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Excessive Beggars are everywhere!

Nov 26, 2011
Epic Awesome on Jun 23, 2013 wrote:
It is not awesome. This is actually an insult.
I disagree, people beg over and over for items so this is a way to discourage begging for gifts. Its simply a harmless prank.

Mar 12, 2013
magnetic mount
cost: 1 crown
Looks identical to the bengal tiger mount, except the tiger is wearing really thick glasses.
No speed boost or nerf
In commons, appears to function fine. However, in an area with monsters in it, will veer 15-20 degrees off course at random intervals, guaranteeing the recipient gets into lots of unnecessary fights and loses countless hours of time just going from A to B.

Stew pixie
cost: 1 crown
Looks identical to the carnation pixie, except she has orange stains down the front of her tunic.
All selfish abilities that grant pitifully small attribute boosts. But because they only ever occur in the Stew pixie, they are all Epic, and artificially bloat her pedigree into the stratosphere. At baby will occasionally may-cast mana burn targeting the pet owner.

Genie of the Lamp treasure card
cost: crafting recipe in secret area of Krok
Looks like a generic 5 pip fire attack but instead when it resolves, some boss cheat text appears over the battle saying "Be careful what you beg for, you may just get it." and applies a 90% weakness to the caster. No damage is dealt.

Cloak Gear
cost: 20 crowns per slot
Cloaks (hides) the tooltip info for any piece of equipment. Instead, a message will appear: "Undisclosed item equipped to slot". This works in the streets, in your friends list, and in the arena. Cloak Stats works the same way, except allows you to hide your stats, basically disallowing others from knowing anything about you unless you are friends with them and specifically allow them (tick box) to see cloaked data.

Dec 05, 2012
ok this crown thing is so annoying one person friended me in the commons and when I was in one of those towers in ravenwood only a couple minutes after he added me , that friend said gift me something or else he would remove me when I told him I couldn't gift him he removed me so I gave him a punishment and kept trying to friend him and eventually he would accept it, he told me to gift him, but I think he removed me. and there was this one person who I think added me and I wen to the nightside so I think that was when he asked me to gift him and I said I couldn't it was parental control. then he asked if I knew my master password then he asked can I know and I said of course not. I think he removed me. but I didn't ignore him or reported him but next time if someone asks me for my master password I will report them ignore them and if friend remove themthose people are can be annoying I once kinda was one of those people but I have leaned my lesson that it can be annoying when someone in the commons asks for gifts I ignore them blaze deathward level 33

Feb 16, 2011
Nolsterbuckr on Aug 8, 2012 wrote:
I have played this game for over two years now, and the only main problem is not the game itself, but some of the players.
Almost every time I get on do I receive a flood of people in the Commons begging me to gift them crowns or packs. This is extremely annoying to me, and I am sure many others are sick and tired of it.
I think there is an options in the options where you can turn chat bubbles off. Hope this helpes.

Nov 14, 2010
someone had an idea for gear that looked ugly negative stats no stitch and was 100 crowns each piece

Dec 05, 2012
ok get that some people can't get crowns cause their parents wont get them. but seriously some of these people can get crowns just are being cheap probably if they cannot get crowns its to bad for them but beggars need to realize what they are doing, it is sad for them but the beggar needs to realize he/she isn't the best wizard in the game and he/she isn't the only wizard I mean they do deserve respect but they are affecting everyone else so they cannot make someone gift them they just need to move on.

Mar 13, 2012
Keira Dreamleaf on Dec 30, 2012 wrote:
It is very annoying………

I ran into this kid while going to the bazaar.

Kid: "hey Keira, can you gift me?"
ME: "Sorry, I'm out of crowns" (True)
Kid: "But you're such a high level"
Me: walks away…..

