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The brilliant "easter eggs" in Wizard101

Feb 28, 2009
I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but there is a place called Marylebone in England, so I think that's where KI got Marleybone from. :-)

Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 44 conjurer

"A friend will ride the limo with you, but a true friend will ride the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Nov 21, 2010
In Avalon, not sure about this one.

Sir Malory.
Instead of actually being Mordred, the killer of King Arthur.
It is actually a tribute to Sir Thomas Malory. The author or person who compiled Le Morte d'Arthur.

Which is the original name of the story about King Arthur.
Incidentally, he wrote or compiled it while in jail.
Possibly in Newgate Prison.

Which we recognize from Marlybone.

Another one that I am wondering about.
Is Sir Perry Gilliam, maybe a play on a name?
Such as Terry Gilliam, of Monty Python Fame?

Jan 20, 2010
i am thrilled over the amount of easter eggs you manage to add to a game, so i got a small idea for another
There is a bear in Mirkholm Keep, named Sigurd Battleblade
i have wondered about his name, Sigurd Fåvsbane is a character in norse litterature where he killed someone named Fåvne and some other people, brutal, i know, but pride was the currency back then...

so i wondered if you can change the name to Sigurd Fightbane, Fight for Fåvne and bane for, well its right there... then he will be a more obvious (to some of us) and it's not that big change, but makes it better :)

Thanks, love this game and norse mythology <3

Jun 03, 2010
Not sure if anyone said it or not, but the quest " For whom the bell tolls " is a Metallica song.

Nov 21, 2010
weegee09 wrote:
Not sure if anyone said it or not, but the quest " For whom the bell tolls " is a Metallica song.

It is also the name of a novel written by Ernest Hemingway.

Apr 24, 2010
Most of the people are not realising the difference between a Easter egg and a deliberate pun.

Oct 29, 2011
i read th whole thing and i cant believe you didnt find this one.

firstly doesnt the mallistaire story(except for the part he does it all to bring his wife back)remind you of something.

i just got it harry potter!
listen merle ambrose-proffesor dumbledoor
cyrus drake-obviously snape
mallistaire drake-voldermort
and us-pretty much related to harry potter in a few ways

hey and what about the worlds?

wizard city-???
krokotopia-ancient egypt
grizzlehiem-norse mythology
wintertusk-ice age
marleybone-shrelock holmes
mooshu-japan/china in the time of samoorais
dragonspyre-rome with russians in it
celestia-atlantis with some sci-fi
avalon medievel times

and i cant, just cant believe we didnt get crab alley yet!
easy peasy-underwater!

Jul 18, 2010
Here's a couple more for you music fans out there (and showing my age here, more than likely!). Both located in Avalon:

Squire Billy = Billy Squier (80's rock musician)
Page Jimmy = Jimmy Page (well, who doesn't know Jimmy Page? :D )

Mar 27, 2011
QueQueg wrote:
In Avalon, Green Beard looks and sounds a lot like 'Tree Beard' from Lord of the Rings.

One of the knights, 'Sir Perry Gilliam', is from Monty Python's Terry Gilliam.

Yes! And Innes Idle is Eric Idle... and of course, Brave Sir Robin Bravely ran away!

Jan 14, 2011
Has anyone noticed the similarities between Pigswick and Harry Potter? The spiral cup-> the triwizard cup. The visitors from other schools. Something weird happening to the cup, being stolen-> turned into a port key.
Not to mention the British accents!

Nov 21, 2010
Don't know why I did not notice this sooner.

In Dun Dara is a NPC by the name of Sir George Martyn.

Any Beatles fan would recognize that name.

The legendary producer for John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Oct 24, 2010
I'm not sure if anyone posted this, but the quest to defeat the dark knight is called the dark knight rises like the movie.

Apr 24, 2009
anstarx wrote:
There is a quest in Mooshu that is called "Et tu, Lili?" which is a reference to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar "Et tu, Brute?".

Almost every area in Marlebone exists (including Marlebone-Marylebone)
Zeke's quests are named after british bands :-D

Also, many areas in ds were real in ancient Rome.

There are sooo manyeaster eggs I can't even remember them all!

