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What world is you're wizard from?

Jul 28, 2013
Oohh this is going to be fun! Alia Winterwhisper was a girl on earth until she woke up one day in wizard city with the headmaster there. Her friends Robin,Raven, Starfire,Beast Boy, and her brother cyborg were there too (teentitans refrence) she is a pyromancer and so is robin, raven is a diviner, starfire is a theurgist, beast boy is a sorcer and cyborg is a thaumaterge. She finds out the past and how she and her friends and brother were included in the last prophecy. She used to live in dragonspyre when it was nice but when it was torn apart, she had a near death experience with mallistare and was rushed to earth. She doesn't live in dragonspyre anymore, but she and her friends and brother reside together in a mansion in Chelsea's court (marleybone).

This is the part where you applaud...

Alia Winterwhisper

Dec 17, 2010
I'm redoing mine! (again)

Nicholas Hawkspear was born in Avalon. His mom was from Mooshu and his dad was from Azteca. Shortly after Nicholas Hawkspear was born, his family moved to Empyrea. When Nicholas was 5, his parents sent him off to DinoStone Academy of Magic. When the Despair Forces came to Empyrea, the school was burnt down, and his father got killed. Nicholas and his mother then moved to Wysteria. While they were in Wysteria, some wizards from Ravenwood came for the Spiral Tournament, but lost to Pigswick. The Despair Forces finally found their way back to Nicholas's mom. She sacrificed herself to keep the Despair Forces out of Wysteria. Nicholas was then sent to a place called Earth, in hope to erase his memories of his parents and the tragedy. Meanwhile, Merle Ambrose was seeing in his crystal ball that there was to be one more student enrolling that year. Merle then teleported Nicholas to Wizardcity, where he learned the ways of Death Magic. He is currently studying Shadow Magic in secret, for if Merle or anyone else knew, he would be expelled. Nicholas is currently waiting to cross the Star Fall Sea, in Khrysalis, and continue his quest to defeat Morganthe and save the Spiral.

-Nicholas Hawkspear level 95

Apr 16, 2011
This is Alejandro's story
As a young kid, Alejandro had two parents named Alexis and Daniel. He lived in a long forgotten world called Isola (say E-soul-LA). Around the age of 7 his parents died in a storm in the ocean. He became an orphan as well as his sister Savannah until his grand parents took them under their care. Around the age of 10 Alejandro found a school to go to (Ravenwood Academy). There he became a balance wizard and has been there for 2 years. After a while his sister joined as a Ice wizard. Every once in a while Alejandro can see his parents in his dreams and wonders when he can feel the touch of their love again.

Wizard of balance Alejandro StrongCaller Level 59
Wizard of Ice Savannah WaterHunter level 8

Tell me what you think of my story.

Apr 16, 2011
Here's another about my wizard,
When Alejandro was born in a long forgotten world of the spiral named Qeto (say QUE-too). The world was a small place and was once tranquil and thriving. Much of the world had farms and cities. Around the age of 9 Alejandro entered Ravenwood Academy and entered the school of balance. He then had a test whether the he was the chosen one to save the spiral. This test was in Qeto and was used in this order: Fire, Storm, Ice, Myth, Death, Life, Balance, then restarted. He passed the test and was shocked by this. Word of this got to his uncle Malistaire and he became furious that his own nephew was going to stop him rather then help him (Malistaire wanted to control the spiral). During the night of April 20th Malistaire slipped into his parents house and snuck into Alejandro's room. Malistaire had then thought he faitaly injured his Nephew and quickly fled the house. His mom Alexis found him in his bed and healed him (she was life). Malestaire then sent a Shadow to destroy Qeto. Alexis and Daniel (Daniel being Alejandro's Dad) fled to Wizard City and begged Headmaster Ambrose to put a lock on his memories and created a portal to go to Earth. He then had clockworks become Humans and protected Alejandro.
After 3 years ( he is now 12) Alejandro began to have dreams of his memories describing then as Magical. Once Malistaire found out about his nephew, he sent a shadow after him, but when the shadow chased him he Entered the portal to the Spiral. Alejandro then made his way to Rank 59 and went after Malistare.
Once he encountered Malestaire, Alejandro realized that he was Malestaire's Nephew. Once Alejandro cased his final spell, Malestaire was done for good and Malestaire's dead wife (Sylvia) forgave him and the Spiral was saved.

