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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Mar 05, 2009
Marleybone's Regent Square has a ton of mystery doors - maybe one of them holds a pet shop with creatures they've brought back from Celestia! Marleybone should also have an awesome Library, or a Science Academy.

Dragonspyre has a lot of unexplored buildings and ruins as well. What's in the Grand Chasm's other Vaults? What about all those doors in the Tower Archives maze? And on the way to Malistaire (before the Gurtoks) there's a ramp down to a house - was that his and Sylvia's cottage back when they went to the Academy? Maybe Sylvia's greenhouse? (She would have loved Gardening, I think.)

Aug 18, 2010
:D i'd like to see new worlds an levels

from calamity deathweaver mangus necromancer

May 22, 2009
All I could have listed have already been listed.
But, one of the things I would like to list has not yet been spoken. So, here it goes:
I think, it would be really cool to be able to explore other PLAYER'S houses, with permission of course. Maybe make an option between friends and friend's friends to make a street with player owned houses. That would be truly cool, in my opinion at least. :D

May 31, 2010
There are places in Dragonspyre I would like to explore.

One of the more surprising areas was the Grand Chasm past in DS, and being able to go back in time to catch a glimpse of what things use to look like. Looks beautiful and I loved the willow trees. This got me to thinking about the Dragonspyre Academy. It would be nice to be able to go back in time and visit the old schools and the trees before they were cut down. Maybe catch a glimpse of Cyrus Drake as a student in the classroom.

Jun 24, 2009
Definitely the two massive doors tucked under Nidavellir! More places in Celestia would be nice as well.

Aedan Mythweaver - (Legendary) Master of Monsters

Mar 28, 2009
I would like to have the third curtain in my Fantasy Castle open so, hopefully, I can get to the rest of the castle -- especially that tall tower I can see from the outside.

Jun 08, 2009
yeah barkingham palace would be cool to see, maybe a side quest for a badge and knight's gear 8) . and maybe they could reopen crab alley, but geared towards more adept-magus class wizards instead of initiates and journeyman. 800 health guardsman crabs and stuff like that, and some cool after-gomez quests :) maybe the king needs help fighting off an enemy crab invasion or something or crabs vs lobsters xD. but i think they should make a quest at the spiral crystal, with a lot of bridges and scaffolding on the outside, and you reach it through cl floating land. there would be a lot of ice and storm enemies, seeing as those would be appropriate for a giant floating crystal lol. and your right, they should have surprise encounters, but maybe you might think of toning down the loot a bit, just make it good, but not so awesome that wizards never go anywhere else. i mean, malistaire and morganthe and their minions would all go out of business

cya in the spiral,

paul stormglade, level 60 diviner :D
paul ironflame, level 50 pyromancer 8)
paul deathwielder, level 5 necromancer
paul frostmancer, level 5 thaumaturge

Mar 08, 2009
I love the wizard city library it seems so suited after some other spectacular invisible cloaking ideas from another major wizard story. I love the spiral vapor cloud in Gamma's Room, something in there has always sparked my imagination it would be fun to have more through that vapor cloud.

Aug 11, 2010
One place? Nidavellir. Those two doors just crave to be opened. Just look at them. Perfect place for new secret Sun/Moon trainers to be found. Not to mention whole new quest line for Legendaries.

Oct 17, 2010
joey110498 wrote:
i would like to see what is in the haunted cave gate near nightshade's tower some people think it should be a new dungeon

I for one, agree with you. However, I'd like to see some new adventures. no offense but, since I am level 48, it would be boring to see 800 health bosses. At my level, that would be a bit of a letdown... sure, it would take a while to get to, but maybe that door by Nightshade's tower could be a sort of Celestia side quest. I think it would be fun to finish Celestia, and, as I'm wandering around, see someone with a side quest. That side quest would be that door/gate thing in Haunted Cave ;)

And not to pressure all the beginners (lolz, sorry) but I'd like to see some 8,000 health bosses in that cave (just like the ones in Dragonspyre). to me that would be fun... :) Thanks KI!!

Kestrel MoonShard
Level 48 Thaumaturge

Jul 05, 2009
I would like you guys to create an air world off the side of the shopping district. You know the cliff where the ice giant is?

Apr 01, 2009
In Mooshu, I happened into a cottage out in the middle of nowhere, occupied by a rank 9? boss with 9000 hit points. There was no quest associated with this building, but the "Aw shucks! THAT doesn't look like a hidden trainer and his 'partner' doesn't appear to be selling anything either! What have I gotten myself into now?" surprise reaction was only exceeded by the killer, killer, killer, did I mention ... killer? ... loot dropped by this duo being ASTOUNDING!