How does being a higher lvl character automatically give you unlimited crowns? (not a bad idea though :) )

Also, I turn off speech bubbles whenever I pass through the commons so I do't have to see 8 million people saying:

Can anyone gift me ________
I need a boy/girl
Can you give me a ride on you're Hydra/rhino/dino/raven?
I really need Insert newest pack

Keira Dreamleaf lvl 75 Storm
Yes this happens to me all the time! i always ride a cat mount, panther, lioness, tiger, which of the two i bought with gold. I get crowns sometime more than a month, so i rarely have some left. Some times if i have a few non-needed crowns, I will gift my best friends though. Listen to what happened before;

Me: X walking to the bazaar X
Random Girl: X tries to add me X
I always add people in the high levels, which she was so i did.
Random Girl Whispers: Hey Alura, do you have crowns?
Me: No, out. Sorry.(True, very True.)
Random Girl: You're lying. Mean. X Removes me and reports X

People remember these 3 easy things;
  1. Crowns cost real money and, why would a person spend their money on you, someone they don't know?
  2. High Levels Don't always have crowns! some have membership!
  3. Some stuff, like lions, tigers, and guardian's vestment can be bought with gold, so save up!

Mar 23, 2013
i rather dislike how almost everything in the crowns shop only comes in the crowns option.

Dec 05, 2012
I have the best idea yet, pretend you are away from keyboard ( afk ) like don't turn move or say anything, just kick back and relax till they leave and then when they finally leave switch your realm ( and area if possible )

Mar 12, 2013
Blaze, nobody wants to lose several minutes of time playing dead when they would rather be playing W101

I hate the beggars, but I also feel uncomfortable when people I know are openly envious of my stats from the few pieces of crowns gear I have. They say, "I like your stats" "I see you got some crowns" and things like that, and sooner or later they get around to asking me to gift them.

I have tried fibbing and say "This gear drops from this particular boss" or "I got this as a drop in mirror lake" but a couple persistent young wizards have called me out on this lie and acted hurt that I wouldn't be straight with them and/or gift them the item.

If I do tell them that I got this particular item with crowns, why then all pretence of friendly chatter is gone, and they ask or even tell me to gift them very specific, very expensive things. And these are people I've quested with for weeks on end - but if I don't gift them something right there on the spot, they soon find that they have to go, have homework, need to walk the dog, etc. and disappear. Then weeks later I go to help another friend, and there they are, with the other friend, and now they have the crowns gear they begged me for.

It's a particularly slimy, insidious form of begging that starts with flattery and ends with me removing them. These people aren't stupid - they know you can get certain things from Mirror Lake, and can't get other certain things. But they talk and act like you owe them a gift and will NOT drop the subject, rather they will continue hinting and flattering and saying how jealous they are until they are openly asking you to gift them again.

Oct 22, 2011
I get people all the time that tell me I'm ''selfish'' for not sharing my crowns with them. Um, what? I earned the money to buy crowns. I am not going to gift someone I don't even know items that cost real money. I have the right to spend it any way I want, and if that means just on myself, then so be it.

A lot of wizards are not willing to work at getting gold to buy items. They want it now. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, you earn your way through the game, just like so many others. Begging doesn't make you look cool, it's annoying and frustrating to the rest of us.

The problem is, some will gift random people stuff. Once that happens, the beggar will continue begging with more enthusiasm, hoping someone will gift them again and again and again.

Jun 10, 2013
OMG I so agree!
My parents think this game is bad (to some extent they are true, I could be doing something better with my time but whatever). I made it to nationals on a competition but got judges that ripped me off, so I needed a membership so that I could forget the world for a little while. Then I got hooked. I never am really aloud to get crowns, because my parents think it is a waste of money. (They let me get crowns twice which cost $5 each because I was desperate for new hair and a wand). No one has ever asked me for crowns because I don't have crown clothing.
I understand how the beggars feel. I really wanted the hawk pack, but I would never ever beg. It is WRONG.
No matter how awesome the thing is, try to get an alternative with gold. I wanted the hawk pack, but I controlled myself. (partly because I assume it is very uncomfortable for both parties.)
But this does give me a good idea. I am going to run an experiment (of sorts). I am going to interview people from both sides, and see what the majority of people would do (psychology). Plus, I love interviewing people!
Megan Stormshard

