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What world is you're wizard from?

Oct 21, 2010
Julia DragonLeaf Is A Native Of Polaris, An Icy World Known To Very Few Around The Spiral. At A Young Age, She Realized Her Potential To Be More Than Just A Regular Girl, & Moved Away To Wizard City, Where She Was Accepted Into Ravenwood Academy, Enrolling In The Ice Classes.

I Dont Feel Like Typing More.

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 87 Ice

Megan DragonLeaf-Level 26 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Mar 12, 2013
Sierra Mist is the oldest of four sisters born and raised on a tiny sharecropper's farm perched on a windy hillside in Wysteria. She grew to love the outdoors and doted on the annual Fleece Fair, spending her days shepherding and exploring the rocky drumlins of the uplands.

She won a scholarship to the Pigswick Academy through her self-taught topiary magic, but was soon disillusioned with the snobbery and lack of practical instruction there. When students of Ravenwood came and soundly thrashed the inept students in magical competition, Sierra made up her mind to transfer there and learn real theurgy.

Her specialty now is pet nutrition and behavior, and she has written a number of scholarly scientific papers under the guidance of Professor Wu. Check out her bibliography to date in Acta Magica:

Mist S, Amuun T, Wu M. Effects of a Balance diet on the long-term growth and talents of the Myth x Fire krok hybrid.

Mist S, Dreadful P. Loved-snack change and full meal nutrition in the free-roaming death cyclops.

Mist S, Oakheart R, Wu M. Stand and deliver: maximizing may-cast potential in pet treants and earth colossi.

Oct 30, 2011
Young Tyler Legendfriend was born in the beautiful land of mooshu.He took karate so he was able to stand up to peopleWhen he was 9 his homeland was took over by ninjas.He fled and used his karate to fight his way to freedom.He arrived at wizard city and bought a house to live in temporarily.He was willing to know magic so he was enrolled in the school.Now he is a fierce fighter and a wizard who has many duties but to help friends and if he is not doing that he is doing pvp. He now is trying to find 2 friends that are long lost. He knows who to ask but they are rarely online.

Tyler Legendfriend grandmaster necromancer
Samuel Ravenflame journeyman necromancer
Blaze Strongpants promethean sorcerer
Megan Pixiecaster archmage therguist
Kane Skydreamer transcendent diviner
Mindy Daisythorn promethean i dunno what its called but she ice.

Mar 12, 2013
Oran is a princeling of a large and wealthy clan of desert sheikhs. He grew up in the parched hills of Krokopotamia, otherwise known as Upper Krokotopia.

As the third youngest son of the sheikh, he had little future in politics and no desire to enter the military. So he led a life of aimless leisure, racing thoroughbred ostriches and hunting and fishing all day. Evenings, he would gabble on without end about his adventures, not wanting to be left out of the family's discussions about Important Stuff.

One morning his older brother set out on a trade mission to a faraway land. His uncle suggested he go along, mostly to get Oran out of his hair for a few months. "There's a whole galaxy of worlds out there, all different. You're missing out if you haven't seen anything outside our little desert home. Besides, your brother needs a keen pair of eyes and ears to watch for news. Your hunting skill should serve you well to keep you both safe."

So Oran embarked on the Sands of Time and waved farewell to his family and all his racing pit-crew manders and krok hunters. And in doing so, he was, without knowing it, leaving forever the sheltered life of the noble and becoming a sorcerer.

Up until this point Oran's only brush with magic had been story books and the strange old krok lady in the marketplace. He was not aware it was very important at all, these days. That evening, as the royal bark sailed downriver, Oran's berth mates began playing a most unusual game of dice.

Oran watched as the six manders huddled over the gaming table, whispering to each other in a strange language and rolling the bones with staccato clicks. The pips would shimmer and waver and come out different if he blinked his eyes. "But that's cheating," he blurted.

"Not if each of us gets a turn to do the same. It all balances out in the end," said the nearest mander with a smile.

"Can you show me how to do that?" said Oran, ever eager for an adventure...

Oct 30, 2011
This looks fun!

Jonathan Frogheart -

1. World: Avalon
2. Zone: The Wild
3. Moved?: Moved to a sun palace in Zafaria (I am trying to be logic, i mean, that is my house..)

