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The Most Powerful Spells of All Series

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The Most Powerful Spells of All Part 7

"Moving?" Alia said. "Where? MooShu?"

"NO. Duh!" Sean said, as he grabbed his two suitcases. "We live in a COTTAGE. We will now move to a Krokotopian Mansion, thanks to Dad and Mom's bonus at work." "Your brother's right, dear," Alia's father said. "I can't believe we got 20,000 gold from just killing 10,000 spiders!" her Mother exclaimed. "Well, 5,000 each."

They shoved the cases in the rented Grizzlehiem boat, and Alia's dad rowed away.

"Wow. Large improvement," Sean said as they stepped onto the warm, sandy terrain. There was an abundance of space, so they had a few empty rooms. But as they stepped into the house, the previous owners gasped when they saw the new inhabitants of their home. "Iceblossom!" Alia said, angrily staring at the obviously eldest child of the three children.

"Lotuspetal!" Mary said, as if hissing coldly at her enemy and enemy's brother.

Alia's parents seemed to be scowling at Mary's parents as well, and Sean held up a fist to the young Thaumaturge twins.

"We had to move out," Mary's mother said. "Because of excessive heat." "We thought Fire wizards would move in instead, possibly Balance, but look at the Storm, Death, Life, Balance family who claimed this house!" one snobbish twin said. They were probably seven or eight years old.

"Fine!" Alia's angry father said. "Hmmph!" Mary's father said. Mary grabbed her light blue cat and left with her family.

"I KNOW! I know I'm late," Alia said, running into the Secret School, her papers flying everywhere. "Indeed you are," said Professor Ambrose. Alia had no clue how time had flown bye so quickly since her 1st secret lesson. She was now on spell number 6, one behind the spell to get her on track. Sigil Duplication was now 2 spells away. Alia sighed as she sat at the desk way up front. "Now, we have mastered Mystery Beast, Drainage (dispels any type of spell), Turbo Boost (+50% damage), Chimpanzee Howl (300-390 damage to all opponents), and Universe Trap(+60% damage to any spell). Today we will learn Big Bang, a spell with 50% accuracy. It is hard to cast unless you have the Million in Million spell from that "Introduction to Secrets" quest to increase your accuracy."

Professor Ambrose showed Alia the card. All of the Secret spell cards were a black-purple. "Now, think about the spell, swirl your staff, and try it. Like a flashback, Alia swirled and swirled her Nirini Champion staff, and fizzled. Then she-

Fizzled again.

And again.

And once more.

Then finally, she thought she heard ashes fall, but instead heard a loud BANG! There, in front of her was some kind of planet. It crushed Professor Ambrose, and exploded after. "Are you okay?" Alia asked, running over to him. Professor Ambrose stood up and said, "Relax. I'm a Headmaster. I have about 10,000 health!" Alia asked, "That dents your health usually by what?" "300 for every pip. Classic, just like Judgement," he replied, smiling. Alia sighed, and asked him, "What happens if I cast a Secret spell in front of other people?" Professor Ambrose's smile fell. "Don't cast it in front of anyone. You see, Malistaire could have a spy anywhere, anytime spying on your progress. I bet Malistaire still thinks you're working on Mystery Beast, in fact!" Alia took note of that in her mind as she left the Secret School.

It was January, and still very chilly. So Alia wore a green,striped scarf around her neck. She stepped out into the Shopping District, and a few Novices and Apprentices stared. Alia looked around at them nervously.

"Umm, ta-DA?"

They shrugged it off and went back to shopping.

Alia didn't need anyone knowing about the Secret School besides her professors, relatives, and friends.

"Hey, Alia!" Alia heard as she walked through the Oasis, going to the Krokosphinx boat. She quickly twirled around to find, for some reason, Cody. "Oh. It's you. Hi," Alia said. "Awesome necklace, by the way. And what do you mean by 'hero'? And why is it a diamond? Was there a skull available? Do you think you can-" "Just be quiet!" Alia snapped. "Yeesh, why so grumpy?" Cody asked as he swatted a mosquito.

"I'm not grumpy, my mom says I must come back home at 6 o' clock. Right now it is 5 o' clock. People like me have important things to do and places to go."

"I know about the Secret School!"

Alia stared at Cody. "How?" she asked, with an awkward expression on her face. "Kevin overheard you and Sabrina talking about it ("KEVIN.." Alia mumbled to herself) and told me the details." he said." Do you know why I gave you the locket?" Alia asked again. "Kevin heard that too," was his reply.

"Well, like you said," Cody said, hopping back up onto his Black Stallion. "Some people like me have things to do and places to go! So bye!" His horse accidentally kicked sand in Alia's face as it trotted away, and Alia stood there confused.

At home, Alia stayed up late since it was a Friday. Her room was nice and spacious. Alia played with Minerva, until she heard a scream come from the kitchen, and tinkling glass. Again. She stuffed Minerva into her Bank quickly. Alia grabbed her staff and ran over to find- "You? How often are you going to drop in and try to kill me?" Alia asked the two thieves she had met 4 months ago. "Until we kill you! So surrender so we can kill you here, or let us kill you in the presence of our master!" one man said. Alia instantly started swirling and tracing and-

"Hey, what's she doing?"

-tracing and swirling and-

"That's no Life spell!"



Alia had cast Big Bang on one thief, who seemed like a very weak person now, being crushed by the planet. The other then gulped. But Alia realized, now Malistaire would know that she was learning quickly! She zapped the other thief many times, then cast Big Bang again. Now that they had perished, Alia took Minerva out of her Bank. Alia's parents were tied up in a corner and saw EVERYTHING. Alia's parents were so shocked, they couldn't speak until the next morning at breakfast. "That was a Secret Spell, wasn't it?" Alia's father said, looking up from Ravenwood Times, the newspaper they received. Alia nodded as she ate a spoonful of cereal. Alia's parents were still in shock for the whole day.

