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Make your own boss

Feb 07, 2010
Morlan Powertheif

Rank 11 boss

15,000 health

45% resist to death

15% boost to life

School: Death

Deck: feint, deathblade, death trap, curse, sacrifice, life sheild, goul, vampire, wraith, and scarecrow.

interrupts the end of every second round to summon an energy sphere, rank 6 storm minions that look like wisps, a variation on the minions of Marva Flamewing and Sandor Spearcaller in Dragonspyre's Plaza of Conquests. (the "annoying sheild" and "annoying trap" people) they have 4,000 health, no boosts no resistances, and basicly just sit there and do nothing. Every 8 rounds, Morlan will cast a spell that kills one of his minions and deals 600 damage to all players. He will continue doing this until all minions have been sacrificed.

Mar 20, 2011
Jan 31, 2009
I got a cool boss.

Name:missy the growler
location:the necropolis, dragonspyre
appearance:a pug like appearence

chelsie the sweet
location:the necropolis, dragonspyre
appearence:pug like

btw, missy and chelsie are the names of my dogs

May 05, 2010
Merle Ambrose (Your own Headmaster! :D)

Health: 56,780

Rank: 17 Boss

School: Multi (Symbol looks like a spiral)

Spells: Frost Giant, Fire Dragon, Storm lord, Power Nova, Rebirth, Orthorus,
Scarecrow, Deathblade, MythBlade, Guiding Light, Balance Blade, Ice Blade,
Storm Blade, Fire Blade, Hex, Feint, Leviathan, Vengeance, Amplify, Fortify

Power Pips: 95%

Physical Attack: 295 Damage per pip(s) (Star)

Cheats: He casts a Leviathan that Does 3,000 Damage If you attack him and has
Fortify on.
Casts any of the Rank 7 Spells if you attack him when he has Amplify on.
(He uses one of the Rank 7 Spells that is the Opposite School of your Focus.)

Note: His Cheat Spells are also used as his normal Attacks.

He can't be Stunned

Always Blocks

50% chance that he can Critical

Resists 10% of every School

Boosts: None

Jul 14, 2011
to steaql a wysteria idea
malistare and his brother in the myth tower
reward you win you get to be a teacher and no port in

Jan 22, 2011
I can just imagine MYSELF as a boss. It would be something like this for me:

Name: Colin SwiftCaster
Rank: 10 Boss
Health: 3,273 (give or take)
School: Death

Dec 11, 2009
Jan 01, 2010
Merak8 wrote:
My apologies for not following your exact format, but I'd love to see a boss, perhaps an optional one, with the following:

Very high health. At least in the 50,000's.

Very high power pip chance, or 100% power pips.

Every attack the boss does is a hit all attack.

When you say high health and high power pip chance, you have to expect that the boss is going to use more than area attacks. Any creature that tough would have his own element that he uses, a unique element that is unknown to those outside the area he is in. Also another thing to be expected, is that the boss can use spells not from his element using power pips, as if he had a mastery amulet or four. This boss would also have to drop some seriously rare stuff, to compensate the fight.

But anyways, the boss idea.

Name: Master of Chaos
Health: 60,000
Class: Discord
Rank: 15 Boss
Location: Tower of Fate, District of the Stars, Celestia.
-Idea by Kenneth Shadowrunner Level 60 Sorcerer

Jul 28, 2009
Name: Mr. small ( he's a leperchaun)
Health: 3,000
Class: storm
Rank: 10
style: looks like a leperchaun
before you start battle he will say: muhahaha i shall rule the spiral
after you deafeat him: no no no i thought the spiral was in my hands!
Location: dragonspyre
Minion: the weak version of malistair
the tower is shaped like malistairs dungeon (except smaller)
and you have to go through different guards to
hope you like it

Destiny Deathblade lvl 44

Jul 14, 2010
Just to be Malistaire's incarnate (y'know, incredibly power-hungry?
Ronan TitanStalker
Health-130 000
103 increased death damage, 25 all resist but 50 death resist and 35 balance resist
death school, but gains power pips for balance
Looks like:
Ethereal headress, Black main, red trim
Jester's cloak, Black main, black trim
Imperial shoees, Black main, Red trim
Cursed Staff for wand
Cheat: If you trap, he does skeletal dragon, if you blade he does power nova, if you use a global he uses a scarecrow.
Saying: "Many a wizard does needs that little something to save themselves, a cunning little trap, a marvellous little blade, an entire world to add to their damaging. You'll be punished for trying such foolishness."
Cards: all balance and death cards
whaddaya think

Dec 14, 2008
I have a couple of ideas.

Name: Death
Rank: 30
Health: 9,000
School: Death
The ultimate battle between a wizard and death. The explanation for this battle could be related to a distortion in the balance of the universe or something or rather. Of course, Death will most likely look like a wraith, but in the chance where Death isn't a wraith, it would be interesting to see what Death looks like.

Name: Corrupted Ambrose
Health: 8,000
School: ?
An evil force with evil intentions has corrupted Headmaster Ambrose. Ambrose waits in a dungeon somewhere conspicuous. Now go do what you do.

Name: Carl Burton
Health: 3,000
School: Myth
Just another one of those cases where a neglected henchman who used to work for a powerful dark wizard finally seeks to get revenge for his mistreatment and threatens to destroy the spiral with an incredibly inaccurately made device designed to tear apart the spiral. Grab a friend and get to work.

Sep 29, 2009
Name: The Keeper of Omens
Health: 5,920
Rank: 11
Location: Tower of the Helephant
World: Wysteria
Class: Storm
Opening Words: "You shall not get anything from me unless you defeat me!"
Closing Words: " You have defeated me. Take what you need."
Looks Like: A Dragonspyre Wizard
Minion(s): Lyon Lorestriker

Jan 04, 2011

Name:Dragon Master
It looks like a fire dragon smashed to gether with a helaphant
It can summon the fowlowing minions:chester doors 755 health and he can cast the spells spirit natures wrath unicorn and donate power. The Dragon Master can use all the fire spells level 48 and below.It can also use the fowling spells:vampire ghoul ice shield storm shield thunder snake storm shark and it can use fairy three times stormzilla it can use ten times when you use a shield he will use traps charms and blades then attack with his strongest spell that is not going to do less damage because of the shield. location:secret boss in olde town(get mission from Ambrose at level 37 you get 3,999 exp from mission can battle sooner if can find secret location)