Jonathan Frogheart - Archmage, L83
I like the stars, the sun and the moon schools XD

Dec 10, 2011
mine was born in dragonspry then malistiar showed up and she moved to azteca and got raised like azteca dinosaurs and she has to help save aztec from the un dead malistair

Feb 25, 2013
crunkatog on May 8, 2013 wrote:
Angel Bear doesn't live anywhere. He's dead, you see.

That said, he attends Ravenwood and studies hard. He is in the top 25% of his Death class and won the Zan'ne Akhtar Award for his senior paper in Balance studies. He is tall, athletic, and popular. But he has a very delicate secret, one that only two other people in all of Wizard City know.

He is a vampire.

As it so happens, Ravenwood has the broadest and most liberal entry requirements of any school of magic. Almost any creature, from any world, is welcome to study at Ravenwood or through the Magic Correspondence Exchange. There are only two hard exceptions.

The first is that no student or former student under sanction at the school for major misconduct or endangerment may carry on studies through the school.

The second is, only chastened undead may attend classes. Vampires, ghouls, and liches are expressly forbidden to enter Ravenwood. (Revenants, and noncorporeal undead such as wraiths shades etc. are fine.)

Bear knowingly submitted a falsified application to the school, and made a favorable impression on the professors in the interviews. The only department which might have detected his condition, was (and still is) without a chair and staffed mainly by grad students with little acuity for the undead. This is how Bear sat across from an oblivious Ashthorn and won a seat in the necromancy lecture hall.

However, it was absentminded old Dworgyn who immediately detected the unusual and unmistakable aura of vampirism around the enthusiastic young man, and he told Ambrose. He also told Ambrose something else he'd learned about Bear.

Bear had the ability to unmake other vampires and chasten them. This is such a vanishingly rare gift that Ambrose, despite the clear evidence that Bear had misrepresented himself, was compelled to enroll the young man instantly. And it is his daily struggle to prevent anyone, especially the spies of Malistaire, from learning of his extraordinary student.
Now I know he is a vampire too.

Destiny Windgem, level 37

Feb 25, 2013
Destiny Windgem on May 1, 2013 wrote:
Here are mine (for my 3 main wizards):

Destiny Windgem (diviner):
Destiny's birthplace is unknown- to this day, at least. Currently lives in krokotopia with her adopted family (four sisters and parents). To be specific, they live on the krokosphinx island.

Kiley Frost (thaumaturge):
Originally from Grizzleheim. Moved to Colossus Bovelyard. (She likes to steal candy from the gobblers )

Kaitlyn Ashfire (pyromancer):
It is unknown where she is from, though there are rumors about her being from Dragonspyre. Was sent to Wizard City to learn the art of pyromancy recently.

Hope to see you in the spiral!

Destiny Windgem, level 34 diviner

Kiley Frost, level 5 thaumaturge

Kaitlyn Ashfire, level 5 pyromancer

(I could list the rest, but I don't feel like typing for another 5 minutes)
Sorry changed some stuff-

I deleted Kaitlyn.

Destiny is from Marleybone and lives in Wizard City (Triton Avenue).

Destiny Windgem, level 37

Dec 11, 2011
Wolf Dragon was born in Celestia, in the Trial of the shperes ( is that an area? LOL ) taught to be a master of sun, star, and moon. He is trained in being a wizard with a balance of evey school.

damage over time me, i'll send it back to you
heal over time yourself, i'll steal it in no time
Wolf Dragon

