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Feedback Friday 6-3-11

Dec 25, 2008
Jul 28, 2009
Hi wizards! I would name this plant the Seithr Plant (SI-ther). It could give off poisoness oil that could be sold at none other: Baazar. The reagent would be called: Seithr Oil. It would be a very rare reagent. Therefore, worth a lot of gold. This plant could be bought with crowns. It would be roughly seven hundred fifty crowns. You could also find the seed in worlds from defeating bosses. For example: Krokopatra in Krokotopia. Not an example: Lady Blackhope in Wizard City. The Seithr Plant would be sell No Auction, just like all the other seeds and plants. It would need special attention- more than other plants- because of its rarity. Ignore it and it dies extremely quickly. If a low level wizard does stumble upon this seed accidently, that individual could either Trash it, or move into a Shared Bank for other files to use (of that same username and password). Kingsisle Entertainment: I respectfully offer my ideas to you. As an enormous fan of Wizard101, It would delight me to see my own ideas on Wizard101. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Mar 30, 2009
selena gomez plant:
a plant that is a dandellion but with the face of selena gomez

350 experience of gardening

8) 8) 8)

Mar 30, 2009
Selena Gomez:
A plant that is a Dandellion but with the face of Selena Gomez

350 Gardening experience

8) 8) 8)

May 09, 2010
A Cool Plant Idea? Well, I Have A Few Of Them....
-A Butterfly Bush [Butterflys made out of sticks of butter flying around a buch that has pancake flowers]
-Red Hot Chilly Pepper Bush [A bush with Peppers with angry faces that steam]
-A cotton candy tree?? That would be cool!
-A Peek-A-Boo Bush. Have little ghosts be either flying in or out of the bush and when a character passes it.....They'll pop out and a noise will go off for them saying, "Boo!"

Well, That's all I have!

May 25, 2009
You should make it to where you could craft a wand from the crafting station called Gardening Wand and then you can put it on a plot of dirt. Then you pick what it looks like from another plant (what I mean by that is what it looks like you can put it as your plant) and its stats are random. :)

Dec 20, 2008
Real Flowering Plants:

Bird Nest- daucus carota ---flowers the different birds from each world
drops: treasure cards
crafting supplies
hatches a bird pet

I picture this as a large bush with baby birds in the nest it would need sunshine, music, and magic. The birds grow and when they are ready to leave the nest you get your pet.

Horse Nettle-Solaum carolinense--Tiny horse mounts all over the bush
drops: seeds
one day mount at harvest
treasure card

I picture this a large bush with tiny mounts all over the bush which would need water, sunshine, and magic.

Scrambled Eggs-corydalis aurea --Plant that has clusters of eggs which
hatches a rare retired pet. Allows
player a second chance at missed pets.
No seeds--we all know pets cost crowns
needs sunshine, water, magic, enchanted
soil, music

Sorry I was late.

Dec 14, 2010
i think they should make a wizard plant, a wizard you get to dress up and plant :D

May 02, 2011
How about a Night Rose? Blood red roses, nearly black. Poisonous thorns that cause paralysis in small amounts and death in larger doses. The flowers themselves are greatly prized as tokens of love and sacrifice, and their petals will resurect defeated players and temporarily give them twice their normal health and mana (till the battle is over).

Apr 02, 2009
Hi Ms. Falmea! I just thought of another idea that I think you will like: the school plants! How do these plants work you ask? I will gladly explain! If a wizard is a Grandmaster Gardener and of Legendary status, then their teacher will call them to their aid. The teacher will have that wizard gather certain ingredients pertaining to their school that are rather hard to obtain. After gathering these ingredients, the teacher will give them a seed. This seed will require a large plot and will either look like the lvl 58 spell or pet. During its time in mature status, the plant will only give a measely 100 gold. When it is elder, though, it will give a very good reward. For the schools of fire, ice, storm, myth, and death the plant will give 8 treasure cards: blade of school, triple blade of school, global spell of school, trap of school, triple trap of school, curse, feint, and the lvl 58 spell of school with a +300 damage gargantuan added, so it can't be sold. For balance, the plant will give 6 treasure cards: balanceblade, bladestorm, hex, global spell, a judgement that does 130 damage per pip, and a ra spell with a +300 damage gargantuan. For life, the plant will give 8 treasure cards: guiding light, brilliant light, global spell, pixie, satyr, the 5 pip healing spell (of which I have forgotten the name), a dryad that does 250 health per pip, and a rebirth that gives a 800 damage absorb. After someone has done this quest for the plant and been successful, they can repeat it over and over to get more of these plants (this quest must be pretty hard so people cant do it like 20 times a day).

