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The Most Powerful Spells of All Series

This series was written by Aliah LotusPetal. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Most Powerful Spells of All Part 1

Once, there lived a wizard named Alia Lotuspetal. She was diligent, hardworking, and at the top of her Life classes. She was also very curious. But once, her curiosity got her somewhere great.... It all begins before the wall blocking Elik's Edge was built.

"Okay class, your homework tonight is to cast Spirit Armor at least 3 times. You are dismissed." said Alia's teacher, Professor Wu. "Oh,and remember to pick up your report cards!" Alia could hear some people whisper to their friends,"Of course we know what ALIA got," but Alia was never hurt by these things. "Well, you guys chat, but I'd better teleport to Sabrina, or she'll steam up like the LAST time I was late," said Alia, as she grabbed the green packet that held her report card, and simply flicked her wand.

"Oomph!" both Sabrina and Alia said, as Alia landed on top of Sabrina, her best friend. She was in the Shopping District of Wizard City. "They really should do something like putting a warning on saying WARNING, YOUR FRIEND IS TELEPORTING or something," said a giggling Sabrina. Sabrina Lightingcaster was a Journeyman Diviner, and Alia's best friend. They did almost EVERYTHING together. "Hey, Alia, I need some help defeating Biti Nirini. Could you-" Sabrina began. "Of course!" said Alia. "I was about to ask you too!" "Thanks! I just need to go to my castle and put in this new bed," Sabrina replied. Then, POOF! Off Sabrina teleported. Alia walked around the Shopping District for a while. It was October, and Spooky Bob was selling his items, there were lots of Halloween decorations, and it was cool and windy. So, Alia waited.

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...

But Sabrina still wasn't there. She managed to wander all the way to Elik's Edge. "They should put a wall up here. Someone could fall and-" Alia thought. but when she thought AND, she blinked, and there was a pole. "Oomph!" Sabrina was back. "Hey Sabrina! Look at that!" Alia said, as she rubbed her head. She pointed to the pole. "Yes, Alia. That's wide open space. Now come on! Remember? Biti?" Sabrina said. But- there's a pole RIGHT THERE!" Alia said.

"Alia, we don't have all day."

"But it's right there!"

"No it isn't."

"YES it is!"

"Alia, if you want to battle Biti alone, that's fine with me. I'll just take Mary Iceblossom instead," Sabrina said. "But there IS a pole," Alia said, running towards the cliff. "See?" she said, grasping her hand around the pole. "Alia, DON'T!" Sabrina yelled. But it was too late. Alia was sliding down the pole.

Alia was sliding down the pole, but she couldn't see the bottom of where the pole was supposed to go. "How long will this take?!" Alia thought out loud. BAM! She landed in a box. The box went up and up. Then, it stopped. There was a small piece of land, and a one story building. It looked like a school in Ravenwood, but it had a strange symbol on the door: a question mark. Alia opened the door. There were desks, a book of history, and no teacher. The chalkboard said: THE SECRET SCHOOL. Alia wondered around this strange place. Then she decided that Sabrina MUST be waiting for her. So, she jumped in the box, she went up again, and jumped on Elik's Edge. "WHOA," said Sabrina, with such shock in her eyes. "C'mon," Alia said. "Biti." So they ran off to Krokotopia.

"But it was real Mom!" Alia said to her mom, Rachel Lotusblossom at dinner, after explaining the Secret School. "Stop daydreaming in class, Alia," said Alia's older brother, Sean Deathhammer. "I only did that in Novice classes! Besides, at least I didn't drop out to be able to do whatever I wanted with my magic!" Alia angrily said. "Alia! Say sorry to your brother!" her mother yelled. "How come you and dad would always believe Sean, and you don't believe me?" Alia asked. "Well, we didn't believe him when he said Fire Elves stole all the cookies," her dad, Aedan Stormwalker said. "Alia, your grounded. Two weeks.Bed. NOW," her mother angrily said. So Alia slammed the door to her room, sat on her bed, and cried."Nobody believes me!" she sobbed. She was about to sneak out of her room and tell Professor Ambrose (she always went to him for problems), but she heard the front door slam open, and someone yelling, "WHERE IS ALIA LOTUSPETAL?" "Professor Ambrose!" Alia thought. She wiped her tears and sprung out of her bed. "Right here, Professor!" Alia yelled as she ran towards him."I was just about to-" Alia began, but saw Sabrina next to him. "Sabrina tells me of you seeing a pole on Elik's Edge, and sliding down. Then magically floating back up moments later," Professor Ambrose said. "So she couldn't see the box either," Alia thought. "Miss Lotusblossom, Mister Stormwalker, is it okay if Alia left for a few moments?" Professor Ambrose asked quickly. Just before her mom could open her mouth, POOF! They teleported into the commons. Professor Ambrose grabbed Alia's hand, and they ran quickly to his tower through the black, dark night sky. "Where's Sabrina?" Alia asked. "When I teleported here, I teleported her to her house at the same time. Hurry now," Professor Ambrose said. They ran into his tower, and the moment they did, Professor Ambrose yelled, "YOU FOUND THE SECRET SCHOOL!" "Yes, I did! You're the only one that believes me!" Alia said. "And, why is there no teacher, and no students?" Alia asked. "Because, I am the teacher," Professor Ambrose said dramatically. "And, the students?" Alia asked. "YOU are, Alia Lotuspetal," Professor Ambrose said, once again, DRAMATICALLY. "So does this school have spells?" Alia asked. "Yes. It actually has the most powerful spells of all," Professor Ambrose said. "We will discuss this tomorrow, after school, inside the Secret School. For now, I think your parents need you in bed, young Wizard." So then Alia went out of the tower, and stood there for a moment. "The most powerful spells of all, huh?" she said. And she flicked her wand, and went home.


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