On Sunday, as Alia read her book from Christmas, she heard repeated coughs and bangs coming from her brother's room. She rolled her eyes. She comforted her scared little kitten, then walked slowly to Sean's room. She slammed open the door. Alia stared. Her father and brother were dueling. "You're dueling why?" Alia asked. She got a nice seat on the Marleybonian chair in the corner. "We're preparing for Dworgyn's lesson tomorrow. Something YOU wouldn't care about," Sean said as he zapped his father. "It won't be hard," Alia's dad said. "A Grandmaster Diviner versus a Magus Necromancer!" "Eat your words, dad! Sean said. He attacked his father with a Wraith treasure card. He backed it up with many Death Traps and Blades. Alia's father laughed as the battle circle disappeared.

"Ah, I'm gonna remember good times with my son..."

Alia left swiftly, and went back to reading.

After Sean and Alia's father discussed the lessons again, Alia pulled Sean aside and said, "You're jealous I get to save the Spiral, aren't you?" Sean sighed, and replied, "Well, sort of. It kinda bugs me that I'm older and a higher level than you but YOU still have more of an opportunity!" "Don't worry, you will too," Alia said, patting her sibling on the back as she went off to do some quests.

As Sean sleepily walked to his room after a long night of studying, he peeked into Alia's room, where she lay asleep in her green Krokotopian bed. He wondered what she was talking about a few hours ago. As he laid down on his bed, he felt something underneath him. He got up, and saw a shiny, silver, circle shaped locket. It had a spiral on it made of Obsidian. He opened the locket. Inside was a note saying:

Wear this EVERY day. If you do, you will become the hero I told you that you would become. I will explain all when the time comes. For now, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Please know you are not the only person who has ever been puzzled by this. -Alia Lotuspetal, A.K.A. Your little sister

Sean set it on his bedside, and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, strange things were happening to Alia. She was somehow seeing, or dreaming the future. Her very vivid vision was rather blurry at first. She started understanding and seeing clearly when the wicked, cold voice said...

"The fools failed? Why am I not surprised?"

In Alia's odd vision, it was taking place somewhere in Dragonspyre. She could tell by the decorations, walls, and floors. "Yes, for the 3rd time master!" a Draconian said to the silhouetted figure, sitting upon what appeared to be a throne. When it said, "3rd," Alia knew it must be the future.

The figure now jumped up from his seat, and pushed all of the things on a nearby shelf off of its surface. The mysterious person finally yelled, "We killed Ambrose, how come we can't kill a puny Thuergist? A MAGUS too! I am far beyond Grandmaster, I am a Headmaster!"

This made Alia realize 3 things. 1, she would live to be a Magus. (Thank goodness!) 2, her loyal, trustworthy headmaster would soon die, and 3, an evil person in Dragonspyre would soon become headmaster in his place! Alia then came to a conclusion; this horrifying man was Malistaire. Alia now pleaded it was a dream in her mind, it was like she was there in person.

"THAT'S IT!" Malistaire's booming voice yelled, as it echoed all throughout the large room. His eyes grew red somehow. "Tomorrow, we send out our greatest Draconian armies to the girl's household! We will win this time again! No losing! I have finally made it far enough. I know one thing for sure, the weakling will end up begging at my feet to just be executed instead." Alia was now screaming in her mind. "Yes master. We will do anything to kill the puny wizard!" one large Draconian said. It cackled loudly, echoing more and more.... Until everything went blurry. Then it went black.

Alia screamed as she woke up sweating. Minerva was in her bed, looked at her, and meowed. Alia gently stroked Minerva.

"WHAT? Is everything okay?" Alia's dad said, running into the room. "Nightmare," Alia said, knowing it couldn't be a nightmare. Alia's father sighed, and said, "Get back to sleep. It's 3 in the morning." Alia then was so worried, she was awake all night, and only got 10 minutes of sleep before the alarm on her clock went off.

Alia was almost crying as she ran to the Secret School. "Ah, you're early this time!" Professor Ambrose said, writing the lesson on the chalkboard. Today, Alia hadn't done as well as usual in Life classes. She knew depression always decreased your powers. "Now, today we will practice Big Bang, just to see how good you're doing. That is called-"

Alia then burst into tears.

"Professor, I don't want you to die!"

"My goodness Alia, you know I'm rather aged, but my death is a long time from now-"

"I saw the future!"

Professor Ambrose looked at her as if she was his worst fear, and he said, "That is not good."

Alia found herself in the Secret School, with a Headmaster that kept on stuttering, "N-n-no! NO! NO! NO!"

"Why no?" Alia asked. "The last person who did that ended up," Professor Ambrose said, gulping. "DYING." Alia gasped. "But WAIT," Alia said. "Did anyone else die?" "Everyone, I meant." he said. "Psychic powers become sensed by Malistaire. He then knows you can predict his every move, so he goes too far. HOW did you see it?" Alia slowly said, "Dream?" Professor Ambrose shook his head, and said, "You were pretty much seeing this in sleep? I know it's possible but it never happened to any Secret student. I'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about. Now, on to Big Bang,"

Alia sighed. She knew an adventure would soon happen, and also that her friend, and/or her would be killed soon by the most evil man in all of the Spiral. She knew that she needed more locket recipients, and fast. She had almost ran out of friends. Maybe she could destroy an enemy? We'll see in part 8...

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