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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Aug 05, 2010
flash33 wrote:
Well I for one would like to see whats behind the 2 nidavellir doors in grizzlehiem, as well as that one shop in the WC shopping district across from the housing shop that has it's lights on but is inaccessible.

I agree. Those 2 doors would be very interesting future dungeons, with extreme challenges like Estrek Gloomthorn, (I mean more super bosses) for possible future Grizzleheim quests. Great idea dude!

Mar 07, 2009
Feb 15, 2010
I'd wanna see the 2 doors in Nidavellir, Barkingham Palace, and other warehouses in Regents Square. I wonder if there are any other secrets that Morganthe and her henchman could be hiding in there for.

Nov 30, 2010
Mostly Krokotopia, but secrets could be anywhere, like the massive fantasy palace, I'd like to see walls, that look solid but revolve around into a corridor if you "hug" it as you walk along... a few secret areas like that.

It also fits Mooshu very well, I don't know much about celestia and dragonspyre, and there are lots of places in Krok that you don't get close enough to a wall, but I'm sure there are some.

Also I have an idea about extending Krok, it might take some modification to the story about accessing lower levels, but the Pyramid has a walkway above and below, I'd especially like to see the very top of the pyramid (with a lookout?) and the bottom, maybe a small life, area up the top, and death area down below that connect to the altar of kings?... probably the simplest way to access them would be behind one of the mini-boss rooms that is gated off?

Or some pre-astral school trainers? its ideal for the top of the pyramid to be sun, the bottom to be moon? and maybe in the krokosphinx or temple of storms there can be space for the third (be it myth or star depending on which pyramid trainers you decided on)

So it would entail bringing in some new weak Astral spells, maybe some polymorphs to characters with sub 1000 health (say around 500 to 700 or so?) also a myth trainer somewhere to *train* the tough spell? so they don't need to rely on just the treasure cards? It can be a secret I don't mind that.

Access to the upper island on Krok as well? It looks like there is a second secret shop there but I have no idea how to access it, there is even two small obelisks out the front there.

Also some positive effect added to the Disarm spell from storm, Fire unless it isn't useful to them (ie is not their secondary school) gains a charm from the steal charm spell, perhaps Storm can receive some other kind of bonus? or even the reverse, give storm steal charm (which may not be of use) and give Fire a disarm that adds accuracy (since I've heard some people refer to fire as "fizzle school" and it really isn't meant to be less accurate than the storm school is it? (Note: I realize the reversal here is unlikely, its neat having steal ward as an ice spell and steal charm as a fire one, but Storm seems to have less benefit from simply removing a charm)

Also some use or bonus spell or some spell for reaching a certain level of training secondary spells? to discourage grabbing secondary spells from more than one school once you train to the last secondary spell your trainer offers, some loyalty? bonus or spell that is either for secondary school only or as a bonus to make secondary spells more useful to the wizard? Because the power pip cost of higher spells makes secondary schools less useful for higher-level wizards, and everything higher than Dragonspyre (perhaps even higher than Mooshu? since I havn't had a wizard that got that far yet) School spells are for the primary school only.

Speaking of areas, is it possible to feature more quests in Crab Alley? its a great area down there, but barely used in the game.

An Upgrade Minion spell! Mostly for higher levels the Life, Fire and even Myth minions suffer, is there even any use for casting a minion when you get to Celestia? At least Storms has some decent health and death has a choice of higher minions from Animate that could have some staying power, I find Helpful Mander to be useful so far, it even lives up to its name. but for some others I don't really know. So some kind of minion upgrade of a sort seems to make sense to me, since minions are my favourite part of the game! I'm not sure the Cyclops minion from Myth needs much beyond the four pip spell, but maybe some Griffin or Odin-like God for something higher for later? that has a thousand or more health? and a Unicorn or Pegasus for Life.

Nov 19, 2010
WC: The gate with the death shield on it in the Haunted Cave.
KT: The othe big island.
MB: Barkingham Palace, the two towers in front of the Royal Museum and the door to the right inside 221 Barker St.
GH: The two lower doors in Nidavellir and the cave on the other side of the waterfall in Savarstaad Pass.

Haven't been in the other worlds enough to notice anything in them.

If I had to pick on of these though I would say Barkingham Palace would be my number one choice.

Jun 11, 2009
In the Labyrinth there is a thing that isnt near anything that looks like it has a path under the lava. But it doesn't let me activate it. I am not sure if it is really a path or just for show. Write me back plz if you know what it is :)

Jul 22, 2009
how about next to nightshade?? was it a side quest i didnt get or something?? i have 2 legendarys and have never been able to go in there

Feb 01, 2010
i want to know what's behind lots of things such as...