Apr 20, 2011
Ootu Spirit on May 7, 2013 wrote:
CodyGhostEyes was born in the Chelsea Court, raisen by than good Pops O' Leary. He was pretty good father when Malistaire showed up with his pet, Meowiarty. He enchanted him, so he became evil, and risen a rascal group of rats and cats. Cody decided to move to shelter in Royal Museum, but Sprockets and Bellows made him go outta there... He was starting to learn than unknown Death magic, and whole Marleybone was scared of him. Agony Wraith showed up and kill Cody's Daughter, Jezzebel. Cody ran from Marleybone, and moved in Necropolis to continue studies of death magic.
He joined the Undead Clan, when suddenly Bartleby show up and told Cody that he will be sorry if he joins Undead like Jemini ShadowSong, which is still torched. He remembered what his papa, Pops said him, and said he wants to join a WIZARD CITY SAVIORS clan. Bartleby said "Ok" Cody changed his studies into balance and came to trip in Wizard City. They were just about to come, when Cody noticed a desert world: according to his balance knowledge: Krokotopia. he decided to stand by. He didn't knew that Krokotopia is under the iron boot of Krokopatra, the queen of Tuts. He defeated Krokenkahmen and joined Order Of Fang. He killed her main servant, Krokohotep and her herself. Bartleby picked him up and they came to Wizard City. it was a agony to look wizards screaming deadly scared by spellwrit and scarlet screamers, so he decided to do something. he drove them out. Now Cody is saving MooShu from furious Jade Oni, but on newspaper his was wroten "Cody GhostEyes said that he will be a Spiral Fashion Designer+ Savior of the Spiral" what he does and what he WILL do, read in next part
He was mostly inspired at the tropical style of Celestians, so he went to promove himself in District of Stars. Sadly, he fell dead on Mitharaya, when his friend came and brought him back to life: Talon SpiritFinder. his Satyr pet brought the sorcerer back into the living, as we saw a Wraith coming to take Cody's soul. After that catastrophical happening, he moved back to WC and continue to drive out the mobs :D


Sep 24, 2011
Sophia SparkleStone was born in Krokotopia. To be exact it would be in a sandy little home on Krokophinx island! One day Sophia was swept up as a baby and carried out of her home and into the Oasis. A very mean women had just put her back on a boat to Krokophinx. When she arrived the master of Balance was talking to the Noris [the balance tree] and found Sophia. He then raised her. She was singed up for balance classes. The master of balance was proud to have raised a soon to be great and mighty balance wizard but he knew what must be done. The spiral needed her. He then with teary eyes sent Sophia off to Wizard city knowing that she would need to learn more about dark forces and magic. He knew he would see her again someday. So, when Sophia arrived at Merle Ambroses house he sent her off to Raven Wood to get to know things better. She has become the Ultimate Grandmaster of Balance and loves meeting knew people. She lives in a small cottage which she shares with her many pets and visitors. She always keeps her eyes peeled for an adventure.

Sophia SparkleStone LvL 90

Aug 12, 2012
I, Nathaniel Redflame, came from the two worlds of Dragonspyre and Celestia. I've been studying at the fire school in Dragonspyre Academy for years now. I've been going to the original fire school, and attend the gifted program in Wysteria. Once a week I visit the school of Ember in Wysteria for spells similar to those of fire. I also attend gifted at my other homeworld, Celestia, to attend the schools of Sun, Moon and Star. Since it's three schools, I go there 3 times a week. Let me introduce my parents. Malistaire is my father, and Morganthe is my lovely mother. I plan on destroying the spiral with them. (Don't tell them this, but that's only because I want to show you guys the Milky Way. Once the Spiral Door broke and took me to some weird "planet" (as they call it there) Earth.) They think it's because I hate you all. Sorry, but I still love them . My least favorite world near Earth is Mars. It's evil! It's red, which tricks you into expecting fire there, put when I flew there on one of Earth's space probes (whatever the heck that is), but I still have frostbite from those giant mountains of ice! I asked my friend, Vanessa Ice, if she knew the cure. She said to let any fire wizard cast Sun Serpent on me -_- . I told her I'm not risking my life in Azteca, but then Dalia Falmea accidently fumbled her wand and nearly killed me. But my frostbite's is almost cured thanks to my near death. I now like to spend my time secretly helping Headmaster Ambrose with saving the world. I just hope my parents don't find out. And yes, I know I'm both killing and saving the spiral, but I'll think of something. Just don't show this to Ambrose, because I got in detention for making up "nonsense" about people who don't believe in magic and Malistaire + Morganthe being my parents. Well bye! I have to go do another hour at detention now. Just 3 more years until my detention is over.

-Yours truly,
Nathaniel Redflame
Magus Pyromacer,
Rank 5 elite.

