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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

May 10, 2009
I would like to see whats behind the two big back doors in Nidavellir. Also there are some dead end caves in Grizzleheim that need to be explored. Also when completing the Briskbreeze tower we received a message that something bad was coming to the spiral by the way of Krokotopia. Does that message mean anything? I also discovered some side quests that were hidden, like the one in marleybone wand shop. It would be very helpful if there were some kind of quest tracking system, one that would list all quests that are in the spiral. It would be rather big but a checklist would be great for going back and finding missed quests especially hidden ones. Multiple port points would be helpful in traveling even if just one more is added.

Liam Dreamweaver

Jan 13, 2010
As you go down the stairs on Triton Ave. between the two sections, there are two houses or shops that I've tried to get into many times :) They are built into the side of the hill and I always thought would make great mine entrances. There is also a tower in the section of Triton near Dark Cave that I can't get into.

Dec 11, 2008
I would like to see the door in the Haunted Cave. I have always wanted to now what was in there! :)

Jul 14, 2009
Thank you for asking! I'd really like to see what is behind the sun and moon doors in Nidavellir.

May 20, 2009
I think the Hall of the Ice Forge should be further expanded into more than just a crafting station.

Mar 24, 2009
1.Whats behind all the other doors in Olde Town
2.Barkingham Palace
3.The Rest of Dragon Sphere in the past.

May 19, 2009
I'd like to agree publicly with

Esme Lifecaster level 46.

Who asked for more puzzles. She said it better than I could. Myst was an excellent series of games and Many of those type puzzles could be incorporated into quests.

Juts thinking that some door in some random house in any one of the words of the spiral is hiding a secret or the door to a new puzzle that the quest finder does not help with , makes my mouth water! I might even go looking this afternoon and see if the developers might have put one or two easter eggs out there to see if we can find them.

Plus, I have really enjoyed all the comments here and am glad to know that so many people appreciate the scope of this game. The imagination that players reveal is encouraging in a static world.

Feb 25, 2010
1. Barkingham Palace
2. Back doors in MB petshop
3. Behind the curtain in the throne room of the MFP
4. The two doors in Nidavillir
5. The gate in Haunted cave with the Death sign on it
6. Door #4 by the Trial in CL

There's also a door in the corridors when you're going from Base Camp to the Grotto. I'd be interested to see where that goes. And too, the nice park area in Cyclops Lane that's been seperated from the mainland.

Mar 13, 2009
Wow, lots of things mentioned I'd like to see. A few days ago after visiting the Archivist in The District of the Stars I ventured back to the hallways and they were dead ends. I guess I was hoping for archives, ancient books, or crystals or something. Or maybe restrooms lol. Thanks!

Aug 01, 2009
I think most Legendary Wizards are still waiting for those 2 doors in Grizzleheim.. The ones in Nidavellir down the 2 ramps!! Most of us are waiting for some cool thing to be in there- The other island in the Krok would be cool to access too :) AND- the door to the opposite side of the Crustacean Empire,- to the left of the test of spheres- can't get it, but I have tried lol :)

May 27, 2010
Hi all you wizards out there!,
i think the areas you should be able to go to are

1.the cave in triton avenue with the death symbol on
2.the area in ds next to the gurtok demon (there is a ramp you go down but there isnt anything there)
3.the 2 giant doors in nidevellir (we should be able to get quests for them from that grendal standing in the entrance after we go inside)
4.the ds academy schools (there should be a tutor inside each who can give you a new move from your school of focus)
5. the library in wizard city (maybe the books cotain tips or new spells!)
6.barkingham palace as a reward for helping out marylebone I think the queen should give us a pet: a new type of heckhound for your school e.g blaze hound,desert hound and so on
7.the other island in krok which is unacessable

Ty for reading this

Thomas Lionfist legendary pyromancer

P.S.I am hating this weather i always prefer summer :D

Jun 02, 2009
i want to see whats behind the doors to barkingham castle in marleybone.

May 19, 2009
KAOS16 wrote:
An idea for some of the houses in the shopping district is to make some kind of "salon/barber shop." This place can allow wizards to buy new hairdos and change their faces if they want (with crowns or gold). This will also be great because there would be a larger variety of hairs and faces to choose from. There could also maybe be new colors added with a swatch system to make your own kind of color for hair and even eyes.

