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Excessive Beggars are everywhere!

Apr 28, 2010
Report them. Its like cards for codes. Treasure cards for a mount is against the rules. If someone says if you pay 0$ for 50$ of real money, Then do not do it.

Mar 15, 2009
i think that if you cant stop the begging at least stop scams.
I had gotten giftcards for crowns and in all i had 9000. i was gonna get a tiger but saw the permanent was 10000 so i got wings and had about 1900 left.
A little later some guy is offering a bengal mount for some outfit worth 1500 crowns i wasnt gonna spend anyway. so i talk to him and go to the crowns screen but i decided to look at the conversation that was happening while i was at the shop screen. Some guy had told him he was a fake so i listened to what he had to say and guess what...

"i'm not a fake i gave jared his wings, see." thinking i cant see im in the shop.
thats when i reported him. now i know it was stupid to think someone would be honest in the game and i know some people wouldnt see what i saw and waste there crowns and in turn waste there money.

Jared Sunshard
Level 42 life

Jun 09, 2010
sparks123454 wrote:
The most cruel thing happened to me yesterday. I was in the shopping district and i saw a guy with four other guys (all friends except the trader) they were all level one so they didnt know much about the game,The trader had said I WILL GIVE YOU CODES FOR YOUR TREASURE CARDS. Well they did but....guess wat the trader did? He ported and he also reported them! Why in the world would he do that?! I think its just sick that people would be so cruel as to do that to a level one(oh btw if your thinking they had weak cards your wrong,i was listening to them talk sometimes,mainly because one of them was my friend. They obviously just got a crown card ( no membership ) so of course they boust all those cards just to trade them to some guy. One word:Cruel

I am always to busy fighting so I never have any issues. I tend to fight alone. I used to play in other games and I used to belong to groups. I even helped lead one. When the drama started I quit being in groups and now I solo. Learned my lesson after dealing with drama in a group. So as far as begging goes, I am so busy soloing that I am never around anyone except my son in the game. I also do not take on friendships unless I FEEL LIKE IT. And I have had a few friends deny to help me in the game that was friended to me. Five seconds later they wanted my help after I started a dungeon. I told them nope and then put them on ignore. I don't help moochers that never expect to help me in return. Thats how it is and always will be when I play in this game. I won't spend money on someone in the game but if I win an item I can't use then I will gladly gift it if I can. But I will only gift it if the other person doesn't constantly try to mooch up to me without returning the favor.

Dec 30, 2009
No matter what game you play,this will always happen. You can't stop it, and it can't be stopped. If one little thing like this is going to bug you, your going to have some real problems within the game. Just add them to your ignore list. They most likely will give up because no one will give them them what they want.

Sorry to be the party pooper, but this will happen no matter what.

Sep 19, 2009
well, you have to just learn to ignore and eventually they'll disappear.
It doesn't help that a lot of people actually use the beggars to, in which they say they'll gift for cards but don't.

I get asked quite often, and whenever a lower leveled person friends me I immediately tell them "I do not gift. xD"
I don't mind friending levels 15+ because I get quite bored sometimes and I don't mind helping. but I don't plan on gifting anyone unless it's someone I know in real life.

I also get alot of 'hey, you got crowns, buy me something' in which i just press ignore. It works wonders. xD (I don't even always have crowns, in which I mention this, then ignore. lol I'm quite nice, don't you think? xD)

Calamity Blade
Level 43 life. :)

Jun 09, 2010
sparks123454 wrote:
The most cruel thing happened to me yesterday. I was in the shopping district and i saw a guy with four other guys (all friends except the trader) they were all level one so they didnt know much about the game,The trader had said I WILL GIVE YOU CODES FOR YOUR TREASURE CARDS. Well they did but....guess wat the trader did? He ported and he also reported them! Why in the world would he do that?! I think its just sick that people would be so cruel as to do that to a level one(oh btw if your thinking they had weak cards your wrong,i was listening to them talk sometimes,mainly because one of them was my friend. They obviously just got a crown card ( no membership ) so of course they boust all those cards just to trade them to some guy. One word:Cruel

They should not have been giving cards for codes. That was an illegal move on their part.Unless the codes are legally sponsored by wizard101 then they deserve what they get. However what the guy did was also illegal so they should have all been "banned" including the one lying about giving codes for cards. As the saying goes you play with fire you get burned this is why I steer clear of everyone and solo.

I have to much invested in this game to get banned for no reason because someone doesn't like me. I am sure however that the staff fully investigates before actually "banning" anyone. A report I am sure doesn't always nessarilly cause a ban because I would think the reporter would have to have actual proof of the offense anyways.

