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The Dark Crusader Chronicles

This five part series was written by Dark WolfHunte. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Dark Crusader Chronicles Part 2

The myth student chuckled wickedly and raised his staff. The glistening weapon covered in ocean blue crystals loomed over me with tremor and out poofed a minotaur!The hairy half human and half beast threw down his ax on me, hard. I felt my head, and I realized that it had a huge gore on one side with the blood trickling down my hand in horror. "Your trust in ANYONE shall befall an unforgotten fate young wizard. The "Phrophecy of the BIG THREE" shall be revealed!" The cruel myth grandmaster then flung me away with a troll who played baseball with me and his club which threw me into yet another unconcious ending. Despair and doom was all I thought about as I looked up at the stars zooming past my very eyes, forming the faint shape of Malistaire...

"Uhhh, not ANOTHER dream!" I complained when I got up from the floor. I wasn't surprised when I always woke up on the floor instead of the bed. I just thought of it as a habit. Darkness, my striped black dragon, hovered over me and snarled a greeting. I stood up lazily and went to the gray and gloomy bathroom. I was just about to brush my teeth when someone pushed me aside. "Move it dweeb!" said my older brother Sean DeathSword. I pushed him back and soon we started a "pushing battle" until our angry mother named Brooke MoonShard zoomed in, hands at her hips. "He started it!" I quickly said, pointing my finger at Sean. "Get a life." said Sean bitterly. "I want you two to start acting mature, especially at a time like this!" Mom shook her head sadly and continued, "Your father, he just can't make a lot of gold these days and I'm worried not only about simple needs but your education!" I thought about Alejandro WolfBane, my dad. His steel eyes and superior dark attitude were easy to remember but I hardly saw him because he stayed late past midnight, sweeping all of the school's floors. Somehow, he never got enough. I snapped back to reality when my mother left the room. I turned to Sean but he was busy chatting to his girl friend on the phone as if nothing happened. Unamused, I put some clothes on, grabbed my dark black deck and wand, then scurried down the steps to the kitchen.

I forgot to mention, I wish I could tell you my name like I did with my family but I don't have one. I like to call myself Wolf sometimes but my friend Brian ThunderCaster, and everyone else in Wizard City calls me Dustin which I'm perfectly fine with. I am NOW a level 28 Adept Necromancer but when I first came to Wizard City I was level 20. I used to work for Malistaire but was defeated by a Life student. He took me to Merle and told me the truth of Malistaire. Hurt, I decided to join the team of good. Merle finally let me meet my family. I just wandered off as a toddler to Merle's front office and he never knew that I actually had a family right here in Wizard City! The problem is that many of the wizards avoid me when news spread about me and Malistaire. The only reason how I became friends with Brian was, was- agh! I can't remember for I have short-term memory loss when I fell on my head as a baby. Anyway, Sean is also a Death student but a grandmaster so he gets to skip class and do whatever he wants. My dad is also a Death guy but my mom is Life! How my dad and mom ever came together is still a mystery but I don't care that much. I sat at a chair near the table and fixed myself with Earth food cereal called "Cheerios". We got it from Prospector Zeke, a merchant I guess who travels all over the Spiral. I munched up the honey bits and gulped down the milk. Perching up Darkness on my shoulder like an eagle, I waved and said, "Bye mom!" "See you sweetie!" she replied. Brian was waiting for me outside. I looked at him, wearing his usual: wolverine's helm, vestment of the chill, warded footwear, stonebreaker's staff, kris of pondering, flash frozen choker, seal of obsidian, and a pet wraith. He was a master death student and why he liked me as a friend I will never know. We walked to the Death school hidden behind the waterfall. We called it Nightside and Dworgyn, the Death Assistant there, liked it so much that he called it that ever since. Since Brian was a master, he needed to learn like two more spells before he was on his own. We both sat at slanted desks as other novices, apprentices, and adepts sat in.

"Dustin, no pets in the classroom!" ordered Dworgyn just as he was about to teach us a vampire with a death sword. "Aw, you let me keep him yesterday." I said. Dworgyn sighed. He ignored me and just continued to teach. Haha! I thought. Brian just chuckled softly to himself. Darkness snoozed below my feet and soon class was over. "Don't think Dworgyn will let you keep that dragon of yours in the classroom forever." remarked Brian. "I saw this Death kid bragging that HE was also bring his pet ghoul to class too and that it turns invisible so people can't see it." "Noob." I muttered. We both laughed and traveled to Marleybone. Although Brian was already done with that world, he helped me anyway. I really thought that world was hard! All around me the scurriers and burglars always tried to pick pocket me (which usually started a battle) or stab me and Brian in the back when no one was looking. "Everyone says this is the worst place in the Spiral." mumbled Brian. "Really?" I asked. He just nodded. Then, a dog lady ran around screaming like her head just fell off. Other wizards tried to get to her but all of them tumbled into a battle. Seeing the path clear for me and Brian, we both ran to the lady. Her name was Judy Bone, someone I've never seen before, but she literally screamed to us that the O'Learys tried to kidnap her but she managed to escape. However, her baby was taken away and the gang's boss would only return it if she would convince the other Marleybonians to join Malistaire. "Of course I would never to that. So I told them that I simply refused." she sobbed. Judy blew her nose then continued. "The O'Learys said that if I didn't do it by midnight," she gasped for breath. "They would KILL my baby!" With that, she cried hysterically, not those types when like SpongeBob cries with Patrick in this TV show I watched on display with Prospector Zeke, she cried until her poor paws were soaking wet. "Well, we can help you." I said. The lady looked at us and said sadly, "I'm sorry but the O'Learys triple force is-." "Wait, wait, hold up!" said Brian. "Whats the O'Learys triple force? I've already completed this world and yet I've never heard of it." "The O'Learys triple force is a gang that consists of two hypnotised bull dogs and O'Leary himself!" she cried. "Oh." replied Brian, looking satisfied. Judy dabbed at her never-ending tears with a tissue then asked Brian, "May I continue?" We both nodded. Judy then told us that there was NO way that we could defeat the O'Leary Triple Force since they were Death users too. "You're going to need at least one Life Student with you." she said. With that, me and Brian went off in search for a capable Life student.

