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The Adventures of John Drake Series

This five part series was written by Heather LegendHunter. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Adventures of John Drake Part 4

“Do you have sun screen, first aid kit, and stationary” asked my mother as my friends and I were heading towards the spiral chamber.

“Yes mom we’ll be fine.” I answered.

My dad (Cyrus Drake for those of you that can’t remember well) was there too, he was happy I was going away on a vacation no surprise there he hated me, no idea why though.

“I just can’t believe that my little boy is going to Krokotopia with just his friends with out parents for the first time.” Said my mom almost on the verge tears.

She then came over and gave me a very long, tight hug, and wouldn’t have let go any time soon, but my dad finally said “Um Emily I think your cut cutting off his supply of air.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Drake, John will be fine.” said my friend David BearStalker.

“Yeah we’ll make sure he does get stuck in an old chamber.” joked Heather LegendHunter another one of my friends. That finally made her let go.

So we were heading to the Spiral Chamber when we heard Professor Ambrose shout “Wait...Wait, don’t go yet, I have news for you about the whereabouts of Malistare.”

That stopped us in our tracks. “What is the problem Professor?” asked John DuskGrove again one of my friends

“Yeah, give us the status report.” said the last of my friend Elizabeth ShadowGrove.

“Well according to the latest news from the archeologists at Krokotopia, we have discovered that Malistare is looking for the Order of the Fang. As you may know they were an ancient organization of Kroks. So with that kind of force on Malistare’s side it could mean disaster for the spiral. Now I was wondering if you five were up for the test of trying to stop Malistare from getting to the Order of the Fang.” said Professor Ambrose.

“Wait a second there Merle (Professor Ambrose’s first name), do you think that these children can do that?” asked my dad, mom just nodded her head in agreement.

“Dad we can do it and you know we can,” I said.

“Yeah Cyrus you of all people would know that these children are able to do it… look what they did for Unicorn Way, the streets of Olde Town, and Colossus Boulevard.” said Ambrose.

Dad then got that face he got when ever he was trying to make a tough decision. “Fine, they can go but I suggest you go to your professors to get stronger spells.” yelled my dad, mom looked as though she was going to hit him, but in the end she took Elizabeth and Heather to get stronger myth spells (Why not them go with dad no idea so don’t ask). John headed to the Fire school, David to the Death school in NightShade, and I followed dad to the Myth classroom.

We were ready to go. As we waited for the ok to go we showed each other our new cards. David got Banshee, Vampire, and Skeletal Pirate. John gat Sun Bird, Meteor Strike, and Fire trap. Heather, Elizabeth, and I got Cyclopes, Ether Shield, and HumongoFrog. Ambrose walked in with the ok to go, so we walked into the portal of Krokotopia.

The first thing to hit us in Krokotopia was the Heat; no really it was H...O...T Hot. Just then a lizard looking like creature named Tinu Bhak’Mal. He told us to go see Sergeant Major Talbot in the Oasis. In the Oasis we noticed that it was almost already dark out but we still walked in the sand to the Marlybonian Sergeant Major. Talbot explained how my Uncle Malistare had come and awoken the ancient Kroks. He told us then to go to the camp and rest until morning.

Tomorrow’s mission is to go to the Pyramid of the Sun and Talk to Professor Winthrop. But that is an adventure for another day.

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