I think they were smart to have the ban rule up for giving out passwords as well. Because this right here will keep people from being suckered into turning over their account information. So I like that rule. Nobody wants to be banned so they are not going to give out their information. So that was a smart rule to invent for this game.

Oct 08, 2009
of yea i have been begged 1,000,000 times for a permanent pair of bat wings
and they thought i would give it to them so i hit ignore when people do that because here is one thing that happended to me

so one day i was hanging out in the commons asked for help with brisk breeze tower than a noob in dragonspyre fake clothes said "I'LL HELP IF YOU GIFT ME BAT WINGS!" so i said ignore and now everyone does that so my ignore list is as filled as my friends list and my friends list is FULL!

Alex StarBreeze
Level 50
working on WareHOUSE in live realm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 04, 2010
yeah when i go through commons on my storm guy or fire (storm has a horse but fire has a broom) some lvl 1, 2, .......
comes and starts saying plz gift me a mount and i am out of crowns now i keep saying that, they dont understand that i am out of crowns and one of them reported me!!!!!!! i didnt do nothing
plz KI figure something out

Jan 20, 2010
Like someone else said (I'm too lazy to quote them), I have NEVER been begged and I have wings.

I'm only going to gift someone if I know them in real life. One of my friends (in real life of course), really wants a dragon mount and I promised her I would gift her when I got more crowns. But if anybody begs me to gift them something, SO NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!

Olivia Lotusflower
Level 47 Master Thaumaturge

Apr 08, 2010
I agree we people who work hard to get enough money to buy crowns to buy our mounts are suckered in by a few low levels and told that he will give us cards or codes for a mount. This has happened to me while i have been in the commons. i have started when i see it telling those that are going to give the begger a mount or something that he will give nothing and just port away. i hope KI does something about this before we lose our crowns to low levels who beg us for a mount and when we say no report us.

Jun 06, 2009
see, the best thing to do is tell them to earn the mount/cards (i kid you not - show of hands: how many of you have heard something along the lines of "give me all your unwanted cards"?)/exp/etc. then you don't have to fill the ignore list or even press ignore at all. if they keep pestering you, you have three options:
-try to tell them to earn it again
-port to your house (not the commons - they can just follow you)
(this one you shouldn't do because it's ruder than begging)- stand near the beggar and incessantly shout out not to give anything to them (told you)

May 28, 2009
I remember a long time ago when I was a noob there was a guy claiming he would give away mounts to people who gave him treasure cards. I believed him and I gave him my best treasure card, then he ported away! I hate beggers and scammers. They should let you report for people who do that.

Jun 07, 2010
I agree this needs to change, I constanly get asked for me to buy some random person a mount, or crowns.

One time I was in the middle of a duel, and some lower level saw my Cat thug pet, then they said I like your pet, I kindly said thanks. and they asked where I gotten it, I said Crown Shop. They said can I please have Crowns. I said I am sorry but NO!, They said but I am only eight years old, I can not by crowns, I said well ask your parents. They said my parents do not know I play the game.

Long story short. Every area he/she was able to get to followed me around, and joining my duels, and kept constanly begging me. So bad I had to Flee the Duel and change realms.

1. I do not know you so why am I gonna spend real money on some stranger just because they begged me?

2. If its not crowns its a mount. Same as 1

Also Lowbies in High level areas are annoying. If I had to work my butt off to get to the Higher level area, why do these people get a free pass?

Finaly PLEASE, PLEASE stop the online dating in Wizard101, KI! please get rid of the I need a girl/guy emmotes in game. THIS IS A GAME, its not E-harmony. Just saying

May 15, 2009
I totally agree i hate scamming.

ok my story

I was walking through the shopping district.
my and my friend Elizabeth were going to meet at oldetown.
when 3 people kept following me they had been following me since i ported to commons they kept asking for wing mount ( i have bat wings mount) until i stopped and turned around yelling in caps
this prompted them to all report me.
they told me i was going to get banned.
i laughed to myself ( not in game but in real life)
and i told them they would get in trouble for false reporting.
so one of them said i had to gift them mounts or they would get their " big brother" who is a KI employee to ban him. i told him to have his brother come and prove to me he was an employee. he said his brother was offline.
and i said "uh huh ..." then reported him and in return i got reported back he said his brother was gonna ban me when i got on then he ported. ( by this time the other two had already gone)

lesson: don't EVER fall for scams

yes scams SHOULD be reportable, but they are not since its our choice whether or not we get scammed

May 09, 2009
as soon as you get out of wizardcity and on to krok it almost completly stops (almost) if your already beyond that then the only reasons you really need to go their is to the dye shop, pet pavilion, or the bazaar. if you already have a mount then just fly right by the beggars and strait to your destination then port to your dorm or house and head to the world gate. or if you just want to hang at wizard city click ignore on the beggers and keep going. you have the option to turn friend requests off but if you dont want to just uniquip your higher level gear and the beggers wont take a second look at you.

