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Feedback Friday 6-3-11

Jan 03, 2009
May 14, 2011
Pet plant
A plant that gives you one pet that can normally only be bought by crowns.

Fire fungus
A plant that give you only fire treasure cards

Sunglews (instead of sundews) likes Dandielions

Gives you 1 power point at elder also gives you garden treasure cards

MARS flytrap (instead of venus) dislikes frozen fly trap, venus fly trap, jupiter flytrap, and sun flytrap. likes stink weed ,despareagus, white desparagus. gives you balance minion t- cards.

jupiter flytrap dislikes every thing the mars one does same thing with what it likes. including mars fly trap it gives you storm minoin t-cards

moon flytrap dislikes every thing the mars one does same thing with what it likes. including mars fly trap
it gives you ice minions t- cards

sun flytraps dislikes every thing the mars one does same thing with what it likes. including mars fly trap gives you fire minion t cards

and so on with the plantet fly traps

uranus fly trap dislikes every thing the mars one does same thing with what it likes. including mars fly trap
gives you death minion t cards

neptune flytrap dislikes every thing the mars one does same thing with what it likes. including mars fly trap gives you myth minion treasure cards

pluto flytrap dislikes every thing the mars one does same thing with what it likes. including mars fly trap give you life t-cards

Jan 01, 2011
Phenix Fire Orchard

I thought the Phenix card was a cool spell I think it would make plant to grow. Maybe have a miniature of it with head and extented wings with white petals with a smoldering yellow glowing outline.

Also if I may, have you ever thought about specific type of elemental plants. Plants that can only grown by a specific type of wizard. Like Phenix Fire Orchard can only be grow by a Pyromacer and the reward payout varying on that waizards level beginner, adept, magus, etc. Specific type also meaning it needs fire magic that comes from our own blue globe. It's an extra step but makes it more challanging if you grow many of the same one.

Thank for time and I hope you like my suggestion.

Eric Thundertamer,

Sep 20, 2010
I would have to go with the gryphon tree, it grows wings and paws and gives stuff like skeletal dragon rank 8+

Sep 27, 2010
they have to make a plant that has half a face a vampire and half donkey and should have a loion mane

Jun 23, 2008
I like the Picture (Pitcher) Plant and it would give out housing items when harvest or eliminates the need to water other plants.

Sunflower: no sun needs for other plants

A minonion: Gives out minions when harvested.

A ClockWork Orange tree: has to be crafted.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Iris: A coloured eyeball that gives out Myth and Life, Fire, Death, Ice cards accordingly.

Goldenrod: for those people who want a plant that gives out wands. not me.

Brain Cactus: no comment

Refresh-mint: Gives back a little bit of pet energy when harvested

Mourning glory: Gives diffuse-type spells when harvested

Chemeleon plant: awards potions when harvested and changes colour.

Umbrella plant: give shields

A triphid, some soylent green, various mushrooms and maybe some mooshu moss.

Tannar Anglestalker

Feb 17, 2010
Brawliflower. Cauliflower clump with brutish, muscular arms and bushy eyebrows over menacing eyes, possibly gives the 'boost-to-damage'-type treasure cards upon elder?

Apr 25, 2010
Gills Destruct: It is a life piggle that grows in a medium pot hope you like it :D

Mar 12, 2010
i would have a nosey rose. it would have a rose but a nose in the centre with a wall next to it so it can be nosey and peek over it :D

Dec 10, 2009
To me i was thinking on lvl 58 the 7 schools should get there own wand, something that looking big sharp and stuff like that, and for the wand to glow it will have the school symbol glowing around it, it could be 40 criticail or 35 criticail and 30 critical block, and the when they do a 58 spell they should award them with there own school plant! i like my idea so much :D

Sep 22, 2009
Colosus blossom: White or light blue enormous flower with ice or fire colosus face

Blood Orange tree: bush with oranges that have bat wings and vampire fangs XD

Gamma Lily: lilies with gamma the owls face that hoot.

Celestial Star/moon,sun tree: kind of self explanatory. they should make a little tinkling sound and when they are ready to harvest maybe they should sparkle with star or moon dust or something

reaper Roses: no idea what i'd make it look like but meh was worth a shot, think it should have alittle grave or tombstone and every so often a wraith with a sickle could pop out and chop off the heads of the roses, and they could grow back, kind of like boom shroom loses his head then it pops right back on.

