01 February 2016


Friendship Festival Celebration

The yearly celebration of friendship in the Spiral is almost here! Valentina Heartsong returns to the Wizard City Shopping District, with all of her wonderful wares, from February 8 to February 18th, 2016.

What a better way to celebrate than to invite your friends to join you in the Spiral with these special Valentine’s Day Cards? They even have a place to include your unique Invite a Friend code! Download the cards and learn more on our Friendship Festival page.


Housing Item Requests


Request a Housing Item!

In your travels throughout the Spiral, have you ever seen an interesting item and thought "I want that for my house"? If so, we’d love to hear your requests for items that you'd like to see converted to furniture or decorations.

You can share your request with us in the following ways:

1. Post your request in this thread on the Wizard101 Message Boards.
2. Take a screenshot of the item and also of where you are standing on the map when you are looking at it. Send those screenshots attached to an email titled "Housing Item Request" to community@wizard101.com.

When you make your request, please be as specific as possible. Describe the item clearly and include the world and area location where you saw it in game.

While we cannot guarantee your requests will make it in to the game, we will absolutely review each request.


Story Time Returns


Story Time with Librarian Fitzhume

Are you ready for story time? Continuing in the tradition started by King Artorius, a new Story Time thread has been posted by Librarian Fitzhume on our Message Boards. Story Time gives players an opportunity to ask the lead Creative Designer on Wizard101 questions about the story of the game. If you love the lore of the Spiral, head over to our Message Boards to participate in this fun Q&A.


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

Our latest episode of KI Live was full of cat-themed fun! We took on the Rat in Wizard101 and had a cat morphing party in Pirate101. Check it out on YouTube.

The new Witch’s Hoard pack was the talk of the Wizard101 Community in January. Check out these reviews of Wizard101’s latest pack!
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Adventures of the Spiral created a great recap of all the fun events that took place in KingsIsle games for 2015.

Duelist101 takes a look at Shadow-Enhanced spells and their uses in PVP. Check out the discussion and share your thoughts in their spell review article.

Learn some fun tips and tricks that can make your life in Wizard101 easier, with this article from Duelist101.

Vanessa Mythdust shares her Wizard101 Wish List at MMORPG.com.

Edward Lifegem shares tips for online safety at his blog.

Zenmaster Blue is very lucky with opening the new Witch’s Hoard Pack.

Blaze Lifehammer shows off the new Wildwood Yeti in a new Pet Showcase video.

Duelist101 created an extensive guide to quests from Azteca to Polaris.

MassivelyOP.com lists Wizard101 among its top 10 obscure MMOs.

Ditto Wizard continues his adventures questing in Khrysalis.

Wizard101 fan artist, Tavia Ghostblade, created the image below as a goodbye gift for her sister Katie Moongem, before she went off to college. What a wonderful gift!



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