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The Most Powerful Spells of All Series

This series was written by Aliah LotusPetal. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Most Powerful Spells of All Part 12

"You're doing WHAT?"

"AAH!" Alia yelled, falling off the bridge into the freezing cold commons pond. She was dripping wet, and looked very unhappy.

"Err, sorry," Mary IceBlossom said, helping Alia up.

"Anyway, Sabrina just told me the news, rudely as usual. So, YOU'RE DOING WHAT?"

"Stealing my powers back!" Alia said, taking a seat back on the edge of Rainbow Bridge. "You can't! It's too dangerous!" Mary protested. "Look, are you my mom or something?" Alia said, standing up. "I am stealing my powers back, no matter what." "Okay, but don't come crying to me when you die," Mary said, her arms crossed. "If I'm dead, how can I come crying to you?" Alia said, walking off with Mary to Sabrina's favorite place, Triton Avenue.

Along the way, Alia noticed someone being scolded by Malistaire in the Shopping District. Someone very familiar...

"Mister MythBlade, how do you explain this new style of dyeing your clothes?" Malistaire asked. "Kevin MythBlade!" Alia mouthed.

"I dunno, I just miss Conjuration so I found some old yellow dye and--"

"Decided to make your NECROMANCER clothing black and yellow?"

Malistaire's eyes turned a furious red. Kevin trembled in fear. Mary just shook her head. Malistaire noticed the two girls, and scowled. "RUN OFF OR YOU'LL LOSE YOUR POWERS TOO, ICEBLOSSOM!" Mary ran off quickly. "As for YOU, LotusPetal," he said, for Alia still stood there. "Your powers are gone, your access to the Secret School is gone, and your family is being treated miserably. All that's left is to KILL you."

Alia's sea green eyes grew wide. She ran off quickly, when someone grabbed her arm. Alia shrieked as she was pulled into a bush. "SHHH!" a familiar voice said. Alia noticed Mary's short blue hair, and saw her finger up to her whitish purple lips.

"MISTER MYTHBLADE, I AM LETTING YOU OFF WITH A WARNING," a booming voice yelled. Alia realized it belonged to Malistaire. "AS LONG AS YOU DYE YOUR CLOTHING BLACK, WHITE, RED, OR SILVER AGAIN!" "Y-yes Headmaster D-Drake!" Kevin's frightened voice replied. He ran off, sweating and looking like he was about to cry. Alia chuckled quietly, and watched as Malistaire teleported to his Dragonspyre office.

Mary realized that they needed Kevin to help save the Spiral. "Alia, you have the locket?" she asked. "Yep," Alia replied, holding up a triangular silver locket with a single Peridot in the center. Mary gave Alia a thumbs up as she ran off to give the locket to Kevin.

"Kevin!" Alia said, running after him. "What?" Kevin asked spinning around. "I think I've seen you before..." Kevin said hesitantly, looking at Alia's no stat Celestial outfit, dyed black and white. "I'm Alia, the one you SPIED on!" Alia said, her arms crossed. More fear grew in Kevin's eyes.


"Take this," Alia said, tossing a confused Kevin his locket.

"You need to help me save the Spiral from Malistaire. We need a Conjurer, well, former Conjurer, and you were the only Myth person we knew," Alia explained. "Well, um, okay?" Kevin said very confused as he put the locket around his neck. "What's with the locket anyway?" he asked as Alia walked away. "Your Myth spells power will increase. Now, I need to go talk to Sabrina, if you don't mind," she said, walking away once more. Kevin shrugged, and walked towards the Dye Shop.

Mary and Alia quickly ran off to Triton Avenue. It was still purple everywhere, and Haunted Minions, Rotting Fodders, and Scarlet Screamers still roamed. Sabrina loved it there, and almost every day she would sit on the top of the ramps, and stare out into the universe, dreaming for a very long time. She could be so deep in concentration, that she couldn't hear anything. All she would do in this trance was hum the same mysterious song, and keep on daydreaming. Or, so she thought she was daydreaming.

