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What other 101 games would you like to see?

Jun 29, 2014
I think that a pretty good idea is this. Techno 101.

you can be a robot cop,

a Cyborg,

and a Tech Whiz.
a Bezerker,

Jul 17, 2014
Racer 101

Future 101

Living 101

Exercise 101?

Feb 23, 2013
How about
1.Supernatural 101
2. Evil 101

Feb 23, 2013
1. monster kingdoms 101
2. witch world 101
3. fairy kingdom 101
4. candy kingdom 101
5. fantasy island kingdom101

Jan 13, 2011
Titan 101. Fire Dragons, Frost Giants, Tritons.

Noah DragonHeart Level 58

Dec 20, 2012
Pet101! :D where you could be your pets! :)
Wysteria101 where you could be from Wysteria (Already Mentioned)

-Cheyenne StormHunter Lvl 72

May 09, 2009
Instead of schools there would be a class of monster
Humanoid class
Equine class
Goat class Needed for satyr
Eagle (or winged) class
Fish (or aquatic species) class
Bull class Needed for minotaur
Etc etc
Instead of wizards of humans each person would play as a good monster and you would have to save the worlds from a vampire monster.......or something along that line

Rachel Thunder breaker lvl 69
Rachel Dragonrider lvl 55
Rachel Dragoneyes lvl 23

May 02, 2009
I don't know what I would call it, but I game where you choose whether you will follow the evil storyline or the good storyline. It would be awesome is you could choose if you wanted to follow the bad guys or the good guys! I just don't know what to call it .

Darby SpriteDust, Level 75.

- There is nothing to fear except fear itself... And also spiders.

Jul 02, 2010
festusandthetardis on Sep 15, 2012 wrote:
Here are my top three:
1. Ninja101
2.Wizard102 (previously mentioned) :D
3. Medieval101 8)
This is a great idea!
Same for me. I would love Wizard102. The only thing is: would our characters be humans, pigs, or a variety of cool creatures?

Dec 11, 2011
Since it needed to be in the spiral how bout
Dueling101? 3rd person mmorpg spiral themed
Princes101? Where you live and adventure like a PRINCESS!
Space101? kinda not.. since the spiral is already the space but could there be more universes!?!

Maybe even PrankCalls101?
or Granny101? Play old stay young!

Mar 13, 2012
Luke Skysleeper on Jan 2, 2014 wrote:
I like this idea. But the stats are a little bit confusing. Maybe you can make a post describing what each stat does? I'm really looking forward on the updates. And I also like how the climate has effects on the battle.
Alert = Defense for physical attacks

Aiming = Accuracy

Damage = Power, hitting power, etc.

Resistance = Defense against magic attacks.

Apr 11, 2012
Jack7021 on Aug 22, 2012 wrote:
so we have Wizard101 which is cool. We have a Pirate 101 coming out in the near future that I have high hopes for.

What other 101 games would you like to see made? What about Knight 101 or Ninja 101?
I know this kinda sounds weird and all but how about just a plain Life101? Where you could like have normal pets like cats, dogs, fish and live in a normal house with no magical stuff or anything. I know it sounds boring now, but just picture it in your head! And we can still have mounts just more life like, like maybe cars, mortocycles, horses lol, or any other transportation devices lol. I know what you're probally think, What is 101 without quests? Well i figured we dont need quest because, it's life XD unless like if you wanted like the quests in real life, life finding a job, studying real hard to get all As or something XD idk KI, you decide! Please think about this KI and take a break from the magical and mythical things?
Megan Skywalker lvl 87 ice wizard Stay cool

Sep 27, 2009
Hmm well I think ninja101 would be cool, and maybe make it take place in Mooshu, to tie in with W101 and P101.

I also think a super hero101 would be cool, you know, gathered from the popularity of Marvel right now in America. Maybe pick between different powers or something? Idk.

Dec 05, 2012
i think maybe a kingdom101 or an explorer101 or travler101 or ranger101 or ninja101 or knight101.

Feb 11, 2011
i think using 101 might go extreme but i want a game with certain complexe rules,
i would call this game idk really ill get to that later but here are the classes

paladin: these dude are very strong carrying armor and huge swords and can do some healing, they need los of care in are always in a group, they are very weak when its night time since they draw from the power of light.

priest: these people read helpful incantations and they have the power of charms and seals, they can slow down enemies and pretty much weaken them

mad scientist, these dude live of the fear of others and use it to drain others and they use rather techniques to do their bidding

arcane wizard : these dudes can summon the wild forces to dispatch enemies, these guys take a lot of time doing rituals and watch out, these guys are known to accidentally dispatch armies of their own kin, so watch out for their backlash.

mages: these dude are classified as it is, water ,earth, wind the water are like sea mages, river mages and earth are rock mages and forest mages, these guys haul around a lot of things that people think are trash but are useful like rocks tree seed and water bottles and soaked books.

last is the hunter, these are known for carrying all sorts of weapons and are classified as three, rouge, forest archer and duelist, they don't use magic as much as as the other but their weapons are there source of their power, they could be enchanted projectile weapons or a basic sword and shield

Aug 13, 2013
what about a game like world of warcraft and neverwinter or spiral knights, i think if they made games like that they'd get more players

Mar 30, 2014
Angus Myth on Aug 22, 2012 wrote:
Monster Tamer101 MT101
I think a mideval101 ME101 would be cool
theres more
Wizard102 (abbreviation obvious) W102 (your a wysterian)

cartoon101 C101

i will think of more for right now classes

Monster Tamer101 No classes persay

Mideval101 Wizard, Knight, ruler (king or queen), jester (each class different story on ME101)

Wizard102 (Duh) Ember, Frost, Spirit, Earth, Tempest, Chaos, and Equilimbreum (misspelled)

Cartoon101 . Mouse, Cat, Trickster, and Dog( each class on c101 has a different role and different story)

I love the midevil101 idea! I would love to be a jester! Seriously you are a genius for coming up with this! I like your idea and classes! Don't change it!

Emily Deathdust


(Hopefully one day jester!)

Jan 17, 2010
Monarch101 for sure.
It would be like you were chosen to be a prince/princess, and you made a kingdom, but evil forces wanted to take over and destroy it.
I think the levels should be:
Lvl 1: Lord/Lady
Lvl 5: Apprentice Monarch
Lvl 10: Initiate Monarch
Lvl 15: Budding Prince/Princess
Lvl 20: Lesser Prince/Princess
Lvl 30: Honorary Prince/Princess
Lvl 40: Prince/Princess
Lvl 50: Advanced Prince/Princess
Lvl 60: Rising King/Queen
Lvl 70: Living Legend
Lvl 80: Budding King/Queen
Lvl 90: King/Queen
Lvl 100: Ultimate King/Queen

Your dorm would obviously be something like a room in a fortress, and you'd have to be level 15 or higher to get a Stronghold (Monarch101 equivalent of a Castle)

Apr 29, 2012
Mythology101 is a must-have. I mean, can you imagine?! You could choose to be Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Nahuatl, Chinese, Japanese, Canaan, Bengali and anything else you can think of. Before you chose another class, like for Roman, you could be an Augur, Warrior, etc. For Egyptian, there could be Pharaoh, Embalmer, Scribe, Chief Lector, etc. Norse could have Valkyrie, Frost Giant, Fire Giant, Dwarf, Light Elf, Undead, etc. For Canaan you could just pick a god to follow the path of, Nahuatl could be Priest, Warrior, etc. So many possibilities!!! As you might have guessed, I'm obsessed with mythology, and I can't wait to see a Canaanite warrior rocking Marquod's path. You'll either get that or not.

May 05, 2012
Lawrence89 on Nov 6, 2012 wrote:
Maybe something for teens or adults like assassin101 or warlord101 comment plz
Wizard101 and Pirate101 are kid-friendly games, I like the Warlord101 idea where you rule a kindgom and take over others. Instead of turn-by-turn combat, you fight in the moment with different keys as different attacks. Its time KI made a teen game.

Aug 02, 2013
Monstertamer101 you could go around and have gear that hunts monsters and the main world for this could be darkmore. I think it would be pretty cool
Andrew deathblade Lvl 76

Aug 02, 2013
I got one more time travel101! You could go back in time in some of the worlds we know. The reason we would go back is to stop a cast-trophie from happening in the future. Also the professor in marleybone is a time traveler so he could be involved in the story, he could teach you how to time travel.
Andrew deathblade Lvl 76

Sep 07, 2013
Jack7021 on Aug 22, 2012 wrote:
so we have Wizard101 which is cool. We have a Pirate 101 coming out in the near future that I have high hopes for.

What other 101 games would you like to see made? What about Knight 101 or Ninja 101?
i think that there should be fairy101 and you can pick to be a fairy or a troll and other magical creatures

Nov 21, 2012
I think they should have an Army101 for players who like shooter type games they should add the companions like in pirate 101 but have a new combat style.Mason Titan Shield

Aug 13, 2014
i personally would like to play fair tail 101 where you can be one of your favoret fairy tail character