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The Dark Crusader Chronicles

This five part series was written by Dark WolfHunte. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Dark Crusader Chronicles Part 1

The sky was dark and foggy that night. The rain that fell on my back felt like a thousand rocks beating me layer by layer. I was stll aware that I was breathing but it was hard, too hard and my legs were sore and tired from constantly running. I did not know what was chasing me that very night but it kept on moaning, "You can't escape ussss!" My legs slipped and crashed into a puddle. I just layed down there and closed my eyes, waiting for the worst. Although I did not open my eyes, I was aware of the shadow looming over me. "Finally, we have you at lassssst!" Then, I screamed. All was blank...

"What the-?!" I yelled as I fell out of bed. One of Malistaire's draconians flew in my room at once and hissed, "Get out of bed you lazy oaf!" "Ohhhhh." I moaned as I rubbed my forehead where I landed on a book. Yes, I worked for Malistaire. I was one of his best warriors who recently was promoted Crusader. I have no name. At least that was what Malistaire said. I was abandoned at his castle footsteps as a baby. That's why Malistaire's minions always calls me, "You, or Lazy oaf!" At least Malistaire calls me Wolf. I stood up and put on some tunic I got from Krokotopia, a hat from Lord Nightshade, and some pair of boots that I found in a cellar. I forget names easily and sometimes forget my friends! (That is, if I even had any) I grabbed onto my pet dragon named Darkness and flew out of the room through the long corridors to Malistaires headquarters. I was a Necromancer Level 20 which was a pretty low level but I was pretty equal to most of the other Death Knights around here. "Wolf, my boy." said Malistaire turning around. "Sir!' I replied darkly. "I need you to go to Wizard City at once! The weak old man Merle is sending wizards to defeat my corrupted cities! Take care of them!" commanded Malistaire. "At once." I answered weakly. I flew on Darkness to Wizard City on Fire Cat Alley.

"NO!" screamed a young female wizard named Esmee TallSword as I finished her off with a banshee. She was a low level of 3, much to low to be here but I fought her anyway. I chuckled softly but soon stopped as a level 34 Life wizard named Brad stepped up and challenged me. As a Necromancer weak against Life students I was in very much trouble. I bravely fought Brad but it was no use. He kept on healing himself with a dryad or satyr and choked me up a couple of times with his woodwalker. I was defeated. Unconcious, Brad walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "Let's see what Ambrose will do with you." Like in my dream I blanked out but didn't scream

Mumbling. That's all I heard when I cautiously opened my eyes. I saw my enemy Merle Ambrose with Brad and a bunch of Life Wizards. I could feel the light powers radiating from them paining me but I remained quiet and kept still. "Probably one of Malistaire's henchmen, saw him beat up my sister." mumbled Brad to Merle. "Thank you Brad for bringing him to me. Here, take this training point. Good bye!" said Merle. With that, Brad teleported to who knows where but I would have said, "Good riddance!" if the situation wasn't so serious. Ambrose turned towards me and frowned. His wrinkles matched the snow white of his beard but still, he was my enemy. "Ahhh, Malistaire's crusader of death. Hmmm.. I can't identify your name, do you not have one?" "So what if I don't have one old man? Your no match for me and Malistaire, we'll easily rule the world and put you and the other goody, goody wizards in chains at our command!" When the words jumped off of my tongue I quickly wished that I hadn't said that. I thought that Ambrose would yell at me and put ME in chains. That's what Malistaire would do. But instead, he chuckled! "Now, now young wizard. Settle down. Before we can get anywhere with Malistaire's and your history, lets see your name in the Book of Secrets." He gestured towards me to follow him. I relunctely tried to stand up from the sofa I was laying on but I cried out in pain and fell back down. My whole body was shaking terribly and I had burns, cuts, and bruises too. "Oh yes, we hadn't healed you yet. Perhaps you should go to the hospital first and get cleaned up. Then we'll find out your true name." "WHERE'S DARKNESS?!" I suddenly asked, feeling for the companionship of my pet. "He's currently taking a bath right now. Boy, he was really dirty. Do you ever clean him?" replied Ambrose cooly. Do you have to clean dragons? Oh well, I thought. Ignoring the question, I just said, "OK, take me away to the hospital I guess." I said. Ambrose nodded to the four Life wizards standing beside me. In response, they carried out a stretcher and placed me gently upon it. They then teleported themselves with me to the Wizard City Hospital.

At the hospital, some other adult Life wizards rushed me to a bed and began chanting some stupid words I couldn't understand. Why heal yourself by being a Life Wizard when you can attack AND heal yourself if you become a Death Wizard? I thought. After the chanting was done, a green light surrounded me. A couple of pixies appeared before me and all said, "Hi!" in a goofy voice. I just gave them a grim look which caused them to shudder in fear but they healed me anyway and I felt much better. Then, one of the doctors handed me a potion thing and told me to use it if I felt bad at all. Funny, Malistaire never gave ME a potion. I then instinctively tried to teleport to Malistaire and forget the whole thing but I couldn't. "What? Why can't I teleport?" I asked a doctor. "Haha! Ambrose knew that you would try to run away once you were healed but he took away your teleportation device ability while you were unconcious." Angered, I grumpily stomped back to Ambrose's office. A few wizards gave me steel looks but I just ignored them. I stormed into the entrance.

I was alone with Merle. "Finally! I thought you would never come." said Merle in a cheerful voice that sort of annoyed me. "I want answers NOW!" I demanded. Ambrose frowned his stubby wrinkles and looked at the data after I took the dumb element, style, and blah blah quiz in the book. "Aha! You are a level 20 Death wizard!" Know that! I thought bitterly in my head but I longed to hear my name. "And your name is-!" Merle Ambrose paused. "Get on with it." I groaned. "But, but there is no name at all!" cried Merle in shock. "Not that surprising, that's what Malistaire told me." "You shall not leave Wizard City." announced Ambrose. "WHAT?! BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW! COME ON DARKNESS, LETS RIDE HOME!" I screamed and waited patiently for Darkness' reply. Instead, I heard a faint whining sound and I turned to see Darkness in a cage, pawing at the bars like a lonely puppy. Merle Ambrose sighed and told me to sit down. I sat. He began telling about Malistaire as the Death teacher once but turned evil and longed to reign over the Spiral. He then explained my real happeneing in the world of how I came to be. I FIRST appeared at Wizard City. Gamma, the owl, found me and took me to Merle. He decided to raise me as his own to one day defeat Malistaire and end his terrible reign. However, Malistaire the one and only, suddenly ported to Ambrose and the two battled over who kept the baby to either become a legendary hero, or a ruthless death knight. Merle was still not of age that time. Malistaire quickly defeated him with multiple spells of scarecrows and wraiths to heal himself. Defeated, Ambrose groaned and fell down as Malistaire chuckled wickedly and took me into his cruel arms and dissapeared. I bit my lip as the story ended. Malistaire, like my father, lied to me all these years. "It is your choice: would you like to help defeat Malistaire? Or conquer over good?" asked Merle Ambrose sternly. "I- I guess I could help you guys a little." I stammered. What am I thinking? Perhaps the old man was lying? I just ignored my thoughts of doubt as me and Ambrose swepted away in his castle, starting the usual that all new wizards had to go through. Maybe, just maybe this WAS the right choice. I said to myself quietly. "A new beginning!" said Ambrose happily. Boy was it going to be a LONG year!

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