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Will you walk into my parlour?


Khrysalis, Part 2

This is it folks, this is what you've patiently been waiting for: Khrysalis Part 2.

As you know, this is the final chapter in Morganthe's tale (or is it?) and it's up to you to thwart her plans. If you have completed the Khrysalis quest "Edge of Forever" which granted you the badge "Harbinger of Light", then you need to speak to Zaltanna the Mirrormask in Bastion to obtain the quest "Back in the Saddle" which will continue this grand story!

For our Crowns players, Khrysalis part 2 contains three separate Premium Zones at 1995 each.
  1. Crescent Beach, Ruined Alcazar
  2. Radiance Reborn, Sardonyx
  3. Kondha Desert, The Hive, Shadow Palace

Exalted Centenarians


Increased Levels

With the addition of the second half of Khrysalis, and the culmination of the second chapter of the Spiral, Wizards can now reach the maximum of level 100!*

A Training Point will be awarded at level 100 as usual, plus there will be bonus Training Points available through quests in Khrysalis.

With increased levels also come increased Gold!
  1. For characters under level 80 the maximum gold is 300 000
  2. For characters level 80-90 the maximum gold is 350 000
  3. For characters Level 91-95 the maximum gold is 375 000
  4. For characters level 96+ the maximum gold is 400 000
Level 100 Wizards will be known by the title of Exalted!

This also means that level 100 Henchmen are available from the Crown Shop and the price of level 95 Henchmen has been reduced.

*Please remember, when you were at the previous level maximum of 95 no experience was rewarded for duels and quests completed once you reached level 95. When a player reaches the maximum level, their experience bar disappears, indicating they are not gaining experience from their duels or quests. No experience is rewarded to those who are at the maximum level, which means that everyone who was level 95 before we raised the level cap, will be level 95 to start, now that we have raised the level cap, and you can once again start earning new experience points from your adventures.

A Wizard's Best Friend


New School Pets!

New Pets have arrived to stand by your side in peace and combat. If you are a minimum of level 98 and have your level 78 school pet, speak to your School Professor for your next pet quest.


A Life of Their Own


Shadow-Forged Weapons

Why should pets have all the fun? Now there are weapons called Shadow-Forged Weapons that have their own "May Cast" spells!

You can Craft these weapons or if you're very lucky, you can get them as rewards from duels. Look for these Promethean Crafter recipes from Azealia the ArmsMaster in Sardonyx after you complete the Khrysalis quest "Price of the Blade". You must be level 95 or higher to equip these items.

Just like "May Cast" spells on pets when it comes to Shadow-Forged Weapons:
  1. there's only a chance your weapon will cast a spell
  2. spells cast by your weapon do not use your Pips, but they will trigger traps, blades, shields and wards
  3. these spells may cast during your turn, your opponent's turn or during a teammate's turn
Unlike May Cast spells on pets:
  1. To indicate that a spell is being cast by a Shadow-Forged weapon, there will be text similar to a boss cheat taunt that states "Weapon Cast".

New Moon on Monday


Shift Spells!

Shift Spells are part of Moon Magic. They are single-round polymorphs that allow you to perform a creature’s natural attack for one round, after which your Wizard reverts back to their original form.

Players who are level 98 or higher need to speak to Arkyn Moonblade in the Eclipse Tower to train these spells.

These new spells include:

Death School

Shift Sugar Glider attacks for 380 Death School Damage and adds a ward to the target for -25% to target's outgoing damage and -50% to target's next outgoing heal

Storm School

Shift Piscean attacks for 460 Storm School Damage and steals one pip from target

Myth School

Shift Ogre attacks for 340 Myth School Damage and removes 1 shield and 1 charm from target

Ice School

Shift Dread Paladin attacks for 360 Ice School Damage plus adds one of three possible increases to incoming damage for the target (15%, 30% or 45%)

Life School

Shift Greenoak attacks for 340 Life School Damage and adds a -25% Damage ward to next spell for target plus a +25% Damage blade to next spell for Self

Balance School

Shift Thornpaw attacks for 390 Balance School Damage plus adds +10% Armor Piercing and Accuracy to self

Fire School

Shift Grendel attacks for 115 + 360 damage over 3 rounds plus adds one random accuracy ward (-25%, -45%, -65%) to the target

Around the Globe


New Global Spells

Global spells are the 'domes' that appear over the entire dueling circle, encompassing and impacting all teammates and enemies alike!

New Global Spells have been added for players level 97 or higher. Speak to Amelia StarDust to obtain the quest "A Dream of Avalon" which will grant one spell for your main school of focus.

