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The Adventures of John Drake Series

This five part series was written by Heather LegendHunter. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Adventures of John Drake Part 1

I write this for my friend and fellow Conjurer John Drake. He asks me to write this for him so that he can’t make himself seem overly cool, because trust me he isn’t. Anyway this is the story of his first days at Ravenwood We both hope that you enjoy it.

I was full of mistakes since the day I was born, heck I was a mistake, though if you ask my Dad that he'll deny it. You all know my dad he is no other the Myth teacher Cyrus Drake. I know he doesn't really seem like the fatherly type but he isn’t that bad.

Anyway I was getting the Orientation lecture from Professor Ambrose; at least I was until we heard a crash from inside Golem Tower. Professor Ambrose suggested that I follow him inside to check it out. I follow him to the top room inside we saw my Uncle Malistare., along with two Draconian. I had to battle the Draconians while Ambrose battled my Uncle; the Draconian were defeated after 6 rounds of Battle. My Uncle on the other hand fled. That was a bit upsetting but as a reward I got my wand and spell book.

Professor Ambrose told me to meet him in his tower where I would get enrolled. Unfortunately when I got there he was still filling out the paperwork, so he gave me a task to see Private Stillson out side Unicorn Way I didn’t mind.

Then Private Stillson made me go inside Unicorn Way to see Private Connelly. He told me to defeat some Ghosts on the street as well as check up on some of his friends, I defeated the ghosts easily plus made sure Private Connelly’s friends were safe, in that battle I discovered that my school should be Myth which was cool since I’d have my Dad as my Teacher.

Professor Ambrose then called me back to his office. On the way back there I ran into and I mean ran it a Myth student and Death student. Their names were Heather LegendHunter and David BearStalker, they forgave me and we became quick friends, the walked me to Professor Ambrose Offices then headed to their classes. Professor Ambrose told me that I was now enrolled in the school of Myth and had to head to Ravenwood to meet the teachers.

In Ravenwood I met Moolinda Wu the Life Professor (It use to be my Aunt Sylvia but she died a few years back), My dad he was proud that I got into his school but he didn’t show it, The student teaching the Death school Malorn AshThorn, Madame Falmea the Fire Professor, Lydia GreyRose the Ice Professor, Halston Balestrom the Storm Professor, and a Marlybonian who was teaching the Balance school. I left Ravenwood and headed back to Unicorn Way to help Ceren NightChant and Lady Oriel, with the evil corruption of fairies.

I fought great not bad for a novice almost apprentice, that was until I got beat up by RattleBones, I made the mistake of not healing up before the battle. I woke up in the medical clinic with my mom and dad making sure I was ok, mom was almost in tears thinking I was dead, dad just kept lecturing about how I should have used the new spells he taught me.

After an hour the clinic let me out, and my hard headiness made me head back to Unicorn Way to go against Rattlebones again, this time I came with help I brought Heather and David to help. RattleBones was tough but we still beat him.

On our way back to Ceren we met a lady who found a book in the street and wanted us to bring it to Boris TallStaff at the Library. When we finally got to Ceren and told the reason for the corruption he told us to tell the Headmaster Ambrose right away. We when to the library first to talk to Boris about the book, the book had a charm on it so we brought it to Professor Ambrose. I explained to him about the fairies and gave him the book which burst into flames when he did a opening up charm on it he said that whoever dropped the book in Unicorn Way must have bad things planned for Olde Town too. I volunteered to go check it out Heather and David did too. Professor Ambrose was happy to hear that and told us to start investigating tomorrow. That was fine by us we needed sleep, we exited the Office and headed to our dorms. Before I plopped on my bed I saw a letter from my dad with Congratulations with the Unicorn Way quest. I knew then and there that I had the making of a great wizard.

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