Sep 20, 2009
when i'm going to the bazzar noobs mob me asking for help. they are SO annoying. then when i say no they report me!

its annoying :( :( :( :( :(

luckly i know how to noob away

Feb 15, 2009
glade8er wrote:
Webbeam wrote:
There are so many beggars in Wizard City now that you can't carry on a conversation with anyone without solicitations popping up over and over. It's gotten so bad it ruins the game for everyone else. Many are just trying to trick newcomers out of treasure cards only to port away without fulfilling the promise of help or trades. It's gotten out of hand and needs to be dealt with.

Are excessive and disruptive solicitations of goods from other players grounds for being reported? Shouldn't it be?
I want all this gone too i was lvl 1 (still not to smart about what the game was about) and i saw a lot of scamming going on I thought the game was evil. and also can we report people who use this game as a dating sight? :?
Just ignore ppl whom ask ppl on dates in this game and ppl that really try to date in real life yes by all means report them because there could be trading personal info such as name, address, and phone numbers and such

Jun 04, 2009
dude i TOTALLY agree to that i am already helping one friend and then here comes another person HELP and another HELP! it gets on my nerve!

agreed! agreed! AGREED!
Elizabeth GoldenBlossom

Jun 25, 2009
yep here's my story i'm a grandmaster i'm riding through wizard city on my bat wings heading to pvp all of a sudden a noob comes in front of the unicorn way gate he tells me to stop i said why? he said cause this is a ' no-mount-zone ' i said pssh whatever i passed him but he put on a one day horse and followed me to the arena but no matter WHERE i went he found me eveywhere even if i'm fighting! i went to my house but he ported to me cause i ACCIDENTLY accepted his friend request ( its cause this happened at 3.00 a.m ) he took me off his friedns so i couldnt send him away he went to wc i went back t pvp but he was waiting out the front gate! i was about to go to ds because of this he follows me to the world tree i go to ds but he used one of his friends to get to ds i went to another realm then everything settled but found me near kraysys's tower this guy must have a charecter GPS or something then begged me for bat wings i told him to stop but i had to LOG OFF because he found me no matter WHERE I WENT!

Jun 04, 2009
another this happened on a sunday i was helping a friend in big ben and my friend Emily LifeShade calls for help i tell her that i'm busy helping a friend and then my friend Scarlet PixieSong calls for help i tell her that i'm busy ( i battle for about too rounds and then ) Emily LifeShade says help again and i tell her no ( this goes ON and ON ) and when i was in regents square buys some stuff Emily ports to me she says YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO HEWLP ME YOU KNOW i was like WELL I TOLD YOU I WAS IN A BATTLE 50 TIMES! she ports away i go to digmoore station and then scarlet ports she looks at me and doesn't say a single word i say sorry scarlet i was in a battle she is still looking at me i try to add her in a group she declines it i gulp while porting away

try but they won't EVER listen elizabeth goldenblossom in shame :( :(

Apr 30, 2010
Every time someone begs me for a mount or some crown item i just say that i don't have any crowns and they go away :) But i agree it happens quiet a lot to me. Not a person every day but still i'm tired of people wanting to be my friend just because they want me to gift them items. (Which FYI is blocked on my account anyway :-) and i have no intention of turning it on

Aaron FireStone Grandmaster Pyromancer (and the proud owner of a gold bought bengal tiger and the overlaod set :)

Mar 14, 2010
Yeah, It is SO annoying!

I have a lvl 25 friend, and he's still on the Tomb of Storms, and he has NEVER asked for anything. He just works for it. I wish everyone was like that...

Apr 28, 2009
That must make me a lucky person. One guy gave me more than 4 Spectral Blasts for some of my treasure cards. (I used 1!)

Grace Dragonflame, Magus Pyromancer

Feb 12, 2010
I have played this game for over two years now, and the only main problem is not the game itself, but some of the players.
Almost every time I get on do I receive a flood of people in the Commons begging me to gift them crowns or packs. This is extremely annoying to me, and I am sure many others are sick and tired of it.

Jul 17, 2009
Unfortunately, things like this can happen and there isn't really anything we can do about it. Reporting would not seem fit because you can't report someone just because they are being rude. The only thing to do is to walk away and ignore it really...