Jul 02, 2009
I was walking around in the commons on my level one wizard, and i got a friend request from a level 90 wizard. I accepted really quickly. Next thing i know, he said "can i plz have crowns plz plz i never got any crowns ever and never will?" I checked his gear, and he had on really expensive crowns gear and mount. I said to him "i don't have any" ( which was true ) and he replied "can you ask for some?" He was really bugging me, so i said "why should i give you, a total stranger, crowns which cost real money?" he said " if you dont i will unfriend and ignore you" and i said "be my guest" he did it all and probably reported me for not giving him crowns.
If a wayyyyy higher level wizard wants to group you or friend you, they probably want crowns from you. Dont do it.
Malorn Ashthorn level 72

May 29, 2013
KaneDeathBringer23... on Mar 1, 2013 wrote:
I just use the ignore button. I dont think it is all that annoying, I am a level 65 Death and i still ask for treasure cards. lol
Asking for tc is different though
You don't have to pay real money for tc

Dec 03, 2012
Lucas Rain on Dec 18, 2012 wrote:
I don't think crowns players should have to hide in empty realms to get away from beggars.

KI should just flag the phrase "gift me" so that only open chat can use it (cuts down a large percentage of beggars).
I was thinking that EXACT same thing!
Also- take away-
I need a girl
I need a boy

Dec 05, 2012
I have come up with an idea! when they ask you switch realms and area then do it again basically just keep switching realms and areas and don't say anything to before they ask otherwise they can go into chat box click the last thing you said and press are to talk to you in text chat even if they are not your friend and if they friend you before they ask then when they ask remove them and after you switch realms an areas if they find you again say I am putting you on ignore and do so so respond if you like my idea blaze deathward lvl 33 magus

Dec 05, 2012
o and I forgot to say if you say something before they ask you to gift them put them on ignore then blaze deathward lvl 35 magus

Feb 06, 2010
Jordan Ice Flame on Dec 31, 2012 wrote:
Yea I hate how everyone is asking me for gifts.

I dont like how people are just running around say "I need a boy/girl". It just is very scary and weird.

I have never heard "Can you give me a ride on you're Hydra/rhino/dino/raven?" before.

I dont like all of the random friend requests. I mean I don't even know them.

I do like the idea that being a higher level means you have unlimited crowns. But I don't have a really high level. I mean my hightest level is 43-45 ( I am not sure which).

I have a friend that plays and he lives right across the street so i gave him a few pet packs and a mount you know for Christmas. Then he is all over me asking for more packsI mean I was baffald and even when I said no he kept asking Then he came to my friends house and asked my friend if he would gift him I had to step in and get him to stop so I am quite mad at him for doing that.

The Problem is that I am incabable of saying no So I had gotten 60,000 crowns for Christmas and then my friend wanted a new mount (even though he had Hydra and a lot of other mounts) that was in a pack so we bought a few and then I was done like 3,000 crowns. Then my friend asked if I would gift him a pet and it was a very costly pet. I think it was 14,000 crowns so I was losing crowns quick and I didn't spend any of it for me
So then my friend came over (the one that I mentioned before) and I spent like 6,000 for him then I only had a few left. Then I broke and I got my self a lot of things because i didn't want everone to use it all for me. Then my brother my brother asked for pet packs I gave him like 4 or 3 Then I bought the lama then my friend that I bought the pet for asked for a mount (the sleigh mount) and so I him it then I was brokeI had 1,000. So then I couldn't get the owl pet that i wanted and was thinking about getting because I wasn't quiet sure if I should.
Jordan IceFlame lvl 43-45 Ice (and I will not be mad if you do not want to read all of this it is a little long)
At your level 35,000 gold shouldn't be too much trouble (You can buy the owl for 35,000 gold). But dude I feel sorry and I wish I had cash to gift you back what you lost. I hate beggars one said "Dude I will hack your computer" And I am 10 so I couldn't say what I wanted to say and I got scared.

Sep 09, 2012
Anyone go through this??:

Me getting ready for pvp: Ugh, Why isnt the other team Excepting?

A random guy: Excuse me.

Me: (WHAT!) Yes? :3

The random guy: I need crowns, Can you give me some?

Me: (Is he Idiot or does he know how to Hack?) I don't have allot... (Getting ready To ignore or Report)

Jordan (The random guy): Oh well... Can you give me the left overs?

Me: Well, haha, Do you know how to share crowns?

Jordan: no.. >:( Give me the crowns already.

NOTE: This was in public. >.<

Me: Well you know my username?