Please tell me what you think,
Balance wizard Alejandro StrongCaller Level 59

Apr 16, 2011
All right here is my wizard's history-Part 1

Alejandro StrongCaller was born in a long forgotten world called Qeto (pronounce QUE-too) to two parents named Alexis and Daniel and had an older sister named Sarah. Around the age of 3 Alejandro then became a older brother when Savannah was born. They lived in a small country house outside of the town of Brem. When Alejandro was then 5 his aunt Silvia died and his uncle Malistaire went into a state of depression. Malistaire began to feel uneasy and began to turn mad.
Around the age of 9 Alejandro then enrolled into the Ravenwood Academy in Wizard city. Once enrolled he became a sorcerer began to learn fast the art of Balance. In the month of December Alejandro took a test
to see whether he was the answer to the prophecy (the order in which the chosen one went in this order: Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, Balance, and then the order started over). When Malistaire arrived he heard that Alejandro was the chosen one. He became furious and began to destroy Qeto and burned the whole world. Malistaire then found Alejandro lying on the floor with scorch marks all over his body. He then fled the place.
Alexis and Daniel found Alejandro's body and took him to Ambrose. Cyrus realized that his brother became a danger to him and quickly healed him with spirit water. Ambrose then opened the Spiral Chamber in Ravenwood and entered the Earth Spiral Key. He then created clockworks and made them look human and locked Alejandro's Memories so that nothing could take and see them. He then sent Alejandro to Earth and went under the name Abraham for 3 years.

Tell me what you think,
Wizard of Balance Alejandro StrongCaller

Here is my sisters,

Wizard of Ice Savannah WaterHunter

Jan 02, 2011
My wizard Scarlet Deathbringer was born in the realm
of Dragonspyre. She was sent to Wizard City by Malastaire's henchmen
and has never known her family.

Jan 02, 2011
Wow! all the background stories are amazing!

I have a shout out to Luke Deathfriend my boyfriend! he is amazing i hope he reads my background story about

Scarlet Deathbringer
Necromancer Level 28

Mar 07, 2012
Vanessa Rainbowpetal was born and raised in Mooshu. There she learned to love peace and nature. Later, her family was scattered apart and she went alone to a strange world, Wizard City. She wasn't sure where she was, everything was so different from the natural world she had been raised in. When she was stumbling along, she didn't know was she was heading towards her destiny. As she entered Ravenwood, she noticed a huge tree in the center of everything. She thought he looked kind and wise so she asked him for advice. The tree spoke with a knowing voice; "This here is Ravenwood, there are schools of magic." She thanked him as he called back. "Talk to Merle Ambrose of you would like to enroll at Ravenwood!" Many days had passed until she finally decided to talk to the headmaster, what could she do? Her family is far apart and she is alone in a mysterious land she didn't know of. "Hello, I-I'd like to enroll." She stumbled as she worked frantically to figure out words to say. "Ah, of course." He replied. "Just fill out some paperwork and we'll be set, then you can choose your school." He handed her a thick heap of paper and a pen. "Say, what's your name, young wizard?" She glanced up as she filled the paperwork. "Oh, i'm Vanessa." He nod his head and went back to sorting his paper. "I'm finished with this. " She sighed finally, wiping her forehead. "Great, go and meet the professors, see which school you like best and i'll find you a dorm room." The headmaster said.
All the professors are so interesting, but she decided to keep to her roots and choose life as a school. Moolinda Wu is also born in Mooshu and she needed to learn so much from the professor about her home. She was glad she made this journey, to be here, to be a wizard. This is her destiny.
Sappy Ending, I know :D
~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 40 master ( Yes, thank goodness, I only had like 4 days, as of 12/10/13 of my subscription left, I met my super unlikely goal, level 36 to 40 on my two weekdays! :D )

Aug 10, 2010
I know this is going to fail so hard.

Grace Goldenleaf and her twin, Kayla Unicornleaf (Not IDENTICAL) were raised on Earth with two loving parents. A week after their second birthday, a tornado came through, and their parents were killed. Grace and Kayla were taken in by their neighbor, who kept them safe until their uncle came 6 months later. He took them to his home, and to their aunt. The 4 of them stepped through a portal, and then Grace and Kayla were taken to Merle Ambrose. He looked at them with a look of astonishment in his eyes. They soon were tooken into the hands of Moolinda Wu. She was to take care of them until they were old enough to enroll. When they each turned 7, they could enroll. Kayla still took a liking to Moolinda and thus choose the school of Life. Grace went around to meet the professors, and the only professor who seemed "Good" (LOL no offense) was Falmea. Grace went on to become a pupil of Ambrose's GW Program (Gifted Wizards Program) and is currently a Magus Pyromancer. Kayla became a perfect Life student. She enjoys dueling with others, and loves to talk with Moolinda Wu. Grace and Kayla gradually drew apart from each other, but they still keep in touch. Their uncle is Prospector Zeke and their aunt sadly died from an unknown disease. Their old neighbor followed when Grace and Kayla's uncle came, and he is currently in charge of the Bazaar in Olde Town. To protect his identity from the girls and their uncle, he renamed himself.

