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The Adventures of John Drake Series

This five part series was written by Heather LegendHunter. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Adventures of John Drake Part 5

We were rushing to the Pyramid of Sun, to talk to Professor Winthrop. Despite the name inside the pyramid it was fairly cool inside, well cooler then outside in the Krokotopia sun. The Professor wasn’t that hard to find at all then again he was the only one in the Altar of the Kings.

He told me and my friends David, Heather, John, and Elizabeth about how he and his crew were looking for relics when the Kroks attacked. He then sent us to the Royal Hall to get a rubbing of the Glyph he and his crew were deciphering, we gladly went for him. On the way there we saw some weird creatures, but most of the creatures were some poor manders. But before I could say something we were in the excavation site.

We got the rubbings and headed back to Winthrop. He was pleased to have the rubbings and had us go to one of his assistants to translate it. Now a little hint about these assistants they are very much in need of assistance. We went all over the pyramid doing tasks for the assistance. I was bit ashamed of myself for not realizing that the Marlybonian had no magic power which is why they needed our help (sorry to all Marleybonians).

Now the creatures we faced were as I said before just a bit weird, and they all had similar names -------- Nirini. All of these creatures were Kroks part of an evil clan called the Tuts who had enslaved the manders. I know that is like what the Myth students do with our Minions but at least ours are out of their own free will.

When we had reached the Throne Room of Fire I can say we were all just a bit nervous. We battled greatly in this dungeon, and it paid off too. We were able to find out that the secret order of the Fang was located at the KrokoSphinx.

We told Winthrop of our findings and he got all excited and nervous. He sent us to the Sergeant Major outside in order to get permission to go on the boat to the KrokoSphinx. The Sergeant Major gave us permission to due it the next day for now it was late the sun was setting.

As my friends headed back to camp I headed to write my mom a postcard. I wrote it on a paper with the news of the KrokoSphinx. I sent a letter to the headmaster to for any help. I headed back to camp and rested up, we would need it for as I looked at the KrokoSphinx in the distance I had a feeling that we would need a lot of energy.

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