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The Dark Crusader Chronicles

This five part series was written by Dark WolfHunte. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Dark Crusader Chronicles Part 7

"Man, where is that kid?" Sean was laying on his bed. He was confused that his little brother had disappeared so quickly. He even had grown a bit worried. Maybe I should tell mom he thought. Then quickly shook his head. "Nah..I can't worry her..I'll find him myself!" Sean stood up and attached his DragonSpyre armor on. He then grabbed his obsidian blade and deck. As he trudged down the stairs, he remembered when he had tackled Dustin. "What was I thinking?" he muttered to himself. "Who was thinking?" replied mom. She was seated at the breakfast table, sipping some mana coffee. "Oh uh.. nothing. Just thinking out loud." Sean said. "Your dressed up, where are you going?" asked the mother. "Just going to slay some draconians mom." Sean replied, lying through gritted teeth as he left. He ran to Nightside, where Dworgyn was reading some spell books. Class would begin in 15 minutes. "What do ya want?" asked Dworgyn, annoyed. "Um..did you happen to know where Dustin, my little brother is? He's in your PM class." The old hag hummed quietly, tapping his beard thoughtfully. "I'm pretty sure your brother was headed to Colossus Boulevard." "Thanks." answered the senior relieved. He then rushed to the Shopping District. He was just about to enter the tunnel to the freezing area until Private Junior stopped him. "None shall pass!" the soldier ordered. "What happened to the other soldier? I don't recognize you at all." stated Sean. "Off duty.. I'm taking his shift for now." mumbled the trainee. "Well, here's my pass." replied Sean, hastily taking out his pass form from Headmaster Ambrose 3 years ago. "Looks legit, go on ahead." said the soldier, taking away his steel spear. Sean stepped in and was immediately greeted with a cold wind. Now, where is that he? he thought.

"Where are we anyway Dustin?" asked Brian G. "Pretty sure we're in DragonSpyre. Lots of people say they've been there and battled Malistaire." I replied. "But wouldn't Malistaire be dead if they defeated him? Or wouldn't the wizards not return if Malistaire killed them?" stated Brian G. I just shook my head. I really didn't want to say any more. "Man, can't wait to get my hands on that evil Malistaire," grinned Brian T. evilly. "Yeah.." I mumbled. We continued to walk silently down the corridors. The walls were a dark black, not very much surprising to me. "So Dustin. Um, since you used to like work here or something, um... do you know where the bathroom is?" blurted out Brian G. "Oh come on! Hold it in!" cried Brian T. frustrated. "Nah, its ok. We have time." I said, trying to keep away from Malistaire as far as possible. I turned the corner. We stopped at two steel doors. On the signs that were held up were two pictures. A sword was shown, showing the courage of men. And the other door showed a heart, obviously showing the caring of women. I nodded to the sword door. Brian G. went in hurryingly. Minutes passed by. I could feel the vibrations of Brian T.'s foot tapping on the floor impatiently. "Uh.. maybe you should go in and check on him." I asked. "Whatever." mumbled Brian T. He stepped into the room. I leaned myself on the wall. I was beginning to grow impatient myself..and well, curiosity took the better of me. I walked around, looking for some adventure. While I was walking, I started to stare at my blade. The beautiful designs on the magnificent sword entranced me. I had won it from some boss in DragonSpyre. I guess I didn't know where I was going because I immediately bumped into a door. "Ow.." I said, rubbing my forehead. I then looked up. Unlike other doors that decorated Malistaire's castle, this one was pure solid white. It gleamed with beauty, as if heaven itself were glaring down at me from above. Knowing I had nothing else better to do, I reached for the knob. As I turned it slowly, I recalled that this looked familiar. I finally stepped in and realized that my vision from earlier...it was true.

The room, the very same room that took my vision earlier was a pure white. I also saw the long, narrow table that I sat at. And then...I saw her. Keira. She had heard me come in, and whispered, "Now is not a good time Dustin." "Oh um..sorry, I was just looking around." I stuttered. For a moment, the plain looking girl smiled at me..but it was quickly replaced by a frown. "He is more powerful Dustin. I'm afraid that you and your friends stand no chance to defeat him." "But-but..the prophecy..it said that we would-" "-win?" Keira finished. "Yea-yeah...right?" I asked doubtly. "Don't let your friend..that grandmaster death student mess up your mind. I wish that I could tell you what would happen..but I can't." she said solemnly. Her white hair was blown gently from a draft. Ocean blue eyes, glaring in the stars. "Why? Why are you always talking in some sort of riddles?" I demanded, suddenly feeling myself grow angry." Keira just giggled softly, making me more frustrated then ever. "That anger of yours...your son is sure to be a Pyromancer." she said. "Stop getting off track! Why won't you tell me?" I shouted. Her face then grew serious after my words. "I may be the Light Oracle, and I may be your friend..but my duty as both will not allow me too. Telling you would probably make you even more upset..and change your fate as well." she whispered. I just stood there silently..tasting her words of wisdom. "You must leave now." Keira suddenly said, breaking off the silence. "But wait. I still have more questions!" I pleaded. But to my horror, a black portal appeared once again. "Oh god." I mumbled. The dark knight stepped out. He looked the same as before, armor night black, steel blade glowing with absolute pure darkness. " He was about to do his regular routine, throwing me out. But I quickly managed to ask the stranger, "Who are you? That's all I want to know." The knight stopped abruptly. I knew my words that I chose were good. "I am of no importance to a wizard so young." he replied. "I meant your name." I said, gritting my teeth. "Haha. Fine, might as well tell you to ease your stubbornness." he said. My mind sizzled but I continued to listen. "My name is an old one. It resembled me as a young boy, age as yours, going to defeat Malistaire." The knight coughed and continued, "Of course, if I were to be the one to defeat Malistaire, why are you here you ask? Well, I died. Yes, I am a ghost. But my name is again just no importance. You already know it anyway." I paused, thinking of the last words the knight had said. Seeing his chance to finally get rid of me, the knight grabbed the back of my shirt, dragging me towards the vortex. "Your friends are waiting." he chuckled softly. And I was thrown into the portal.

