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Excessive Beggars are everywhere!

Mar 25, 2014
I remove beggars on sight. Had a guy on my list ask me to gift his friend. He then ignored me saying no and ported to me, like that would change my mind. Asked me again out loud in which the others in the mob fight with me told him how rude that was. He whispered to me that he was sorry but because I wouldn't he was going to have to remove me xD Thank you sir, you've saved me time lol

The other time literally just happened in the hatchery. All I did was port to my friend to hang out and it took less than a minute for some guy named Chris to come up to me and ask me to gift him an energy potion. I said no and he got all offended saying oh it's just a potion, you can gift me one ect ect. Blah do people forget that crowns cost real money? tsk tsk The ignore button is a beautiful feature <3

Dec 24, 2012
if some asks me I tell them I don't have the gold or crowns to help them out.

Apr 05, 2015
In total, only somewhere around 4-8 beggars ever bothered me, plus my balance & death both have crown gear along with wings & a Bengal tiger. Maybe it's because I like to play in quiet realms?

Jul 21, 2015
Beggar: Gift me a Jeweled Scarab Mount
You: ok how?
Beggar: Go to Crown Shop
You: Ok uh how? ..?
Beggar: Click CROWNS Button
You: Ok then?
Beggar: Click Mounts, then jeweled Scarab
You: ok I need (insert amount of treasure cards)
Beggar: wait!
You: There's a life lesson don't beg!

Elijah Drake: 26
Elijah Drake: 8
Elijah Drake: 4

May 07, 2014
Webbeam on Oct 19, 2009 wrote:
There are so many beggars in Wizard City now that you can't carry on a conversation with anyone without solicitations popping up over and over. It's gotten so bad it ruins the game for everyone else. Many are just trying to trick newcomers out of treasure cards only to port away without fulfilling the promise of help or trades. It's gotten out of hand and needs to be dealt with.

Are excessive and disruptive solicitations of goods from other players grounds for being reported? Shouldn't it be?
Ikr. I'm level 95 and soon many noobs ask me for stuff from the crownshop! Low levels try to add me to help them with the dumbest of things like Lord Nightshade! I say no. Ain't nobody got time for dat! After finishing Xibalba a person in the Zocalo added me and said "Port." I ported and it was a boss battle. -___- He kept asking for help. I recently removed him. People always think that "High levels" will have enough crowns and time for low level noobs! Then when I need help no one does help me at all -___-. Well, I gtg. My fingers hurt from defending myself from noobs. I have plenty of "Beggar Noobs" for ya'll.

-Keira Lifepetal Level 95 life.
PS Whenever I see noobs I say this:
The mirror will break,
The horn will call,
From the shadows I strike,
And the skies will fall... <3 Stay vigilant young wizards!

Mar 29, 2012
How did this turn into noob bashing? Listen. Noobs are cool. They are being courageous and trying something New.You were a noob once too and I bet someone was cool to you. Be kind to noobs, and just ignore the beggars. Amber

Jun 08, 2009
Guys, we were all a noob once. Don't be hating on the people you once were. If you were that person asking for something, how would you like it if they came up to you and said " NO NOOB! " kind of offensive, am I right?

Jan 29, 2010
I think from now on I am going to respond to begging by saying sure I will get you whatever it is they are wanting. Then go about my merry way and if they ask again, I will reply "you didn't get the one I sent you?" Then unfriend them.

Aug 24, 2015
the easiest way to avoid beggars is to change to a perfect Realm before going to Wizard City. Fewer players = fewer beggars.

Dec 26, 2013
akcov68 on Oct 9, 2015 wrote:
Guys, we were all a noob once. Don't be hating on the people you once were. If you were that person asking for something, how would you like it if they came up to you and said " NO NOOB! " kind of offensive, am I right?
Please don't group me in with these people. I've never even CONSIDERED asking for freebies from anyone, either as a "noob" or now. I'm not built that way and I believe in going out and actually working for what I want. I reserve the right to find it offensive when someone asks me to "gift" them. And it's not just new players... just last night I got a chat message out of the blue from a "friend" who asked "Do you have Crowns?". I gave them my normal response of "nope, sorry". When I opened their info to delete them from my friend-list I found that they were a level 100! So now my list of exalted friends is reduced by one.

