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The Adventures of John Drake Series

This five part series was written by Heather LegendHunter. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Adventures of John Drake Part 2

As I ran through the streets of the Shopping District I thought of going shopping but then I remembered that I was on a quest and already late to meet my friends at the rendezvous in Olde Town. The reason why I was late was well my alarm spell didn’t really work (Don’t tell Cyrus ‘My Dad’ Drake) so I over slept.

I met my friends Heather LegendHunter and David BearStalker in front of a solider in the middle of Olde Town. The solider introduced himself as Sergeant Muldoon which was good because that was the person that Headmaster Ambrose told us to meet. We showed Muldoon the letter that we were given to show him. Muldoon was happy to see that we were here to help but wanted to make sure that we were strong enough to actually help.

He sent us back to Unicorn Way to battle Lady BlackHope a ghost who was now haunting the area; we defeated her easily but on the way back to Olde Town Heather and David were called back to Ravenwood in order to do some more training. I was back in Olde town in a matter of minutes, Sergeant Muldoon was impressed that we beat Lady BlackHope so easily but then I had to explain why Heather and David weren’t here with me.

Muldoon then explained how the streets that surrounded Olde Town were now in trouble this was unnerving because my mother lived on Cyclopes Lane which was one of them. I was about to head to Cyclopes Lane when I remembered that that Triton Avenue was the main supplier of the cities electricity. So I turned around in my tracks and headed to Triton Avenue.

I met a Storm student Susie GryphonBane she told me that her and her brother Artur were investigating the Undead in the area, also that she wanted me to go down to the Haunted Cave to check in on Artur. When I got there I found a broken wand, I brought it back to Susie who confirmed that it was her brother’s I we then teamed up with Duncan GrimWater a Death student. In the quests that they gave me I found out that the Harvest Lord was responsible for everything. At last Heather and David showed up we got ready to defeat the Harvest Lord by doing a favor for the millers Blad and Sohomer by defeating the Kraken.

We than ran back to the Harvest Lord and defeated him as well as saved Susie’s brother Artur. Then we headed to Cyclopes Lane. At Cyclopes Lane we met a Myth student named Nolan StormGate he acted as though he was the best Myth student ever born but I’ve heard from my dad that Nolan just tries to work to hard and well is a bit of a fame stealer. Apparently Cyclopes Lane was having problems with the legions of Trolls that my dad summoned, or at least that’s what I heard while helping them from the guards near Nolan. Nolan sent us to the Dark Cave and around the street to look for clues since the other students sent here had gone missing. We found all sorts of clues including a letter saying that the missing students were being held hostage in the headquarters of the Cyclopes General Akilles, but before we could do any thing against him, we had to go tell my dad of what we did so far. My dad then sent me to the robe shop to pick up something for him, it was his laundry, and I brought it to him, he then told me to bring a letter to Ambrose only to find out that the letter said that my dad would liked me expelled do to the fact that I dragged the bag of laundry and that I should go to the DragonSpyre Academy.

Ambrose denied the request and told me to tell Nolan to go against Akilles. Heather and David joined me as I was battling Warhorns looking for the key to Akilles’ place. After we got the key we headed to Akilles’ place he was so hard that we could have gotten hurt if we didn’t use team work. We then went back to Nolan who said he would give us some credit. The three of us then headed to the last street FireCat Alley. There we talked to Private Quinn, he asked us to check on the Fire elves that were coming to visit him. We did only to find out that the elves had been turned evil so we went on an investigation to find out why.

After many quests we found out that it was the fault of a banshee who we defeated easily took a lock of her hair used it in a potion gave it to Fire elves including Prince SwiftArrow, it saved them. We then Told Ambrose about Triton Avenue, Cyclopes Lane, and FireCat Alley, he said that it was the work of my Uncle Malistare; we agreed with him, he assigned us the mission on Colossus Boulevard we agreed to the mission. But that is for tomorrow for now it’s time for rest and training.

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