02 May 2016


Spring Cleaning Time

April showers bring May flowers. The summer is nearly here, which means bright and shiny new delights in the Spiral. April brought a new update to Wizard101 with Daily Assignments to earn lots of great rewards, challenging Skeleton Key bosses and new fish to catch in Zafaria. And using the new Gear Vault to hold 100 extra clothing items in your home surely helped everyone with spring cleaning.

For those who love to be creative with castle blocks, the Aztecan Builder’s bundle is now available online. Also, the Grand Tourney Gauntlet and other Wizard101 Prepaid Cards can be found online from Walmart.


Pet Hatching


Helpful Hybrid Hints

With the April game update, came many new pets to discover in game. Studious Wizards have already located many of these new pets such as the Dreamsong Seraph, Trendkill Pantera, Bloodwing, Furious Krokomummy, Starburst Spider and more as rewards while adventuring throughout the Spiral. The Petnome Project, Duelist101 and Stars of the Spiral have been keeping track of all the new discoveries.

Did you know that many new hybrid combinations were also added to the game? Hybrid pets result from hatching two adult pets and getting a result that is different from both of the original pets. Hybrids can be an entirely unique pet, only available through hatching a hybrid. It can also be a different pet that is also available in game through other means.

Some new hybrids that were discovered in April were the new Quetzal varieties including the Grave Quetzal, Harmonic Quetzal, Vital Quetzal, Fabled Quetzal, Inferno Quetzal and Icestorm Quetzal. These new varieties represent many of the schools of magic and can be created by hatching a Quetzal with a Flamenco or Grimhorn.

But the new hybrid fun doesn’t stop there! There are still more new discoveries to be made. Below are a few hints to get you started in the Hatchery. Remember, hybrids can be rare so if you don’t get it the first time, don’t give up. Good luck, Wizards and happy hatching!

Babydactyl + Pesky Beetle = ?

Babydactyl + Skink = ?

Crabling + Jellyfish = ?

Pegasus Pony + Tempest = ?

Scorpion + Seal Pup = ?


What's happening in the community?


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Alexander Lionheart created this replica Valor Sword from Wizard101 using ceramic and acrylic paint. Nice job, Promethean Crafter!



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