-G.G. 33

-K.U. Soon-to-be 20

May 04, 2013
Stephanie Fireflame:
Stephanie lived in Dragonspyre. After multiple attempts on trying to restore Dragonspyre, she was found weak. Stephanie almost became mortal, but it now a Legendary Pyromancer in Wizard City. Her little sister Erin Fireflame has recently moved to Wizard City.

Stephanie Fireflame
level 61 Legendary pyromancer
Erin Fireflame
Level 2 Novice Diviner

Jun 01, 2009
Just saying, in the test thing at the beginning, Merle says we're from a world without magic.

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth

Jun 29, 2011
My name is Aaron Fireeyes, I was born in Zafaria, and illegally smuggled to wizard city. The wizards regarded me as a "symbol of hope," and predicted that I would save the spiral one day. I was molded into a soon-to-be legend and made top of the class in pyromancy.

Dec 25, 2012
Valerian Leaf was born in Krokotopia, but he doesn't know who his parents are. His accent Krokotopian

Jul 11, 2013
My Death wiz, Kaitlyn Shadow was born somewhere in Turkey (doesn't know where). Moved to Dragonspyre where her family got attacked by some of Malistare's minions. Was enrolled in Wizard City, where she got adopted by her dad, to learn the ways of necromancy. Is currently still living at Dragonspyre after renting houses in Wizard City and Marleybone.

Kaitlyn Shadow, 53 necromancer!!

Oct 26, 2012
my wizard scarlet rose level 59 story ...... Scarlet was born in MarleyBone Reagants Square. Her dad was Sherlock Bones the famues Marleybone detective. She was not a dog though oddly. When she was 10 years old her dad told her to move to wisteria and live there then do whatever she wanted to do with her life.Soon she went to wisteria only to find out that she hated the whole wisteria school! But she did like being a wizard. She found out that she was a ice soon after she got there. When she was old enough to move out of wisteria she did and fast! Then she settled in grizzlehiem there she got to a level 30 ice wizard and was 13 years old. After those 2 years there she thought of something. Merle Ambrose she knew about him because her dad told her stories about him. Then she left forever to go ravenwood. She got there got a castle got a school and got to lvl 59 got a house on collusus bouleavard. The story continues.... btw I will continue this later

Dec 27, 2011
Lilalei12345 on Dec 23, 2013 wrote:
my wizard scarlet rose level 59 story ...... Scarlet was born in MarleyBone Reagants Square. Her dad was Sherlock Bones the famues Marleybone detective. She was not a dog though oddly. When she was 10 years old her dad told her to move to wisteria and live there then do whatever she wanted to do with her life.Soon she went to wisteria only to find out that she hated the whole wisteria school! But she did like being a wizard. She found out that she was a ice soon after she got there. When she was old enough to move out of wisteria she did and fast! Then she settled in grizzlehiem there she got to a level 30 ice wizard and was 13 years old. After those 2 years there she thought of something. Merle Ambrose she knew about him because her dad told her stories about him. Then she left forever to go ravenwood. She got there got a castle got a school and got to lvl 59 got a house on collusus bouleavard. The story continues.... btw I will continue this later
Really liked it although there were some minor spelling errors.

Antonio Sandshade, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Jul 04, 2012
Robert Nightwhisper: I lived in wintertusk all my until I decided to move to the schools of Ravenwood. I studied under the teachings of Professor Greyrose.

Robert Nightwhisper lvl 85

Oct 04, 2009
It was a very hot day in Krokatopia, my adoptive family had instructed me to get water from the Oasis, I could barely see anything but I could still make out a vague image of a well. I walked over to it and filled a vial with it, what I didn't know was that is was a Ghost Vial then it had created a massive sandstorm, the last thing I saw before I blacked out was my family's tent hurtling into the cold edges of The Spiral... with my family in it.

I awoke in the Ravenwood Infirmary to see Professor Greyrose standing *cough cough* flying in the air rushing to grab medicines along with Moolinda Wu standing there summoning sprites, unicorns, pixies and fairies. Professor Greyrose gave me some sleep medicine. Then I blacked out again.

I awoke one more time be in a Dorm with a weird triangular symbol banner with the words, Myth, under it. I got up, put the clothes from my dresser on and walked out to see a huge tree with one eye in it. I've been here before, I tell myself then remember I vacationed in Wizard City before. I went to Merle's tower to see him awaiting my arrival.

Well I already used a thousand characters to type that so, tag me if you liked it and I will tell you about my adventures in Unicorn Way, The Three Streets and much more.

