01 July 2015


Ultra Summer

Welcome to the July 2015 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter, young Wizards! Let’s take a look at some of what is new in Wizard101 this summer.

A new season in the Spiral means a new seasonal fish. The Basking in the Sun Shark is visiting the waters of the Spiral all summer. Have you caught one of these cute little beach dwellers yet?

Summer also brings some stylish new housing items to the Crown Shop. Decorate your Island Getaway with the new Sandcrab Castle, Kiddie Pool, Beach Longboard, Inflatable Beach Ball, Beach Umbrella, Folding Beach Chair, Wizard City Beach Towel, Tiki Island Torch and Regular Keeper Beach Multi-Tank (perfect for showing off the Basking in the Sun Shark).

Show off the red, white and blue with a new Soaring Eagle Mount and Patriotic Leprechaun pet available for a limited time!

June also brought a brand new Darkmoor-themed pack to the Crown Shop. Check out the Terror’s Hoard Pack for a chance at new gear, a Brainy Assistant pet or a Terror Dog mount. Lots of spooky new housing items are also available in the pack, perfect for decorating a Death House in style.


On The Test Realm


Coming Soon to Wizard101

Currently on the Test Realm, it’s the summer of Ultra! This upcoming update brings your pets a new Ultra level and Jewel Collars so you can socket a jewel that gives your pet the bonus or talent of your choice! Face off against old foes in new Ultra Dungeons for epic rewards. For players interested in PVP, a new age is coming that will reset PVP ranks and provide new rewards. Gardeners can enjoy new Ultra Seeds that give familiar plants a new sheen and better harvests. Store all of your extra seeds in the new Seed Vault housing item and finally trade houses between your characters using the shared bank. The waters of Celestia hold new varieties of fish. Show your school spirit with a new school-themed crafted mount! Keep on the lookout for the Ultra update coming to Wizard101 this summer.


Get to Know Dalia


Ravenwood Roll Call

Get to know the Professor of Fire Magic, Dalia Falmea in this episode of Ravenwood Roll Call.


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

If you missed KI Live in June, head over to YouTube to watch the recorded version for a first look at the new game coming from KingsIsle called Rise and Destroy. Our special guest, the Design Director on the project, took questions from the community and and showed off a couple levels of gameplay. We also discussed the latest in Wizard101 and had a friendly PVP match in Pirate101.

Wizard101 fan sites from all over the web weighed in on the new update coming to Wizard101.

Julia Sparklefountain was the fan art feature at Art in the Spiral for June.

Needs some tips to take on Margherita Vizzini? Mercenaries for Hire have your guide!

New Summer items are in the Crown Shop for the season and Frostcaller has all the info you need.

Duelist101 shares their recommendations for the best Jewels for level 100 Wizards.

Duelist101 and Valerian share their finds in the new Terror’s Hoard Pack.

Ditto Wizard takes us on a tour of the new Aztecan Builder’s Bundle in his latest video.

Vanessa Mythdust at Adventures of the Spiral wrote a blog with ideas for what you should do when you reach level 100 in Wizard101.

Get ready to decorate your dorm in Paige Moonshade’s dorm decorating contest, coming soon!

Bereghost Games and the Family Game Night Crew take on the Golem Tower in part 11 of their Wizard101 series.

Wizard101 player, Andrea Moonrider, submitted this wonderful fan art of Morganthe. Well done!



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