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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Mar 04, 2009
I'd really like to see what is in the tents in the mini-game fairegrounds. It's something that I've always wondered. "What's in those tents?"

Victoria Griffinbane

Dec 23, 2010
I think that in Marleybone, Barkingham Palace should be opened like you said, I also would like it if you reopened crab alley in the real realms rather then test realm because i would like to do the quests down there.

Mar 01, 2009
so, you know the regant vender in Dragonspyre? well, there is a door next to him and I was thinking ( ever since I got there about three weeks ago ) if that door could be opened, I wonder what would be behind there. I personaly thought that it could be a portal to a new world! Wouldn't that be awesome? :D When I tried getting through I was very sad and madthat I couldn't... :x If anyone is reading this, can you reply to me about what you think about that door? Thanks, Jasmine Pixieblossom

Jan 18, 2010
I would like to see in the Commons Library – what is behind the ropes and what is behind the doors on the second level?

Dec 19, 2008
well like many people were saying, i would like to see some houses in the shopping district. also, the secret floating island in krokotopia bothers me. I know we can get access to one of them, but one still remains a mystery. If you can give us access to some secret areas in Mooshu, that'd be great. It is my favorite world. Marleybone- obviously it is based on Victorian england. it seems pretty streamline. You should open some areas, not for purposes involving missions, but just to show some detail. open some alleys, maybe with some little rats scurrying through. maybe some alleys have a great view over the rest of marleybone. Detail in marleybone can show the unique culture of england. Same with Mooshu (my favorite). Open some areas just to show the details and culture of china. Finally, in WC, every single street is amost exactly the same. change it up a bit, open some unique locations. Thanks for reading my monologue!

Jan 20, 2010
I would like to see more of the Massive fantasy Palace. It seems like you cant go to the very top of it. and Would like to see whats behind the curtain on that one floor. Maybe even somemore hidden walls in it. I would also like to see more secret shops/trainers. Maybe even a way to upgrade your house like crafting certain things or getting certain spells that aid in the upgrading of it buying materials and certain things and whatnot.

Aug 11, 2009
christopher62597 wrote:
There are four unfamiliar areas in explored worlds that I would like to visit.

1. I know this is not entirely unexplored but I would love too see the corridors of the Wizard City Library.

2. I would also like to see the corridors of the Krok Library.

3. There is another floating island over the Oasis that I would like to see.

4. Just like you Professor Falmea I would love to see Barkingham Palace.

I hope we can go to these places, ty for reading.

I agree with you Christopher, I have been searching online for a about a year on how to go in all the places you have mentioned. I hope Wizard101 can open up all those places- it would be so cool! :)

Dec 02, 2010
kckool wrote:
Hey, Professor Falmea the things i'd like to see are as you said, barkingham palace in MB, have Dragon cave turn into like two differnt towers like the warehouse and briskbreeze. Also as i said in the 1-19-11 Feedback Friday page, new level cap names for when you increase the level cap, Hero of __(school) Levels 70-79(legendary stays for 60-69), Superhero of __ (school) for levels 80-89, Super ___ (school Proper adjective like diviner) for levels 90-99, And FINALLY, God of __ (school) for level 100, i wouldn't advise going far above that because some players dont have the time to level up past that, i have a few spells for these new level increases but i will post it in a new thread called " New level _8 spells for increased level caps" i will post mine in this form


I hope you like my ideas and continue to make great worlds like CL and DS

Kenneth Frostwalker, Grandmaster Thamaturge

CL cya

P.S. Loving the cold down here Professor Falmea! ^o^


Feel the burn of ICE!

I like this idea and would instead of God of [whatever School] used Warlord of [School] or for the Ladies - Witch of [School] or just Warlord's and Witch's.

i'm also puzzle as to why we can find the Quest for a level 10 Boss on Wizard City and accidently found one on Mooshu, but yet we cannot find one for Krokotpia, Grizzlehiem, DS and CL.

Yes its time to create another World. This time let's get the Witches on Gobblerton's World taken care of so that the Gobblers will want to return home, and also for all the Good Snowman and all the ICE creatures.

There is one link in the Discussion room that a guy has great idea's and all the new spells. Wish you would look into this as well.

As a subscriber, I got one character for each school. I think we need one more School. The eighth school should also be Astral School. I think more power spells is needed for it. Or we can used all the other schools spells, shields, traps, blades and healing like never before. This is one I'll really be interested in seeing coming through from you guys.

Since this is one item I want to see get better is "The Devine Hand of God" rejuverating [spelling] spell to heal needs to really be more. I think it ought to be used to heal all friends and put a Absorb shield in front of friend of 750 units and put a -95% spell on all enemies or stun's them for two rounds. After all, it is a DEVINE Hand of GOD!

Life Wizards are really getting the short end of the stick in my opinion. More options needs to be added to increase their healing powers for all friends and on attacks and on shields to protect them more. Remember i got one of each school. :-)

I love all seasons, so enjoy it all, for one day you will cease in this world. Enjoy your Friends, Family and most of all, Wizard101 Friends and Characters.