Our choice was a guy called Brian GoldenHeart. I think my friend got a little weird while the OTHER Brian was here since they had the same name. He was eagerly ready to take on the force but avoided getting too close to me and Brian. Well, we both WERE Death guys so I guess that he could also feel the dark powers radiating from us to him like how I felt the first day I arrived at Wizard City. We got in the so called "O'Learys Triple Force Tower of Misleading". I gasped. The lady was true. I saw her baby in a crib with a burglar gaurding it while singing, "Rock a bye puppy, on the still rock, when your mom goes, you'll be dead on this spot." He laughed wickedly as he pulled out his crimson dagger slowly. I looked at the clock and realized it was too late. "Stop!" ordered Brian. The burglar looked at us like he was caught by his owner when he ate the fish from the fish bowl. But when he realized it was just some puny weak wizards, he sneered at us and the O'Leary Triple Force suddenly appeared from the shadows. The two hypnotised dog boxers looked plain but their eyes were blood red. O'Leary himself stepped out and said, "Hmph, I was looking for a WORTHY battle, a WORTHY opponent. But here, you three are probably just some weak old scabs that should be dealt with punishment!" O'Leary then drew a circle around the battle field. He intersected the lines within it, creating the arena. "I'll show you what a TRUE boss is about!" O'Leary cried hysterically. Saving up some pips, O'Leary drew a banshee at me. The other too boxers repeatedly attacked the two Brians with only 1 or 2 pip natural attacks. It was our turn. I summoned a vampire at O'Leary which only did 224 but gave me back 112 hp back. My friend casted a banshee with his deathsword at one of the thugs while Brian GoldenHeart used unicorn to heal all of us 245 hp. O'Leary then tried to cast something but it fizzled, so I never saw it. The two thugs passed their turns. I used a sunbird treasure card. It attacked O'Leary for 325 hp. My friend tried to summon a ghoul but it fizzled. Brian used a leprachaun on his opponent. It was still no use. We were losing. All of the enemies had over 2,000 health! We could never defeat them. But Brian wouldn't give up. Soon, his level 42 friend appeared so I guess he whispered for him to teleport to us or something. With the new incomer (which was ice) we battled bravely while GoldenHeart occasionally healed all four of us with unicorns and dryads. Kevin, the new guy in the battle, used a frost giant which weakened O'Leary a bit. "You won't get away with this!" snarled O'Leary when his two bull dog slaves were defeated. He then called a vampire which he strengthened with his deathsword, a strong treasure card, and a death trap on me. Surprisingly, I was defeated. I cried for help as the others shifted into defense mode. They put multiple shields around themselves then the Life Brian healed me with 420 hp from his pixie. I thanked him and put traps around O'Leary. We all casted multiple spells which seemed to put down Leary one by one until his health was only 50 hp. We had to do this carefully. O'Leary had seven pips so there was no telling WHAT he would do. I used my wand to hurl a major fireball at him. That did the trick. "Nooooooo!" moaned O'Leary slowly as he disintegrated into thick piles of ashes. "Yes!" We high-fived eachother.

"Oh, thank you so much! I don't know WHAT I would have done if my baby was lost!" cried Judy Bone happily while holding her baby. We just smiled and all were given staffs of our magic type. I became friends with Kevin and Brian GoldenHeart and ported to my home. It was Marleybonian style, with it's own lake and classroom bonus. I smiled contently and rested on my bed. I was about to slowly drift to sleep when CRASH! I stood up so fast that I bumped my head on a lamp. "Ugh." I moaned. I then caught a glimpse of a dark-hooded figure, stealing my new staff from my very eyes! I chased after the pursuer back into Marleybone. He got on a balloon ride and rode to Chelsea Court. I got on another after him. My eyes looked up at the stars and I saw the figure from my dream, .....Malistaire. I then was suddenly thrown of the balloon in a wild frenzy and as I dropped down from the dark sky, I saw the hooded-figure on Big Ben, while my balloon ride crashed into the clock. Fire exploded, people screamed, and I was soon to be dead. Before I fell to my unsertain doom, I saw the thief ride on his red dragon into the cool, night sky. But I heard a whisper in my voice, "Dustin, are you okay? What's going on?"

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