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What world is you're wizard from?

Nov 11, 2011
Victoria Legend was from Celestia in The Science Center because her parents are great Scientists. Victoria is a Intelligent Sorcerer and can master the art of Sorcery. When the Sharks invaded their home, she seek refuge but her parents was murdered. She now resides at Polaris and is educating at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts so that she can learn more about sorcery and to seek revenge on those Sharks that killed her parents.

Nov 18, 2009
Brynn Winterblossom's Autobiography

Brynn Winterblossom was born in Celestia as a mermaid where she practiced the arts of Sun, Star, and Moon Magic. Later, her parents tried to defeat Mithraya but she was too powerful. They were defeated and died the next day. Brynn was heart broken. She then new, that she needed to study and practice her magic and become the best wizard she can be and make her parents proud. She earned the ability to change from mermaid to human. 5 years later, she moved to Wizard City and became a master of life, ice, storm, sun, moon, and star magic. Now, she is living in a castle located underwater on 735 Dolphin Dr., Wizard City and is studying fire magic. Her pet is a purple spark beast named ''Sparky''. Brynn is living a great life and is becoming more intelligent each day. Her magic is becoming more powerful and soon she will master all magic and know she has made her parents proud.

Other Characters-
Gabrielle Daisypetal (level 29)
Brynn Storm (level 3) Written by- Brynn W.


May 10, 2011
Olivia Rainbowleaf was born in Dragonspyre. She was interested in life, animals, trees and grass.
She wanted to move to a greener place with trees and nature. 3 months later when she was 10, her house got destroyed by Malistare. Her parents died. She decided to search for a greener place. She landed at Wizard City at 12. She learned Life as her main school, and then Ice for her secondary. She still lives in Wizard City and she is currently 14.

Jan 05, 2011
Nicholas was born in Avalon in the Wyrd. Where his father abandoned him. King Caline (Father of the current king) found him and raised Nicholas in castle Avalon as a prince and a knight until Merl Ambrose came with morganthe. Then Morganthe offered Nicholas unlimited power if he would help her betray the king Nicholas declinded the offere and ran off to dragonspyre where he was found by a corup death wizard named Ryan Shadow who tricked him into thinking he was the master of the undead. Then Nicholas moved back to Avalon where he was adopted by a woman named Rylee Fireblade. Nicholas then later moved to wizard city for 3 years then moved back to avalon where he lived in his palace until Avalon requested he returned to help his home.

Nicholas Level 91 Necromancer
"Even in the light there is darkness"

Jan 05, 2011
Sierra Deathshade on Mar 7, 2014 wrote:
Ok now if Malistare and Morganthe had a baby he would obviously be death…Not trying to be a stick in the mud lol.

Sierra DeathShade-
True! its like 1x1=1 sooo x=

Nov 03, 2012
Nicholas Shadow on May 8, 2014 wrote:
True! its like 1x1=1 sooo x=
{, ..., } x =

Don't forget Shadow magic.

- Kyle

Jul 11, 2013
ok, here r all mine XD

Kaitlyn Shadow is from Avalon, she moved to WC to practice the arts of necromancy. She is currently living in a castle that could resemble Avalon, but no one knows.

Ryan Shadow is from Celestia, her parents were killed by a Celestian when she was 5. She is currently living in WC and practicing thaumature.

Esmee was born and raised in Grizzlehiem, although people there treated her good, she moved to WC practicing being a theurgist.

Jordan Bear was born in Dragonspyre. Her parents left her on her 3 birthday, so she was raised by Mother Warwig. Later she moved to WC to practice pyromancy.

Nicole Titan was born in Celestia. She was good friends with Ryan, and had Ryan live with her, until they both moved to WC. Nicole is currently a diviner.

All my characters

Kaitlyn Shadow, 91 Promethean Necromancer
Ryan Shadow, 5 apprentice Thaumature
Esmee, 18 Journeyman Theurgist
Jordan Bear, 2 Novice Pyromancer
Nicole Titan, 2 Novice Diviner

May 01, 2011
Rachel Willowrider-

She was born in Bastion, Khrysalis until she heard the rumors of another wizard roaming the world, and fled to Wizard City forgetting her home and Khrysalis.

Scarlet Daisysong-

Scarlet was born in Mooshu but wanted to learn the ways of Life to protect her friends and family, so she moved to Wizard City and currently lives in Unicorn Way.

