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The Most Powerful Spells of All Series

This series was written by Aliah LotusPetal. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Most Powerful Spells of All Part 5


Alia yelled as Akori Nirini once again defeated her with Locust Swarm. She was behind in Krokotopia from her being grounded, and defeating the Nirini family was not very easy. Alia was teleported back to the Oasis, and realized, TODAY WAS HER SECRET LESSON! She rushed to the Spiral Chamber. "My lesson is in 5 MINUTES! I've got to get moving!

For all of you who are not familiar with Alia Lotuspetal's story, she had discovered a Secret School underneath the Shopping District. She has had lessons there ever since.

"Why does she always wear that locket?" Alia heard as she peeked out of the spiral door. She hid behind it quickly. "Her and Lightningcaster wear it. I guess it's homemade, by the simplicity of it," she heard them say again. Of course, It was Mary Iceblossom. "Yeah, I know! Detail is everything nowadays, right?" said one of Mary's snobby friends. "Ugh. I get disgusted by that kind of stuff. I mean, who MAKES their necklaces?" said another. Alia could not stand it anymore. She threw open the door. Alia scowled at them, and left with her head held high. But before she got out, she looked back and said calmly, "It's a locket, not a necklace."

"I have HAD IT with that girl!" Alia said as she ran through the Commons. She finally got to Elik's Edge when- "Oh, shoot." A level 7 Ice wizard was there, talking to the Frost Giant. "Excuse me, Mr. Giant," Alia said. "I have to get down there, so-"


"I am Alia Lotuspetal!" Alia yelled. "PROVE IT!" he yelled back. The Ice wizard was trembling. "I can!" Alia said. "Ask me something!" "THAT WILL NOT WORK!" the giant yelled. He banged his hammer and yelled, "AMBROSEY! COME OUT AND SEE IF THIS IS THE GIRL!" Soon, Professor Ambrose was standing in the giant's hand. He nodded his head at the giant. "UH, OOPS!" he said, as he disappeared. "But I still don't have enough information!" the Ice wizard yelled back.

"Today, we will discuss spells," Professor Ambrose said. "Now, first you need to learn the symbol. It's something like this," he said as he drew the shape. It was a long pattern of swirls. So long Alia got dizzy looking at it. "Professor Ambrose, I have a question," she said. "HOW exactly am I supposed to trace that in the air?" "Just like Storm spells," Professor Ambrose started. "These are VERY complicated and powerful. Did I mention it fizzles 40% of the time?" Alia almost fainted. So only 60% non-fizzling? She was SO shocked. "Anyways, try to trace it, feel the power building up, something trying to force out of you that you really, REALLY want, and then," Professor Ambrose jumped up from his seat. "Let it ALL out." "A bit of overload on the drama, but OK," Alia said. She tried it once, power building up, something forcing to be released from her staff, tracing and swirling and swirling and tracing, and- "Fizzle." Alia said. So she tried it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And- ,"Yes!" Alia yelled seeing something springing from her staff, glittery and silver and gold! "What is it, though?" Alia said, staring at the creature, similar to a cross between a Thunder Snake, a Firecat, and a Scorpion. It wasn't the prettiest thing ever. " A Mystery Beast!" Professor Ambrose said. "250 - 300 damage, such beauty, such BRILLIANCE! Such-" "When do I get my wand anyways?" Alia asked. "Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Snakeyes, cough it up!" Professor Ambrose said. He burped up a wand that was glittery, long, majestic, and covered in something similar to green mucus. It dried in. "Eew," Alia said.

"So we will practice tomorrow, OK?" Professor Ambrose said. "First," Alia said. "Mary and Sabrina were in the hospital because the doctor opened the lockets, and they came out. How? Is this a sign of danger?" Alia said. "Malistaire is trying to keep your friends away from you," he replied. "Why?" Alia asked. "I'll explain, umm, at Christmas! Yes!" he said. "At Christmas! Um, okay so just go along now, Alia."

"Wait!" Alia yelled. "Why were you so concerned about the locket making kit?" "Christmas," he replied.

"Me being more powerful than everyone else?"

"You can guess," he said. "Now go, please, I have to plan tomorrow's assignment."