Right now, in Sabrina's head, this was going on.
Sabrina was in a strange cave. There was spooky music playing at the end. She ran with all her might, and sang along with the song, as if being forced. It was the same thing over and over again, "...The snake's lightning can kill, but the caster's chances are weak... Come to me if it is your own power that you seek..." It seemed like the end was getting farther as she ran along, sweat running down her forehead. The Scarecrows whispered her name quietly each, but all together it was a dreadful chant. "Sabrina... Sabrina... Sabrina..." She ran faster and faster, more sweat forming everywhere on her face. The beads fell to the ground with loud splashes. Sabrina kept on running even more faster, and the song went faster and got louder. "THE SNAKE'S LIGHTNING CAN KILL, BUT THE CASTER'S CHANCES ARE WEAK..." Sabrina was feeling light headed. Every noise was booming in her ears. "SABRINA... SABRINA..." "SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH!" "...COME TO ME IF IT IS YOUR OWN POWER THAT YOU SEEK..."


"WOAH! WHA-What?" Sabrina said, rubbing her aching head. Alia and Mary stared down at her oddly, as if she were a new creature of some sort at the pet shop. "Sorry, I-I don't know what keeps on happening to me here." "It's okay," Alia said, helping Sabrina up, along with Mary. Though, Sabrina wasn't very happy Mary was there. "You can let go now, Mary," Sabrina said grumpily.

The three chatted for a while, and actually had a good conversation. In fact, Mary and Sabrina were almost friends, when they heard a loud clap of thunder.

"It's Malistaire, get to the Commons!" Alia said, running off with Mary and Sabrina.

They found Malistaire atop his cloud as usual. His eyes were furiously red again. As soon as every wizard was cramped into the commons, Malistaire said this.

"It's a new holiday today. It comes once a month, and I have just made it up. Witches and Wizards, every second Wednesday of the month, it is TORTURE DAY!"

Everyone all of a sudden stood up straight. Malistaire laughed, and continued. "I will pick a random student who has been acting horribly, and do something terrible to them." He smiled and evil smile. I crossed my fingers, thinking "Please don't pick me, please don't pick me, please don't pick me!" Malistaire finally yelled,

"NEELA LIGHTNINGCASTER!" Alia sighed in relief.

"That's my cousin," Sabrina informed Alia.

All eyes were on Neela, a tall girl with short brown hair. "Me?" she asked bravely. Malistaire smiled a sweet yet fake smile. "Yes, you Miss LightningCaster." The smile disappeared and his expression was furious, while his eyes glowed deep red. "NOW GET UP HERE!" Neela jumped up, frightened. She ran up as quick as she could to the cloud. "I know ALL of your fears. Neela, why don't you share what you did on Monday, March the eighth?" Neela had a nervous look in her eyes, and rocked back and forth on her feet nervously as she told the audience. "I learned how to do Banshee, Headmaster." "Yes, and what did you ask Professor Dworgyn in the middle of class?" Malistaire asked, with another suspicious sweet smile. "I asked him if I could go to the bathroom, I think," Neela said, looking up suspiciously. "He said I could, for five minutes." "And how long did you take?" Malistaire asked.

"Six, but--"


The audience gasped, along with Alia.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR MISSING REQUIRED TIME AT THE DRAKE ACADEMY OF MAGICAL ARTS!" Malistaire screamed angrily. He faced the audience. "I GIVE YOU NEELA LIGHTNINGCASTER'S GREATEST FEAR: WRAITHS!" There was a deafening clap of thunder, and a flash of lightning, then Malistaire cast a Wraith. "YOU ARE CURSED TO HAVE THE VOICE OF LORD NIGHTSHADE FOREVER!" he said. His loud voice echoed through the frightening scene. He did something that no Necromancer had ever done: took the life out of a Wraith. The Wraith fell to the ground, being defeated in the same manner he could defeat. Malistaire thrust his hand out at Neela, and she clasped both hands around her neck.

"MISS LIGHTNINGCASTER, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?" Malistaire cruelly asked. "I... I... I..." she started in her hoarse voice, tearing up. Alia spotted a box where Malistaire was putting a deep red orb inside. It closed suddenly and loudly. Apparently, Cody, who was in front of her, had too. He carefully began to levitate the box. Alia quickly walked up to his row. "What are you doing?" she whispered. "Helping those in need!" Cody replied, slowly making it come to him. Neela was still stuttering.

"I.... I...."


"But you could get in big trouble!"

"So what? I'll get killed, but I'm sick and tired of Malistaire hurting everyone!"


"But you can't die! Not you!"

"Why? It's not like I'm all that important like you!"

"I... I... I don't know what to say!"

"But, you're one of my best friends! You can't leave me!"

"Leave ME?"

"Err, I meant US."