Jun 29, 2011
Adrian Lotusflame once lived deep within Khrysalis, when all was well. He was born and lived in Bastion, helping out the Burrowers occasionally in Moon Cliffs. When Morganthe came here, saying she ventured within the great forests of Zafaria, and even helping out King Artorius. But as rumors travelled through the Spiral, she was planning to take the Spiral for her own. He was forced to move out, moving to Marleybone for a short time, thinking the nonsense would subside. He encountered the Professor, and his red time-travelling Telegraph Box. On his final journey with the Professor, they went back to Khrysalis. Only to find it a jurassic mess. He moved from Marleybone, and went to the only safe place he knew- Wizard City. But even that was a disaster. Thinking of things to stop Morganthe, his final decision was to go back to Khrysalis, and live on the majestic Crescent Beach, keeping to the mainland and abolishing and decimating the terror Morganthe left behind. Adrian still lives in Crescent Beach of Khrysalis, but goes on many adventures to other places.

Apr 08, 2012
My wizard came from the land of phlotagoton. He still lives there. But however he only has time to drop by in the summer. Because the all mighty Morganthe Summoned him to learn her old teachers magic. The area he lived in was ninja like based. So, His name was hunterskullblade the master of the green will flame! Welp this is all that i have time to type for malistair and the shadow queen want me back p.s I am lvl 99

Sep 09, 2010
Genieve emerald blossom birthplace is unknown for now
So Is amber sparkle gem birthplace

Feb 04, 2012
Roslyn Blueflower was born in Polaris but was found as a baby by the Emperor of Mooshu and was raised as royalty in the Jade Garden. She still resides there but mostly doesn't visit as you just cant get to Mooshu fast from Khrysalis (lol)

Why? The World May Never Know
Roslyn Blueflower, level 95 Myth

Oct 19, 2011
Mark is a fire wizard. He comes from Marleybone. He learned fire magic from some dogs. Then He moved to Grizzleheim and learned from bears.

Oct 21, 2011
So this looks fun

Anyways I'd see my self from Dragonspyre! its just so me death and fire lol! But honestly i think crystal grove is the best place in d.s. that suites me
-Austin Storm 96

Feb 23, 2013
Hunter G. came from Marlybone in Chelsea court and decided to learn sorcery to help people as much as he could no longer lives there but likes to visit a lot.

Hunter G.

Feb 21, 2009
Luke Goldflame, Level 35 Wizard, Originally from Dragonspyre but currently resides in Marleybone.

Oct 30, 2011
my wizard came from wizard city night side were he learned death magic then moved to marlybone on 112 barker street but still looks for his mom,dad,brother

Jun 13, 2012
Miranda Dreamsong who changed her name after being Miranda Dramesugins, lived in Marleybone in her early childhood and when the Archaeologists discovered Krokotopia, she escaped along with them. She loved this new land and mostly went into the dangerous parts of the grand Pyramid, she learned to dispise the magic used by the salamanders there and was able to fight them with the storm sciences learned in Marleybone. She then saved up enough currency, dropped in the streets, to catch a ride to the Grand Sphinx she had heard so much about. The fountains she thought were absolutely gorgeous. She learned a few tricks of the Frozen Talents and when it was time to go back, she went back on the boat and went to the Pyramid. She was merely walking to her little hole in one of the archaeological sites, when a person ran past her, Her hair was brown, not focusing much about what was around herself and just kept running with a fire Krok chasing her. Miranda quickly summoned an ice salamander and it blasted the Krok. The two girls became friends and the other girl invited her to her dorm after listening to her story. The two girls went to Wysteria, where the grand competition was on. The girl told Miranda that they would be in Wizard City in a week. When the week passed, Miranda was enrolled in the Ravenwood School District and flourished there. She took the Ravenwood quiz and all sights were on Thaumaturgery. Her second school was in Divinery as she had been taught back in Marleybone. She visited the worlds of the Spiral and had several attempts at trying to jump onto the floating rocks near the Death school so she could explore the Spiral without keys, and discovered Nightside (and a few bruises). She loved the thought of heling and damage at the same time and tried it, she loved every school (but not really the fire school)
Miranda "Ice is no gentle snowflake, see me with a blizzard" Dreamsong

