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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Feb 15, 2009
There are 2 places that I would love to be able to go into and explore.

1. Barkingham Palace seems like there could and would be something interesting behind those doors. Been wondering now for the past 2 yrs that I have been playing

2. The gate with the Death plaque next to Lord NightShades tower. Just seems like there is more to the death school and night side than what we have already seen.

Sierra LifeCaster (Legendary Life)

Dec 21, 2009
I think it would be soooooo cool to be able to go into any of these places
Blad Raveneye's mill
Barkingham Palcae *hehehe*
Gloria Krendell's house (I think there may be some uncommon pictures of Sylvia Drake in there, possibly)

One other unrelated thing
Very often I like to go back and help people find the Wizard City lore books. But then it always makes me want to read them agan The only problem is the books can only be read once. Why is that anyways?
Ty for reading
Taryn Dragonsong

Jun 17, 2009
" I would like to find out what is behind the gate (with the death symbol on it) over by Nightshade's tower. I'm curious to find out what deathly secrets it contains inside. I'm a death wizard after all ; ) .

Just a suggestion.
You should create gates anywhere in Wizard City with the other school symbols on them. Only wizards of that school can enter their school gate. You could tie these gates into a school assignment from their teacher or help their teacher. I don't know something. I just suggest this because I know that there is a Fire Gate as well as a Death one. You have two schools out there already, why not have all of them?

By the way, I think some of these other wizards are right. The Wizard City library should be more open. "

Katherine Soulwraith

Dec 12, 2009
Barkingham palace in marley bone it looks SO cool and full of stuff but there was never any quests for it oh andthere should be random monsters in the school towers like on the quest where we get our school minios spell

Mar 02, 2009
I want to know whats up in the floating chunk of land above the Oasis. It's behind the shops.

Dec 12, 2008
joey110498 wrote:
i would like to see what is in the haunted cave gate near nightshade's tower some people think it should be a new dungeon
I think you can already go there, it's probably a Death Quest.

Jan 25, 2010
I would LOVE to see these places open!
- The death gates in the Haunted Cave, next to Nightshade Tower.
- The doors to the right and left in the Hall of Valor(?) in Grizzleheim. You know, the doors where you walk down the two stairs.
- The doors behind Headmaster Ambrose. Imagine walking up into his room, and collecting free stuff!
That is all for now.

P.S. I think in Cyrus Drake's room there should be a phone on his desk. You can call him and ask for another duel!

Apr 09, 2009
i wanna see something cool behind the 2 nidavellir doors in grizzlehiem also

Sep 04, 2009
There are tons of places that come to mind. For starters, there is a gate in the Haunted cave, near Lord Nightshade's Tower, that I would love to see. Or perhaps some of the buildings in Colossus Boulevard. Another interesting idea is the well of spirits in The Well of Spirits, to see where they emit from. Just an idea. :)

Aug 11, 2009
Professor Falmea, I would really like to see the other schools in dragonspyre!

Jul 17, 2010
Aug 10, 2009
Well,I think atleast ONE house in wizard city must be available to wizards level ten and up which means a new realm in that house would have a door to each schools realm which also making the professors get INTERNS to give you quest to do like in the REAL wizards realm but only fake quest to give you more experience and new cards for according levels like 20,30,40,50,60 and like that at level ten you get a new card like a spell that will automaticly put a sheild on your opponent.... only to trick them. Then you attack with your school spells and it does extra damage. Sort of like traps and sheilds for you but fake ones that make your opponent tricked. (Note:this will also work on bosses and P.S. new streets for wizard city because i got through wizard city with a level 5 in about 30 minutes.) Nicholas GoldenBreeze Pyromancer :D 8)

Apr 29, 2010
I would like the towers that each school has when you walk into the door

instead of going to the top, have a spiral stair case for people to run up and

down on.

Also for like Holloween in the Dark Cave, the houses their please open them

up. Have like a ghosts and gouls in side each house and make it decorated

all over. This will being more people their on Holloween.

Jul 22, 2009
I think Falmeas house in FireCat Alley should be accesseable and like someone else said the one in the shopping district and the tower in regents square i think everything should be accesable in the game i mean EVERYTHING

Jul 28, 2009
I would like to see the Barkingham Palace, The two doors in the Nidaviller, also i would like to see the houses in MarleyBone, And Wizard City.
I also wonder what is up in the second elevator in Reagents Square It's unaccessible but i wonder what's up there.
Also the other floating island in Krokotopia,
And the room in front of the krok: Temple Gatekeeper in the Temple of storms, Also all the doors in Krokotopia.
Thank you for reading! :D

Dec 19, 2009
I have so many, but here is the Top 2 which i had on my list ever since i started playing Wizard101.

1. Houses in Wizard City.
2. Death Gate by nightshade. (I mean there has too be something good inside and evil since it carries death.)

I once made a short story where behind that door was the most beautiful life garden of pure good magic, and the death sign was to keep people away. lol with a unicorn boss inside :D. I would freak out so much if i was right.

Apr 29, 2010
O have a good one i am sure everyone wants to see!

In Firecat lane their is an island off to the side of the trail, floating out their. It would be sweet if you made a boss their, and you know when you can see battles from far away let people who cant get their yet watch from a distance.
That would be awesome!

Jul 22, 2009
i think everything including falmeas house in firecat alley should be open well i now you have limiatations but the ones that could be acessable without limitations should be open and even new people inside them for quest like a fire spell could be moved to where you have to talk to falmea at her house instead of the fire school

Ian IronBlade Level 60 Legendary Diviner

Apr 26, 2009
1. i think there should be more hidden boss places in celestia

2. the big doors in nightivler (spelling?)

3.barkingham palace would be SO cool to see the inside of

4. the doors blocked by books in ambrose's office

5. and last but not least i'd like to see more of dragonspire's better days

Bradley Blade legendary pryromancer

Apr 29, 2010
graymon97 wrote:
i wanna see behind the death door in the haunted cave it has bother me for like 2 years not knowing what is behind it O.o

I forgot about that, their are lots of people who want to see behind thar door. I hope they open it.

Dec 26, 2010
I personally think we should she behind those doors in the Nivadillr (spelling?) but I also would like to know where everyone is getting those outfits like the Elegant style hat with the starts and the shoes that are Elegant style but give the wraith card

Thanks for listening

Oct 23, 2009
It may sound like a broken record but in haunted cave, the gate with the death logo on it. It's been there for awhile and i run into a lot of people in the game who keep asking about it.

Thanks For Your Time
Seth Ravenblood
Grandmaster Necromancer.

Dec 06, 2010

i sure would love to see every house in the spiral open only if you want :3

thanks for your time!

Kelly GhostWhisper lvl 43 death wizard

Apr 01, 2009
i gotta go with Barkingham Palace. it's there, how come we can't go in.
by the way, professor, i am totally with you. i am balance and used to the desert. i am totally sick of snow. i live up north and we are getting covered in snow. the desert would feel good right now.

Seth Thunderthorn
level 52 balance
Wizard 101 fanatic

Jul 27, 2009
AWESOME! I would love to see whats inside the 2 back doors in Nidavellir, Barkingham Palace, the inside of the hut by rock dojo in jade palace ( not the one for the leviathan quest), and in celestia base camp, we should be able to go behind the glass and swim outside by the cliff in the ocean :D also to go inside that big red dome that would be really cool