Please take my idea into account.

-Blaze ShadowHunter, Level 60 Pyromancer

Apr 17, 2010
I would gladly grow a Medusa Amaranthus with the "ropes" swirling like snakes.

Feb 07, 2011
Professor Falmea wrote:
Hi everyone! Friday has visited us once again, and with it, comes time for another Feedback Friday.

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

First of all, thank you for the massive, massive amounts of housing item suggestions! It will admittedly take a while to sort through them all, but we'll definitely keep them in mind when we're scratching our heads about which pieces of the world would be good to bring into your humble (or not so humble) abodes.

This week, we'll stay with the housing theme but venture outside. If you could wave your magic wands and make a new plant appear, what would its name be? For example, I might wave my wand and create Sunflowers (a plant with suns on it). What would you cultivate?

Looking forward to reading all the clever ideas to come! ::grin::

Quick note from Professor Greyrose - you can also post on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/wizard101 :| :?
i think there should be a dryad tree plant, and a forest lord plant, and, a plant for every single spell ever :D

Dec 11, 2009
How about a ( Horn Bush ) it would have A minatour hiding in it and it could give minatour treasure cards.

Oct 06, 2010
Dec 13, 2008
Jan 17, 2011
Aug 24, 2009

I had an idea of a tie dye flower, with John Lennon glasses, and a smile, and it being called the Flower Power plant.

I know it sounds like a total hippie thing, but I would personally buy a ton of those for my garden.

Jan 16, 2011
Jul 29, 2009
a plant with the pictrue of mallistaire in footsie pajamas with ambrose on it

Jun 28, 2010
May 03, 2009
What about "THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE!" It would be a tree that had cherries on it, instead of flowers, with facial expressions that randomly change and it would be a housing item. It would give a card called the cherry swarm. It would be level 5+ difficulty and once per day as it is growing it can either give an item for crowns or give a free treasure card. The tree would require a large magical plot and it could be dropped by monsters or bought with crowns. THe tree would be a housing item and the pot could be personalized. :D :-) :)

THe cherry swarm card would deal your opponent 200 damage or heal yourself or friend 200

May 10, 2011
Here are my two ideas.
The first one is DandyTigers, a species of dandelions that get very aggressive when any non-dandy tigers go in their territory
The second one is a Spyre Tree they are the exact same thing as a palm tree except for the spirals of fire flying around it

Jan 04, 2010
WOW! i always wanted to make a plant of my choosing.i think either:

Tree Pip: A tree that when harvested a elder gives you the empower spell


Dog Wood: A plant that is a dogs head and gives that wood thing reagent i think its called the mystic wood i think.

Oct 10, 2010
countessofthenight... wrote:
I would pick a plant with a vampire face. To go along with the vampire spell that we so much like casting. It would have red eyes and fangs.
For a name maybe fang flower?

May 02, 2010
i got a few ideas one would be snapdragon it would have a dragon's head and it would give dragon spell card or dragonfruit depending on how well nertured
next idea is bringing trees into the picture the idea is dogwood tree it would have tree heads like a sirus and give you the spell card of the three headed dog
next idea is weeping willow it is a crying tree that gives you storm treasure cards and storm regerants
these are all my ideas for now and if i mispelled anything my bad
p.s. i like the idea of letting players create things in game