Fire School

Combustion adds +20% Fire Armor Piercing, +110 Fire Critical Hit

Ice School

Katabatic Wind adds +25% Ice Armor Piercing, +80 Ice Critical Hit

Storm School

Astraphobia adds +20% Storm Armor Piercing, +120 Storm Critical Hit

Myth School

Saga of Heroes adds +20% Myth Armor Piercing, +100 Myth Critical Hit

Life School

Namaste adds +20% Life Armor Piercing, +90 Life Critical Hit

Death School

Age of Reckoning adds +20% Death Armor Piercing, +100 Death Critical Hit

Balance School

Counterforce adds +20% Balance Armor Piercing, +100 Balance Critical Hit

Look for upgrades to the effects on the current global spells too - cast your school's global spell today! (Time of Legend for Myth, Balefrost for Ice, Doom & Gloom for Death, Sanctuary for Life, Darkwind for Storm, Wyldfire for Fire, and Power Play for Balance)

Me and My Shadow


Shadow Creatures

Beware! Morganthe will stop at nothing to defeat you, but you can give her a taste of her own medicine with Shadow Creatures!

If you are level 97, have previously learned Shadow Magic and completed the Khrysalis quest "Creatures of Shadows and Light" then and only then will Elana Darksun appear in the Solar Arc in the Kondha Desert to teach you of Shadow Creatures.

Shadow Creatures are the next phase of Shadow Magic. Players can summon forth these creatures which live in the realm of Shadow. These creatures are fickle, and the more they are pleased by the caster's actions, the more effective they will be. A good way to look at Shadow Creatures is that by summoning one, it is not supporting you, but you are supporting it. If you please the Shadow Creature through your actions, it will cast spells as it powers up (adding blades, traps, etc.), and its final attack will be more powerful. If you cast spells that displease the Shadow Creature, it won't be so kind.

Shadow Creatures persist for 4 rounds. Each type of Shadow Creature has actions they like and actions they dislike. These vary between creatures. Performing actions they like will cause them to grow and gain power, and as you would expect, performing actions they dislike, or passing, will cause them to shrink down a stage. It's up to you to experiment with spells to find out what each Shadow Creature likes or dislikes.


Getting Crafty


Crafting Updates

If you've completed your Crafting tasks for Oztomeca in Three Points in Azteca, and obtained the Crafting Title of Transcendent Crafter, then Oztomeca has a new task for you.

Visit him in Three Points in Azteca to obtain the quest "Way of the Crafter". That quest will send you to Stendill HammerTail in Silent Market, Khrysalis, to continue your training. The quest Stendill HammerTail will give you is (of course) "Stop! HammerTail".
Not looking forward to collecting more Stone Blocks? Never fear! New Reagent Bundles are available in the Crown Shop.

Castle Games


Castle Games

Myrella's sister, Eliza Windspar has joined her in business. Visit her in the Wizard City Castle Tours building for all new Castle Games!

When the owner of a house starts a housing game such as Zeke's Scavenger Hunt or Tag, they will see a button to make the game public. This means that other people will be able to play that game at your house just by selecting it from Eliza Windspar's menu.

The owner can stop the game from being listed on Castle Games by stopping the game. When the game ends, either by finishing normally or by the owner stopping it, the game is removed from the public housing game list. The owner can use the new “Send Away All” button to remove unwanted guests.

Now get out there and start playing!

Creature, Quest & Spell Updates


Creature, Quest & Spell Updates

Creature Changes

  1. Zenzen Seven Star should once again appear after you use the Azure Moon Stone in the Azteca Quest "Black Hole Moon"
  2. Broodmother should re-spawn when you re-enter her Throne Room, and she should no longer repeat her taunts
  3. Grendal Ransackers now have the correct resists of an Ice creature
  4. Players can no longer teleport into the Hall of Valor. Some tasks a Wizard must face alone
  5. All bosses for the level 78 Pet Quests have had their health reduced
  6. All bosses for the Rank 8 Spell Quests have had their health reduced
  7. All bosses for the Rank 10 Spell Quests have had their health reduced

Quest Changes

The following mainline quests can no longer be declined:
  1. Krokotopia: Return to Shalek
  2. Marleybone: Stop that Cat!
  3. Dragonspyre: Earn Your Wings
  4. Dragonspyre: The Last Lesson
  5. Celestia: Stars and Shadow
  6. Avalon: Don't Say No
  7. Avalon: Head Held Low
  8. Avalon: Walk the Lonesome Hills
  9. Azteca: Safe Guard
The following quests are no longer marked as mainline and (as always) are not required to gain entry to Celestia:
  1. Strange Frequencies
  2. The Word is the Stone
  3. Picking up the Pieces
  4. Swimming with the Stars

