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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Nov 12, 2010
I would like you to be able to train spells in the Dragonspyre Academy schools, that you can't get in.

Nov 12, 2009
There is a ramp beside the balance character in the Plaza of Conquests I think there should be a death or fire character you fight. I would also like to be able to have my other characters on the same account be able to port to my homes. thanks keep up the good work.

Sep 29, 2010
bravevline wrote:
The door in the headmaster's office warded by the books in fron and behind the other curtains in massive fantasy palace.

To me in the massive fantasy factor i would love to see behind the gates behind the secret door. Everyone i know who has it would love to know what
is behind this mezmorizing gate.

Your boy,

Oct 20, 2009
i would like to see in starvad pass their is a cave when you get into starvad pass and then their is a lake and whaen i found the path acrossed it their is a cave.

Jun 11, 2009
I would like to see what is in that other secret shop on KT you know the one, when you look at the shoping area from the accessible secret shop (the one you get the secret shopper badge from) it is hovering over the shops

Feb 15, 2009
i wanna see the top like the upper level of merle ambrose's home and also barkingham palace ~alia skullgem death wizard

Oct 11, 2010
Hello Professor Falmea, I think that we should be able to see the locked area near Nightshade's tower that should be a new dungeon like AFTER briskbreeze
- Blake DawnBlade Level 59

Dec 05, 2009
id like to see the inside of a blocked off cave with the death insignia on it i am pretty sure the place is called haunted cave but i no that the blocked off cave is near nightshade

Oct 24, 2010
I want to see what's in the door behind the Keeper of the Fang in the Vault of Ice, the door by the beetle in Emperor's Retreat, and in the blocked entrance to the bottom floor of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Nov 17, 2009
:Dwell I think that there should be more things for non members because it isnt fair really. And I like to see evey house in every worlds. I also think that a spell for fire could be Freddy Kruger lol. And Jason for ice. And for myth maybe Artimis or something with greek or roman gods/goddess. And Zeus for storm, ice is with Posiden, and life could be with Perpshone, death with hades. Cool huh so I think that you can also make games for mounts like learn new tricks and stuff. And more levels bye

Dec 21, 2008
Another place i would love to see opened up in Wizard101 is....

1 ) Those doors at the Shopping District
2) That curtain at the Massive Fantasy Castle (like that door in the old big DS house)
3) Every other door in the spiral XD
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Aug 18, 2009
Mar 15, 2009
maybe after a character gets done with a world ambross can call him/her and tell them a new part of a world has benn dicovered. For example say after you get done with mooshu, celestia, or dragonsphere, you could open up a space in krockatopia. Maybe by the stairs? then there could be new quests and the same lvl bosses from the world you just finished.

Edward DragonHunter Ledendary Ice

Dec 24, 2008
I would really like to see what is behind the cage door in Nightside.
It has a death symbol on it.
I think that would be really cool!

Dec 25, 2008
I think we should be able to choose the school we want to go to. (Ravenwood or dragonspyre academy). I dont know if this counts but it a good idea. thx for reading. Ice wizard level 50. GO ICE!!!!! (and fire)

Dec 25, 2009
Places I would like to see open include:

The “extra” island in kroktopia, the houses in olde town, and of course Barkingham Palace (put some cool furniture items in there for us to nab please).

And of course the two mock doors in nidvillir need to be turned into additional dungeons, everyone knows that!

I was very disappointed after finally fighting my way through to there that only the fire school in dragonspyre academy is open. The other schools should be, and although they would be abandoned putting a few new furniture items in there would be fun. Also the death tree there needs to do something other than sit there gnashing his teeth.

But above all I would like to see the corridors opened in the wizard city library, there are so many beautiful books in there and yet almost the entire place is roped off. Perhaps you could put some new book furniture items in there (books standing up for bookshelves would be good, almost all of ours are lying on their sides), or a really hard boss, maybe a bookmonster :p I hate to tell you guys but the bosses in stormriven, while more challenging than previous ones, are fairly beatable. Make the book monster really hard with really good drops for legendaries like me. Perhaps a few new and/or rare pet drops would be nice.

Also you really need to raise the level cap again. I haven’t even finished celestia and it seems I can no longer gain any experience. I also haven’t done some things in grizzleheim, such as ravenscar. I'd really like to go there but there does not seem much point when I cannot gain any experience. I am also very uninterested in starting all over again with another character, way too repetitive. You wouldn’t necessarily need to have a new spell or new gear just to increase the level cap, those things could possibly be added later. Just allow us to gain experience again so that we can finish cl and grizzle. I have a lot of friends who are in the same boat I'm in. We are bored, and these new areas we are proposing on this forum would be a lot more fun if we could get experience for doing them.

