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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Oct 24, 2010
I would love to see more of nightside, besides the door theres alot of wide open space that can be made into just about any-
thing. Maybe new types of creatures to battle, reagents, and recipes to go

Heather Dragonheart

Aug 11, 2009
:-o :( :D :-) :) :? :D :D :DBarkingham Palace Is what I want opened and The Place next to NightShades Tower
Julia WinterSword GrandMaster Thaumature(Spelling?)

Nov 15, 2010
Hi Thanks for such a fun game for all ages. I would really like to be able to go into the tree that goes to the oasis as i have had that quest for weeks and can not get in.... Is there something i can do to enter, please help has don't have many quest to do a present :)

Aug 07, 2010
In the Celestia Base Camp behind the Trial of the Spheres is a entrance that will not open. I personally think it would be incredibly interesting. Another thing about this new area is you should make it not way too easy for say Legendary people but not way to hard to say level 12 or 20 if this is to be opened to everyone. I also think that if you open the corridors in the library there should be shopkeepers that are wyrms that will be called bookwyrms.

Oct 29, 2010
I would like to see more open doors in all of the worlds it would make the game more surprising

Oct 18, 2009
I know vey well that i will sound redundant but Barinkingham palace, and the corridors of the wizard city library are my two biggest intrests also it would be interesting to see behind the giant doors of nadilver (i cant remember how to spell it) or the ones in the celestian survey camp. Also what is beind the door to the let of the crustacean empire

Aug 02, 2009
I am most curious about the two massive doors tucked under Nidavellir. The whole area looks like it could be remains of the lost civilization created by the Ice Titans. It's clearly advanced architecture, evidence of a sophisticated civilization. Also, it uses crystals as power sources, which links it to Celestia. It's fascinating ... what is Nidaveller? Who built it? And what secrets are hidden in there still...?


I cannot agree with a more logical statement, I have been playing this game for some time now and have 8 Wizards. Recently I have spent some time in Nidavellir collecting stone blocks, and frostflowers and I am always messmerized by those doors and thinking what could be behind them. They lead under ground but to what? A civilization that may still exists and is hiding away or maybe a world of unknown power of the gods and more of there architecture would be mind blowing and linking this to Celestia would be cool. It is very Majestic down there and with doors that big you are just anxious to see what is behind them.

I must say that I am also interested in see inside Barkingham Palace that would be cool also.


Jul 16, 2009
I would like to see the thing behind the door near the river in GH, that has a stone path leading to it.

Feb 11, 2010
1. Sun and Moon doors in Nidavellir.

2. Death Logo Gate in Haunted Cave.

3. Corridors of Wizard City Library.

4. Barkingham Palace.

5. Elik's Edge.

6. Dragonspyre Academy School Houses

7. Krokotopia Library

Oct 14, 2009
I would like to know if you guys can open the shopping district which is there but never open because it gotta be there for something right!
And here another if I can, Can y'all open the two doors in grizzlehiem underground maybe it can be where Lydia GreyRose was from etc. hope you read this :)

Apr 20, 2009
i really really really want to see whats behind that door with the death symbol on it in haunted cave

it has bugged me since i first went there which was two years ago. i am a legendary now and i still really really really want to know whats behind it

also in dragonspyre in the plaza of conquests around that big crystal thing going to fight the four bosses there are two doors that dont open and it really confuses me so i really want to know

thirdly when we fight malistare and go up that elevator we go from the first floor to the top one and i want to see what are on all those floors between

hope you can change these KI

Mar 29, 2009
The gobbler king says his old home was infested by witches i think it would be cool to beat up those witches and save the gobblers :D
thanks for reading.

Luke Sealeaf lvl 59

Apr 08, 2009
I think there should be
1.Barkingham Palace
2.Nidavellir Doors
3.The door left of the Crustacean Empire (before you enter)
4.The other Floating Island in Krokotopia
5.The houses in every world in the Spiral
Thanks for reading.