Isaac TitanHunter Level 41

Sep 21, 2011
Garrett Spell is from wyrwood Avalon and practiced balance magic until one morning he woke up and his balance magic skills had dropped dramatically. After destroying an entire world he new he had to change his school of magic, he now practices ice magic in his tropical home in the floating land in Celestia.

May 28, 2012
Garrett Griffinriver: He came form the death school when he lived in sunken city (When it was ALIVE) He was borned and was geting older when he was 8 he left sunken city and got to wizard city so he lived there when he is now 14 year old (right now) he saw the fall of his homeland he became a wizard so he kill the undaed but now he joined the death school so he take blood for himself and dragons that died now he has a sword that takes souls so he use them to help him in battle in time of need and he had a pet dog that die he took and reborned him and now he helps him in battle and now he is a wizard of death.

Garrett Griffinriver Lvl 38

Oct 01, 2010
( I have a full six set but I'm currently focused on one at the moment)

Lenora Spiritthorn

Lenora Spiritthorn was born in a growing city in northern Texas.All her life, there have been many storms in her area, and she managed to get used to it. She lived with her widowed mother,and younger sister. One day both her and her sister received a note from a man named Merle Ambrose. Both of the notes said that their "wizarding" knowledge is needed to repair major damage to The Spiral. The next day, they went out with their mother to run some errands. While with their mother, Lenora and her sister found a strange looking door. Something told them both to go through the door, so they did. They found themselves in this small room with a large image of a spiral, Wizard City in the center. Nearby, there was an owl named Gamma that apparently was the headmaster's pet. On the other side of the room, there was another door, so they went though that one as well. They appeared to be in an office. Near the desk stood Merle Ambrose, the man who sent the letter to them."Welcome to Wizard City." He said. He then had one of his advanced students show Lenora and her sister Wizard City and introduce them to the magical arts. After they learned the basics, they both started practicing wizardry. To this day, Lenora has excelled in the art of divination, and her sister is Practicing the art of necromancy.

Lenora Spiritthorn
Legendary diviner

Elizabeth Moonblossom
Intitiate necromancer

Dec 28, 2008
The History of Amy Hexshade:

1. She was born in Caliburn, Avalon under the name Amelia Locke. Her mother, Julia and her (real) father, John happily raised the girl for the first twelve months of her life.

2. A month after her first birthday, John's worst enemy, Razputin Walter, accidentally assassinated (he just wanted to kidnap her, not kill her) Julia (John wasn't at home when the fire took place) by setting their old cottage on fire, but he managed to save/kidnap Amelia and bring her to Regent's Square where she would live her next fifteen years under the name Amanda Walter...and lived under Raz's lies, anger and hatred.

3. After listening to her (fake) father and (real) father's conversation over her while they dueled, Amy found out the truth of who she really was. (Since she was too late to save her real father since he had been killed from the duel) she fled to Wizard City to get away from the life she once known under the name Amy Hexshade. She became a Wizard and went through a lot of change...and eventually, confronted her past to avenge her parent's death by defeating her (fake) father in a magic duel (he wasn't killed, but he was sent to Marleybone's police, because Amy defeated him in Marleybone).

4. She technically doesn't live anywhere now, she just travels as she has more important stuff to do; like save the spiral from terrible catastrophes and making sure children don't get kidnapped by evil people.

May 02, 2010
Justin StormCatcher came from Marleybone, born in the heart of Regent's Square. After crime started outbreaking in Marleybone, Justin ventured to Dragonspyre to learn the arts of pyromancy and dragon-riding. But when the Dragon Titan descended on Dragonspyre, Justin escaped through the Spiral Door and ended up in Wizard City, where he continued his learning and now resides in Wizard City in an Amber Estate.

Aug 30, 2013
Richard dark came from Krocotopia,born in the oasis after the Marleybonens came and took over.ventured to nightside to learn all about necromancy and Dino riding.but when malistare teleported the death school there Richard took a run for the spiral door and went to wizard city and learned more about necromancy at wizard city and learned with Malorn ashthorn and went back to nightside to learn even more necromancy with dworgyn.

Sep 21, 2011
I thought it would be fun to dig in to all of your imaginations and see what you can think of. So describe your wizards past, past friends, their personality, and really any part of their past.

Example: Garrett Spell comes from Avalon and has always loved animals, so he has many, many pets. He didn't really have much friends because he lived in the middle of the forest and his nearest neighbors were goblins. When he got into his teenage years he became quiet the trouble maker. After accidently destroying the icy world of Soulstice (That's why no one has heard of it before.) he ended up having a pretty bad rep. All of that was forgotten when he was accepted into Ravenwood and he is a big bookworm now.
Good luck