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What world is you're wizard from?

Aug 25, 2009
Rogan hawkbreath was raised by the mighty wolves of grizzleheim. In early days of childhood, he would often meditate on the tops of mountains and train himself in the treacherous ice caves. He fights using winter's harshness to crush his foes, and fights with valor remembering his courageous and bold hearted guardians back in the mountains of grizzleheim.

Nicholas Legendtamer was born in Avalon and taught by a private myth tutor in his early days. He has always been patient and got along well with magical creatures. Seeking ultimate mastery of myth magic, he ventured to wizard city to begin his serious wizard studies.

Dec 28, 2012
My wizard (JamesEmeraldBreeze) is from krokotopia .His mother and father were archaeologists and he was born unexpectedly in the royal hall. Unfortunately tuts captured his parents and he was left alone. For years he had to eat deep mushrooms and hide from the tuts until one day a dog named Arthur Wethersfield found him while he was on his holidays. Arthur raised him and thought him all the balance spells until he was old enough to go to Ravenwood school. James is now living in his own house.

Sep 19, 2010
Belgrim Soulthief:

Like his pirating brother Able Belgrim Sharp, Soulthief Belgrim Sharp was born in the backwaters of Darkmoor. Soulthief took after his raccoon mothers' Love for magic and arcane arts, While Able took up his human fathers' gunnery tactics. years later, the brothers went their seperate ways, Able going with his Family on a trip along the skyways, and Bel deciding to continue his studying of magic.

Belgrim Soulthief would come to live in Zamunda near the hut of Sizani Sunrunner, who had encouraged him to become trained in basic Spellcasting. a year later, he left zafaria and was holed up in wizard City. He now lives at a Wysterian Villa, a Myth House, and a Balance house.


Maria Owlcatcher:

Maria Owlcatcher is not a spiraline at all, Being an Earthling from some "state" in a place called "the United States", Itself being an odd realm that does not have combat rules, nor magic, nor the style of Piracy that is present in the spiral. Maria Owlcatcher, "Maria Horowitz" on her home world, was brought into the spiral after an incident in Some human witchcraft ceremony on earth, Which had somehow relayed her into the Haunted cave, which was the place the human witches where trying to reach.

Maria would leave that place and Find a nice house on unicorn way, which is where she decided to be for here on out, though, she does maintain a pair of Krokotopian castles.

Dec 23, 2010
Destiny Iceblossom was born in Pitch Black Lake in Azteca but moved to Caer Lyon in Avalon when she was 1 month old, Lives in Caer Lyon Today and visits Zafaria and Azteca Weekly.

-Destiny I. Level 57 Necromancer GO

May 02, 2011
Fiona Frost
Lived in Celestia, Poor Fiona was caught Practicing Ice magic near the water,
She has Lived through 1 year in Prison before she moved away to an old place she likes to call "home"
She has fought some blood bats and made wings for her to fly from their skin, she flew up to a mysterious place called SkyBoard a place up in the skies of Wizardcity she lived in a dusty old cottage near a mine where she likes to practice her ice magic, one afternoon she tipped over skyboard and landed crashing in wizardcity.
Luckily there were grandmaster healers coming to aid her in the time of need. Waking up near the live tree, she was shocked and she didnt remember anything about her falling. now she aids wizardcity Because They have helped her, she made live her secondary schools as a matter of respect. And the story continues from here.
Patience is the best medicine
Fiona Frost

Dec 27, 2011
Antonio was born in a distant world and later moved Avalon and moved to Dragonspyre to study fire. He no longer lives in dragonspyre and lives in Aquila and visits Mount Olympus weekly. He later came to wizard city and solved all the problems of wizard city. He later went after the Krokonomichan. He spent some time with orange manders. He later confronted Meowiartty. He confronted all the Oni and spent quite some time in the beauty of mooshu, He later went to dragonspyre and spent quite sometime with Ashley and riding his drake. He confronted malistaire and later came back to live in Avalon. That's it so far.

Antonio, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Apr 30, 2011
Vanessa SkullCaster She was born in wizard city. Her father=Unknown, Mother= Dead

Vanessa's mother was delivering papers to the death professor Malistare she got there and saw he wasn't there then that was when the school fell, a very tragic death (she was 3). Vanessa was taken in by some cows at mooshu while she was growing up she discovered her school magic, Life ( at age 10). Vanessa moved back to ravenwood and learned the story of her mother's death. From that day she swore on her mother's grave she would revenge her murder. She heard Malistare destroyed mooshu along with her Gaurdian (the cow). She is now trying to repair the world she grew up in with the help from her best friend. She lives in a small cottage floating off the world of Wizard City.