In Marleybone, there was a hidden hideout quest where I had to find a secret entrance by testing all of those "leaning boards" to see which one allowed us to step off into space into a hidden area. Looking for other secrets, I have tried every door and window EVERYWHERE, and had a BLAST doing it.
I totally agree with this!!!!! i rly want to find this.... if u cu tell me where this is that woul be great......
Anyway back to the topic on hand, i would like to see another floating land in the oasis or just better access to the current one. I would also like to see more parts of the libraries. i would also like for the normal houses like the crown ones and the other ones that you can buy to have secret passages like the massive fantasy palace. Oh and i would also like to see into Barkingham Palace, and um there are also a lot of houses on the streets that i wouldnt mind peeking into.
Also a couple of side notes......
1. i would like to see more pets!!!! rare ones, cool ones, and more bosses that drop them.
2.I think that there should be Celestian houses because the turtle guy is there but he doesnt do anything???
3. I think that it should be easier to hatch, its not fair that only the people with adult pets and higher can hatch, so either it should be easier to level up our pets or lower the hatching level to like teen.
Thats it so Thanks!!!
Jordan BlueGem

Mar 09, 2009
i have been waiting for this question for ever ... ok one place that i like very very much is the krokotpia library it feels like i am there when i walk in i would really like to see it opened more up and the cave in nightshade that has a death symbol and one i all so really want to see is in the ds acadmay the fire school u can go in i really wish u could go in the others. the gate those to dogs are gaurding. i would very much like to see those places but i really want the library one thanks for reading

steven blueweavear life lvl 60

Oct 18, 2010
I was thinking about how much I really liked Krokatopia because it had puzzles to solve throughout- real puzzles not just click this light on. That said, I think it would be terrific fun to to have maybe secret quests that takes place in more than one realm that require deductive reasoning and/or clue finding in order to solve and progress to a truly bad nasty, way behind the scenes that wants to destroy or control the entire spiral that the no one knew about until YOU found it! Some one or some organization that tries to pull the strings from behind the scenes.Also with secret NPC's seen no where else and under utilized characters that we previously underestimated and over looked ( Penny Dreadful-get the picture?). Give prospector Zeke more involved play?

One aspect could be that, like the massive fantasy castle has secret hallways, there are certain points in the realms where you slip through or fall through places that you didnt realize you could move through until it happened. A hidden map that cryptically tells you where to start would be fabulous that you find among the rubble of a hidden space you fall into or someone unassuming gives you. How cool would that be then you have to gather certain things in a scavenger hunt( or hidden item play) that helps you put the pieces together of what you must do or where you must go, tieing together the history and events within the spiral. All the while deducing and solving puzzles that lead to the next puzzle or level within the quests.That was my hope for Marleybone since the hero was Sherlock Bones but that was not to be. You could make it where you have to be a subscriber and like level 45 or 50 to find it and begin. By then you will be strong enough and savvy enough to maneuver the realms and work it out. Tracing and using alchemy a as a motif (symbolically and/or historically) like Sir Thomas Malory did for Le'Morte de Authur or like in Dante's Inferno or James Joyce's Ulysses( I prefer Le'Morte de Auther but there are many options)-searching for a way to make gold or live forever-immortality, elixir of life. It would also be great if no more than four people could take this journey together, even better if only two could ( to be at the same juncture together to play simultaneously)and one would have to invite friends not just random players together.

As for the prize, you could learn spells and gain loot that no one else has and cannot get through any other way but to solve the quests(doesn't have to depend what school you're from but could be influenced by that)--maybe like 10 second of invisibility provided through boots (for getting past street fights) or a spell that cast the Grim Reaper(randomly moves into your arsenal when you have less than 100 life left) on your enemy that takes 8 -10 pips and sucks up all their life even if its 12000( Wielding the forces or Death-how cool is that-could even have a 50/50 fizzle rate! ) or an elixir that shields you from death for 3-5 rounds or a wand that controls and casts all the attacks all enemy spells, depending on pips available(not given from minions or stolen pips) and the magic the enemy uses . Wow, Id play everyday for these abilities

I really loved Myst for all you old schoolers out there who would remember that game- More brain work please and I would love to help and provide feed back and play input or even story input. Thanks for providing a place for my ideas-See you in the Spiral!! ;} Esme Lifecaster level 46.

Apr 06, 2010
I wonder if it is a blackhole!!! who knows? if it is a blackhole lets jump in!!! good luck wizards

Jan 25, 2010
The one place I like to see behind closed doors, is in the Tomb of Storms. There are two steps that lead down to these doorways, but one you have access to (Karanahn Barracks) and the other that blocked by huge bricks.
I would like to know whats behind that door and explore its wonders.

Benjamin Darkflame, Grandmaster Pyromancer, lvl 56

Jan 27, 2010
personally i want to see what is in the four remaining towers in marleybone, also i would like to be able to see what is inside of that cave near nightside's tower, and i love the idea of being able to go in the houses in all of the cities(maybe inside of those that have their houses open to the public like myself who is a furniture freak and glad of his house)

Jul 06, 2009
I would love to see Barkingham Palace. Is there goingto be another world after Celesia? I noticed an empty spot after it in the worls tree.