Dec 14, 2009
akcov68 on Oct 9, 2015 wrote:
Guys, we were all a noob once. Don't be hating on the people you once were. If you were that person asking for something, how would you like it if they came up to you and said " NO NOOB! " kind of offensive, am I right?
No you are exactly wrong. Anyone who asks someone they don't know to "gift" them is the personification of rudeness in material form. It is not "hating" to point out their atrocious lack of manners, and decency.

Aug 06, 2010
Drifter69 on Jul 23, 2010 wrote:
I agree this needs to change, I constanly get asked for me to buy some random person a mount, or crowns.

One time I was in the middle of a duel, and some lower level saw my Cat thug pet, then they said I like your pet, I kindly said thanks. and they asked where I gotten it, I said Crown Shop. They said can I please have Crowns. I said I am sorry but NO!, They said but I am only eight years old, I can not by crowns, I said well ask your parents. They said my parents do not know I play the game.

Long story short. Every area he/she was able to get to followed me around, and joining my duels, and kept constanly begging me. So bad I had to Flee the Duel and change realms.

1. I do not know you so why am I gonna spend real money on some stranger just because they begged me?

2. If its not crowns its a mount. Same as 1

Also Lowbies in High level areas are annoying. If I had to work my butt off to get to the Higher level area, why do these people get a free pass?

Finaly PLEASE, PLEASE stop the online dating in Wizard101, KI! please get rid of the I need a girl/guy emmotes in game. THIS IS A GAME, its not E-harmony. Just saying
Anyone trying to date in game should be reported as they are violating TOS by revealing personal info there is no way to know if its a predator - and if they get reported KI can at least try and make sure they arent in danger of giving info to predator

May 12, 2009
My first remark on this was, "wow, what an old post!" I then read it and realized how we still bear the same problem about six years later.
Being a player for as long as I have, and owning a small amount of Crowns gear (perhaps "gear" isn't the right term, more like "mounts"), I make sure I do not hang out in the Commons for too long, as it is so easy to get bombarded with requests for items. I almost get somewhat of an instant radar when an unknown individual walks up to me in the Commons and calls my name. I almost never respond. Given, sometimes these are just people that will compliment you, as I have had many lovely, respectable wizards give out compliments to my various characters during my experience on this game, but unfortunately, more often than not, it is someone begging. If someone wishes to compliment me, they can do it without my response, and then (of course!) I would respond back to them with a "thank you very much." If someone is merely begging, often times looking as if you are not there will make them lose interest in asking you quickly, as no beggar really wants to wait.
This is just a little trick I have found useful, and I hope others may find so as well.

Best of luck!
~Shannon Skybreaker

May 12, 2012
This first message is from 2009. Well guess what! It has been 6 years, and guess how much more worse it is? 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x worse! It is really crazy. Annoying people are off my list in a second.
~ Allison Dragongem 80

Jan 19, 2014
I don't like gifting people, but I don't ask people to gift either. The only time I would take a gift if it's an offer, and a gift back kind of thing. I get asked to gift maybe once or twice a day which is not that bad. The thing that makes me mad, is that the keep repeating saying pls pls pls pls, and making up lies to make you feel bad like: it's my birthday, or my best friend died. I wish there was a report button where you could report them for gifting, but they wouldn't get banned, after a few gift reports, they aren't able to be gifted for 24 hours, 72 hours, etc. That way, they won't spam, and people could go on with their daily playing Thanks for listening!

- Brady FireBringer, Level 100

May 12, 2012
Totally. The only question I ask people that relates to that stuff is, "What pack did you buy your clothes in?" or "How many times did it take?" just so I know if I want to get it myself. I get begged every time I stand in the Commons for a while, so I've stopped doing that. And totally that report button would be good

~ Allison Dragongem 80

P.S: I mostly get begged on my character that has Winterbane and because almost everything I wear is Crowns. It is just cause I am lucky with packs, I don't spend millions lol

Jun 20, 2015
And that's why I usually wear my "cheap" outfit whenever I Have to go to the commons ( I only go there to fish)

Nov 11, 2010
When someone asks do I have crown or can I buy them something I tell im a poor wizard

Oct 22, 2012
I even had someone wanting a gift in test realm saying they would give a gift back in live realm. That was funny.

Feb 27, 2015
its kind of rude that some players are calling people noobs. What are their problems?

