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The Most Powerful Spells of All Series

This series was written by Aliah LotusPetal. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Most Powerful Spells of All Part 3

Alia wandered around behind a few shops. Sabrina was there, and as Alia was explaining the locket Sabrina became a Wraith. The Wraith would not reveal its identity, and Alia, more nervous than ever saw the ball form in its hand, and felt the white hot unforgettable pain. First everything was a blinding light, then everything went black.....

"Where am I ?......"

Alia woke in a very tired, worn feeling. She felt a warm bed, and for the first time in hours, she saw light. "Oh dear! You're finally awake! Lay back down dear, lay back down," a kind soft voice said. It was sort of like a cross between Professor Greyrose and Wu's voice. They were obviously a doctor. "ALIA!" An alarming voice yelled across the room. Alia's mom and dad were there. They both ran to her and smothered her in hugs and kisses. "That's-oomph!-Enough!" Alia said from underneath. "Oh Alia, we're so sorry!" Alia's mother said. "Next time TELL US why you have to come home after something else!"

"SABRINA!!!" Alia yelled.

"Who?" the kind, blond doctor asked.

"Sabrina! She's brown haired, purple and yellow clothing, Adept Diviner-"

"I'm here! Put on your glasses!" A familiar voice said. Alia grabbed her glasses, put them on, and on the bed next to her was Sabrina! "Sabrina!" Alia yelled. "There you are! Where were you all day?!!" "Stop ,the,YELLING!" A familiar whiney voice yelled. "Oh. It's you Mary." Alia said. The pouty, silver haired Ice wizard sat there with her hands over her ears. "My head has been KILLING me since, well, who knows what happened!" "Mary, cool off. It's strange how an Ice wizard can get as firey as a Fire wizard," Sabrina said. "DO-NOT-INSULT-THE-MAGIC-OF-ICE!" Mary screamed. "Geez, cool down a bit more Mary, it's just an expression-" "My WHOLE family is Ice, my Mom, my Dad, even my CAT is. Thanks for insulting my practical RACE, Sabrina Lightingcaster!" she said. "Your CAT?" Alia asked. "He's blue colered," Mary replied coldly, with an icy look in her eyes. See, she IS Alia's worst enemy.

"ALIA!" another voice yelled across the room. Alia yelped, trying to protect herself from being nearly suffocated again. But it wasn't a relative. It was Professor Ambrose! "Alia! Malistare was controlling the ghosts! He made the ghosts forget to tell you not to go behind any shops!" he said. "Malistare?" "Shops?" "Ghosts?" All of these questions came from all corners of the room. Her parents had an alarmed look on their face, Sabrina was shocked, Mary and the doctor looked just plain confused, and a man who had walked in just when he said, "Malistaire" Had dropped the parchment he was holding, ran out the door, and was yelling,"He has returned! He has! Yes Malistaire, who else do you think, Lord Nightshade?!"

"He made them dissapear before they could warn you! One boy actually DIED when that happened! He was also destined, but got KILLED!" Professor Ambrose said. There were now gasps around the whole room. "And what's horrible is-" "Wait!" Alia said. "One thing, WHO saved me?" "Ah yes," Professor Ambrose said. "I was getting to that part. He's a cunning, educated, smart, fantastic-"

"We get it!" Mary yelled.

"-Wizard." He said. "He was going to skip about 10 grades, already knew Banshee, my goodness..." He said. "WHO?" everyone around said. "Well he's going to skip about 10 more because of his effort, learned Curse and all priors, smart boy.." "Um, you know Professor Ambrose, you wanna know a word that's stuck in my head right now?" Alia said. "WHO???!!!" "Cody Dragonrider. So, he received a new badge that says, 'Savior of a Life wizard'," He said. "And you mentioned Banshee and Curse, right?" Alia asked. "Yes." "So you're saying a- a- a," Alia gulped. "DEATH wizard saved me?" "Indeed." Alia was shocked. Someone of the opposing school? Saving HER? It was all so confusing. "Did I mention the boy is kind?" Professor Ambrose said. "He said he'd like to meet you, but then his parents charmed him with a spell that made all Thuergists invisible to him." Alia nearly upchucked at the thought of meeting him, but eagerly needed to meet him, too! Alia was very confused.

Alia got out of the hospital soon. She explained Malistaire, the shops, and the ghosts to Sabrina, and also the secret school. They were walking along in the shopping district. "Wow Alia! You actually COULD save the spiral!" Sabrina said. "On the way out of the hospital, Professor Ambrose gave me this," Alia said, holding up a piece of paper. The paper said: Secret School Orientation Tomorrow 3:00 pm Don't be late, this is important.

"Orientation?" Sabrina asked. "I thought you went to the school before?" "Yes, but I never had a real lesson," Alia said. "Oh, look!" Sabrina said. "There's a new Holiday Vendor!" And indeed there was. "Hello! I'm Harvest Hannah! Would you like an Item for a good price of crowns?

"No thanks," Sabrina answered. "We're fine."

"You know, I never remember how I ended up in the hospital." Sabrina said.

"Odd." Alia replied.

" Last thing I remember was me and Mary arguing." Sabrina said. "We were on the dock by Torrence. Mary was insulting Storm. I argued with her and she also said,'Storm. What a dumb school. It even has a dumb TREE.' Like Torrence already had enough to frown about!" "The dock is where I found your locket," Alia said. "And Mary's, as well." "That's quite strange." Sabrina said. "Well, c'mon. Your parents need you home now." Sabrina said.

"Meow," Alia heard as she opened the door. "Hi kitty!" Alia said, petting her gray kitten, Minerva. She purred loudly. "Mom, Dad, Sean, I'm home!" Alia yelled. She heard the sound of glass tinkling, and stomping footsteps. "Theives!" Alia thought. She grabbed Minerva, and hid under the tiny jade table in her living room, while meanwhile whispering to Sabrina over menu chat,"Sabrina! help!"

"No, YOU are awesome Zan'ne! Thanks for the treasure cards! -Oh, sorry, what Alia?" "There are thieves in my house! They just broke something upstairs!" Alia said. "Oh No! I'll get everyone I can to go there, OK? You just stay right-"


"Alia?" Sabrina asked slowly.

"The boss is gonna love THIS!" the scary voice said. Its hand reached towards Alia. She grabbed her fallen wand, and zapped him and the man behind him with Life Ire. "Like you're gonna kill me!" Alia said. She didn't know how, but a Humungofrog fell headfirst on to both of them, flipped over, and, well you know the rest. I just didn't want to make a queasy person, UHH... you know. "UGH!" both of the men exclaimed, disgusted.

"WOW." Alia said

"You may have won this time, puny wizard," the one that hadn't talked said. "But we'll get your soul, we promised this to our master."

Alia was in such horrid shock. "We'll be back..." the first man said, as he teleported somewhere. "MMPH!" there was a noise in the closet! Of course, Sean, her mom, and her dad were in the closet. Alia untied them, and Alia's mother decided to explain what happened, which she will in part 4.


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