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The Adventures of John Drake Series

This five part series was written by Heather LegendHunter. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Adventures of John Drake Part 3

As I raced back to Olde Town to fight the remaining bosses there I couldn’t help thinking about if I was making a mistake by going on ahead of my friends David and Heather who usually help me on missions like this. But it was early and barley anyone was awake yet so I decided that it would be a good idea to train by going against these boss monsters. I was heading to go against a ghost named FoulGaze since it has taking a stay at a tower in Olde Town.

When I got in FoulGaze’s tower I saw a Myth student named Elizabeth ShadowGrove who looked like she was in trouble. Being the complete opposite of my dad Cyrus I jumped in to the battle to help her. FoulGaze was a bit hard but Elizabeth and I defeated it easily. Then just before FoulGaze disappeared in defeat we heard it say something about the wraith called Lord NightShade. That made me even more want to battle him, and after a quick heal Elizabeth and I headed to the Haunted Cave in Triton Avenue to go against him.

In NightShades’ tower we met a nice Fire student named John DuskGrove; together the three of us defeated him. As we searched around the tower we found a key and a journal. We then found out that the key lead to an area called NightShade (probably the original home of Lord NightShade) where we found the long missing Death school building.

As my new friends and I headed to see Private O’Doyle the guard of Colossus Boulevard, on the way there David and Heather joined us. O’Doyle was happy to see us, and let us into the street, on the condition we find his niece Mindy PixieCrown who was apparently an Ice student. We ran through the street and as we did we saw the strange creatures who had taken residence on the street, the others and I could really see why they were called Gobblers. Mindy was in a small park area we talked to her and she explained about how she was doing research for Professor GreyRose, also she explained about the Gobblers and the Evil Snow men. She told us to battle some of them to try and get there numbers down. Lets just say it was a brilliant plan, but it didn’t work, it barley cracked their defenses. Mindy then made us fetch StinkWeed (rightly named too) for a potion to give the Gobblers, and to talk to the King of the Gobblers. The King was not helpful; he wanted us to surrender Wizard City to him. That was a big in your dreams Gobbler King. King Gobbler gave us a royal decree to give to Headmaster Ambrose. All the decree was were pictures drawn in crayon. After many Gobblers fights later, the King finally surrendered, and on Ambrose’s request we told them they could stay in Wizard City as long as they don’t eat it. The entire City was safe and my friends and I decided that it was time for a vacation, the destination Krokotopia. We thought that it was going to be a no fighting vacation but boy we were wrong.

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