Legendary Diviner/Legendary Theurgist

Feb 25, 2010
Oh, and you know how you go down to get that beetle in the Altar of Kings area and you look off to the other side of the statue and there's a door kind of down a little bit that you can see? One day I decided to try and see if there's a way to get to it, and there's not. I really, really want to see what's there!

Sep 26, 2010
I agree with Thomas Swiftthistle, Legendary Ice. Response 81, 1-21-2011
Just one? You now have a year's worth of work, there's more than one!
Yay for icicles!

Keira Mistblade, Grandmaster Artisan, Legendary Ice

Apr 28, 2010
8) 8) i agree with danwhit26041 on the 1st page that i would want to see that door in haunted cave open that has death symbol by nightsahdes tower. I think it should be level fifth tea plus and the monsters are really hard. Thats an idea for the next mini-expansion.That would be an interesting twist. And i think that there should be an underwater passageway in the commons behind zeke that leads to a new area in celestia, that would be kewl. please take these ideas into consideration please :) :D :-) 8)

May 23, 2009
It would be awesome if there was a building in the wizard city commons, that had a person inside that allowed you to change your characters name. it could cost gold or crowns or something, and maybe they could edit your characters looks as well. But a NAME CHANGER PERSON would be really cool!!! :D

Valkoor Deathrider, neckromancer

Nov 23, 2010
I would like to see the corridors in WC Library and in the Krokotopia Library.
Lastly, I want to to see inside the houses on Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, Collossus Boulevard, The Commons and in Unicorn Way.

Thats all. :) :-) :D

Jan 17, 2010
1) Nidavellir doors
2) The "wasted space" in my massive castle that I can't get to or use (tower and above throne room)

Apr 03, 2010
Unicorn Way, Dorthy's house, Firecat Ally, Gretta, and Anna's house each have stairs, and a door up them. Also a telescope points out a window in each, what do they all see? Marlybonians are a peaceful race right? The platform that moves up, and down in the pyramid could be rode to prove otherwise. Why are they in so many worlds EXPLORING for artifact's?

May 09, 2010
danwhit26041 wrote:
there is a door in wizard city with a death school logo on it in the haunted cave next to the harvest lords or lord nightshades tower. i would like to see more of nightside.

Its not nightside......, it could be behind that gate, or it could be something new..... That gate is in the haunted cave next to nightshades tower.

Feb 19, 2010
My family is interested in the builing going to Malistares Layer. It is right past the book there down the ramp on the left and also the 2 doors at the bottom of the Ramps to the right and left close to the entrance in Nidavellir. We have also wondered about all the other places that have been posted too. What a wonderful idea to make all the places avalible with new bosses, shopping, games, possible hair color changes too for our little wizards and maybe even the New level 60 gear that I have not found anywhere. So many new adventures may await us behind those doors and buildings would be such an adventure to seek them out. Kind of like hidding go seek or a treasure hunt :D My family is so excited to see what comes of all this. The thought of more new adventures in Wizard101 has really got us very happy and gitty for more fun and learning. :D
Yours Truly, The Wizard family Jacob RavenCloud and Suri SparkleSword

Aug 26, 2010
ever consider opening more buildings, homes, ect and putting secret shops in them

and i agree with the people on barkingham palace

and in celestia there sure are a lot of blocked off doors i wouldent mind if they were open

also the dark cave that gated off area i have always wondered whats the point of making a gate like that and not be able to go inside

this is a little off subject but i saw on one of the comments about ashley the fire tree in dragonspire academy , i think you should have all the trees there and put moves on them like the balance tree in krock, or at least re-open the schools there

Feb 19, 2010
There are a few places that I would LOVE to explore.

1. The corridoors of the Wizard City Library.
2. The arenas in each world so that you don't have to go to the Wizard city arena first.
3. The houses in Wizard City that you can't access (for example, the ones in the Commons).
4. The inside of Barkingham Palace (not sure if I spelled that right).

I am hoping that Wizard 101 will open up/add these places for me and everyone else to explore!

Mar 10, 2009
I would like to see inside all the old schools in Dragonspyre Academy.