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Wizard101 Community Code of Conduct

Wizard101 Professor Greyrose Doodle  Players of all KingsIsle games rely on a safe and fun environment when playing our games. To ensure your safety, we have a team of Hall Monitors and forum moderators overseeing gameplay activity and out of game areas. Moderation includes everything from reviewing inappropriate phrases, players attempting to exploit game resources or grief other players, to aiding in resolving simple misunderstandings.

We also monitor social media channels and other official pages on 3rd party sites and services. Please note that while limited moderation may still take place on those sites depending on the tools available to us by those platforms, if an incidence is severe enough, moderation may extend to primary channels and even game account access (including any secondary household accounts you hold).

We take great pride in our community helping each other. A reminder to please use the in-game reporting feature or contact our support team. We receive careful review every report in order to take appropriate action. With your support, we will remain diligent in these efforts to ensure the community has a safe and fun an environment in which to interact.

In addition to the following guidelines, please also read KingsIsle's Terms of Use for more detailed legal and in-game policies.



  • Share your account with anyone, including family members. Providing others access does not safeguard you from issues that may arise.
  • Trade account items or access using 3rd party platforms. Selling and buy anything outside of KingsIsle’s official marketplace channels will get those accounts banned permanently.
  • Tease or assault other players. Our games are meant to bring people together from a diversity of backgrounds. They are not a platform of hate or prejudice.
  • Circumventing the word filter (or other protections). Suggestive words are just as much against the rules and guidelines as the actual words themselves.
  • Take advantage of exploitations of any kind, especially if the exploit is gaming breaking and could harm the player economy or gain your characters unfair advantage.

  • Help other players! There are many new players coming into the game every day and they need your experience and leadership to feel welcome.
  • Review Player Guides, Official FAQs, How to Protect Your Account and activity in discussion areas before asking for advice or contacting support with a need. An answer is most likely closer than it at first appears!
  • Develop events and activities to engage other players, just like we do with our numerous contests and special offers. Or just say hello on social media!
  • Have fun! This is a game community after all. Especially in the competitive PVP arena, it’s important to remember that everyone playing is looking to have fun first. That doesn't mean winning a match at all costs.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about these rules and guidelines. You can also contact our community team with event needs. We are here to support your interests!



We hear you! While we may not be able to respond to every single concern right away, please know that using the in-game report tools, posting in discussion areas, or contacting support directly, are all great ways to ensure your concerns are heard and addressed.

“What is considered a Reportable Offense?”

We appreciate that our players want to make Wizard City the best it can be, and so we've placed tools in your hand to report inappropriate behavior. Use these tools only to identify truly egregious behavior, such as creative profanity (swearing around the filters), solicitation of usernames/passwords, predatory threats, racist comments, abuse of any kind, and other such actions as outlined in the Terms of Use.

These tools are meant to augment our own monitoring activity and not an automatic confirmation of a reported offense. Player reports are always reviewed before any action is taken by our team.

“What is NOT considered a Reportable Offense?”

“S/he falsely reported me” or reporting someone for false reporting (2 wrongs don’t make a right)

“Being casually rude” Use the ignore button and/or change realms. If the person is also affecting others around you, please report the behavior.

"Aggressive PvP” (it’s not much fun for the losing team, but it’s not a violation of the game rules)

“What happens when someone is reported?”

When you submit an in-game report, or you are reported, a message is sent directly to our team that includes the chat logs of everything that was said before and after that report. We review those logs to assess the situation. Based on that assessment we may issue sanctions (such as muting or banning) which sends an email to the offending account explaining the violation and the sanctions.

If the report was falsely made, the player who made the report is also investigated. False reports are just as egregious as valid ones, and similar sanctions may be levied against offenders for false reporting.

We may suspend accounts from posting for repeated offenses. For game mutes, suspensions, and other inquiries, please contact support. Posts in the forums or on social media asking about existing support tickets will be redirected to support to ensure we're providing you secure help in a single location.

“I was banned but I did nothing wrong!”

There may be a case where we locked your account temporarily. The most common case is related to purchasing activity. There’s no need to panic! Please submit a support ticket and we will help you.

If you feel your account was suspended by mistake in some other way, please contact our support team and we will work with you to resolve the concern.

Remember that we have extensive logging tools, so if an infraction did occur, we’ll know about it. A reminder that all moderation policies extend to every KingsIsle game and official platform.



Before you contact our community or support teams, make sure that the email address associated with your Wizard101 account is valid and accessible.

If you did not provide a valid email address, or no longer have access to the email address you provided, update your information in the My Accounts section that appears when you're logged in to the website.

For support ticket updates, please wait 48-72 hours (especially over weekends and holidays) and if no response by us is received, then feel free to respond back. If you did not receive a support ticket when contacting us, please try another email domain such as gmail instead of yahoo.

Please do not post account support needs in public areas unless you cannot reach support. If you do make a post, ensure it does NOT include personal information or a ticket ID.



The discussion forums are an important area of our community. Below are a few facts about the forums and how they are moderated.

Who can post?

Everyone is welcome to read the discussion forums, however only players with subscriptions can post new messages or answer existing ones. The only exception is when Test Realm forums are enabled around major game updates. When enabled, they will appear at the top of the forums.

When will my post appear?

While we are working as quickly as we can to be sure that we get your posts approved in less than 12 hours, please be aware that at times we may experience an approval delay of 24-72 hours, especially over the weekends or on holidays.

How can I find my post?

You can search for a specific author or click on any name to see all posts by that player. You can click on your own name at the very top of the page to see your approved posts. You can 'Watch' posts that you are interested in - and you can opt in to receiving emails when those topics are updated.

Why didn't my post appear?

If your post did not appear, it may have been approved but moved or merged with another post of the same topic. If your post was rejected, there may have been multiple reasons for this action.

Some reasons your post may not be approved:
  • posting in ALL CAPS or DiFoEkPbN or other distracted formatting
  • posting in the wrong board - ask someone if you are unsure!
  • inappropriate or vaguely written subjects, including clickbaits
  • religious, political, or other off topics
  • customer support requests or inquiries that already have a support ticket
  • posting negative rants with no constructive point
  • derogatory statements towards KingsIsle, our partners or players
  • posting or soliciting of personal information or locations
  • links to unauthorized sites or images (here is a list of sites you can link to)
  • 'hijacking' a thread (changing the subject or commanding its view)
  • posts requesting item trading are not allowed and won't be approved
  • posting hacks, cheats, bots, spoilers or unreleased information
  • making duplicate posts or responding to your own repeatedly
  • name-calling and other generally rude behavior
  • misrepresentation of having ‘insider’ knowledge or being a KI employee
  • posting or requesting Discord or other third-party contact information

Moderation of any kind on all official platforms is completely at our discretion. We are not obligated to explain the reason on why a post was rejected, deleted, or otherwise altered to ensure security of those involved. This includes blocking social media posters that violate this code of conduct and/or our terms of use when replying to our posts. Please do contact our community team though about general moderation concerns that you may have and we will be happy to respond when we can.

If you have any questions about the overall Code of Conduct, please ask in the Discussion Forums.

Thanks for helping us to make our games a safe place for all players. A reminder to read our Protecting Your Account post!

Updated: July 15, 2022