Star fish Fruit: but i think it should blow bubbles lol again self explanatory i thinks.

Spiral Fly Trap fly trap with spiral spooky eyes, hypnotic like o.o

Harvest Lord Corn:

dragon fruit is a pet snack, i'm thinking, why not make it a plant also? so why not some kind of fruit with a little dragon head and wings attached to it that every so often let's out a dragon roar or breathes a bit of fire?

Thunder Snake Vines: self explanatory i think

Fire ferns, or fire elf ferns

idk if this is something that exists just yet, but was thinking of maybe bonsai trees

Gingerbread Trees: idk why but i just think its cute

Toad flax, that might have something to do with the humongofrog

Deadly Lord Nightshade Plants..

and maybe "sweet" Potatoes that have big red lips that occasionally blow kisses or something
okies just a few i've thrown out there off the top of my head, it's very late so they may not be very good. but hope they're considered just the same XD

Sep 03, 2010
rosefreet, a plant that looks like efreet but in a green color in a magic lamp like the on in sultans palace an the color of its lamp is color blue and it gives too thosuand xp for lvl in up for gardening also it gives too new stuff form everything in crown shop that is new every month an take too weeks till harvest to get one of those rewards

May 23, 2010
crazy cacti it could be a load of cactus with party stuff like maybe those things that make noises, they could be a level 3 plant and the best reward is a mount for a day good idea huh

Thomas Dreamcaster level 38 life wizard_________________________

without life their is no death

Dec 25, 2009
I would make a crazy daisy, and have it come out a random color when it gets to the "mature" stage, just like the bouquets of "crazy daisies" you can buy in real life :)

-Cassandra StormHaven

Dec 25, 2009
Whatever plants you pick you really need a wider variety of plants that drop pet snacks and especially mega snacks, because there is a distinct lack of that in the current array of plants.

Sep 11, 2010
weeping willow a sad plant that looks like the storm tree and it is crying

and tree of gold a bush that grows gold coins harvest starts with 100 gold and will go up each time and elder gives you 1000 to 5000 gold :-) :D

Jun 04, 2009
if i had to make a plant i would name it pop corn and it would pop randomly and it would be a rank 4 plant

Dec 09, 2010
Umbrella Plant: It sprouts umbrellas and gives you (shields) wards and self waters.

Cactus Cowboy: cactus dressed as cowboy and gives you rare reagents (black lotus, black pearl) :lo

Blueberry tree: its blue and sad and is like the deadly ninja fig and it could give pet snacks.

Jun 29, 2009
Sandstorm tree it is surronded by sandstorms. When it is young it is a normal tree when mature it sometimes swirls around like the sandstorms surondding it. It likes Key Limes. It dislikes Stinkweed (of course) and Dandelions. Gives balance tresure cards and is very hard to plant but rewards are great to. Player needs to be rank 7 to plant it. :D

May 01, 2011
i would like a spiral flower that has a diamond in the center and worlds of the spiral floating around it it would come in all the colors and would require a medium pot :D :D

Apr 04, 2011
it would be cool if there were death school plants like if i could make one it would be called the repper vine or wolf fang. lol but ya death school plants think of it!

Feb 27, 2011
Jul 25, 2009
I think we should have blue-belles or those like bleeding hearts or like cheer-ies lolz that make you happy and smiley?

Mar 13, 2011

Regarding a new plant. Well not so new, but a different type perhaps.

I would like to see a version of all the current, and perhaps even ones to come, plants that you can set in pots, or in your home's yards that do everything that the real plants do.

Except they would not give experience or drops. They also do not die, nor can they be seen as plants with the gardening skill active.

But they would mimic the real plants with their actions and noises they make.

I've always thought that having a garden with all of the plants in the Spiral would be a neat thing, But it would be nearly impossible with the power usage it would require. As well as having to replant when each plant reaches Elder.

Having a plant that gives no benefits, but is in fact just a scripted item would make this possible.

Thanks for listening.

Oct 19, 2009
An Eye-ris flower. A regular looking bud that opens to a big eye in its center.