Him: no, Whats your username.

Me: Look buddy, We don't hand out our Information, Now shoo plz. c:

Him: Give me your password and username first.

Me: I'm leaving, (Goes to The commons, Then prepares to Report the Nub :D)

Keira SpiritHeart lvl 90

Dec 05, 2012
rotten heart the idea of making beggars gear is a great Idea, and I have another idea, if you try go gift a beggar another piece of gear then when you try to it would say sorry, that person Is a beggar and cannot get gear other then a beggars gear. cause I do not like beggars

Dec 05, 2012
ok I am tired of this begging, people probably assume I have money cause of what I have ( not to brag but I have a lot of stuff in this game that costs money like massive fantasy palace and death house and Aquila palace and frostfang tiger and a treant and midnight sun pagodapagoda/winterbane hall ) so there was a lvl two and it was her first character, her name was Gabriele nightslinger school: death, she asked me to gift her a guardians outfit twice! one person added me in the commons then when I got inside I think the fire tower he said yo gift me a mega snack back or ill remove you, well they said I think that, well when I told them it was a parental control, he removed me :( I gave him a punishment and kept sending him friend requests, he took it eventually but he told me to gift him then i said its a parental control then he removed me :( then I had a friend named blaze griffinbreeze, and he was at his massive fantasy palace when I ported, he was with his friend Robert silver, Robert silver asked me to gift him, I told him it was a parental control then I tried to add him but he wouldn't except it cause I wouldn't gift him :( I went inside, then came back out hoping he and blaze was there, well he wasn't and blaze had logged off, then when blaze got back on I asked if Robert silver was on, he said I think yes, but then I think he said then he logged off :`( so close, but he told me he would remove him and then he said s sorry you had to experience that with him :D and there was this time someone asked me to gift them and I told them it was a parental control and then I think is when he asked for my masterpassword o: I TOLD HIM OF COURSE NOT. I cannot believe that! I didn't report him but I think he removed me :( and there was this girl named Victoria lifecaller ( the biggest beggar I have ever seen in the game ) she asked me for a mount and a pet, i told her it is a parental control, she said to turn it on, I told her it takes a masterpassword, she I think said well do it, I told her I don't know it, she said ask your mom for it I told her I think I tried, then the next day she asked again about a mount and pet, I told her I think remember it is a parental control, she said plz tell your mom, and I think i said she just wont do it, but then like I think a few days after that I removed her and put her on ignore, I never gift and never have and never will, I wish that people would just accept the answer, no.

Aug 20, 2011
I would love to gift people beggar gear all day long.

Can we make it pay-gold optional?

Jul 02, 2009
If all you guys hate beggars so much, then just stay out of the commons! And isn't this making fun of homeless people? If its not, then forget what I said. If you don't want people asking to gift you, don't talk to people. I don't know how to do that, except for ignoring them. Actually, one time, there was this guy in the commons, asking for gifts, and then I told him to change realms. He left, and I was happy. :D
Then another time, I wanted to see if this new gifting thing actually worked. I asked for someone to gift me something,then this guy walks up to me. He said,"I'll gift you! Just give me the crowns first!" It was funny. Hahaha. But seriously. If you hate beggars that much, don't even try to gift them. Gifting them insulting crowns gear is still gifting them. See what I'm saying? And there is another way to gift people for free. Take them to mirror lake or some other dungeon. The bosses drop some pretty good crowns gear. If this was just a joke, I don't think it's all that funny. Just my two cents.

Apr 22, 2012
I love it This really needs to be implemented into the game as Beggars Corner. Lol hehehehe hahahah ROFL...
How bout can we buy a basket of Animatied tomato's that we can throw at them from the Crown Shop. I would buy a ton and have it ready lol.

That Lemon Idea oh would be sooo funny and yea I would buy one. "still laughing as I write this. Not to mention I have gifted people and I usually would gift more than one pack, but they have the nerve to say "I didn't get anything good, can you gift me another. Now that hurts lol. Money doesn't grow on Tree.

Sestiva Starcatcher

Jul 02, 2009
Do you know what DOES grow on trees? Paper. And seriously? People are that rude to ask for a gift, and if there isn't anything good they have the audacity to ask for more?! What?!