I then fell out into the bathroom door. Brian G. was staring at me. "How did you get here?" he asked, amazed. "Forget it. Where's Brian T.?" I asked. Brian G.'s face cast down. "What happened?" I demanded. The adept Life student managed to say, "He-he went off to kill Malistaire himself." "WHAT?" I shouted. "I tried to make him stay, to wait for you and then go, but he was too impatient. I thought he was joking around with me, but its been some minutes and he hasn't returned." He said hurryingly. My main instinct told me to run..so I did. Brian G. at my side we ran towards Malistaire's office. There, I saw his pet storm hound, Fluffy, whining and pawing at the door. I knew he had left his pet here, he was always a softy for animals, so I'm guessing he didn't want Fluffy to get hurt. We stormed into the entrance, looking around worryingly for our companion. Bad thing was, that the room was pitch black, just like the key holder's room. The lights then turned on. Malistaire was grinning evilly at us. Brian T. was no where to be seen. "Where's Brian?" I demanded. "Ah Wolf." Malistaire said, using my childhood name before. "What a surprise to find you here and oh so grown up!" he stated. "Where is he?" demanded Brian G. angrily. "Oh..you want your friend eh? If you want him so badly, then hit me with your best shot!" the lord cried. He then suddenly pulled us into the battle field before we could even think twice. He was first up. Tracing the Death symbol, he casted a death sword onto himself. I used a death prism. Brian G. casted Legend shield onto me. "Thanks." I said. The adept just nodded. While after a couple more rounds of just simple shields and swords, I realized there was no chance that we could beat the evil tyrant. With just me, a mere level 45 Death Master, and a Life adept student not even capable to cast a satyr, we were doomed. The eighth turn came and Malistaire traced the Death symbol with his ruby staff, shouting forth a scarecrow. With all the combinations of swords, traps, and prisms, I knew it would hit us high damage. I waited for the blow as the scarecrow rose up from the ground. I just then realized that I still had the death shield from Brian! It attacked me for little damage but unfortunately for Brian, he lost over half of his health. "Not so good at battles anymore huh Wolf?" teased Malistaire as he watched me cast Doom and Gloom. I ignored him and my pain was eased increasingly from the unicorn that Brian G. managed to summon. Next, the dark lord unexpectantly casted a wraith. My eyes widened with fear as I saw the spirit rise up from the ground. After its eerie moan, it sucked the life right out of me. Each time it held up its hand, it healed Malistaire but only a little because of the Doom and Gloom I had casted earlier. Both me and Brian were beat up already, I passed me turn doubtly, but Brian casted Sanctuary, getting rid of the Dark Realm. Malistaire passed his turn unsaid while I concentrated again, tracing the death symbol ever so slightly, calling forth the spirit's true name. Opening my eyes, I saw a banshee minion floating next to Brian. Relieved I relaxed as Brian took out a golden edged card. He smiled at me and I realized he had a rebirth! Tracing the Life symbol with his jade staff, I was surprised as Bartleby suddenly sprang up from the concrete floor, healing us all 800 health and giving us each a spirit armor shield. The banshee attacked Malistaire with her normal attack. I finally looked over to the enemy. He was smiling! That wasn't a good sign. "Good bye, Wolf." he whispered as he met my eyes. No! I thought. He just snickered evilly and took out a golden card. Whatever he was going to cast I never knew because just then, Ambrose showed up! "Stop Malistaire!" the old wizard cried out loud, shooting forth a silver blast of light to the stunned necromancer. Beside him was Cyrus Drake, Malistaire's brother and the Myth school teacher. Along with Ambrose's mysterious blast he summoned an orthrus. Both attacks flung Malistaire towards the back of the room. Ambrose then turned to us, yelling, "RUN!" I instinctively teleported to the Commons, along with Brian. But right before I could feel the magic coming towards me, ready to take me away from the wretched place, I saw Brian T. creeping from a corner, smiling.