"DON'T!" Alia yelled this time. All eyes were on her and Cody. It was very unfortunate that it was the same moment Cody yelled, "CATCH, NEELA!"

He tossed the box to Neela, who swiftly opened it up. As soon as she did, she only saw the beautiful orb for a split second, for it flew into her as if it wanted her back eagerly. Neela grinned at Cody, yelling, "Thank you!"

Malistaire grew furious. "Oh no." Alia said, quickly getting away from Cody.

"DRAGONRIDER!" Malistaire yelled. Cody didn't jump up or anything, he just calmly and bravely replied, "Yes, Headmaster?" "DON'T YOU TRY THAT 'YES HEADMASTER' STUFF ON ME!" Malistaire yelled. "I can't look!" Alia said to Sabrina, looking away.

"Whatever is the matter, Headmaster Drake?" Cody innocently asked. "YOUR DISOBEDIENCE IS THE MATTER!" Malistaire yelled. "So, do I get a punishment of any sort?" Cody asked.

Malistaire Drake became more furious than anyone had ever saw him. Without a warning, he snatched Cody by the arm, and teleported to his Dragonspyre office, Alia yelling, "CODY!"

She jumped for him, but it was too late. They were gone. Alia then just lay there, still reaching out for him. "No, anyone but Cody," Alia whispered, getting up and brushing the dirt off her clothes.

"That's it, Sabrina," Alia said, turning to Sabrina, everyone listening.

"It's tonight."

"You mean--"

"I'm going to steal my powers back."

The crowded Commons were silent. The wind blew fiercely, making Alia's hair blow dramatically. "By tonight, maybe longer,"

"I am going to defeat the greatest threat of all. The master of the spiral. The most cruel man we all know."

"Malistaire Drake."

Everyone was asleep, including Elizabeth. Or at least there was no movement in the dorm room. Alia opened one eye slowly. She quietly sat up out of bed. Slowly, she stepped off of the bed and onto the floor. Alia looked around to make sure nobody was awake. Quietly, she tiptoed toward the bright red door. Alia slowly put her hand on the doorknob...


Alia shrieked as the door opened, and apparently so did the person at the door.

"A mirror?" Alia said, scratching her head in confusion. Then, she noticed the long red hair.

"ELIZABETH?" Alia asked. Elizabeth's eyes grew big. "You can call me Lizzie?" she said nervously. "What are you doing out here?" Alia demanded. "Well, I wanted to help you," Elizabeth said, handing a piece of paper to Alia. "Turns out, cat claws are really good for picking locks!"

Alia read the piece of paper aloud. "He lies in Dragon's Roost."

"Thank you, Lizzie!" Alia said. "Elizabeth smiled. "Just give me your leftovers the next time we eat salmon for dinner," Elizabeth said, turning into a little feline and hopping up on Alia's bed to sleep.

Bravely, Alia walked up to Bartelby. "Why, young wizard!" Bartelby said, awakening. "You gave me quite a fright!" he continued in his long, dreary, old voice. "Bartelby, may I please go in the spiral chamber?" Alia pleaded. "Malistaire says if I do, he'll pull my roots from the ground," Bartelby protested. "Look, if you let me in," Alia began to say. "By the time Malistaire finds out, he'll be DEAD. Now come on!"

Bartelby apparently needed some sleep. "Fine, young wizard." he said, opening the doorway to the spiral chamber. Alia grinned, and thanked him as she stepped into the darkness that was Bartelby.

Alia quietly ran toward the door. "This is it!" she said to herself, brimming with confidence. Then, all of a sudden, she came to a ferocious halt.

Alia gasped in horror as she realized she needed a key. Turning back regretfully, she heard a strange voice that sounded oddly familiar.

"Alia, it's me. Headmaster Ambrose."

"It's you? It really is you?" Alia asked, staring up.

"Yes, I'm using some of Malistaire's power to speak to you. I can contact you in any way now," Alia's headmaster explained.

"By any chance, Headmaster," Alia began. "Is the key to DragonSpyre with you?"

"Why wouldn't it?" he said. A large, flaming red and orange key fell into Alia's hands.

"Thank you, Headmaster," Alia said. "A while after this, everything is going to be just fine. Malistaire will be gone. You won't be under his spell. And the Spiral will be safe again."

"Quickly now, I can hear Malistaire's footsteps!"

Alia ran through the doorway, twisting the key in an astral lock.

Meanwhile, in the Atheneum, Dragonspyre...