There is also a quest in the beginning of Marleybone, (i beleive) Entitled "et tu brute"

Nov 21, 2010
Just realized another one this morning.

A quest given by Gwendolyn in Dun Dara called "Just The Pacts".

Sound familiar Dragnet fans?

Jun 08, 2009
sagerz wrote:
I don't know if this is similar to the game or not, but it seemed like it. In Star Wars Clone Wars there is a planet name Malastare, which I though was similar to Malistare.

I noticed this too. It first appeared as a mentioned name in The Phantom Menace. But, I don't think it was the reasoning for it. Here are a few things i've thought of to explain Malistaire's name:
Malice-Stare: Malicious Stare
Maul-Ice-Stairs: Makes no sense, but sounds creepy.

Anyone notice Sobacca and Hannibal Onetusk in Zafaria? For those who didn't (And for people who nevr saw Star Wars) I'll break it down:

Hannibal Onetusk: Remove the -nibal from his first name. One can also be described as alone, or solol. Thus we have Han Solo. For Sobacca: He's furry. He roars when you first meet him. His name ends in -bacca. Chewbacca time!

Dec 10, 2009
in avalon, there's someone (i forget who) in the wild that gives a quest called Crush Crush Crush. Paramore!!!!

Apr 02, 2010
RE: Avalon easter eggs

Page Jimmy in Abbey Road (Page Jimmy = Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin, Abbey Road - reference to Beatles' album of Abbey Road and their Recording studio) gives a quest to you to search for a sword called Zoso. Zoso is the name of Led Zeppelin's 4th album, also is a symbol that the band designated to refer to the lead Robert Plant, which explains the significance of the sword and Jimmy's attachment to it (why it is so important he get it back - referring to his close personal relationship with the band's lead singer)

He also awards you with a wand called the Greater Paul after you complete a quest for the Greater Paul and the Lesser Paul, which refers to an early electric guitar designer, Les Paul.

Zeke's quests relate to band names:
- Wizard City: the Smiths
- Grizzleheim: the Yardbirds
- Krokotopia: the Beatles
- Marleybone: The Stray Cuts (Quest: Stray Cat Strut)
- MooShu: Blue Oyster Cult (quest name)
- DragonSpyre: Stone Roses (may reference Stone Temple Pilots)
- Celestia: Lounge Lizards (New York jazz band, possibly obtained from the video Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards)
- Wisteria: Wall Flowers
- Hrundle Fjord: The Troggs
- Avalon: Black Crows (band Black Crowes - there is a quest in there called Shake Your Money Maker, also refers to an Album by the Black Crowes, which doubles as a James Brown song reference as well)

Mar 08, 2010
ooh ooh I got one! Nordri, Sudgry, Austry, and Vestri, are named after north, south, east, and west from a norse myth.

Feb 26, 2012
firedemon998 wrote:
in krokotobia you have to fight krokahana witch is queen cleopatura

The name krokahana does not refer too cleopatra, the name krokopatra refers to queen cleopatra

Mar 28, 2009
The game is almost like an exact copy of this old nightcaster game on xbox, frost giants, different schools, so a gem

Apr 21, 2009
i found a very funny one in outer yard of avalon. there is a mysterious well that has a sigil and there is no quest to go into it you can just enter it at any time. the bosses name. XD heres a hint. "flave" go see for your self

Feb 26, 2012
Anyone notice that the spiral cup is like the triwizard cup from harry potter and the goblet of fire hmm suspicious also the person in wysteria the painter dolly slvador is named after salvador dolly the painter funny huh, ok not really ut its an easter egg 8)

Oct 08, 2010
XxdsawxX wrote:
Heres one from Marley Bone to, when you talk to someone, I forgot who, he says "You went to Jareds!" Jareds is a jewlery store, and there trademark slogen is "He went to Jareds" I found it funny! :-)

ikr i laughed so hard when i read that

Oct 08, 2010
Also the staff in kt that reveals the well of spirits is from indiana jones

Feb 26, 2012
I keep finding more, there is a boss you beat in the krokosphinx he is called the keymaster and when you walk in he says are you the gatekeeper, anyone know that reference, thats right who you gona call GHOSTBUSTERS ya!!!!!! love that movie great easter egg