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The Most Powerful Spells of All Series

This series was written by Aliah LotusPetal. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Most Powerful Spells of All Part 2

Alia laid in bed that night and thought about what had happened. She had found out she was in a secret school, and she would have to meet Professor Ambrose after school. When Alia got home,her mom had told Professor Ambrose that it was very impolite to barge in like that, and to take her daughter without her approval. Also, Alia had to come straight home after school for two weeks, which was horrible because Alia had to meet Professor Ambrose. Alia would have her wand confiscated if she didn't come straight home, and then her spells would be less powerful. Well, at least she still had friends to talk to.....

Alia got up and out of bed, put on her light green spectacles, looked at the clock and- "Oh no! I'm gonna be late!" She ran to her closet and got on her nice clothes that matched her glasses, grabbed her wand, and ran downstairs. "...and so I could accomplish from where I left off. You never know if I would save the Spiral," Alia heard Sean say at the breakfast table. "Oh. Alia. NOW you decide to wake up," he said. "I'd insult you, but that would be a risk of an extended punishment," Alia said. "Dad, what was Sean talking about?" "He was thinking about what you said last night, and he wants to go back to Death School!" Her dad replied. "Eat your breakfast though, school's going to start." "Oh, yeah, forgot about that." Alia said. "One reason I dropped out," Sean said. "The pressure of being late."

"Professor Wu! Professor Wu!" Alia ran into the Life schoolroom. "Alia! You're-" Professor Wu started. "Late? Yeah, I know. What did I miss?" "We don't accept students in until 7:00, young wizard." Professor Wu said. "Oh, yeah, I forgot," Alia said, looking around the room, and of course seeing no students. "That extra credit project on different time zones got me jumbled up!" "Well, go and walk around then. Do a quick attempt battle at the Nirini Champion. I don't know. Now hurry along," Professor Wu said. Alia went to Torrence, the Storm tree, and saw Sabrina's locket on the dock. It was a gold heart shaped locket, with a single Amethyst in the center. Inside was a picture of Alia and Sabrina. Alia had one exactly like it, but with a Jade. She only gave these to her closest friends,along with filling in their star on the friends list. "I'll give this to Sabrina after school," she thought out loud. Then, next to it was another locket, not one that she gave to a friend. "This must be Mary Iceblossom's," Alia said, looking at her worst enemy's silver locket, with blue swirls of Sapphire. "It'll earn me karma points," she said, stuffing it in her pocket along with Sabrina's.

"I wonder why I haven't seen Sabrina yet today," Alia wondered, as she ran to Elik's Edge. "I also haven't seen Mary." She slid down the pole. Then, prepared herself for- BAM! She hit the box. "I'm SO finding out how to cushion this thing." She stepped onto the piece of land, and walked into the school... "Hello? Professor Ambrose? Anyone?" Alia said. The classroom was gloomy, and looked as jumbled up as the Death school. "We've finally felt it in you, young wizard," a wispy, light voice said. "Who's there?!" Alia demanded. Her hand was gripped around her wand so tightly, that her hand sweat. "Fear not," the voice said, but clearer. A glowing blue figure appeared. "You are the chosen one." "Explain! Now!" Alia ordered. "We've felt the warmth in your soul. We will tell us your story, but first, we warn you we may hurt you. Our master could be watching, and he controls us," the ghost said. "We?" Alia said. "Yes.." the ghost whispered, as other ghosts, but children about Alia's age appeared. "I am Emily Swift. I will tell you that you are one of us, but probably more powerful of a kind than I would've been." it said. "Our master was young back then, and he was as evil as now. I was destined to save the spiral, as these children ghosts told me. They had been killed by our master, and their previous teacher was killed right after he was my teacher, and I graduated, hoping to save everyone soon." "I became headmistress, and taught a few how to do this magic, waiting for my chance to come, and he killed me and my students." "So wait, is your master Mali-" "DO NOT SPEAK IT!" The ghost screeched. "He detects and controls us by saying it...." the ghost said, as it and all the other ghosts disappeared. "Ghosts explained ?" Professor Ambrose said, standing by the doorway. "Oh! Um, uh, yes," Alia said, surprised "We'll discuss spells tomorrow. Go along now," he said. So Alia got back up to Elik's Edge, and wandered around behind the shops. Then she saw Sabrina. "Hi Sabrina! You dropped your locket by-" "MWAHHAAAHAHAHAHA!" Sabrina cackled.she became tall and skinny with a black robe and axe and- wait, this was a WRAITH! "Who are y-you?" Alia asked "MY NAME IS, I CAN'T TELL YOU! AKA, YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!" it said, as a bright ball of light formed in its hand, and it threw it ad Alia's head. It was white hot, and Alia felt pain harder than she had ever felt pain before. And she fell unconscious right away. "MY WORK HERE IS DONE!" the Wraith said, as it disappeared, leaving black dust all around Alia, who was found by a new little Novice three hours later.........


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