"AMBROSE!" Malistaire yelled, bursting through the doorway as the Headmaster innocently turned around. "IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO BE UNDER POSSESSION AGAIN!" Malistaire had furious red eyes once more, that matched the deep red curtains that were behind his throne. Malistaire stared at the nervous, aged man. As well as what was behind him. "Were YOU using The Crystal Ball of Chaos?" he demanded. The sweating headmaster vigorously shook his head. "Better not have, Ambrose," Malistaire said, beginning to zap Merle Ambrose back into possession. With a crash and a streak of lightning flying throughout the Throne Room, Headmaster Ambrose stood up as straight as a robot, his eyes open wide, and in a strange voice he said, "Yes, Master."

Alia's heart was pounding, and beads of sweat trickled down her face as she ran through the Basilica. She anxiously looked around her. It was so... Gloomy. There was lava pouring everywhere. And then, out of nowhere came sight of Dragonspyre, miles off into the atmosphere. It was amazing, but scary. There was a treacherous, long fall down. Alia gulped. Looking to her right, she saw a portal to the Atheneum. "Here I go!"

Alia's clothes gained dirt from the hard ground she had fallen upon. She brushed them off, grumbling to herself, "I shouldn't have worn this perfectly clean nightgown..." Alia sweat more than ever in the blazing heat of DragonSpyre. She was astonished by the Lava Lilies that sprouted from the lava. Their beautiful yellow-orange color was perfectly mystifying. Alia had to be more careful now and walk. About now, the sweat on her face all evaporated. Her heart thumped swiftly.

She finally came across another portal in the center of the shops. Breathing heavily, she climbed in. It was an odd portal-- It led to Dragonspyre Academy! That was all the way on the other side of Dragonspyre! She climbed in eagerly.

She fell on cold, red stone. A woman named Zanetta was sleeping soundly in her home. Alia headed for the dragon.

The ride was amazing, yet the only thing on her mind right now was Cody. Alia began to think back as she rode along...

...Then, out of nowhere, something rare in the commons caught Alia's eye. A health wisp! Alia ran towards it with the rest of her energy, now about a yard away from it. It disappeared. But before Alia could realize that, while she was still running, a Death student came out of nowhere and- "Oomph!" They ran into each other, each dropping all of their parchment, books, quills, and ink! "Oh I am SO-" the male Necromancer started. But before he could say sorry, he stared at Alia. "Well, I guess the charm wore off," he said. "What charm?" Alia said, remembering Professor Ambrose's words. "Well, I saved this Life wizard, she was unconscious behind some shops. Her name I think was-" "Alia Lotuspetal?" Alia asked. "Yeah, that's it! And-- WAIT! How did you know?" the boy asked. "It's nice to meet you, Cody Dragonrider," Alia sad.


While Cody was babbling, Alia changed her hat to the one she was wearing when Cody saved her.


"Yeah." Alia said. "Well nice to meet you"- DIIIING!

"Oh no! The bell!" Alia said. "Here," Alia said, putting each others names on the friend's lists. Then Alia picked up her things, and headed off to her early lesson on Seraph...

A tear fell from Alia's eye as she thought about it. She finally got off the dragon, and headed towards a suspicious anvil...

Meanwhile, in a secret dungeon...

"AUGH!" Cody yelled, fighting against the chains. Malistaire only laughed horribly. "Foolish child! This is your punishment for underestimating the Master of Death!" he cackled. Cody fought back even more. Malistaire only laughed more, and pointed rudely at him. "Haha! What NOW, pitiful little Necromancer? Is that little Thuergist girl going to come and save you? I think it queer if she can even get into Dragonspyre!" Cody yelled and tugged. "DON'T INSULT HER LIKE THAT!" Cody screamed, fighting even more. Malistaire began to look tired. "Whatever, little boy. I guess it's time to leave you to rot..." he said, turning out the lights, leaving only a candle lit at Cody's feet. He left momentarily.

Meanwhile, above the anvil...

Malistaire forced the anvil upward. Alia, frightened, hid behind it. It barely clonked her head, though it ached with pain. It turned into agony sooner. She noticed it was rapidly bleeding as Malistaire left to his lair. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a nearby cloth and held it against her head. She opened the anvil doorway.

Jumping down, she saw Cody with his head facing down, tied to chains, and his eyes closed. His expression was horrifying. Alia could tell he was in pain.