Mar 27, 2010
It would be really cool to see a transport pad that take you secret doors of all the worlds on a random base's
I know would take time build this but one is great

Mar 08, 2009
I would like to see another part of Grizzleheim in if you might say the commons of Grizzleheim in the back asfter you exit the town the is a raven standing nest to two big doors and there are a lot of symbols ( sry for spelling ) I would like to explore more of that Also i would like to explore the cold and cool areas of lies behind the edge of Eliks Edge ( sry for spelling again )

Thx for listening

Oct 24, 2010
Well lol you had to ask, my grandsons have been on me for a long time to write a letter for them , they have many ideas and think you all just havent thought of them. So please bare with me i will just cover the first few and this seems to be the place to do it.

There are 14 empty Houses in The commons,
7 of them could be turned in to the teachers houses where you are sent on a quick and easy quest to pick something up or drop something off.

One could be used as a Potion and magic shop, you have such pretty bottles in the crown shop and there are so many pretty wands and things it would be nice if you could buy them to place on shelfs and tables in your homes.

One could be used as a valintine shop where you could send valintines to others maybe a teddy or something

a easter shop
where you could get easter items and special easter pets
like a chicken, a duck a bunny etc


There are 7 empty buildings
lol this makes them crazy like its a dieing town

ideas for the empty shops:
A Christmas shop open from Nov. 30 to Dec 25, it would sell decorated trees wreaths, packages,outdoor and indoor decor for your home like candy canes suckers snowman,mabe a sliegh etc.

you could have special pets for this shop like a Riendeer that could only be bought during this time.


A flower shop , not for the ones you grow but for special plants like rose bushes, tulips ,cati and such.
during Valintines you could sell vases of roses,tulips and carnations that could be send to others ,that they can place in there home

At Christmas time you could sell Christmas plants like:
Poinsettias,Christmas Cactus, holly etc.
you could even sell center pieces for the holidays


A toy and game shop
where you could buy items to do a childs or Game room
ideas are
A rocking horse
a few teddys and dolls
and any other old time toys

A pool table
a decorated card table


A Kitchen and Bath shop

could sell a couple different old wood cook stove
a trough sink with a hand pump

claw foot bath tub
high low toilet
wall sink

( they are right on this one even doll houses have a kitchen and bath lol)


A halloween shop open from sep 30 to Oct 31
could sell halloween costums,and decore for your home like skeletons,spider webs like we see in some of the towers and
bowls of candy

it could also have special pets that you can only get from there while its open

like a owl
a frog with a witch hat
or a ghost with chains or a vampire

A outdoor shop where you could buy hammonks, grills, swings and other summer decore for your yard

Exotic Pets and Plats shop

there are some beauitful plants all over like the ones in the floating lands
that would be great if you could buy or craft them
and cactus and desert plants for the desert homes or maybe

it could sell exotic pets
and exotic mounts like a flying carpet ect


There are 5 empty houses in old town

one could be used as a bakery and sell baskets trays of breads, rolls and pastrys to set a table with

and one could be a butcher shop to buy meats like a roast or ham or bacon

(they think there should be more food for the houses)

and they are standing right here so i will add they think that every bad guy should drop a one time pet of himself after you have beaten him or her 1000 times

ok i am going to stop because i would be typing forever but thanks for letting them get some of there ideas out

Mar 21, 2009
On Colossus Blvd - the house of the card vendor - there is a tiny door. Wouldn't it be neat if it opened - a little Alice in Wonderland.

Nov 16, 2008
I would like to go in the haunted cave in the back with the death door

Feb 13, 2009
The areas behind doors I would like to see are:

1) Barkingham Palace (I think there should be a quest with the queen ?)
2) Doors in Unicorn Way, that you could explore, and maybe another bazaar?

Thats it! (FOR NOW),
Erica FairyCloud

Jul 26, 2009
lferr1983 wrote:
I would like to see behind the other school doors in Dragonspyre Acadamy.
I'd like to see the rest of hanted cave but i saw there was only rock Thay bedder dig up that rock!

Dec 05, 2010
You have to go behind the Rings and Amulets shop in Krokotopia. Go on the spiral and switch realms. Keep on doing this and you'll be on the floating island! If you ever wonder where people get pet Kroks, it's at thae shop on this mysterious floating island.

Jun 14, 2010
bravevline wrote:
The door in the headmaster's office warded by the books in fron and behind the other curtains in massive fantasy palace.
Hey Falmea I here you I hate the cold and my house in FREZZING in the morning most of the time. But any way there is a house in the shoping district across from the castle and furniture shop. The lights are on but it wont let me inside. It leaves me to wonder who or what is in there. And in the massive fantasy palace the 2 cages. I always seem to think the a DRAGON hiding inside or something else but mainly a dragon I love dragons. Its NO WONDER why I ended up in the Fire School. :D Well thats all for now bye!