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The Dark Crusader Chronicles

This five part series was written by Dark WolfHunte. Click the links below to read the entire series.

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The Dark Crusader Chronicles Part 4

The girl.. she was there! I ran to her, my legs limping carelessly and reached her sprawled about on the pavement. Her three scars on her left cheek told me that she was the same girl in Malistaire's dungeon. I gently nudged her with my hand and she looked up at me with a warm smile. Then, it began to change into a freakingly scary face with white eyes, no pupil inside at all! Her hair turned into snakes that tried to bite me with their bloody fangs and her skin began to grow pale. Her own teeth turned into long, pointy fangs, matching the blood-red of her now chapped lips. I knew this was no vampire or banshee or even a cross between them! I only knew this from Greek Mythology, it was the sick but legendary Medusa, the wicked witch who turned people into stone with just a gleam of her eye. Instinct told me to turn away but it was too late. Once our eyes locked on to each other, I felt my body beginning to harden up like I just dove into a pack of cement. Medusa smiled as she saw my doom slowly reaching up my neck. "You forgot haven't you? Has no one yet told you of the Big Three Phrophecy that would soon befall on you? I thought that Myth student already informed you of that news, oh well, looks like there's no hope for you now!" The creature then let out a hideous laugh that sounded like it was a cross between a scream and a howl of delight. But it was soon cut off when a light shot out of no where and a young, pleasant voice of a girl said, "Reach my hand, I'll never let go." Then darkness shawdowed into my thoughts....

I shivered when I woke up calmy yet again on the floor. I continued to sit there as I combined all of my weird dreams together of what had happened. "First a shadowy figure chasing me, a myth grandmaster telling me of the Big Three Phropecy, that girl in Malistaire's dungeon, and now this!" I just shook my head slowly and got up. But I quickly stopped. Why did The Big Three Phropecy sound so familiar? I thought. Somehow, I knew it had something to do with magic spells but what? Before I could make another move, Darkness tumbled into me blindly and tried to play rough house with me. I tackled the black striped dragon playfully and placed him on my bed. After petting him, I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth without Sean bumping into me today, which made me a little cautious. I washed my face, dressed up into Mooshu clothes that I got recently, and trudged down the stairs. Sean was waiting for me behind a wall and shoved me to the floor before I reached the table. "Gahh!" I yelled as he pinned my arms down and said, "What's the matter Hog face? Having those weird dreams again?" I managed to push the annoying 17 year old off me when I accidently kicked him in the acorns. Sean groaned and I said, "Geez Sean! Can't you at least give me ONE day, just ONE day at least without any off your lame tricks?" "Dead meat." muttered Sean and punched me square in the jaw on accident. "Aghhhhhhhh!" I screamed painfully when I felt his knuckles snap into my chin. Our mother ran to the living room and saw me on the floor with blood trickling from my mouth. I just knew my death grandmaster brother broke it. "SEAN! GET YOUR BUTT IN YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!" screamed my angry mother and Sean sped up the steps in such a blur that I couldn't even see him. "Dustin, ooh does that hurt? Don't worry, I'll get you to the hospital right away and don't you worry about your brother. He'll get a whippin' that oaf. Oh and please don't talk until the doctors take care of you." said my mom as she dialed a number on the wizard phone. I reached for my chin slowly with my hand and nudged it. It hurt, alot. "Don't you dare move another muscle!" ordered my mother when she saw me. I quickly put it back down. And all this started when my brother pushed me! I thought sighing.