With warmest Regards;
William ThunderSword
Legendary Balance with Astral Powers and the other six schools

Aug 24, 2009
Besides a floating world in the sky for a new place to get to lvl 70, I guess it would be cool to see the door near the Harvest Lord.

Feb 03, 2009
flash33 wrote:
Well I for one would like to see whats behind the 2 nidavellir doors in grizzlehiem, as well as that one shop in the WC shopping district across from the housing shop that has it's lights on but is inaccessible.

I agree! I have been wondering what is behind the door across the housing shop in Wizard City. I tried going in there once, but then I noticed there wasn't a sign. So I knew you couldn't go in there...

Jun 28, 2010
Oct 18, 2009
I would like to see whats inside the top of the massive fantasy palace house. Maybe you can release some kind of "expansion" in the crowns shop which allows you to access that part that you can't go to. (unless there is a secret passage nobody has found yet.) :)

Also, that door in Celestia in the Celestia base camp that you can't enter. There is a door near the Crustacean Empire door that you can't enter. I thought it would be some kind of place for legendaries can hang out or something but nope. Its just sitting there.

Also, what are behind those doors in Nidavellir?Thats a really cool room, i'd like to see whats behind all the other doors.

Jul 13, 2009
I would like to see the other floating island in Krokotopia, the one that looks like another secret shop.

Aug 21, 2009
Barkingham palace would be a great place to see. I also wonder about the other floating island in krokotopia. Can we go there? Is there a way to get there? As far as the houses in WC, I'd like to see the upstairs.

Sep 25, 2010
I would like to go save the Gobbler home world it sound like a hard places to go so i think it should be a side quest in CS or after it I know they said the gobblers could stay but hey they would be other things there as well to save or free becouse it sound like a places full of death you could have it where you got to get a key from the old head master of death but you have to find him first. and then i would like to know what is in the door near the turtle in CS

Jun 09, 2009
hello ms falmea allthough i am ice i dont like the cold i like the summer 8)
and the places id like to see open are
1 the gate near lord nightshades tower
2 the door near eliks edge across from house shop
3ropped off parts of wc library
4 the doors in nerdivill that are near the huge ice energy crystals that are down the ramps
5 the door near the trial of sphears on its left
6the door in ironworks that can be unlocked but not entered
7 barkingham palace
8 the schools of dragonsypre
9 door near ashley the ds fire school tree and the door where myth wizards summon madusa
thanks for reading

SethGoldenHeart Lv53 Ice “. . . with Persistence, Victory is assured.”

Aug 25, 2010
wow the only place i want to be is the hidden dungeon rooms in massive fantasy palace. they look like cool dungeons! also i want to see what is that door with the death sign on it. i hope there is a gate way to celestia or to a different demision or even some thinging cooler than any thing else in the world!!!! it might even hold mailistaires staff??? or it might just be a room with a hidden door to secret treasures and takes you back in time to stop mailistair from doing is evil plans to corrupt the spiral and save the spiral from future problems. cool right lol ;) ;) ;)

May 17, 2010
I would like to see what is in the door that is across from the bettle in the alter of kings in KT. Or there is a place were the water drians into. In WC ravenwood behind the storm school you can see trees, water and a bridge through the bars.

Dec 16, 2009
:D Hi madame Flemea sorry if i spelled that wrong WWEELLLL some of the places I think should be open is DA NA NA!
A.The stone Gate blocking that little green space on EIKES EDGE

B.The rubble thats blocking some place in the ALTER OF KINGS that could be a Mini dungeon!

C.In Marelybone Theres two graeds (spelling) Garding a door perhaps you could open that and make it a mini shop where you can pay money for CROWNS in Regrents square

D.In mooshu near the cave of solidude there is a water wheelMaybe that could be if you throw a coin in ( a real gold peice from your money ) you get a prize ( a geed one thoght

E.i would also like to see the halls of marlybone PLEASE it looks cool

Anyway thats all bye love life be life

Dec 18, 2008
I would liek to see whats behind that door in CL the one at the back left over where the lizard is. I think whatever you guys choose to put behind that door will be totaly awesome . I just love everything you guys have done. maybe it goes outside the tank in cl camp possably there is a shop there where we can get warlord gear :D

Nov 18, 2009
I would love to see whats behind the Sun and Moon doors in Nidavellir. I can imagine some huge bosses with a bigger fight ring that up to 8 players could join at one time! Or to be able to play 2 of your wizards on one account at the same time. Like when you enter a battle you could have a few seconds to add another of your own wizards to help you out.

Ty, Wolf Skullstalker

I have many great ideas for the future of W101 and would love to have a chance to give them to the developers.

Nov 15, 2010
I would like to see where the giant lift goes in the Prymid. Riding it would be fun but it just stops at the celing. Off topic, I wish that there were new pet games. "There are only so many times you can shoot a Mort (piggle )out of a cannon before it loses all meaning." King Julian.

Jun 03, 2009
Not only would i like to enter Barkinham Palace, I would like to see the inside of the door inside the path of scales that is near the end of it. :D

May 31, 2010
i really want to know whats behind the closed gate in the haunted cave

Nov 22, 2009