01 July 2016


Basking in the Sun and Lighting up the Night

For many, July is a time for fun in the sun and fireworks at night! It’s also time for Christmas in July! We’ll be starting a new batch of sales in July, announcing a new bundle, and even getting a new item or two in the Crown Shop. Even better, if you like fishing, this month may have a special surprise for you (beyond the Shark Week we’ve just been enjoying. Did you catch your Warhammerhead shark?)

As hinted to on KI Live, there is a Test Realm currently planned for some time in July. We’ll talk a bit more about what was hinted to below, so read on for news, events, and more fan fun!


Best Dorm Room Contest


So You Think You’re a Decorator?

For several years in July, Paige Moonshade has been hosting a really really BIG contest centered on a really really small decorating space in Wizard101. Even better, there are some amazing prizes to be won, like the Darkmoor bundle house, and thousands of Crowns! Competition is steep and typically wizards go all out for this contest to make their dorm room truly the best in Wizard City, but that shouldn’t stop you from entering as there are a lot of prizes.

It all begins July 8th, and more details will be coming to Paige’s website soon! Make sure you’re watching her site for contest rules!

Best of luck, decorators! You might want to take a quick look back through some of the winning entries from previous years to get a good idea of what’s been done in the past:

2015’s first place Winner for Best Dorm Room.


KI Live Returns


Ready, Set . . . It’s KI Live!

KI Live made a big comeback last month with a livestream event full of fun and surprises. If you missed it, here’s a rebroadcast from YouTube that you can watch.

If you don’t have time for the Livestream, then you can read the highlights on MMORPG.com in an article penned by Vanessa Mythdust!

If we’re lucky, the next KI Live might even have some footage from the Test Realm that was hinted to on this livestream. There are a lot of interesting improvements and fun coming to Wizard101 soon including some Friends List updates and a new skeleton key boss that’s going to be both challenging and rewarding! We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, but some great changes are on the way to Wizard101.


Links from the Community at Large


News From the Spiral

Every month our fans are posting great content and showing both their love for and pride in Wizard01. Thank you for your support and time. We love to see your thoughts and creativity. Here are a few great posts and videos that we found entertaining last month.

Did you know you can earn sonic springs as a reward from the Daily Assignments? We were happy to hear you approved.

The big surprise last month were the new spellwrit pets that could be found in Lost Pages. Looking for more? Be sure to see Blaze Lifehammer’s look at the Spellwrit Stalker pet.

Petnome added the Spellwrit pets to their lineup of pets. Take a moment to help them fill out their petnomes if you got one of the pets:

You may have hit one million, but has your minion hit one million? AmgleoGames shows how it’s done.

Zenmaster blue gives his Top 10 spookiest places in Wizard101.

Are you finding yourself a bit bored? Swordroll gives five things you can do every day in Wizard101!

Wizard101 received a nice review on the “Best MMORPG 2017” site.

One of our fantastic animators, Tony Gaddis, shared some fun animations on his Twitter account:

How exactly does magic work anyway? Share your ideas!

Been to the barbershop lately? Which Wizard101 hairstyle do you have in real life?

Hmm, what is that sheet music on the playable organ in the Darkmoor manor?

It was great to see you enjoyed the new Astral Unicorn Mount!

Paige Moonshade shows how she creates apple trees in Wizard101.

Congratulations to FrostCaller on four years of blogging.

Duelist101 gives a top ten list on how to become a better Wizard. Their answers may surprise you!

Ever been confused by the symbols on Treasure Cards? Stars of the Spiral has the key!

Edward Lifegem shares a great message . . . don’t give up . . . especially in the face of Rasputin!



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