Spell Changes

  1. Insane Bolt has an insane new cinematic
  2. Look for upgrades to the effects on the existing global spells
  3. Legendary Treant spells are now more powerful
  4. Cloaked spells that are Pierced should now show the correct damage text
  5. Wildfire Treant Treasure Cards will now only steal positive charms from opponents
  6. Backlash will no longer stack when players cast additional shadow forms while currently in shadow form
  7. Cloaked shields were causing player health to appear differently than their actual health. Sometimes this resulted in a defeated player "popping" back up with some of their health left. Cloaked shields will no longer impact the display of a player's health in PvP

Gardening & Housing Updates


Gardening & Housing Updates


  1. Moon Flowers, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  2. Blue Huckleberries, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  3. Honey Bee Plants, which are a Rank 1 plant, will no longer attract Rank 2 pests
  4. Angel Oak must be planted in Enchanted Soil
  5. Melting Cheese Trees have begun to attract pests
  6. Unfortunately, we have been unable to address the issue of rank 5 gardening spells not stacking. We'll continue to work on this and it will hopefully be addressed in an upcoming content update.


  1. When in Decorating Mode, items of the same type will now stack in the item placement window
  2. When in Decorating Mode, the name of the selected item is now displayed when you are placing or adjusting an item
  3. Avalon housing items are now available as rewards from duels
  4. More House names & phrases have been added to the Customizable Housing Signs
  5. Medal Display, Medal Display Case and Commemorative Statue can no longer be sold at the Bazaar
  6. Curved Vase Case & Vase Case are now properly labeled as Furniture not Decoration
  7. Items picked up in the world can now be sold in the Bazaar

Castle Tours

  1. Houses must have at least 50 items inside and 50 items outside before they can be added to Castle Tours
  2. Players will be prompted to confirm that their house actually contains a maze when adding a Maze themed Castle
  3. Castle owners can now view the number of days left on the tour and the number of visitors to their home
  4. Players who are banned will have their homes removed from Castle Tours

It's the Little Things


Miscellaneous Updates

The following minor updates have been made to the game:
  1. More Menu Chat options have been added for discussions about Castles
  2. Players should no longer get stuck in a sitting position without their mount
  3. Silver chests in Khrysalis have had their rewards significantly increased
  4. Some holiday wands will now be held like a wand instead of being held like a staff
  5. Defeating your PvP opponent with your very last card will now count as a win, and not a loss
  6. Teleporter in Tyrian's Gorge is no longer labeled "Moon Cliffs"
  7. Mounts are no longer allowed in the Pet Pavilion. Sir Nigel Higgenbottom's shovel wasn't big enough to clean up after all those mounts too! Now you can show off your pets and have better visibility at the minigames without all those mounts in the way.
  8. Aquila music scrolls are now available as rewards from duels
  9. Locked items do not unlock after being dyed
  10. Players should no longer get stuck on the Mother Quetzel Cage
  11. The chances of being pulled into a duel immediately upon entering or exiting a dungeon has been reduced. Creatures will patrol a little further away from dungeon sigils, and entry areas
  12. Many floating reagents have been grounded
  13. Eloise Merryweather's identity crisis is over - her name is back to normal in Marleybone
  14. The character name Finnigan is no longer blocked in chat
  15. The History of Death Magic that you discover during the quest "Library Dues" is now properly labeled
  16. Begonia Woodworth is now correctly advertising as a Pet Snack vendor, not a Pet vendor
  17. Plus more spelling fixes than we can possibly list! Spot a spelling error? Post it at Cyrus Drake's Red Correcting Pen Thread



Test Realm Schedule

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The Test Realm may be shut down for maintenance at any time, with minimal warning.

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Additional Test Realm time will be determined at a later date.
Why is the Test Realm Offline on Weekends?
The Test Realm is offline on weekends to allow us time to make all the fixes you submitted, as well as to adjust balance and gameplay issues. This downtime allows us to do a lot of internal testing before we put up a new version the following week.

How Does it Work?


How Does it Work?

This Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership.
This Test Realm is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days.
This Test Realm is NOT available to Free to Play Players.
    Instructions and Conditions
  1. You will use the same Login and Password that you use in the Live Realm.
  2. Your characters are copied over from the Live Realm, however the level and status of your characters on Live may not match the level and status of your characters on Test. Newer items you have on the Live Realm may not appear in the Test Realm.
  3. What you do in the Test Realm does NOT affect your characters in the Live Realm.
  4. Any items you receive or levels you achieve in this Test Realm will not carry over to your Live characters.
  5. Your gift button will appear but there are no gifts inside. Your gifts are still safely in your Gift Window in the Live Game
  6. We may reset your characters on the Test Realm to a previous date without warning
  7. The Crowns you have in this test realm are fake, you have not been charged for them, and they will not carry over to the Live Realm.
  8. Once again, what you do in the Test Realm does NOT affect your characters in the Live Realm.
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How do I Get There?


How do I Get There?

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