Just an idea..
Oh p.s. It may also be cool if wizards could take off their hats completely (even the original hat when the wizard was first created) and show off their entire head (maybe holding their helmets/hats to the side)

Thanks for allowing us to include our ideas!

Great idea. I deleted a level 22 wizard because I had chosen green hair for her in a moment of bad judgment. It bothered me so much, I decided to start her all over again.

Jun 06, 2009
For me, i would really like to know whats behind the doors in Dragonspyre Academy(sry if that spelled wrong) down by were Ashley the tree is and the big statue..the doors rite behind that of the death.ice.fire etc symbols are on the doors...OR for the marleybone houses..not the big expensive one but the cheaper one that i have..the 2 doors that i cannot get in.

Bailey EmeraldHunter
Ledgendary Necromancer

Jun 10, 2009
Aug 27, 2009
i want to see more of the library the only place we can go to is upstairs and treasure i want to see more into the library plz

Jun 17, 2009
merlinda123 wrote:
I would love to see a cl house and go to Earth but it be like another world and we have to keep magic a secret.

That's a very interesting idea! :D
Because if you pay attention to what Ambrose says in the beginning when you make a character.... He says that we come from a place that doesn't believe in magic. It would make complete sense keeping magic a secret if we went back to the world we came from. So maybe it could be this type of thing where we'd have to save our world... but then would have to return to wizard city to continue our magic training. I don't know something like that would be cool. But I like your idea.

Jul 27, 2010
I really want to see what is in barkingham palace! the first time i went to marlybone i tried to get in barkingham palace now i know that it is off limits. But i really really hope i get to go in soon!!!!! :-D

Jul 31, 2009
I'd like to see the tunnel at the end of haunted cave with the death symbol on it. Maybe make it a new grand/legend dungeon...

Jun 13, 2009
Well, there is a lot of mysteries in Wizard101. But some of the area i would like to see are:

1. i want to see what is behind the blocked of area by the beetle in the altar of kings
2. I want to see whats behind the two corridors of teh WC library
3.Barkingham Palace in MB
4.Some more of the Mooshu dojos
5.The other mystery isalnd in the oasis
6. the 2 nidevallir doors in Grizzelheim
7,the WC shop in the shopping district that is accesible but you cant go into

thx for listening to my opinion

Jul 28, 2009
I would like to see what is behind that gate in the haunted cave in WC
with the death logo on it. Its by nightshades castle.

Justin FireThorn Lvl 58 death

Nov 04, 2010
im not sure if the cave in golem court is accesable or not but i was curious and barkingham palace thats it

Apr 03, 2010
I tried to read what others said before I posted. Didn't see this, in Krocotopia, the first pyramid if you go up the ramp inside, next to the fire pit, and look around there are stairs that end at statue there is a door that is at the bottom of it. Also I would like to see a new character book like a world sorta round, acts like drag-n-drop, but have a almost unseeable tab that is an entrance to one's innerself. Have a quest to defeat YOURSELF. The dark side of one's self that can use any combination of gear, and or spells ever learned, pets had, etc. Make the darkside as mean as you have been, talk to you the way you talk to other's, while in battle with you. In this mind's eye have a gravesite and a dark mansion, required to visit the grave first. Have two headstone's that where marked by writing angel's one good, and one evil. Alway's the evil would be more than good, and the good has been scratched out like the Cyrus Drake picture you earn. Defeat one's self, and exit through a new mansion. The dark one inacessable at first. As for the doors in GH those are the doors to THE HALLS OF VAHALLA, ( I learned how to read the writing :) ). In myth the doors only open in the end time, and everybody dies except for two human's so i think the door's should remain closed forever, since this would be the end of the game.

Jan 08, 2010
One of the most places i would like to explore would be The building across from the housing shop in the shopping district. Like make it a shop for lvl 50+ clothing shop that has clothes for all schools personal infividual schools that have just criticals only with better critical rating that normal. Like make it so you have to beat all of zeke's quests to get into there and make zeke the shopkeeper of it and call it like Zeke's Celestian Wares.
I would really enjoy that building! :D

Oct 25, 2009
well if i were to see 5 things (or go to ) ...
1.like i think in some places there could be secret stairs that only the owner ( of house )can open.
2.being able to see your house from the roof.
3.going into that one door in the headmasters house ( thats close ).
4.barkingham palace.
5.the doors across from entrinces ( in bosses ).

if i could do / see that stuff wizard 101 would be 10x more awesome.

can that happen any way