Dec 20, 2008
Chris WaterBlade was born in the little village of hametsu village and had resided there till the age of 7. Then one day when chris had gone out to play with the other village kids they were attacked by a group of ninja pig which kidnapped everyone except chris. Chris then wanted to take an act of vengence and safe his friends and his village but didnt know how to fight. Thats when he stumbled apon a sick old man in need of help. Chris helped the old man and stayed with him for 3 months where the old man taught him the art of the diviners. Storm Magic. Then once Chris was fully trained he set out to get his friends back. Chris found his friends in an abandoned shack where the ninja pigs hid. His friends had grown sick but chris didnt hold back his attacks. He defeated the ninja pigs only to have the abandoned house set on fire by an escaped pig along with the help of 2 shadowy figures one male one female. While chris was cutting his friends loose a peice of debris fell on him and we was knocked out. He later woke up in ravenwood in a dorm. He had lost all his memory. Now chris is of teenage age and has regained some of his memory and most of his magical skills and has set out to find and eliminate the people who took his friends lives. He now resides in avalon where he is a knight of the silver rose and works as the king's secret assasin. He lives in The kings castle.

Feb 07, 2010
Destiny Dragonheart was born on a world full of fire yet to be found on the spiral. From a young age she had to defend herself against the evil fire creatures. One day while hunting in the woods, she is transported to Wizard City by Merle. Once there decide to become a thaumaturge to freeze out the fires in home world.

Destiny DragonBlood was born on a world unknown to the spiral. A world where the once mighty dragons still roam today. The dragons have become friends of the people and watch over them. One day the oldest of the dragons came to Destiny telling her she had to leave to protect her world, that she was not just going to save her world but the whole of the spiral. He sent her to Merle with his magical powers.

Jun 25, 2012
Matthew Ironblood used to be a kind monk that resided in Mooshu. At that point, he had no ambition to hurt a single soul, but changed quickly during a trip to Dragonspyre, when he had started to learn the fighting ways of its population. From that day forward, he loved battling, but kept his kind ways with his healing spells. Matthew now lives in a castle near Wizard City.

Sep 09, 2012
Technically, it hints wizards are from earth, but if I could choose, I'd come from Avalon.
Emma Emaraldsword lvl 44 conjurer

Feb 21, 2013
Samuel Dawnfinder from Celestia Mom: Morghante Dad: Isacc Dawnfinder Raised by sharks became a fire wiazrd in December 2012 Grandfather: Merle Ambrose Grandmother: Lisa Ambrose

That is where Samuel Dawnfinder came from

Aug 20, 2010
Jordan Shadowstaff. Born in Avalon. Born in Upper Caer Lyon, but spent lots of time in Abbey road, where there is no enemies. No, I have bought 3 other houses, and live in those.

Apr 02, 2011
Scot Watershield (level 74 ) is from Wintertusk or Nostrond to be spesific. He was sent to wizard city as a four moth child due to the coven war. Now he is in wizar city living in a secret room of th ice school.

Mar 30, 2011
Paul rain pants came from Marley bone in a jewerly shop one day he left home to study manders in krokotopia then he wanted to become a wizard and help the manders and the marleyboneians so he went to wizard city to learn the magic of

Jan 17, 2011
Brianna Starsong, level 58 ( soon to be 59)
Date, unknown long time ago
Year, 2011
Land from, Kroktopia, Krokosphinx island
Now at, Celestia, Science Center
Literal home, Wealthy Sun Palace

Jan 18, 2013
My wizard, Autumn Moonstone Balance, is from Mooshu-she was born to be a magic warrior for all of the 4 elements, but her power was too strong so Autumn had to go to Wizard city to train her powers now she stays as a mystical legend...
~Autumn Moonstone Balance, lvl 47, (almost 48)

Apr 13, 2013
Jessica Death was from Marlybone.
She is thought to be a mean wizard like Malister because her grandfather is Malister.
She is 16 years old and a Death wizard

From: Jessica Death
Death kid
lvl 20

Dec 11, 2009
I finished Kestrel's sheet:

Kestrel grew up as a grandmaster theif in an abandoned warehouse in Marleybone, Katzenstein's Lab.
She lived off of taking machinery and parts from the golem's Katzenstein created, and stealing the bandit cat's food and water jugs. She taught herself how to read and write by snagging books from the lab, and also learned about science and experiments from them. She created an invention that transported her to Wysteria, where she delved into the art of the Spirit school before transferring to Ravenwood.

Kestrel Ashthorn.

Jun 01, 2009
:P my wizard, Jasmine Owltalon is from Earth, but she now lives in Azteca, in floating mountains. Although, when she first moved to the Spiral she moved in with Dorothy Gale in Unicorn way, because she couldn't buy her own house and her dorm was too cluttered.