"Dustin, wake up, come on man it's been four hours! The medicine's gotta work off now." said a familiar voice. I opened my eyes slowly and saw my three best buds beside my bed in the hospital. "You can use you jaw now, try moving it aound." said Kevin FrostSword, an ice grandmaster. I looked at my other friends, Brian ThunderCaster and Brian GoldenHeart. Brian T. was a grandmaster death person and Brian G. was an adept life student. I moved my jaw into a circlular position. It worked ok but when ever I closed my mouth all the way down, it made a loud cracking noise that made a sort of bell sound. It didn't hurt me though. An adult male life wizard popped into the door. He had a brown beard with a puff of brown hair on his head. He looked fairly old. "Hey!" he snapped. "What are you all youngsters doing in here? Don't you have class to get to? The patient must recover for a couple of more minutes. Out!" He said. Kevin and the two Brians left, leaving me alone with the doctor. The doctor looked sternly at some reading chart on a desk before looking towards me. His ice cold eyes pierced into me but he said in a warm voice, "I'm Doctor Adam LifesWorth. Are you recovering well?" Before I spoke, it only came out as a stutter but I finally managed to say softly, "Uh, yeah, I guess so." Dr. LifesWorth then told me that I could leave when my mother picked me up in two minutes. He helped me up and sent me to a waiting area. I looked around to find worried parents and scared young wizards. I even saw a cart pass by with a wizard on it bleeding all over the place, followed by dozens of frantic doctors beside it with two parents wailing after it. "Eghh." I said, grossed out. Several minutes passed by until I saw my mom appear through the entrance. She walked me home while asking dozens of questions like the usual, "Are you alright?" and "What did the doctor say?" As soon as we arrived to our castle, I was exhuasted. I plopped onto my bed but Sean didn't say anything when he saw me. I soon decided to get to the late class of Death and hurry over to my secondary class, fire, after that. I held out a slip to Dworgyn which he accepted and taught me a spell called Doom and Gloom. After class, I rushed over to Ms. Falmea's class while trying out my voice a while. She taught me a fire spell called Phoenix.

I stopped by at Blossom, the Life Tree, on my way to the Commons. I was hesitant at first before sitting at the great tree for the life power radiating from her seemed to sting me. But as soon as I sat, I felt warm all over and allowed all my pets out too. Darkness snoozed on my lap, Spike (krok) leaned near me, Rocky (cyclops) traveled around aimlessly, Buddy (heck hound) rested at my feet, Rusty (another dragon) flew into the branches, and Duncan (goat monk) sat at my other side. I listened to Blossom's never-ending tales about great heroes and legends about the past. I was about to drift to sleep when a question popped into my mind. "Hey Blossom," I asked, "do you happen to know something about "The Big Three"?" "Oh yes, yes, you mean the war about the Dragons, Tritons, and Giants? Yes, I know alot about them." "Do you know something called "The Big Three Prophecy"?" "Hmmm, Bartleby, the grandfather tree should know more about that. Go ask him if you want." My pets at my heels, I walked to the great stump of Bartleby. "I don't usually get many visitors around here but what is it you seek?" Looking into his missing eye, I asked him about the prophecy. He gasped. "No one has asked me that in a milennia!" he quoted, mouth gaping wide open. "Well, now I did, and I want some answers here." Bartleby shook his head sadly and mumbled something about Merle and cursing Malistaire. He finally blurted out after a couple of minutes of remembering time, "Long ago, when the Spiral was at stake, Merle trained his best wizard to defeat Malistaire. His name was Akene (A-KEEN), a life grandmaster, capable to overthrow any enemy that confronted him, maybe even Merle himself! But Akene believed in good, not to worry of anything like that happening. The day when Akene was supposed to defeat Malistaire and bring peace to the Spiral, Gamma found him dead near the Death School hole in Ravenhood. Akene was choked and stabbed twice in the back." Bartleby paused, shaking his head. He continued after moaning from his head hurting. "Merle was beginnning to grow agitated and finally, when Malistaire arrived for a one-on-one battle, Merle confronted him instead. Back in the past, he was full of energy so he managed to hold Malistaire off to back him away towards his home again. The Spiral was at peace once again until now. Merle now seeks four chosen ones to stop this threat once and for all! But none have appeared yet still..." Bartleby groaned even louder now so I thanked him and decided to leave him in peace. I thought about what the tree had said and realized that me and my friends not only had to retrieve our wands..but to finish off the greatest threat in Wizard City, Wizard City and the other worlds that is. I ran to Merle's house.