Jan 23, 2015
My take on this problem is all players of Wizard101 will always want these items and some if not most will want to take the easy way out if they can until either time stops or the game ends so this is what I do.

1. When I am taking a break in the Commons from a big dungeon I usually have my 2 accounts logged on and yes I wear my full metal jacket because I am proud of the gear and items I have acquired from all my labors in Wizard101. I am fully aware of the beggars and trolls in the commons and I just go about doing my stuff I usually do casually.

2. I do have players say my name and jump around my avatar or just plain stay there until I pay attention to them. Now I have friend requests off at all time. the only time I turn on friend requests is when I find a player who is just as serious about Wizard101 as I am. To this day I have only my other accounts on my friends' list because it is very hard to find really good players who are not just making friends to get stuff from you.

3. In the course of resting up from a dungeon or sorting out my dropped items from the last dungeon I pretty much ignore everyone, not by hitting ignore button I just don't pay any attention to them. This may seem rude, but what are these beggars going to do to me? hit me? throw tomatoes at me? Well apparently I never have any trouble with them because I make sure they know I am not going to feed them and they move on sooner or later to some other player. I believe reporting them does no good, but plain outright not acknowledging them as present does. I have alley cats in my neighborhood that stick around because a person (not from my neighborhood) feeds them so they are always hanging around my neighborhood. If you do feed them they would probably go somewhere else where they will get food.

So in conclusion what is the best way to handle this? Just go about your business, this is your time and money anyway. keep friend requests off and do not feed them at all they will just go away.

Jul 24, 2015
Snee432 on Feb 2, 2010 wrote:
My personal favorite is standing in the Bazaar and a level 3 wizard friend requests. Now what can THIS mean, I wonder. Well, it means that wizard wants cards, codes (which I don't have), crown items or help. I soloed my way through most of this game, as I am sure many grands did, and I did not stand somewhere, begging for money, cards, equipment or help. Suck it up, buy a minion card or two, and go forth to fight. I wish there was a moderator who could freeze players who beg non stop, but I guess it's up to the more mature players to deal with this. Erin Dawn Weaver, Grand Master Life. PS-We need a NO BEGGING badge, like those signs you put in your window at home that read "No Solicitation".
The badge is a great idea!

Mar 03, 2013
it's amazing how since 2009 this has been going on and it still hasn't been settled. Usually I stsy away from the Commons because of this issue.

One time, I took a little break in the Commons and then, out of nowhere I get a friend request--suprise suprise,(Level 15 I believe he was). Anyway, I accept his request and he asks me if I could gift him the Karin's Hoard Pack I think it was. Immediantly I told him that I don't have crowns and even if I did, I wouldn't spend the money I work for on a stranger on the internet. I removed and ignored him and that was that. The best thing to do is ignore the beggers and trolls and make it seem like they don't exsist.

I really hope KI settles this problem because it just ruins the game in my opinion

Patrick NightShade Lvl 100

Stephen FireBlade Lvl 48

Kane BattleBringer Lvl 36

Dec 30, 2014
I've had people friend me for the sole purpose of asking me for a mount, an elixir, or a housing item like a gauntlet or a "master challenge" I think he said, though I don't know what a master challenge is, if it wasn't just nonsense- must be something new.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't ask once or twice if anyone could gift me- for gold, like a Proud Lion mount, or a Death House- when I discovered that items weren't giftable for gold, I stopped asking.

Heck, if I had some crowns to spare and I felt like gifting someone, I just might- but beggars make me not want to give things...I don't reward what I feel is negative behavior.

Jan 19, 2014
I'm back with another reply once again. (Doing this while question cause i'm bored)
Recently I've seen a big drop in people asking me to gift lately, and only because I've been doing a new trick I like. When i'm in the commons, I take off all my gear, and put on a low level badge. That way people think that I'm new and don't know how to get crowns and therefor I don't have any. Another thing I've been doing is coming up with fake stories in commons when I get there saying, "I just removed a friend because he was spamming me to gift him" Then I go afk for 5-10 minutes, I come back and look at chat, and usually no gift mentioning at all. Except the people that ported to commons after I went AFK. Anyways those are some ways I get beggers to stay away from me.

P.S: If someone you don't know randomly friends you, they probably want you to gift them.

P.S.S: It's only some of the time that it happens. Sometimes they just want help or friends