May 27, 2013
Diviner Jason Waterblade's birthplace was uknown。He was raised by Poseidon himself and moved to Wizard City to learn magic so he can one day challenge his "father" restore his honor.
(i loved making my story thanks to the author)
Jason Waterblade (go diviners)

Feb 27, 2009
History: (Based off of real people but not on Earth)
His family starts off from the famous sailor; Francisco Drake. Now he was a great explorer setting up trades between the worlds of the spiral. He made it so worlds could trade all their stuff to other worlds. Like Wizard City to Grizzleheim. Many generations later; King William was born in the world of Marleybone where he and his brother Jacob Freeman will be born. When he was 20; he married Queen Patrica. They were great people that ruled Marleybone and then in the year of 4532 SAD (Spiral AD); the Prince of Marleybone was born. His name was Prince William the II of Marleybone. He married to a wife and then that women gave birth to Rasida Freeman; older than Jacob Freeman. Now when she gave birth again; her second child was Jacob Freeman. Now at this time; Prince William the II of Marleybone decided to divorce because of family issues. He then married another wife who is unknown then she gave birth to Joshua Wildhammer and Samuel Windhunter.
Life of Joshua Wildhammer:
Let's just skip to where he found out who his brother was.
When Joshua Wildhammer was on break from Wizard City; he decided he wanted to sail the high skies and he very much enjoyed it. He then docked at Skull Island and then he went into Kraken Skulls Tavern because it was the only place that was selling food but not drinks because of it's rival; Ryan the Relentless Lemonade Stand. So Joshua Wildhammer want to the tavern and overheard a conversation about him. One said; "Do you know anything about the Wildhammer heritage AKA Freeman heritage? I heard they're locally at 345, Bone Lane. Marleybone,". The other said "That's nice to know,".
To be continued ...

May 10, 2013
When It comes to that, I gotta say one thing.

Sean HawkHunter was born in Ghost Avalon, another son from Ambrose, then he was raised in Ghost Avalon for 12 Years, then he moved to Keep of Ganelon, trying to stop the Pendragon. Merle Ambrose invited me to Ravenwood, that's how I am now.


Please meet me in Imp Realm in Bazaaar

Oct 22, 2011
Malorn Titanbreaker was born in Mooshu. A forbidden marriage took place there between an inhabitant of Wizard City and a Samoorai 4 months after I was born it was discovered, the Samoorai was then promptly executed and the wizard was banished forever from Mooshu with her baby. The Wizard had many spiral keys which were in a bag, when we landed in Wizard City I Managed to get into the Great Tree with the Dragonspyre Gate Key and the portal stone to the necropolis I was then found by the Ancient Matriarch and raised by her. When I was ready I was sent to the Academy to learn Life magic. Now I have a Grand Fortress.

Malorn Titanbreaker Master

Apr 09, 2011
Alexis was born in Dragonspyre and her mother died after giving birth, and her father stayed in dragonspyre while alexis was moved to wizard city living with her 7 seven older sisters.Sometime after Dragonspyre was destroyed and her father hasn't been found yet ( possibly floating on an island somewhere ) and decided to choose a different school of magic instead of copying her sisters, she chose fire and has been training hard to destroy all evil !!


Dec 11, 2009
StormofSpades on Apr 27, 2013 wrote:
Hey! What world is you're wizard from? Rules are:

1. What world?
2. What area of that world?
3. Still residing there or moved?
4. Have fun!
5. Does NOT have to be a world related.
Mine: Amber Nightblossom lived in Celestia, in the Floating Islands. She has moved and does not reside there anymore.


Amber Nightblossom, Level 76 Storm
Kestrel Ashthorn, Level 20 Death.
"Fizzle once, shame on you. Fizzle twice, shame on me."
Amber is also moving.

Nov 02, 2012
Valdus is a former inhabitant of darkmoor, found out in the wild by a family of Vampires they raised him as their own, he moved the Wizard city to study the arts of necromancy.

Jul 08, 2012
Suri Blueflame

Is from Dragonspyre and is a living descendant of the Loremaster.
She is a master of fire as well as life and knows spells for each school of magic.
she was enrolled in Ravenwood academy and is a huge fan of Professor Falmea.

Dec 03, 2012
I've done Molly, Destiny (Now gone) and Savannah, so here are my others!

Erin Emerald Tail was born in Avalon, in a Crystal Cave with The black and white dragon. But one day, Morganthe came to her home. She had been hired to train the dragons, but they didn't know she was evil. Later on, they found out and fled the home. They were forced to send out their daughter, named after the crystals in the cave, Erin Emerald Tail ran about and decided to study fire magic
Taylor Thunder tail (Surprisingly a myth) birthplace is unknown. She grew up in KT, for her mother was taken by Kroks, and her father is unknown. She lived with a nice Krok who soon after changed and turned on her. She then wondered around the Oasis. One day she spotted a wizard, and got a job at being an assistant teacher for Cyrus. But she quickly grew to like myth, and ended up being a student
Rylee Raven tail was born in Grizzleheim, giving her her last name. She was told legendary stories about her sister, Molly. How she confronted Malistaire, how she saved KT, and how she helped Grizzleheim defeat many enemies. She set off, being inspired by her very own sister, to become a balance wizard and stop Malistaire once and for all.

