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Treasure Card Banning in PvP

Jan 23, 2011
kymma shadow on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
That a bully state ment to say and I still do reports on overpowering tc spells because it does needs a reduce to make warlords not the winning team the tc judgement spell should only do a 120 damage per pips instead of 125 damage per pip and yes I reduce the tc judgement spell by 5

That would make it more fair in rank pvp and ice spams tc ice bird should lose 100 damage to even the playing field.

That will make it more fairer in rank pvp and I don't care what warlords have to say.
I'm for 3age to start right now to make it where warlords will have to start all over that will be really good for me or just put the epic bundle pack back into crown shop please.

Amy lvl 96 Wants veteran out so she can stitch it later.


Girls Warlords are the real warlords because they don't call people noob. I think I have 3 girls warlords that didn't call me a noob.

But guys warlords do so they are the bullies in rank pvp and I will report them just not girls warlords and I only congrats girl warlords on there warlord badge because they earn it fairly I rather fight a girl warlords that nice and not rude.

Guy Warlords didn't earn my trust yet because they call me a noob. And in 1 rank pvp I got reported 5 or 8 times falsely in rank pvp I think who ever does that many falsely reports should get muted.

I 1 got muted and it was April 1 at night I got unmuted on April 4 at noon witch that was a unfair muting though but it was a short mute so I didn't try to prove it.

And little kids that are hall managers they need there dad or mom by there side so they can't muted others wizards on the game.

If I get muted king isle owes me 20,000 crowns to make it fair.

And who ever says girls can't pvp are dead wrong I say girls are the fairer ruler then the guys that are warlords
Go girls warlords
Bully statement, really? How is this a bully statement? Is it because I am merely telling the truth and it hurts? I can tell you right now that you reporting people just for using something available to everyone is bullying. Ice bird and judge are fine as they are in tc form. Neither can be enchanted with sun spells so they are totally fair. So, according to your statement girls rule lol. Girls are no better in pvp than boys and boys are no better in pvp than girls. "Girl warlords are the real warlords because they don't call people noob." ROFL this is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard on the message boards. Girls have called me noob because I use tc in pvp. Guys call me noob because I use tc in pvp. Just because you are a girl does not make them any better than boys. You know for once, I actually think you have finally made a half decent statement when you said falsely reports should get muted. You know, I also agree people who report people for using tc in pvp should get muted as well. KI is not going to hand you 20,000 crowns just because you got muted for breaking the rules. I can not believe anyone would allow this post you created on the message boards. Girls and guys are equal so DEAL WITH IT and stop telling us all this trash about how girls rule and boys don't.

This thread is now closed. If personal attacks continue, sanctions will be taken against those who cannot abide by the Code of Conduct.

Dec 28, 2008
I'm a level 42 death wizard and i'm trying to at least get to Veteran rank. It never happens though cause theres always some level 30 person using a spell thats way beyond their level like basilisk or something. It's really unfair and it's the only way that people like these get to warlord rank. Treasure cards should only be allowed in pvp if

1. You meet or exceed the level of the card your using (Ex: A level 58 fire school wizard uses a TC efreet which is learned at level 58).

2. Or maybe you used a enhancment card such as a TC colossal on a spell you've already learned and it goes to your TC deck that way.

what do you guys think?

May 05, 2014
using tc's and pets should be for lvling and practice match's not ranked its so cheep to win in ranked and I see everyone use them in ranked. shure I could go out and buy some but id like to see for once people to win with the spells they own and not a tc card if its so much to ask..... there has not been a one ranked match ive seen someone "not" use a tc card. and ranked should be to see how skilled with the "spell's you have not what you can buy" >.>