Buy Crowns

Free to play Wizards can buy Crowns to unlock premium play zones, and no matter what kind of Wizard101 Member you are - the Crown Shop has all kinds of great items to help your Wizard!
Buy Crowns

  1. Zones starting as low as $1!
  2. Click here to see zone pricing.
  3. Use Crowns to participate in Ranked PvP and Pet Derby!
  4. Use Crowns to buy items in the Crown Shop that help to customize your Wizard101 experience!
  5. Earn Crowns through our Refer A Friend program

What kind of things can I get with my Crowns?

The in-game Crown Shop is more than just flashy, powerful gear - although we definitely have that! Are you in the middle of battling a really tough boss by yourself? In the Crown Shop you can hire a high leveled Henchman Wizard from any school to come to your aid! That's just one of the great premium additions the Crown Shop has in store for you. There are also mounts to suit any school that not only look really cool, but let your Wizard travel 40% faster to get game quests done much faster.

For free to play Wizards, having Crowns also opens up the whole world of Wizard101 to you! If you buy a zone with Crowns, your Wizard can have access to it forever. Return back as many times as you'd like to work on side quests or hunt for elusive Boss drops with your friends. Buy Crowns Now »