Sean looked down at the deep hole in Colossus Boulevard. He had asked a couple of excited, young wizards if they had seen his brother. "Uh..oh! You mean that weird gang? Yah, I saw them go to that alley over there." pointed a Journeyman Diviner. "Thanks dude." replied Sean. But now what? Should he go after his little brother? "Oh duh!" Sean said out loud, bopping his forehead. He pictured in his mind of Dustin. He saw his black knight armor, his gleaming sapphire blade....and finally got connected with his mind. Whispering in his mind, Sean asked, "Where are you?" No answer. He waited longer and was about to give up when a voice boomed inside his head. "SEAN! THANK GOD YOUR HERE! IM AT THE COMMONS AFTER FIGHTING MALISTAIRE AND AMBROSE SHOWED UP..ITS A LONG STORY JUST COME HERE NOW!" cried his eager little brother hurriedly. Sean then instantly broke contact with his soul. Using his teleportation spell, he ported to Dustin. Then his eyes could all see black with stars and trails of free magic floating around. "Oof!" the senior suddenly cried. The fall on his brother knocked the wind out of him. The two brothers got up and Dustin immediately explained the whole story. "You think he turned evil?" Dustin asked his older brother worried. They were suddenly talking about Brian T., the Death Grandmaster. "Well, if he was there with Malistaire smiling evilly, and didn't even help you fight him, then yeah dude. Sorry." replied Sean. "Dustin! What happened?" came up Seth DragonRider, the thunder student he had rescued. "Nothing much, where's Aila and Kemnor?" I asked. "They're in my house, lets go see them...who's he?" asked Seth, nodding towards Sean. "My brother, now lets hurry." I said. The Diviner Adept student led us to his house, styled from Marleybone. Aila and Kemnor were sitting on a fancy couch. We started talking about some past events when I excused myself to the bathroom. Locking the door, I looked at myself in the mirror. Heck, I was dirtier than a piggle. Just when I was about to wash my face, I felt weak and dizzy in my arms. They felt so heavy, I couldn't even lift them up. My eyes started to close slowly, as I saw my seemingly lifeless body falling towards the tiled floor....

I was in the mysterious light oracle's room again. I was seated at her white table, with her on the other side. "Good to meet you again Dustin." she said. I didn't care about her niceness, all I wanted were answers. "What happened after me and Brian G. teleported back to the Commons?" I asked. I saw the young girl's face cast down. Not good. Keira must have seen my worried face and then added, "Don't worry, nothing really that bad happened. Of course Malistaire wasn't dead but he managed to send Ambrose and my uncle...I mean Cyrus back to RavenWood." I nodded satisfied. As I stared around the blank room, I thought of the dark knight and what he said before. I needed to know his name. He just seemed so familiar..where had that hint he gave off come from? My mind finally clicked. I knew too well, the knight was a lost spirit, he said, he was going to defeat Malistaire, but died before he even had the chance. "Akeen." I suddenly burst out silently. Keira's face looked up surprised. "That's his name." I stated rather than asked. "How did you know?" the girl asked. "Long story." I replied shortly. I was too tired to even make a full answer. She nodded. She looked troubled for a moment, as if she was thinking to say something. She finally must've made her mind because she then said out loud, not to me, "He knows you Akeen. You can come out now." As if time were messed up, the familiar dark portal appeared and in a blast of black night stars, Akeen, the black knight appeared behind Keira. "So..you found out my identity." he stated solemnly. "If your a spirit, why are you still roaming the Spiral?" I asked. "One should not ask so many questions, for that was not meant to be." Akeen said. My anger at the knight was long gone, subsided in another part of my brain. All I did was say, "Ok, I understand." The knight looked at his blade silently, bracing his gloved fingers back and forth on the black stained metal. "Here." he said, holding out the handle guard towards me. I was shocked. Was he really giving me his own death blade? I tentatively reached out my trembling hand but as soon as I touched it, I recoiled back, thinking it would have stung me. "It's ok, take it. You've earned it." Akeen said, coaxing me. I finally grabbed on to the hilt and looked at it back and forth, up and down. Strength seemed to surge in my body from my arm all around. "Thank you." I simply stated. He nodded and said, "I believe it is time for you to go now." He snapped his fingers and I woke up in the bathroom.

"Come on Dustin! I got to go too ya know!" banged my brother on the door. I looked at my hand, realizing the blade in my palm. I opened the door for Sean and his eyes grew huge at the dark skull toppled sword. "Where did ya get that heck of a beauty?" he asked, totally mesmerized by the occasional glowing of darkness. "Forget it." I mumbled, smiling. "O-ok." Sean said, stuttering. he was so focused on my new sword that instead of going through the bathroom door, he met his face with a chunk full of brick wall. He let out a painful cry, making me just chuckle. I ran down the stairs to meet up with Seth and the others, finding that Brian G. had arrived too. All asked me of the blade but I wouldn't tell anyone. Throughout the entire night, they all continually asked me where I got it as I was leaving. "Why won't you tell us?" whined Seth, gazing at the sword. I just smiled, opened the exit door, and said solemnly, "One shouldn't ask so many questions."

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