1. two doors in nidavellir

2. death gate in haunted cave

3. Barkingham Palace

4. schools at dragonspyre academy

5. gate in mirkholm keep where Scarl Doomhowler is

Mar 14, 2010
I echo other comments of a side quest in barkingham palace, and also some more shops or secret training areas off of the commons and olde towne. Howabout a side quest you access through a house in the haunted cave? Perhaps a secret door in a house that leads to a tunnel, you could have Penny Dreadful get into trouble again.

Dec 17, 2009
There isn't a door to this place, but on Cyclops Lane, there is a path beside Private Emerson, follow the path to the edge and there's a beautiful fountain...i'd to see a mystery quest that leads to a secret not visible entrance to the fountain...it could be an abundance of reagents or some other spectacular gift or treasure. But I'd follow any new addition or changes made in the game :D

May 16, 2010
I'd like to see Barkingham Palace and behind the doors in the lower level of Nividelir. my spelling may be off on the latter.

Thank you,

Artur Shadowstalker

Sep 27, 2010
i would like to see a lot this place in necropolis (dragonspyre) this like under ground room it leads you like to the ground it should be a boss for any schools spell mission
P.S extend the game lvl and make awesome new spells
and also i would also like the version were sylvia helps but don't put malistaire with 100,000 health again that was hard

Jul 16, 2009
In MAlistaire's lair, in the path of scales, after the lavalings and before the exit there's a ramp that leads to a door. I think you sould be ale to go through the door.

Feb 14, 2009
Well I remember at the very end of Haunted Cave there was a gate with a skull on it. I would love to see that gate open!! Please open that gate!! :D

Jul 17, 2010
Hello This is John Shadowblade lvl 50 grandmaster necromancer. Like the rest of the wizards out there i think that we should be able to see barkingham palace and the caged up passage way in the haunted cave where the Wraith pops up and gives death students the knowledge to learn the spell EMPOWER. Back to the point, i have an idea for barking ham palace. The O'learies have broke through the large gates to the palace and kidnapped the queen ( start the quest by talking to officer McRuff in scottland yard). Easy to make a dungeon out of that to me. One more thing, I think there should be a hidden boss in barkingham that drops an]AWESOME :D pet.

Regaurds, John Shadowblade.

Feb 01, 2010
I have several places I want to go to such as...

1. two doors in Nidavellir

2. Barkingham Palace

3. gate in Haunted Cave with death symbol

4. schools at DS Academy

5. another secret shop in Krok

6. behind gate in mirkholm keep near Scarl Doomhowler

Feb 17, 2009
Oh and one more thing, The actual streets in Marleybone. And maybe even meet the Dreadfulls.

Feb 17, 2009
I want to see the door in celestia base camp that oppisite to the door to the crusteanean empire to the left of the entrace to the traisl of the spheres! 8)

Sep 29, 2010
I want to know whats in the door next to the tower

-wolf nightstalker level 25 myth :D

Dec 19, 2008
love to see what is behind the gate in the haunted cave, by lord nightshade.
also would like to see whats behind the 2 nidavellir doors in Grizzleheim.
in Kroc the floating island over the Oasis.
one last thing The schools in DS before they where destroyed.
Thanks for asking us what we would like to see and do in the game.
Would love to have summer come early myself.
tara lifegiver 60
tara sunwalker 53
ashley stormrider 53
ashley nighthunter 49
ashley misthunter 44

Dec 16, 2009
Well, then Gate with the Death Logo on it.. In Wizard City - Olde Town - Trition Avenue - Haunted Cave... Maybe open it for a Halloween quest... A street.. With Rotting Fodders, and Lost Souls and that...

Apr 14, 2010
i think there should be a door on a house thats leands to a another sprial or dimension thats needs help

Aug 07, 2010
I'd love to be able to explore the classrooms in the Dragonspyre Academy, maybe the spirits of the old teachers still haunt the classrooms?

Mar 21, 2009
All the ideas are GREAT! :D I would like you to open all these areas that we cant acces but I do not want you to over work yourself so you may take your time :D Now Specificall me I have ALWAYS ever since I reached MB I have wanted Barkingham Palace opened and those roped areas. Most of all I would like all these places opened that the people want and maybe some extras. But again dont work too fast make them neat and dont let the other areas get abandoned especially commons I have grown used to that place being SO FULL I used to hate it being that way but now I'm used to it very much it would be tragic to me if it changed. That's all thank you.

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May 16, 2009
I would like to see the 2 doors in nidaliver open.

Adam Griffin
Legendary Theurgist