She knew she mustn't yell. "CODY!" she whispered. She ran over to him, and he was asleep, seemingly dead. "Oh my gosh." Alia said, climbing up the steps. Cody was hung up so high, that Alia had to get on her tiptoes to at least see his feet at eye level. Then, her foot accidentally knocked over the candle, and the dungeon was pitch black.

Cody awoke with a start. He could sense something moving about his feet, and Alia acknowledged his sudden movement as well. "Cody!' she said out loud. "It's Alia, stay still!" Cody's face lit up, but nobody saw it.

Alia managed to get his legs free, in the dark. She grabbed a stool and stood on it, then she could reach his arms. He fell onto the floor with a great thud.

Alia jumped down and helped him up. They could sense each others movements somehow. Cody stepped one step closer to Alia. "You found me," he said in amazement. His mind was racing.

Alia stepped closer too. "I need to ask you something, Cody." she requested. "Where are little golden lockboxes found?" Cody answered hesitantly. "Go out here, take a right to the Dragon, and you'll end up in D.S. Academy. Go to the door with a fire symbol down the ramp. They're found there.

Suddenly, a bat fluttered down by their heads.

Alia stepped back as well as Cody, and blushed. "Um, to the lockboxes?" she asked, grabbing Cody's hand and running off, thinking, "Oh, the awkwardness."

Alia and Cody came upon a great room, with thousands of lockboxes. They were sorted into schools: Death, Myth, Fire, Ice, Storm, Balance, and LIFE.

Ali stared in amazement. "So many people have suffered and lost their powers," she stated softly. Alia walked up to the life lockboxes.

"How am I supposed to know which one is MINE?" Alia questioned. Cody thought for a moment. "The right powers will jump into your soul. Try one," Cody said. Alia's hand hovered nervously over the golden lockboxes. All of a sudden, a certain one right in the middle pulled her towards it. It was almost like a magnetic force. Alia picked it up. "They'll try to trick you," Cody said. "Any Thuergist basically can be pulled in by one of those." Alia eyed him strangely. "How would you know?" Cody pulled out a golden lockbox from his pocket. "While you were messing around, I found mine. They pulled me from all directions, I'm telling you!" he said. "Like it matters anyway!" Alia said. "Nothing wrong will happen if I pick up the wrong box!"

"Actually..." Cody began. "It'll jump out and be let go into the spiral forever. It could take years for that orb to find its owner. We must return these asap." Alia sighed. "Poor fellow Thuerge..." Alia whispered, opening that box that pulled her stronger than the others.

A beautiful green orb was revealed. Alia gaped at its beauty. It glimmered softly. Acknowledging its owner in front of it, it sprung at Alia.

Alia coughed roughly on the ground, green sparks coming out of her mouth. She smiled as the power flowed back into her veins.

Alia let out a giggle of happiness and snapped. A parchment appeared with a cloud of green dust. Alia looked up at Cody. "The good old adept self!" Alia said.

Suddenly, Alia's eyes fell on her stats on the parchment. She read it aloud. "Alia LotusPetal, level 50, Grandmaster Thuergist."

Cody stared at his as well. "Cody DragonRider, level 50, Grandmaster Necromancer!" he screamed.

"How can this be?" Alia questioned eagerly. "I don't know!" Cody replied. "The point is, WE'RE GRANDMASTERS!" Alia grinned. "If you and me are Grand, do you know what this means?" Alia asked. "Sabrina, Mary, Kevin, Elizabeth, and Sean could be Grandmasters too!" Cody's face lit up.

"We have to come back here with them!" Alia said. "It's the only way we'll have a better chance!" Cody stopped and thought about the Grandmaster stuff. "What if this is an illusion?"

Alia thought for a moment, and realized. She was destined for all of this to happen. This must have been the next symbol on the cave a while back.

But she then realized. "The Draconian Army never came!" Alia screamed. "So much is happening and I don't know what to do!" Alia screamed again. Cody suddenly grabbed Alia by the shoulders. "STEAL THE ARMY'S WEAPONS! GET ALL THE DESTINED ONES! AND SAVE OUR POOR, POWERLESS LITTLE--"

Alia screamed. "WHERE THE HECK DID THIS COME FROM???" She pulled out a thin green sword. The tag said: Oyotomi's Jade Blade.

Alia smiled suspiciously. "Maybe we should do a little WRECKAGE too!"

They then headed off to change the future of the Draconian Army, and prepared to save the spiral once and for all.


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