Wolf wild tail was also born in Grizzleheim, and his next door neighbor being Rylee. Even though they lived ever so close, they both heard different stories. He heard about Rebecca Mist Hunter who was by Molly's side at all times. He was also inspired by Rebecca, and set out to be the best life wizard ever.

Jun 06, 2010
My Fire () wizard was from Dragonspyre in the Plaza of Conquests. She moved and no longer resides there. She moved to Wizard City for more training in fire magic and other spells.

Aug 04, 2009
My wizard was born in dragonspyre but moved to Wizard City when Malistare attacked his family. Later on he thought he was strong enough to defeat Malistare, so he went back to dragonspyre. He defeated Malistare then moved to celestia. Then he realized it was underwater, so he moved to zafaria. ( Jared RedThief, Legendary Wizard Level 68)

Sep 27, 2009
Bailey Skullvault was born in Dragonspyre, in Dragon Claw Canyon. She was born during the great war and her family wanted her to fight for Dragonspyre with Pyromancy. While, Bailey like fire magic, she took a very great interest in astral magic, especially sun. She soon went to Ravenwood academy to work on both Fire and Sun magics. She now resides in a watchtower on an island off of Wysteria.

Love, Fire, and Sun

May 02, 2009
Darby SpriteDust original home is unknown but when she was a baby, was given and raised by the bears and ravens of Grizzlehiem. she has moved to her dorm in Ravenwood and studies ice, but takes all classes.she owns a lot more homes. She still likes to visit the Grizzlehiem every so often. (there is no specific place she was taken care of in Grizzlehiem)

Darby SpriteDust, , lvl 49

Feb 11, 2013
Rebecca Misthunter was born in Mooshu. She was the one who always brought mistwood to the king, giving her her last name. But when the king died, she was forced to become a wizard. Because of wanting to heal the king, she enrolled herself for life. She is now complete with Mooshu, and can be seen questing around Azteca.

Rebecca Misthunter 87

Jul 04, 2012
All of my wizards are from Wysteria, Pegasus place.

Apr 21, 2012
Oh, so this is a story you make for your character and not the literal biography? Got it. Trevor Trollfist, (my conjuror) lived in Aquila for much of his life, and was always fascinated with the myths and creatures of his world. When he learned of Myth magic at the Ravenwood School of Magic, he couldn't wait to sign up.

Dec 25, 2012
this is the story of dustin batttlewraith

dustin's homeworld is azteca he was born in twin giants he was raised by just about everyone in azteca

at age ten we was invited to avalon to master dueling he beat the king of avalon and then he lived in avalon for very short time to master dueling he is the best in avalon and still is to this day he got invited to pigswick for the tournament of the spiral cup at age 12 he has gotten to spiral cups and beat everything in avalon he then went to zf to master crafting then he went back to his homeland and found very bad news azteca was under attack all was falling he then got a invite to wizard city they all tought he was going to be a fire wizard but he went with life its apart of him after he chose his school he found a magic gem that made him able to use myth and fire he then fought for his homeland by the time he saved everything but his homeland it was completely taken over everyone was in cages all but the people to raised him he then fought with his full power to save his world he was to late but he let everyone in azteca who was pure of heart live in one of his many houses

thats the life of dustin battlewraith greatest life known to wizard kind if you dont believe me i have 84 damage and 88 out go healing and resist and almost 6,000 health and 276 critical 200 block and the best pet in the world

Feb 07, 2011
so glad this thread is still active~ i've been reading your stories all day!

here is a snippet from magic happens (less-creepy precursor to spellbound):

Afternoon faded into evening, but the excitement in the air was no less palpable.as Sestiva Stormblade herded up her charges and led them from the dining hall to the Commons. For the past 5 years, she and her boyfriend, Patrick, had assisted with the opening ceremonies; she liked helping people, guiding wayward wizards in the right direction with firm hands and an open heart.

Sestiva was a sensitive young woman- sweet, but hardened, much wiser than her 19 years. She'd once whiled away hours prodding at thunder snakes and chasing lightning bats with her two older sisters, Sophia and Stephanie. She embraced friends from all walks of life, but had found her true kindred spirit in Patrick, whom she'd met on her first day at Ravenwood. He'd gotten lost and wandered into the girls' dorms by mistake but, instead of laughing at him- as her peers had done- she'd simply smiled and helped him find his way. They became fast friends and, though relationships of any kind between Conjurers and Diviners were highly-frowned upon and had been discouraged for many years, it hadn't stopped them from falling madly in love.

She'd already known that her family wouldn't approve, and weren't going to roll out the welcome mat for Patrick anytime soon- a Conjurer was a Conjurer, but she'd hoped that they would eventually accept him. But they'd disowned her instead, called her a disgrace to the family name and thrown her out of her childhood home. That had been a year ago, and she'd mostly moved on with her life- she and Patrick had gotten their first house- a Myth castle- together, and she could finally fill it with as many pets as she wanted! Patrick's love and support were more than enough to fill the void created by her family's lack thereof, but she still held onto the faint hope that she could, one day, have both.