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Make your own boss

Oct 03, 2009
Name: Merle Ambrose
Health: 100,100,100
Class: ??? (Means he changes class )
Rank: 11
Spells: all spells
Helpers: Dr.Kill, heals ambrose and attacks with death spells 10,000 Life
,Malistare, and Lady Oriel life 99999 life

Oct 03, 2009
Name: King of theStorm
Looks Like: Storm Lord
Class: Storm
Minions:3: King of Fire (Fire Dragon),King of Frost ( Frost Giant ), King of Life ( Centaur )
Health: 9000 each King of storm 10,000

May 09, 2009
hypnotized parstridge with pear tree
rank 2 boss fire
normal attack: throw's pear has 90 per pip 100% accuracy but downside for it is it falls out of the pear tree sometimes. spells: firecat, frost beetle, thunder snake, scarab, dark sprite imp, bloodbat, fire elf, fire trap, and fire blade.
health:345 Quest goal: defeat hypnotized parstridge save talking pears. minions: none

old mackdonald :?
rank 8 boss life
normal attack: hit's with pitchfork 90 per pip 90% accuracy. spells: inp, sprite, lepracan, nature's wrath, seraph, centaur, fairy, storm shark, evil snowman, sunbird, kraken, life trap, and life blade.
health: 6575 Quest goal: defeat old mackdonald collect yummy hay.
minions: crazy pig, angry cow, talking chicken.

May 09, 2009
Broooklyn wrote:
Name: Bad Mr. Frosty

Rank: 20

Location: Someplace nippy

Health: 250

School: Ice

Minion: Yes

Bad Mr. Frosty....is BAD! He has 100% resistance to all schools!

Beat Bad Mr. Frosty!

without traps and blades and stuff that would be impossible!

Dec 21, 2008
hope you like it! :)

name-Captain Nathan
lcation-northguard, grizzleheim in the crypt
look-a wizard in a dark cloak with his hood up and a glowing sword
spells-all storm & myth spells and balance blade
says-A challenge? Ok, it has benn years since a challenge has arrived.
After defeated-NOOOO... then fades away

Feb 08, 2010
Here are my ideas:

Name: Ruined Shadow Beast
Rank: 55
Health: 5,555,123,123,312,333,222
School: Fire

Name: Captain Shakes
Rank: 11
Health: 666,666,789
School: Balance

Name: King Krokukanhem The 5th
Rank: 9
Health: 13,777
School: Myth

Those are my ideas!
Tanner WaterMask Level 29

Nov 25, 2009
CalebKulez wrote:
Name: Ghost of Malistaire
Health: 20000
Class: Death
Rank: 20 Boss
Looks Like: Lord Nightshade
Saying: "You defeated me once. You shall not live to defeat me again. Join me, Wizard, and we shall rule the Sprial!"
Location: Celestia, The Shadow Realm, Deathsong Castle, The Throne Room

I am your father! Join me wizard and we will rule the Spiral!
(Star Wars music plays)

How's THAT for a story line eh?

Here's my boss.

Name: Shadow
Health: 50,000
Class: death
Rank: 40
Saying: You will never defeat us wizard!

-Destiny Dragoncoin lvl 42

Feb 10, 2010
name:kane dragon

type: water



spells:water titan,atlantis king,many more

how to get quest:merle ambros tells you of a student that went lost a couple years ago in the battle of the draconians.he gets kill and the draconians get him and put him in a egg but he thought it was a myth but he has returned as a warlord to destroy and rampage with the six secret lords of the spiral.

Jul 15, 2009
driftblim275 wrote:

Name: Malistare Reborn
Rank: 15 Boss
Health: 50,000
School: Death

Name: Mark Thundersword
Rank: 13 Boss
Health: 12,500
School: Storm

Name: Zachary Thundercloud
Rank: 12 Boss
Health: 7,500
School: Storm

Name: Meowarity Powerlord
Rank: 15 Boss
Health 17,500

Two friendly wizards mind controlled by the powerlord combined with malistare 4 max and no porting in wow in Hedge Maze in Unicorn Way (past)

I like to fight, but I think this would be suecide to our characters!!!!!!! I don't want to fight Malistaire again, that would be a nightmare come true. And no effence, but storm is a bit overload. They can grind you into a pulp in a matter of 2 seconds! I'm not saying this isn't a good idea, but a little annying and painful(and a bit powerful, don't you think?). And Meowarty, I'd bash his head into his body, but only if he were weaker. He is SO annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 15, 2009

Name:Haunched Vixel

Health:50,000(a bit hard, 40-50 lvl)

Rank:7 elite

School:Ice(and a bit of death here and there)


This is not yet existing in wiz101. Sort of a Nightshade, but on a vortex that is blue(color of ice). Has ice guiardian sidekicks, and can resist ice(duh!). He can sort of charm you, or use one of the made-up-player spells. He'll say this in a crackling/ ghost airy way:It is time I shall rule, even Malistaire shall praise me!He will forget his plans and be my servant along with you and your little pueny friends. You will join me and bow down at my feet, begging for mercy!! Ha Ha Ha. He has the spell sandstorm, but ice version. h
He can also do that absorb spell(ice kind),but have no more than 3 pips when doing it(1 pp+1pip)

