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Make your own boss

Feb 14, 2009
Name: idk

Type: Life
Field: none
Minions: any cow samuria or ninja
looks like: one of the cows in ms but holds his blade like a reverse blade
Health: 35,000
Spells: absorb, natures wraith, seraph, centaur, dryad ,life's shields, life blade, life trap, unicorn
Location; probably in an intense lvl in moo shu hidden somehwere and gives good drops

rank: 12

Dec 13, 2008
name:knight king
species:a knigt with face plate down with to swords
says:i will defeat you in honor
name:knight queen
species:same as knight king
location:in fire gate in golem court
quest:side quest only for fire you talk to falmelia she says some one botherd the dragon spirets you go and deafeat them then the dragon apears and you talk to it and it says you have saved us young wizard thank you then you talk to falmelia and quest is over

Feb 13, 2009
NAME:The King of the Storm Beasts
LOCATION:Wizard City, where the kraken used to be
(you must complete grizzlehiem)
SPELLS: Stormzilla,Kraken,Storm Shark, Ligtning Bats,Thundersnake, Storm Trap, Myth sheild

Feb 01, 2009
caz333 wrote:
Elemental blast, Sandstorm, Phonix
Cass SummerFriend 50 Pyromancer

it is phoenix
ugh why does everyone spell it wrong?
i am not gonna say why am so concerned about it because the people at KI will not let it through.
paul fireward,master pyromancer

Feb 01, 2009
i have an idea! lol it is hilarious
name: gobbler king(not prince)
health:10,000(because he has soooo much fat protecting him lol)
attacks:natural attack(he burps on you), sandstorm, donate power,scarab,scorpion, and locust swarm.( he doesnt have many attacks because waving his arm around to cast a spell is alot of work! )
paul fireward, master pyromancer

Jun 25, 2009
Name: Bad Mr. Frosty

Rank: 20

Location: Someplace nippy

Health: 250

School: Ice

Minion: Yes

Bad Mr. Frosty....is BAD! He has 100% resistance to all schools!

Beat Bad Mr. Frosty!

Dec 24, 2008
optional bosses that are hard but give great rewards like a chest but you can only take one thing

Feb 15, 2009
(This isnt a boss)
Name: forest centaur
School: life
Health: 1,500
spells: all life spells except rebirth (rebirth is to much for just a minion u know)
facts: I would have a forest at my house that I hide in and you go in to fight me the centaur would be my minion when fighting ME XD the more wizards that go to fight me the more centaurs I have.

Mar 27, 2009
Name: The Doomsday Elemental
Rank: 88
Spells: Dark Sprite,Death Trap, Spirit Trap, Death Blade,Spirit Blade, Ghoul,Banshee,Vampire,Feint,Plague,Wraith,Scarecrow,Kraken,Stormzilla,Storm Shark,Storm Trap,Sunbird,TowerShield,Weakness,Balanceblade, Spirit Armor,Hex,Curse
Graveyard Wraith - 5,890
Sea Lord
Doubled-Axed Minotaur- 3,265

Apr 10, 2009
Orca wrote:
Good Idea!

Ok ...

Boss: King Triton
Health: 10,000
Class: Storm
Rank: 10

hey good idea! that would be perfect for a new storm realm. only less health to keep malistaire special. it would be hard for me cause i storm though :D

May 10, 2009
Dragon titan
health 99999999999,99999999999999999999999999,789546132
school fire
location ending of the sprial
The real boss is on a rampage from being brought back from the krokonoicon, wraith's death skull, [ Buggybeen] dark stone of life, [Flower island] Bartelbey's eye of history, and stem of monkey kings [Mafrica] ope these are worlds and a boss!

Dec 24, 2008
Gurtok Archdemon
Rank 10 Boss
10,000 Health
Gurtok Doomchoker (Death Only Amulet, Gives Scarecrow card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Firecharm (Fire Only Amulet, Gives Fire Dragon card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Ragependant (Life Only Amulet, Gives Rebirth card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Frostlocket (Ice Only Amulet, Gives Frost Giant card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Whimsigil (Myth Only Amulet, Gives Orthus card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Stormshard (Storm Only Amulet, Gives Storm Lord card, Lvl 50+)
Gurtok Sungem (Balance Only Amulet, Gives Power Nova card, Lvl 50+)

Gurtok Firebender
Rank 10 Boss
8,500 Health

Gurtok Peircer
Rank 10 Boss
8,500 Health

Lesser Gurtok
Rank 8 Elite
1,350 Health

Hidden Boss in the Great Spyre

May 28, 2009
ok i got to calm down a little i always wanted to tell some one about this ok three new ones

name : lady orial (thats the seraph)
rank : 8 (or some thing like that)
health: um like idk like 8000
school :life doh
location: headge maze doh
get it? fight the seraph that would be awesome. if would be like some kind of training quest, if it were a seraph gone bad quest that would be mean.

name : Autumn Swiftgem
rank : 9
health : 3000
school life
location:a door would be added in the life school and before you fight her you would talk to wu (life teacher) and she would talk about how autumn is her best student ever and like how she is hard to beat and how she is like awesome and stuff (you most likely beat her on first try)
lol thats me my lvl fifthty life wiz. it would be rank ten with 10,000 hit points but thats a copy of malistare but life and i dont want to be more power full than him and i have 3,467 hit points (but i already killed him like 10 times)

ok this one is my fav.

name : (yours)
rank : 5 6 7 8 9 or ten depending on your lvl (goes up every 10 lvls)
health (how ever much you have)
school: yours
location: hmm idk didnt think about that post back with ideas if you want
whouldnt that be awesome fight your self! and if you bring friends them selfs would apear. so if i bring my two good friends we could fight our selfs. that would be so cool it would be wareing same stuff and same cards every thing that would be awesome.

May 08, 2009
Loonytone wrote:
Master of Necromancy
School: Death
Rank: 50
Health: 2089 500,000 health this would be to easy with 2089 lol
Power Pip %: 57
Death Resistance: 40%
Death Power: 27%
Spells: Dark Sprite, Death Trap, Ghoul, Deathblade, Dream Shield, Banshee, Death Prism, Sacrifice, Vampire, Curse, Poison, Skeletal Pirate, Beguile, Feint, Animate, Doom and Gloom, Plague, Scarecrow

500,000 health this would be to easy with 2089 lol

May 31, 2009
Scarecrow stalker

type: death

rank: 9

heath: 8,500

guard: screaming soul ( banshee )

type: death

rank: 8 elite

heath: 1,350

Death only boss to get next spell from Dworgyn in nightside.

Jul 05, 2009
GhostGirl14 wrote:
Name: Brakiss
Rank: 17
Health: 20,568
School: Astral (Merle Ambrose's school)
Location: Celestia (the next new realm after Grizzleheim)
Species: Dark Wizard (human)

Wow I think that is a totally good idea! I second this one lol!

Jun 16, 2009
Name: Tallhorn
Rank: 12 boss
Location: Grizzleheim, Ravenscar
School: Balance
Known spells: Scorpion, Sandstorm, Locust Swarm, Minotaur, Humongofrog, death and life sheild, weakness.
Appearance: Tall bear, with red armor.
Saying: You will no longer stand, you will only lye!
Minions (or people that help him fight): Tallhorn follower Rank 4, 600 health
Health (Tallhorn): 11,000

Malistaire's child (lol)
Rank: 13
Location: dragonspyre
School: Death (of course)
Known spells: Banshee, Wraith, Skeletal pirate, weakness, pacify, curse, doom and gloom, Earthquake, Minotaur, life and myth shield, death trap, sacrifice.
Appearance: Medium height male.
Saying: You may have killed most of my father's army, but you will never finish me!
Minions that help him in battle: Dragonconians (or whatever they are ccalled)
Health: 13,000

May 02, 2009
My turn

Name: Corrupted Firecat

Rank: 4

Health: 450

Class: Death

Looks like: Black Cat

Spells: Firecat, Blackcat, Stormcat, Frostcat, Ghoul, Dark Sprite, Sacrifice, Deathblade, Death Trap, Natural attack( leaping scratch attack; 90 per pip), Banshee, Curse, Sprite, Spirit Armor, Thunder Snake.

Location: Gate in the Haunted Cave, next to stormdrain tower, I call it, the Unknown.

Jan 07, 2009
Name: Malistaire's Ghost
Rank: ???
Health: 11,000 (Malistaire's ghost, stronger than Malistaire)
School: Death
Minions: Three Undead Wizards

May 22, 2009
Name: koranth
rank: 30 boss
health: 20,000
class: myth
looks like: three headed giant
saying: "you puny little wizard, tremble down before my mightiness"
location: ginormia (a planet ruled by giants, trolls, and cyclopses), giant fortress, throne room.
minion(s):cyclops punisher
quest:the professors have been taken by a giant and master ambrose tells you to go defeat koranth, the king giant
spells: blood bat (1), troll(3), cyclops (4), humungofrog (3), minotaur (5), ether shield (6), storm shield(2), earthquake(6), orthrus (5)

name: cyclops punisher
rank: 24 boss
class: myth and death
looks like: cyclops with judge robe and wig
saying: "the jury finds you little wizard, guilty"
location: ginormia, court room and giant fortress, throne room
minion(s): troll officer
quest: master ambrose tells you that professor falmea has been taken to the giant court for trial and that you have to defeat the cyclops punisher to stop the trial
spells: bloodbat (1), dark sprite (1), troll (3), ghoul (3), cyclops (2), banshee (2), storm shield (4), life shield (4), humungofrog (3), vampire (3), minotaur (4), wraith (6), earthquake (3), orthrus (2), scarecrow (2)

name: troll officer
rank: 22 elite
health: 17,500
class: myth
looks like: troll wearing police uniform
saying: "hold it right there wizard"
location: ginormia, police station and court room
quest: side quest: greyrose tells you that she lost her wand in the police station where she was held captive and needs you to retrieve it.
spells: (same as koranth)

Aug 31, 2008
ok, a little weird one here:

Name: Draconian Form


Rank: varies(example:fight him at lvl 45, it is rank 9.)

School: your school

Known spells: EVERY spell you know!

Minions: Drconian Forms of your friends( if any with you), with same stuff listed above.

Basically, a copy of you and your friends, in draconian form, lvls 49- fight him wearing robes, while 50+ fight him wearing a suit of armor

Justin DragonBlood,Grandmaster Thaumaturge 8)

Jan 31, 2009
Hmmm i have a suggestion.
A boss that is your school.
Ice: Frost Giant
Fire: Dragon
Storm: Stormzilla
Balance: Hydra
Death: Wraith ( what a surprise)
Life: Centaur

They each have 12,000 health and are rank 10.
Whats special is that they drop ALL the grandmaster items from your school including Hat, Robe, and Shoes. They only drop those items and they drop it commonly. So you dont have to farm Malistaire and the others to get your grandmaster items.

Jun 10, 2009
Jun 10, 2009
Rank:9 Boss
Says:"You may have defeated my old student, Malistaire, but you will not live to defeat me!"

Minions:Two Wraiths
Rank:7 Elite
Health:Each 1,000

Jun 10, 2009
DarkMagic1217 wrote:
Hmmm i have a suggestion.
A boss that is your school.
Ice: Frost Giant
Fire: Dragon
Storm: Stormzilla
Balance: Hydra
Death: Wraith ( what a surprise)
Life: Centaur

They each have 12,000 health and are rank 10.
Whats special is that they drop ALL the grandmaster items from your school including Hat, Robe, and Shoes. They only drop those items and they drop it commonly. So you dont have to farm Malistaire and the others to get your grandmaster items.
Thats a good idea. But what if your friend was helping but they were ice and you were fire?