Professor Falmea wrote:
It's sure chilly here! I don't like it... give me a hot summer day over this cold, windy weather. I know Professor Greyrose so loves this time of year but... I just can't stand it! But one good thing is that it's Friday again, and it's one week closer to spring. Also, more importantly, it's time for another Feedback Friday!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

This week, we'd like to talk about unexplored areas in familiar lands. In the worlds of the Spiral that have been discovered, tell us one place that you would be interested to see what's behind a door/space/area that seems like it should be open.

One example, I've heard that some students would be curious to see what the inside of Barkingham Palace looks like. We'd love to hear more, I'm sure there are a lot of curious Wizards out there!

Ice students, enjoy this time of year... someone has to ::grin::. Everyone else, stay warm, and to ALL Wizards, have a sparktacular weekend!

Mar 11, 2009
In Plaza of Conquests, behind Laszlo Starblaze there are buildings I would like to explore. I also agree that Barkingham Palace has always been a curiosity for me...what could be in there? ;)

As long as KI keeps making new areas to explore and new level caps to reach I will continue to play and spend my money on this game. I play with my son and I met my husband in this game :) between us we have 6 subscribed accounts and play every day.

May 27, 2009
I've always wondered where the Mooshu and Marleybone libraries were. There are plenty of doors they could be hiding behind.

And I agree with all the posters who voted for Nidavelir. That place is just so awesome it must lead to great places.

May 19, 2009
I agree with all of you and especially Alex who looks for unquest related things. I have found them too and there IS a thrill when you find them.

Alex said :
"Rather than pick a specific door, I would rather have more surprises like these. Random acts of "discovery" spread around "unmarked" areas with significant level-dependent loot. It would make re-exploring The Spiral WORTH the effort. "

I used to play All the Zelda games and the easter eggs and hidden levels and surprises were such fun.

I often stop at a random door in any part of the spiral just cheeking that there isn't a secret somewhere.

In the maze in Nidavillare (SP) I want to know how to get to the little balconies.

I so enjoy the graphics of this game.the ceilings and the backgrounds of so many houses and buildings are really a testament to the love that the developers have for this game.

As a wizard with 7 characters who craft and only one of which has been to Malastaire, I spend a lot of time wandering around. Things like the secret passages in the fantasy castle would be good too. Invisible walls.

I would also like to be able to open the red curtain in the fantasy castle and open the dungeon gates too. Oh! And get tot the upper floor over the throne room please.

Dec 16, 2008
The idea to have "special" items that have to be searched for independent of the "help me" quests is very valid...

To be honest with you, I am getting really tired of the "I need/want/require" NPC problems I have to deal with all the time...and my play time has gone down just because of that...

I have lately daydreamed of coming across some NPC quest where they wanted me to do "X", and replying in character, "Why aren't you doing that yourself...?" I almost went crazy when some NPC in Celesta wanted me to go fetch him a sandwich, for example...

Hints and rumors of neat things that I have to find or do for myself without all the "gimmie, gimmie" of the NPC's would be nice...

And I wouldn't mind some "tourist" stuff in all the Worlds, some cool exploring for unique stuff not obtainable by either Crowns or gold...like the Marleybone fire hydrant I've been begging for, or the fouled cauldron...like the free furniture items we have in Worlds up to DS...but with hints or rumors to investigate where they are, not just a brief flash of a "X" to pick up...

alex321694 has great ideas...a special spellbook in the "Restricted" section in the Library to be sneaked to, like in "Harry Potter"...the knighting of a player in Barkingham Palace and a new title badge...finally popping open that Death door in Sunken City, and the much more mellow shade of Malistare fixing that ruined painting of his for you...those places inside the Pyramid of Fire that would let you learn to start or extinguish fires in braziers and torches...

I could go on forever...

Aug 08, 2010
The places I would like to see is the following:

-The second tower in Old Town Wizard101.
-2 floating island on Krokatopia
-Barkinham Palace and doors in the Ironworks (or maybe it's the first dungeon on Marleybone) right after you pass the Hooder's Factory.
-A dojo door were it leads to a grand landscape?
-The door in the libary of Dragonspyer were the front desk is.
-The 2 doors in Grizzelham.
-Celestial's beach

Hope you open these.

Logan Sandblood - Legendary Sorcerer
Logan Earthblood - Initiate Theurgists

Apr 01, 2009
There are some caves in the Grotto that don't have instance to them. But they look explorable. I often wonder if there is some secret boss that will give you those different Tri Blades that Ptolemos uses (Ice -Myth-Death). It would be cool to get, along with the matching traps to them.

I also want to see down the hall in the Wizard City Libary. It reminds me of the scene in HP Order of the Phoenix where all the remembralls are at.

Barkingham Palace would be nice, and maybe more of DS.

Thats all I can think of...

Jun 30, 2009
I would like to see behind the other school doors in Dragonspyre Acadamy.