Jul 30, 2009
Merele Ambros

Type: Balance
Health: 11,000
he has been taken over by some evil spirit or somthin idk :D :D :D

Jul 15, 2009
driftblim275 wrote:

Name: Malistare Reborn
Rank: 15 Boss
Health: 50,000
School: Death

Name: Mark Thundersword
Rank: 13 Boss
Health: 12,500
School: Storm

Name: Zachary Thundercloud
Rank: 12 Boss
Health: 7,500
School: Storm

Name: Meowarity Powerlord
Rank: 15 Boss
Health 17,500

Two friendly wizards mind controlled by the powerlord combined with malistare 4 max and no porting in wow in Hedge Maze in Unicorn Way (past)

You kinda descrided crazed minions.

Mar 19, 2009
There are 2 things I have to say 1 is where are my postings?!!!! 2 my boss

name: Whaoesp (way-ohs)

rank: 35

health: 70,000

class: death

spiecies: wasp

minion: mini Whaoesp and baby Whaoesp and Whaoe mini Whaoesps is distracted and doesn't attack baby Whaoesps has 1 health and is rank well it has no rank and Whaoe is rank 17 elite (17.5) with 35,000 health they are all wasps and death

Aug 13, 2009
::ops: The Drakon Titan

Nicknames: The Drake-Dragon, Grandpa of the Titans, Killer of the
Colossus's, and The Dragon Titan.

Health: 1,000,000

School: Fire, Balance, Death, Myth, and Storm.

Minions: Drakonling x3.

Rank: ?? (Means infinant.)

Says: I have waited long since I have laid eyes on a fine young wizard as you. Many said they were demigods trying to kill me ... but they were weak! I slaughtered them ... I slowly killed them ... do not cross me!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!

After the fight he says: Cough! You ... are the ... a ... cough ...

He doesn't finish his sentence.

Locatiton: Olympus Ruins.

Quests for defeating him: "Drakons, the old men".

After, tell a guard around the area. They will tell you to talk to Lord Zeus. He will tell you your quest is done and you restored his domain.

Aug 15, 2009
heres a boss.

name: 6 headed beast

rank: 60


looks like: a SUPER HUGE dog with 6 deadly heads.whenever it attacks it hits you with all 6 heads and each head hits 230.

Mar 01, 2010
rank 8
8,ooo health
class balance
spells:Choke, ghoul, sunbird, collossus, kracken, cyclops, locust swarm,
appearance: Similar to lady clack hope with snakes for hair

Oct 31, 2009
Name: Siren

Rank: 8 elite

Health: 5000 8)

School: Myth

Spells: cyclops (common) , humongofrog, summon minotaur (rare), minotaur,orthrus (extreamly rare)

Appearance: (it looks like a bird-woman kinda thingy)

Mar 07, 2009
name: malistares son: james drake

health: 30,000

class: death

rank 28 boss

looks like: night shade with no wings, and hood is off.
black hair, and robe, black eyes, gray skin

saying: HA! you might have killed my father but dont think your puney magic will beat me, my father is back and ready to win! see him? HA! i dont think so. maybe a little fight is in oder, MEET YOUR DIMISE YOUNG WIZARD!

after saying: NO! i cant belive it i, i i have failed my own father. go on wizard you have defeated me, but keep in mind i will be bakc, and then i will show you true power!

apperances: two

location: tower of dismay, opening throne room gate, and in throne room for seconed battle.

minnions: 1st fight: two wraiths and two zombies.

2ed fight: it is him, malistare, and syliva drake

Jul 15, 2009
yapper wrote:
it shouldn't have more than malastaire, no offense

Malistaire has 100,000 health

Jul 15, 2009
GhostGirl14 wrote:
Name: Brakiss
Rank: 17
Health: 20,568
School: Astral (Merle Ambrose's school)
Location: Celestia (the next new realm after Grizzleheim)
Species: Dark Wizard (human)

We don't even know if Celestia is real!

Feb 15, 2010
mirrior ghost(s) depends on how many players go in
Rank10 (each)
Hp 2000(each)
school players school
power pip %90
spells every spell your school has

Blaze SkyFist lvl20

Dec 28, 2009
Rank: 8
Health: 3285

this is my idea!

8) :D - Ryan LightFlame Level 38 Fire

Jun 17, 2009
Well I thought about it and this is my idea:

Name: Dark Diego
Rank: 10 Boss
Health: 8,550
School: Death
World: Dragonspyre

I was thinking I should say what world.

Jun 23, 2009

Alright these are my bosses

Name: Shadow The Hedgehog

Health: 400,000

spells: all of them O: including his own 2 spells chaos control and chaos blast

place after you be malistaire in a instance

Ok My next one

Name: Sonic The Hedgehog

Health: 1000,000

Spells:all of them including his own two time stop and sonic wind

Place:same place as Shadow The Hedgehog

Feb 15, 2009
Location:Dragon's maw with Soul Searcher
like:a troll but red skin
says:It you wanf to gef pass to my master, you will have to defeaf meh.
after defeated: Meddling Wizard! You may had defeated meh buf you may go to master.