu proper if you’re looking for Reagents.

Fishing: There seem to be plenty of places that Fish could roam here, but Fishing hasn’t yet made its way to Empyrea...perhaps in the future?

Teleporters: None. The zone is very compact and easy to travel; however, one of Sparck’s Streamportals could help facilitate transport to the farthest reaches sometime in the future. A time-pressed wizard can only hope!

What’s the 4-1-1? You’re first sent to the Zanadu Sewers in Empyrea in an attempt to circumvent the Shadow Wall that separates Zanadu’s Palace District from the rest of the city. Once there, you find them much more sanitary than expected thanks to the Sani-bots. However, all the Shadow Magic in the air is affecting the Sani-bots’ programming, causing most to become even more fastidious in their need to clean. Thankfully for you, there’s one Sani-bot, Ruumba, who’s been affected in a different way – he’s become sentient!

After you carefully defeat the malfunctioning Sani-bots, Ruumba directs you to the Drainage Control Room to help un-flood the route beyond the Shadow Wall.

You later return to the Sewers in search of the Negativity Transmutator that created the Shadow Wall in the first place. Your companion, Sparck, speaks to Ruumba and discovers the Sani-bots began to gain sentience when they visited the Sewer’s Charging Station. Putting things together, you travel there to discover an excess of negative impulse emissions, indicating the presence of something that transmutes negativity. After defeating Trickster Mario and deactivating the Transmutator, you are able to recover the Lodestar that powered it. You take it back to the surface and reignite the Beacon of Hope to forever dispel the Shadow Wall.

You return to the Sewers a final time to find the Bat’s hidden cave in a place where Ruumba felt intense fear: the West Channel. Within the Bat Cave, you finally come face-to-face with Medulla and his minions as they pursue Mellori in order to finish the job that Grandfather Spider originally gave to the Bat.

Who’s that Boss? There are some really great bosses in the sewers that can lead to some great rewards, but the ultimate challenge is Corporal Tenni’syn, a Gold Skeleton Key Boss that drops some great items from the Alphoi Hoard Pack. He’s a cheating boss with some fun mechanics, but watch out for those Wild Bolts! Yikes!

Don’t miss this Side Quest! ! If you like funny, then take the quest chain from Screaming Byrin in Zanadu, it eventually leads back down to the sewers to hunt a few eels for their electrolytes, and you’ll even fight the “ravenous” Alphoi in the sewer that are turning a very “gobbler” shade of green .




Screenshot of the Month

We love to see your screenshots every month! With the advent of Photomancy, we’re expecting to start seeing some truly amazing creations! Don’t forget to send us your best three screenshots every month to community@wizard101.com. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

This month’s Screenshot of the Month comes from FrostCaller, who captured the magic of the Sacred Charge spell at just the perfect time.

We’ll be uploading all the screenshots received over the past month to Facebook soon. Thanks!


Fan Art Spotlight


Fan Art Spotlight

We didn’t receive a lot of fan art this month, but what we did receive was absolutely golden. Our fan art spotlight this month goes once again to Mia aka Dearly Doodles for this fantastic concept art of Jaki Whisperwind.

Mia adds, “The art team at KI really inspires me to improve and experiment with my artwork! I hope y'all enjoy!” We do indeed! This is fabulous work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

We need to see more art from our fans! Do you have something to share? Send it to us in an email to community@Wizard101.com ASAP! We’re always in need of more fan art. Thanks!


What's Up in the Community?


Summertime Tournaments and Test Realms

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

On MMORPG, Vanessa Mythdust offered some advice on how to decorate your castle if you are ‘decorating challenged’.

If you are tight on gold and need to decorate on a budget, Paige Moonshade demonstrated a great way to do that.

Blaze Lifehammer ranked all of the member benefits from best to worst.

For those 2018 graduates, Vanessa Mythdust offered an encouraging congratulations.

If you want to learn how to use rugs to decorate the right way, Paige Moonshade showcased how to do just that.

To celebrate the summer, DuelCircle is hosting a community-oriented 1v1 Luau Summer Tournament at the end of July.

The Moonblade Pantera mount has been released for sale in the Crown Shop with encouraging reviews from Blaze Lifehammer, JWhisp, and Kyle IceWielder.

Blaze Lifehammer shared the several mistakes he made when he first started as a wizard and the ones that you should avoid.

A new bundle, the Accursed Play Gauntlet, has been released for purchase at different Wal-Marts across the United States and many wizards were interested in exploring it:

The July Test Realm has been released with many exciting new updates and wizards are ecstatic to explore:



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