Jun 27, 2009
luke hawkmask is from celestia and was born in the lunariam
he's made of nothing but ice held together by moon magic
( witch means he was CREATED, not born ) morganthe killed his creator, who is not known because he died before luke was activated
he stumbled around celestia, not knowing who he even is
then he found this note... ( depicted bellow )

dear wizard

I would like you to come to ravenwood, we need your help terribly!
malistare has come and is trying to take over the spiral!
come quick! he don't have much time!
find the spiral gate! quick!

from: headmaster ambrose

so he went to the spiral gate...
...but then he found another note ( again depicted bellow )

dear wizard

I forgot to mention that a storm wizard named marvin ashblood is waiting for you at the spiral gate
he will help you on your quest to save the spiral

from: headmaster ambrose

so he continued, and found marvin standing in front of the spiral gate
marvin then said " I've been waiting young wizard! I'm marvin ashblood
and I will help you "
he had purple hair that was the same as his and was black ( refer to the skin color )
so luke went with marvin, and went to wizard city
the book of secrets consulted him as a thaumturge, so he studied ice magic, hoping to find out who he was
because luke did not know himself at all, professor greyrose gave him the name luke hawkmask
that's his story!


Mar 23, 2014
Tristan Dawnmask was born and lives in mooshu at jade palace often helping his father the emperor of mooshu he moved to wizard city to learn the power of life magic upon finding out what mallistaire did to his farther he made a vow to heal his farther and defat mallistaire

Mar 20, 2014
this is going to be fun.
Steven fire stalker: grew up and raised in the ruins of dragonspyre, he was once trained in the art of pyromancy from the professors at dragonspyre academy before the world came to ruins. he resides in the ruins of the dragonspyre academy but is also learning pyromancy at wizard city on his off time.
My ice wizard (forgot his name): parents died after he was born but his family friend took him and dropped him off in grizzlehiem to be raised by the bears and learn the magic of ice and lies in the savastad pass. my myth wizard (forgot his name): he was raised all across the spiral from dragon spyre mooshu krokotopia even all the way to aqaulia, he now lives in peace somewhere inside of aqulia where he is masters in being a greatest conjurer there ever was.

thats all i am going to do now goodbye

Feb 11, 2011
john spellsword grew up in with his family in the tough alley where cats lurked and stole things. he eventually became a leader f the cats and used unknown magic to control them and he protected his mom, dad, and little brother Thomas. He used that same magic to go to grizzleheim and he became leader of the bears.

when juan stumbled across a slumbering frost giant his part of his soul was infused with the core of the ice giant's power, he constanly channeled and absorbed that power and could easily use unknown magic easily and dispatch his foe's. then he met professor Greyrose and she told him about Ravenwood school of magic.so he was a natural thamuturgist and mastered ice magic and his family trained magic.he currently resides at the dragons fjord and has a school that teaches young kittens and bear cubs to use magic and be nice! he still channels the powers of the giant hoping to claim their power for his extensive family.

Feb 07, 2010
I don't see why not.

Mark Summerstone was born in Marleybone, on an island very far away from Marleybone city. Because throughout history, wizards have never had a reason to go anywhere in Marleybone other then the capital city, many dogs believed them to be mere legends. Mark was always hearing various stories about the heroic antics of various wizards, and dreamed of becoming one himself. Everyone told him it would never happen, because wizards aren't real, but one night, a strange portal appeared in his bedroom. He heard an old man saying that they had found a student with great potential. With his usual attitude of cautious optimism, he stepped through and found himself in headmaster Ambrose's office. Upon hearing his story they decided that he would make an excellent conjurer and he was soon learning how to operate a duel circle. At the first opportunity, he went back to visit his home, to show his skills off to those who scoffed at him before.

Jul 06, 2009
Cody Frost dust was born in Marleybone and lives there currently!
He also has a home in Azteca where he has been going back to often!

Flint Swift shard was born in Marleybone and is brother to Cody!
He currently is living in The Floating Lands in Celestia

Seth is again brother to Cody and Flint and grew up in marleybone but later was kidnapped by
Malistare. He resides in Monquista living a peaceful life!

Blake Sky Walker is a friend to Cody and Flint and has met Seth before!
He was born I n Dragonspyre!

Rachel Spellcaster was born in Krokotopia!

Apr 11, 2012
Hello Awesome Wizards!

I am from Aquila, daughter of a maid.

I still reside in Aquila, and work part time wizard and part time maid.

Thank you Awesome Wizards,
Miranda Thunder Gem
"Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere."