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What other 101 games would you like to see?

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
frostednutella on Sep 1, 2016 wrote:
None!!! I hope that only Wizard101 and Pirate101 are the only ones. More time spent for Wizard101, it's my one and only.
Here here!

Mar 25, 2011

Create your own vehicle, customize it, race tracks with friends and rivals! Use cool power ups and build unique weapons on your car! Create your own tracks in your homes! Race throughout other worlds!

Feb 28, 2014
How about Dungeon101. Similar to wizard101 and Pirate101 but doing dungeon quests and you move around more in battles. Dungeons can be: Caves, Castles, Towers, Graveyards, etc.. filled with multiple rooms to explore with a chance to find items along with drops. There can be up to a few bosses to fight and one of the rooms has the main boss. If you ran out of time to finish, you can click save so you don't loose your spot. This is just a thought.

Jul 23, 2011
In Wizard101, we created choices. In Pirate101, we created space. Maybe, in the next 101 game we should create time. It could be Pharaoh101.