While I was running, I stopped. No one was there. The Commons were usually bustling with energetic wizards and lost animals. Not even Zeke was around. I checked in the library. Gone. The Carnival Game Area. Gone. Merle and Gamma were no where to be seen. "Something's not right here." I said out loud. I turned around when a dark shadow swallowed up day light. A wraith rose up from the ground, followed by Malistaire and a Jade Oni minion. I took a step back when Malistaire said, "What are you doing all alone my boy? Did you take care of those wizards on Fire Cat Alley like I instructed you two months ago?" His voice sounded more dangerous than ever before. It freaked me out. I stuttered, "Uh, sort of." "SORT OF?! GET THE PRISONER!" shouted Malistaire in fury while his minions charged at me. I ran to Golem Court but was trapped in the Dragon Cave. The monsters walked up toward me slowly, step by step, by step, by step.....

"Agh!" I screamed, waking up in a start. I looked around. Sean just stared at me like I was some alien creature that just zapped mom. "What the hell is your problem?" He asked cooly. I just shook my head. "Jus-just a dream." I said. But which part was the dream? I thought. I asked Sean what time it was. He replied that it was a quarter to six. I got up and realized that I was still dressed. I climbed on Darkness and asked Sean if he wanted to ride too. "Sure." he said. He was much nicer to me now. I thought. Sean whistled for his own starry white dragon named Devan. Devan was a wild dragon from Dragonsprye so he was the size of three castles almost. Sean jumped onto Devan from the window while I hopped onto Darkness right behind him. We rode in the wind, our short, black hair flying past us, although Sean had a buzz cut, thinking that the ladies thought he was tough. I did a loop in the air while Sean did a circular eight. When we started to slow down, Sean said, "Hey dude, I'm sorry that I broke your jaw. It was an accident. I meant to do a soft box on your shoulder but when you kicked me in the you know what, I got blind in anger so yeah. No hard feelings?" I smiled at my brother, and said, "None at all." Sean smiled back and yelled, "Yahoo!" When we both shot down like a torpedo back to earth. When Sean sent away Devan and I allowed Darkness to take a snooze, I saw our mom smile at me. I knew that I had just formed a realationship with Sean at that moment.

When I left the house, I realized that I hadn't seen my friends in some time. I whispered to Kevin, "Where are you guys?" "Hey! We're chillin' in Collosus Boulevard." He laughed at his own little joke but then said, "You can come if you want. The Briany Brians are waiting to see you." I teleported to them in a flash and Brian T. said, "Sup." We did our handshake which had us to bump our fists together, twirl our staffs, wands, or swords in a flexible twist, and ended into slapping our chest. "Welcome back." added 13 year old Brian G. Brian ThunderCaster was 15, like me but Kevin was the oldest here. He was 18. "How's your jaw?" asked Kevin. "It's alright, but it keeps making this loud cracking noise every time I close my mouth. And when I stopped talking, I heard the noise again. "Woah that's a high ringing tone you got there!" remarked Brian T. "I know." I said. "Hey, guys! Look, do you see what I see?" said Kevin all of a sudden, pointing to a dead end. It was a raccoon, sniffing around a large hole in the ground. "I think we found it!" whispered Brian G. happily. We approached the raccoon slowly but it scampered away. When we investigated the hole, we found out it was big enough for us to climb through. "But how deep is it? It's way to dark to see in there!" I said. "Fine, I'll go in first!" ordered Kevin. Right when he finished, a skeletal hand rose from the hole and grabbed on to Kevin's ankle. He screamed for help but it was to late. He and the arm dissapeared from thin air right in to the abyss. Me and the Brians didn't know what to do after. I noticed that the arm was attached with human muscle though, not your average skeletal warrior! I explained what I saw to the guys. "But why and how whould they have muscles attached to their bones?" asked Brian G. "I don't know! Maybe Malistaire added this new creation to make them stronger?" noted Brian T. "That's not a bad answer." I said. "Now what though? Should we go after Kevin?" quoted Brian G. I nodded, making Brian G. shiver in fear. "Let's go!" said Brian T. He jumped into the darkness. I decided that people could get hurt so I whistled for Darkness. He arrived tiringly and I got on his back, Brian G. behind me. "What about Brian T.? We just left him there." asked Brian G. "It's too late, come on!" We flew into the unknow, determined to retrieve our stolen friend.

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