"You did NOT just say that to me!" Alia heard as she walked through the commons. She saw Sabrina on Rainbow Bridge, shouting angrily at a Conjurer. "Hi Alia!" she yelled. "This 'Mr. Smartypants' just insulted me over here! He said, 'I could beat THAT girl anytime in a duel' while watching people go by on the bridge!" "It's true!" said the boy. "I've mastered Humungofrog! And have you mastered Kraken yet? NO!" he said. "Did I mention he has a little FRIEND?" she said, pointing to- "CODY?" Alia yelled. He waved nervously. "YOU? Insulting HER? With, I'm sorry, I didn't quite get his name," Alia said. "Kevin Mythcaster," Cody said. "Okay, yeah. WITH KEVIN?" Alia asked. "Well, I could beat you in a battle too,you know," Cody said. "What?" Alia said angrily with gritted teeth. "Well, you ARE Life!" he said. "Stealing is the new deal here. I mean, it's classic just watching a Thuergist get knocked out by a Vampire while the caster gains back FULL HEALTH!" Alia was getting angry now, VERY angry.




Alia raged with anger. She was not angry. No, she was not VERY,VERY angry. She was FURIOUS. She was so angry, she was turning red. So, the words escaped her mouth without warning,

"THAT IS IT! You are going to come to a one versus one battle RIGHT THIS SECOND mister!"

"But I didn't-"

"Come right NOW," Alia said through her very gritted teeth. "And YOU TWO!" she said. She pointed to Sabrina and Kevin. "You will come and watch. No excuses. NOW." Sabrina and Kevin growled at each other and trailed behind Alia and Cody, Cody looking utterly confused, unsure, and yet, satisfied.

"We would like a one versus one ranked match, please!" Alia said. "Okay," the Ranked Match guy said, grabbing his Crowns. "Let me guess, opposite schools, same level, different gender, argument, and I'll- prove - I'm - better battle?" he asked. "Indeed. now LET'S DO THIS!" they were teleported to the Mooshu arena. "It's on," Cody said. "SO totally on," Alia said. "Go Cody!" Kevin yelled. "Go Alia!" Sabrina yelled. "Cody rules!" Kevin yelled to Sabrina. "Alia rules!" Sabrina yelled back. They both growled. Meanwhile, Alia had used Life Ire on Cody, right in the place you don't want ANYBODY to hit you with a spell. "Ouch," Sabrina said. Cody tried to cast Dark Sprite at Alia, but it fizzled. "HA!" Alia said.

Alia used Life Ire again, this time it hit Cody's chest, and Cody used Death Trap. Alia used her Death Shield, and Cody used his Dark Sprite, which only did 43 damage. "Wow, I am SO scared!" Alia said. Cody growled. Alia, who now had 4 pips, cast a Seraph treasure card. That card did 400 damage. Cody staggered over and cast Ghoul. Alia looked at her remaining treasure cards, and grinned. She cast a Leprechaun that did 220 damage! Cody had about 400 health. And his deck was shuffled so that there were no Life stealing cards, and no Healing. So he just cast Death Trap. Alia gained a Power Pip! She used a Death Shield Treasure card, and Cody's spell fizzled. "Am I getting ANY luck?" Cody said. "Well, your unluckiness JUST increased!" Alia said, who now had 2 Power Pips. She cast a Minion! "Oh, COME ON!" Cody said. He managed to finally cast a Vampire, and now he had 500 health, but Alia still had 900.

Alia FINALLY fizzled on Nature's Wrath, but her little Sprite cast an Imp on Cody. But this Imp tugged at Cody's ears and punched him with his little Imp fists. "Get this beast OFF OF ME!" Cody said, swatting the Imp, which finally clonked him on the head with his Violin (200 damage!), and disappeared. Cody cast a Sprite Treasure Card, which only gave 50 healing. Alia nodded at the Sprite Minion, and cast her last Seraph Treasure card, which did 400 damage! The Sprite giggled, and cast an Imp, which did 105 damage, and Cody was knocked out! "YES!" Alia said, Hi-fiving the Sprite before she disappeared. "No!" Kevin yelled. "You see," Alia said to Cody.

"That is why you do not mess with a Thuergist."

Sabrina said,"Good job my non-fizzling friend!", as they walked through Unicorn way. "Hey, you know, I'm trying to earn some gold," Sabrina said. "and I know you're still trying to defeat the Nirini Family, so-" "Say no more," Alia said. They trotted off into the nice, breezy November afternoon, and, well, that's the end of part 5 I guess!

In part 6, Alia will receive many gifts for Christmas, and one of the most important things in our tale will be revealed.Alia's questions will be answered, especially the one about the locket making kit. But that's another part.


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